The Gods The State And The Individual

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The Gods The State And The Individual

Author : John Scheid
ISBN : 9780812247664
Genre : History
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Roman religion has long presented a number of challenges to historians approaching the subject from a perspective framed by the three Abrahamic religions. The Romans had no sacred text that espoused its creed or offered a portrait of its foundational myth. They described relations with the divine using technical terms widely employed to describe relations with other humans. Indeed, there was not even a word in classical Latin that corresponds to the English word religion. In The Gods, the State, and the Individual, John Scheid confronts these and other challenges directly. If Roman religious practice has long been dismissed as a cynical or naïve system of borrowed structures unmarked by any true piety, Scheid contends that this is the result of a misplaced expectation that the basis of religion lies in an individual's personal and revelatory relationship with his or her god. He argues that when viewed in the light of secular history as opposed to Christian theology, Roman religion emerges as a legitimate phenomenon in which rituals, both public and private, enforced a sense of communal, civic, and state identity. Since the 1970s, Scheid has been one of the most influential figures reshaping scholarly understanding of ancient Roman religion. The Gods, the State, and the Individual presents a translation of Scheid's work that chronicles the development of his field-changing scholarship.
Category: History

Honor Thy Gods

Author : Jon D. Mikalson
ISBN : 9781469617183
Genre : History
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In Honor Thy Gods Jon Mikalson uses the tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides to explore popular religious beliefs and practices of Athenians in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. and examines how these playwrights portrayed, manipulated, and otherwise represented popular religion in their plays. He discusses the central role of honor in ancient Athenian piety and shows that the values of popular piety are not only reflected but also reaffirmed in tragedies. Mikalson begins by examining what tragic characters and choruses have to say about the nature of the gods and their intervention in human affairs. Then, by tracing the fortunes of diverse characters -- among them Creon and Antigone, Ajax and Odysseus, Hippolytus, Pentheus, and even Athens and Troy -- he shows that in tragedy those who violate or challenge contemporary popular religious beliefs suffer, while those who support these beliefs are rewarded. The beliefs considered in Mikalson's analysis include Athenians' views on matters regarding asylum, the roles of guests and hosts, oaths, the various forms of divination, health and healing, sacrifice, pollution, the religious responsibilities of parents, children, and citizens, homicide, the dead, and the afterlife. After summarizing the vairous forms of piety and impiety related to these beliefs found in the tragedies, Mikalson isolates "honoring the gods" as the fundamental concept of Greek piety. He concludes by describing the different relationships of the three tragedians to the religion of their time and their audience, arguing that the tragedies of Euripides most consistently support the values of popular religion.
Category: History

Out Of The Darkness

Author : Marion Crook
ISBN : 1551521415
Genre : Education
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Based on interviews with survivors, parents, and professionals, this is a sensitive exploration of teen suicide, in particular the reasons why certain young people are driven to it, and an examination of the history of teen suicide in Western and other cultures, as well as what roles parents and schools can play in suicide prevention. A book for both teens and adults that breaks the silence surrounding this often taboo subject and offers hope for those who think there is none.
Category: Education

Professional Ethics And Civic Morals

Author : Emile Durkheim
ISBN : 9781134925155
Genre : Social Science
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Of Durkheim's key works the most neglected is Professional Ethics and Civic Morals. This is not only careless it is also negligent for the book makes a seminal contribution to our understanding of the State. Durkheim's characterization of the State as the ultimate moral force in society is an important contrast to the views outlined by both Marx and Weber.
Category: Social Science

The Battle Of The Gods And Giants Redux

Author : Patricia Easton
ISBN : 9789004305922
Genre : History
File Size : 80.36 MB
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The Battle of the Gods and Giants Redux is a collection of 14 original essays in early modern philosophy by leading scholars in the field presented in honor of Thomas M. Lennon.
Category: History

The Spiritual Guidance Of The Individual And Humanity

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 9780880109963
File Size : 66.68 MB
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A second, wiser self guides us through life. Without it we would not go far, for it is what makes us human. In the first years of life -- before memory and ego -- it guides us to stand upright and to learn to speak and think. Then we exchange this wisdom, which is still connected to the spiritual hierarchies, for our ego-consciousness. Yet it remains ever-present, and through meditation we can consciously connect to it.

Birth Of The European Individual

Author : Samuli Hurri
ISBN : 9781317938392
Genre : Law
File Size : 41.79 MB
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This book examines the birth of the European individual as a juridical problem, focusing on legal case dossiers from the European Court of Justice as an electrifying laboratory for the study of law and society. Foucault’s story of the modern subject constitutes the book’s main theoretical inspiration, as it considers the encounter between legal and other practices within a more general field of juridical power: a network of active relations, between different social spheres. Through the analysis of delinquent individuals – each expelled from one of the Member States – the raw material for constructing the idea of the European individual is uncovered. The European individual, it is argued, emerged out of the intersection of regimes of law, security and economy, and its practices of knowledge-power. Birth of the European Individual: Law, Security, Economy will be of interest to those studying the individual in law, as well as anyone considering the relationships between power and the individual.
Category: Law

The Ten Gods

Author :
ISBN : 0976518805
Genre :
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The Individual And The State

Author : Robert Henry Murray
ISBN : UOM:39015002726555
Genre : Civilization
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Category: Civilization


