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The Great Inception

Author : Derek P. Gilbert
ISBN : 0998142646
Genre : Religion
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You stand on a battlefield, surrounded by an enemy that you've been told doesn't exist.This is a classic example of a PSYOP--a psychological operation, a mission to change what you believe by feeding you information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or an outright lie.This PSYOP is one of many by entities who've been at war with God since the Garden of Eden. The Bible calls them gods. God Himself calls them gods. But we've been taught that they're imaginary, so we stumble around the battlefield completely unprepared to defend ourselves and the ones we love.In The Great Inception, you will learn:* War between God and the gods is real* Importance of mountains--and the holy mountain where the final battle will be fought* The Tower of Babel was not in Babylon and the real reason God stopped it* Where God led His heavenly army to battle the chief god of the Canaanites* True identities of Satan and Apollyon, king of the demons in the abyss* Mystery behind what God meant when He told Abraham about "the sin of the Amorites"* The Red Sea crossing was a literal battle between God and Ba`al (and why a Canaanite god was in Egypt in the first place)* The startling connections between the Titans of Greek mythology, the Nephilim of Genesis 6, and the people who fought Israel from the time of Moses to the present day* Where Jesus did battle with the rebel gods* How the moon-god of ancient Babylon is still influencing world events today* Where Armageddon will be fought (it's not where you think)* A possible end-times scenario that includes the most diabolical double-cross in historyCombining research from scholars of ancient history, languages, archaeology, and Bible prophecy, Derek P. Gilbert shows that the Bible is anything but a boring list of thou-shalt-nots; it's an epic tale of a war between God and the rebel gods who want to usurp His throne--before He can restore humanity to His holy mountain and the place we once had in the divine council.
Category: Religion

Cultural Politics And Identity

Author : Barbara Weber
ISBN : 9783643901262
Genre : Religion
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Recognizing and respecting cultural and ethnic differences, while, at the same time, guaranteeing the equality of treatment, seems like a paradox. However, it is among the crucial challenges that plural democracies are faced with today. The challenges include multiple problems, such as the struggle for recognition of cultural minorities or the actualization of universal human rights. The contributions to this anthology discuss these issues, with the goal of combining knowledge and opinions from various disciplines and multiple cultures in order to unfold the complexity and variety of questions that have to be solved, so that public spaces can be seen as environments of intercultural recognition. (Series: Political Philosophy and Anthropological Studies. Politische Philosophie und Anthropologische Studien - Vol. 2)
Category: Religion

The Inception Of Time

Author : Terri-Ann Millman
ISBN : 9781475972931
Genre : Fiction
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They are ancient beings beyond the realm of human understanding. Theirs is a world where all worlds are created from. Two brothers from this realm who are in the midst of a feud of opposing views, so ancient in its inception. The Nameless One, one of the oldest of dreamers embodies the Chaos stream, the way of manipulation and coercion. The Great Architect, a dreamer just as old, is keeper of the Benevolent stream, the way of freewill and peace. Brothers at odds, their conflict takes on a more sinister note. The Nameless One in a fit of rage, to finally prove his point, launches his Coup d`etat, with a fight of epic proportions being unleashed through out the dreaming. Turyia a radiant unified light from a dimension of the finest of fabrics, encounters the Nameless One. His will sharp and brutal unleashes his wrath, annihilating her world cutting her off from her destiny sucking her into a battle not of her choosing. She now bound to several key figures in the dreaming streams, has to fight for her survival. Armed with her innate sense of union she aligns with Gaia the human planet the brothers have chosen as their battleground. With the human race at stake as these otherworldly dreamers and their fellow ancients choose sides. Will peace reign, or will Chaos turn dreams into nightmares?
Category: Fiction

Raising The Question Of Being A Unification And Critique Of The Philosophy Of Martin Heidegger

Author : Rufus A. Duits
ISBN : 9781599422985
Genre :
File Size : 70.5 MB
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The thesis consists of two main divisions. The first presents an original interpretation of Martin Heidegger's philosophy. The second - premised on the first - presents a fundamental and internal critique of his philosophy. The interpretative division demonstrates the way in which the history of being is structurally grounded in the ontological conformation of Dasein. This amounts to evincing the unity of Heidegger's development of his basic philosophical project: the raising of the question of being, and requires an original account of both the philosophy of the history of being and the existential analysis of Dasein, as well as of the so-called Kehre. The critical division, which is founded upon the conclusions of the interpretative division, focuses on the structural grounding that Heidegger attempts to provide, within the existential analysis of Dasein, for his ontological demand for the overcoming of the epoch of metaphysics. This grounding is the cornerstone with which Heidegger's philosophy as a whole stands or falls. It is shown that, for internal reasons, Heidegger's grounding fails, and that the existential structures of Dasein found an essentially different ontological imperative. The most basic consequences of this failure and substitution are subsequently drawn out both for Heidegger's philosophy in particular and more generally.

Heidegger S Political Thinking

Author : James F. Ward
ISBN : 0870239708
Genre : Philosophy
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The temporality of being, the role of science in the crisis of the West, and the presumed special status and destiny of the German people--these are themes of Martin Heidegger. In an epilogue, Ward reflections on the implications of Heidegger's political theory.
Category: Philosophy