The Great Derangement

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The Great Derangement

Author : Amitav Ghosh
ISBN : 9780226323039
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 79.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Is our imagination adequate to the realities of global warming? The novelist Amitav Ghosh argues that we need art and literature to help us imagine our future in the Anthropocene, but that they are falling short of the task. If culture cannot help us see the realities of our plight, then our era, which so congratulates itself on its self-awareness, may come to be known as the time of the Great Derangement. A case in point is fiction, which is so committed to normalcy and the everyday that it has no space for the improbability of climate change events the persistent droughts, hundred-year storms, and freakish tornadoes. Our politics, likewise, seems unable to mobilize forcefully in response to climate change. Ghosh argues that politics, like literature, has become a matter of individual moral reckoning, a journey of the solitary conscience rather than an arena of collective action. But to limit fiction and politics to individual moral adventure comes at a great cost. The climate crisis asks us to imagine other forms of human existence a task to which fiction, Ghosh argues, is the best suited of all cultural forms. A powerful nonfiction work by one of our most gifted, historically attuned novelists, "The Great Derangement "brings a fresh urgency to thinking on climate change. "
Category: Literary Criticism

The Great Derangement

Author : Matt Taibbi
ISBN : 9780385525701
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 31.32 MB
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A REVELATORY AND DARKLY COMIC ADVENTURE THROUGH A NATION ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN—FROM THE HALLS OF CONGRESS TO THE BASES OF BAGHDAD TO THE APOCALYPTIC CHURCHES OF THE HEARTLAND Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi set out to describe the nature of George Bush’s America in the post-9/11 era and ended up vomiting demons in an evangelical church in Texas, riding the streets of Baghdad in an American convoy to nowhere, searching for phantom fighter jets in Congress, and falling into the rabbit hole of the 9/11 Truth Movement. Matt discovered in his travels across the country that the resilient blue state/red state narrative of American politics had become irrelevant. A large and growing chunk of the American population was so turned off—or radicalized—by electoral chicanery, a spineless news media, and the increasingly blatant lies from our leaders (“they hate us for our freedom”) that they abandoned the political mainstream altogether. They joined what he calls The Great Derangement. Taibbi tells the story of this new American madness by inserting himself into four defining American subcultures: The Military, where he finds himself mired in the grotesque black comedy of the American occupation of Iraq; The System, where he follows the money-slicked path of legislation in Congress; The Resistance, where he doubles as chief public antagonist and undercover member of the passionately bonkers 9/11 Truth Movement; and The Church, where he infiltrates a politically influential apocalyptic mega-ministry in Texas and enters the lives of its desperate congregants. Together these four interwoven adventures paint a portrait of a nation dangerously out of touch with reality and desperately searching for answers in all the wrong places. Funny, smart, and a little bit heartbreaking, The Great Derangement is an audaciously reported, sobering, and illuminating portrait of America at the end of the Bush era.
Category: Political Science

Ecological Poetics Or Wallace Stevens S Birds

Author : Cary Wolfe
ISBN : 9780226687971
Genre : Birds in literature
File Size : 53.79 MB
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"The poems of Wallace Stevens teem with birds: grackles, warblers, doves, swans, robins, nightingales, jays, owls, peacocks, the "bird with the coppery, keen claws," a "parakeet of parakeets," a "widow's bird," and one famous blackbird who summons thirteen ways of looking. What do Stevens's evocations of birds, and his poems more generally, tell us about the distance between human and non-human? In what ways can we read him as an ecological poet, and how would reading him this way change our idea of ecopoetics? In this book, the noted theorist of posthumanism Cary Wolfe reconceptualizes ecopoetics through a poet not often associated with the terms "ecology" and "environment." Stevens, Wolfe argues, is an ecological poet in a sense that reaches well beyond his poems' imagery. Stevens's poetry is well known for embodying the tension between a desire for "things as they are," without human mediation, and the supreme value of the imagination. Noting Stevens's refusal to resolve this tension, Wolfe shows how the poems reward study alongside theories of system and observation derived from a multitude of sources, from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Niklas Luhmann. Stevens is ecopoetic in the sense that his places, worlds, and environments are generated by the life forms that inhabit them"--
Category: Birds in literature

Global Perspectives On Eco Aesthetics And Eco Ethics

Author : Krishanu Maiti
ISBN : 9781498598231
Genre : Nature
File Size : 42.73 MB
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Global Perspectives on Eco-Aesthetics and Eco-Ethics: A Green Critique focuses on the interface of the Anthropocene, sustainability, ecological aesthetics, multispecies relationality, and the environment as reflected in literature and culture. This book examines how writers have addressed ecological crises and environmental challenges that transcend national, cultural, political, social, and linguistic borders. It demonstrates how, as the environmental humanities developed and emerged as a critical discipline, it generated a diverse range of interdisciplinary fields of study such as ecographics, ecodesign, ecocinema, ecotheology, ecofeminism, ethnobotany, ecolinguistics, and bioregionalism, and formed valuable, interdisciplinary networks of critique and advocacy—and its contemporary expansion is exceptionally salient to social, political, and public issues today.
Category: Nature

Primitive Man

Author : Louis Figuier
ISBN : UCAL:$B233468
Genre : Archaeology
File Size : 22.61 MB
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Principles Of Geology

Author : Sir Charles Lyell
ISBN : UCAL:B4168328
Genre : Geology
File Size : 83.32 MB
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Category: Geology