Author : Rebecca Stephens Falcasantos
ISBN : 9780520304550
Genre : Christianity and culture
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As Christian spaces and agents assumed prominent positions in civic life, the end of the long span of the fourth century was marked by large-scale religious change. Churches had overtaken once-thriving pagan temples, old civic priesthoods were replaced by prominent bishops, and the rituals of the city were directed toward the Christian God. Such changes were particularly pronounced in the newly established city of Constantinople, where elites from various groups contended to control civic and imperial religion. Rebecca Stephens Falcasantos argues that imperial Christianity was in fact a manifestation of traditional Roman religious structures. In particular, she explores how deeply established habits of ritual engagement in shared social spaces--ones that resonated with imperial ideology and appealed to the memories of previous generations--constructed meaning to create a new imperial religious identity. By examining three dynamics--ritual performance, rhetoric around violence, and the preservation and curation of civic memory--she distinguishes the role of Christian practice in transforming the civic and cultic landscapes of the late antique polis.
Category: Christianity and culture

Philosophy And Revolution

Author : Eustache Kouvélakis
ISBN : 1859846025
Genre : Philosophy
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Throughout the nineteenth century, German philosophy was haunted by the spectre of the French Revolution. Kant, Hegel, and their followers spent their lives wrestling with its heritage, trying to imagine a specifically German path to modernity: a 'revolution without revolution'. Trapped in a politically frozen society, German intellectuals were driven to brood over the nature of the revolutionary experience. In this ambitious and original study, Stathis Kouvelakis paints a rich panorama of the key intellectual and political figures in the effervescence of German thought before the 1848 revolutions. He shows how the attempt to chart a moderate and reformist path entered into deep crisis, generating two antagonistic perspectives. In one camp, represented by Moses Hess and the early Friedrich Engels, were those socialists who sought to discover a principle of reconciliation and harmony in social relations, by bypassing the question of revolutionary politics. In sharp contrast, the poet Heinrich Heine and the young journalist Karl Marx developed a new perspective articulating revolutionary rupture and struggle for democracy, thereby redefining the very notion of politics.
Category: Philosophy

Atom And Individual In The Age Of Newton

Author : G. Freudenthal
ISBN : 9789400945005
Genre : Science
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In this stimulating investigation, Gideon Freudenthal has linked social history with the history of science by formulating an interesting proposal: that the supposed influence of social theory may be seen as actual through its co herence with the process of formation of physical concepts. The reinterpre tation of the development of science in the seventeenth century, now widely influential, receives at Freudenthal's hand its most persuasive statement, most significantly because of his attention to the theoretical form which is charac teristic. of classical Newtonian mechanics. He pursues the sources of the parallels that may be noted between that mechanics and the dominant philosophical systems and social theories of the time; and in a fascinating development Freudenthal shows how a quite precise method - as he descriptively labels it, the 'analytic-synthetic method' - which underlay the Newtonian form of theoretical argument, was due to certain interpretive premisses concerning particle mechanics. If he is right, these depend upon a particular stage of con ceptual achievement in the theories of both society and nature; further, that the conceptual was generalized philosophically; but, strikingly, Freudenthal shows that this concept-formation itself was linked to the specific social relations of the times of Newton and Hobbes.
Category: Science

The Gods Have Not Yet Spoken

Author : Dr. Oliver Akamnonu
ISBN : 9781465324306
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.43 MB
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The rustic small-scale business owner chances on money after many years as a labor leader. He decides to get into politics and runs for the governorship of his state and loses. Another unsuccessful shot at the congress seat leaves him almost pauperized. He is rescued from starvation by an appointment as a board chairman in a central government-owned industry. Following the pattern of the colossal and unmitigated corruption in his country, he aims for a kill and lands the megabillions from the loose coffers of the oil-rich republic. A rather belated attempt at atonement through religion alienates him from the barbaric political culture that had enabled his meteoric rise. His alienated former colleagues aim for his jugular. The swallowed billions had not quite sunk in when the military struck. A story of unimaginable intrigues, corruption, and betrayals. Is there hope for the upcoming generation of the children of Mungeruun?
Category: Fiction

Lolita In Peyton Place

Author : Ruth Pirsig Wood
ISBN : 9781317777496
Genre : History
File Size : 21.23 MB
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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: History

The Legacy Of Iranian Imperialism And The Individual

Author : John Pairman Brown
ISBN : 9783110882391
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.22 MB
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The series Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (BZAW) covers all areas of research into the Old Testament, focusing on the Hebrew Bible, its early and later forms in Ancient Judaism, as well as its branching into many neighboring cultures of the Ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world.
Category: Religion

The Individual And The State

Author : Thomas Wardlaw Taylor (Jr.)
ISBN : UOM:39015002727025
Genre : Individualism
File Size : 39.22 MB
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Category: Individualism

The Last Judgment

Author : Professor Andrew Skotnicki
ISBN : 9781409481805
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.83 MB
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In a culture obsessed with law, judgment, and violence, this book challenges Christians to remember that Jesus urged his followers to judge no one, bring harm upon no one, and follow no law save the law of altruistic love. It traces Christian history first to show that Christians of an earlier age took very seriously the gospel injunctions against punitive legal judgment and then how the advent of formal legal codes and philosophical dualism undermined that perspective to create a division between a private Christian spirituality and a public morality of order and legally sanctioned violence. This historical approach is accompanied by an argument that the recovery of a Christian ethic based upon unconditional love and forgiveness cannot be accomplished without the renewal of a Christian spirituality that mirrors the contemplative spirituality of Jesus.
Category: Religion