The Global Automotive Industry

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The Global Automotive Industry

Author : Paul Nieuwenhuis
ISBN : 9781118802397
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The automotive industry is still one of the world's largest manufacturing sectors, but it suffers from being very technology-focused as well as being relatively short-term focused. There is little emphasis within the industry and its consultancy and analyst supply network on the broader social and economic impacts of automobility and of the sector that provides it. The Global Automotive Industry addresses this need and is a first port of call for any academic, official or consultant wanting an overview of the state of the industry. An international team of specialist researchers, both from academia and business, review and analyse the key issues that make vehicle manufacturing still the world’s premier manufacturing sector, closely tied in with the fortunes of both established and newly emerging economies. In doing so, it covers issues related to manufacturing, both established practices as well as new developments; issues relating to distribution, marketing and retail, vehicle technologies and regulatory trends; and, crucially, labour practices and the people who build cars. In all this it explains both how the current situation arose and also likely future trajectories both in terms of social and regulatory trends, as the technological, marketing and labour practice responses to those, leading in many cases to the development of new business models. Key features Provides a global overview of the automotive industry, covering its current state and considering future challenges Contains contributions from international specialists in the automotive sector Presents current research and sets this in an historical and broader industry context Covers threats to the industry, including globalization, economic and environmental sustainability The Global Automotive Industry is a must-have reference for researchers and practitioners in the automotive industry and is an excellent source of information for business schools, governments, and graduate and undergraduate students in automotive engineering.
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Japan And The Global Automotive Industry

Author : Koichi Shimokawa
ISBN : 9781139489331
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Japanese automotive industry enjoyed spectacular success in the 1980s. This was largely due to the so-called 'Lean Production System' - the combination of an efficient production system, an effective supplier system, and a product development system. In the 1990s the industry fell on hard times because of the Japanese asset price bubble and extreme currency appreciation. In this book, eminent industry specialist Koichi Shimokawa draws on his thirty years of research and fieldwork with Japanese and American firms, to show how the Japanese automotive industry has managed to recover from this difficult period. He shows how firms like Toyota were able to transfer Japanese systems to overseas plants and how they have changed in order to compete in increasingly globalized markets. In addition, the book also addresses the two major challenges to the current industry model: the rise of China and the environmental and energy supply situation.
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Towards A New Order In The Global Automotive Industry How Asian Companies Catch Up To Their Western Peers

Author : Daniel Wäldchen
ISBN : 9783954896080
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The global automotive industry faces the most influential changes since the revolutionary introduction of mass production a century ago. Latecomer firms from Asia are challenging the western incumbents. They can change the rules of the game in the industry by leapfrogging several steps in their development process. This study seeks to contribute to the discussion of latecomer firms by gaining insights into the catch up processes of five automotive companies in the passenger car segment, namely BYD (PRC), Chery (PRC), Geely (PRC), Tata Motors (India) and Mahindra & Mahindra (India). Based on learning theories and the core processes of car manufacturers, the author develops a catch up framework in order to compare automotive latecomers. The Korean manufacturer Hyundai serves as an example for a successful catch up, and provides a contextual framing for catch up processes in the automotive sector. An analysis of empirical data provides evidence for the evaluation of the catch up status of the five challenger firms. The author emphasizes the influence of institutional settings in China and India and the role of business groups that can act as facilitators for the catch up process. Finally, the study clusters the catch up strategies of the five observed companies in order to compare their approach.
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Time For A Model Change

Author : Graeme P. Maxton
ISBN : 1139459724
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 35.69 MB
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The automotive industry ranks among the most significant business phenomena of the 20th century and remains vitally important today, accounting for almost 11% of the GDP of North America, Europe and Japan and one in nine jobs. In economic and social terms alike, its products have had a fundamental impact on modern society - for better and worse. Yet the industry has found it hard to adjust to recent challenges and is no longer much valued by the capital markets. It is riven with internal contradictions that inhibit reform, and faces a stark choice between years of strife or radical change. This book is a wake-up call for those who work in the automotive business. It highlights the challenges and opportunities that exist for managers, legislators, financial institutions and potential industry entrants. Most of all, it gives us all cause to reflect on the value of our mobility, today and tomorrow.
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Global Automotive Industry

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1164342932
Genre : Automobile industry and trade
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The Coronavirus has been particularly damaging for the automotive industry. The just in time supply chains, through to the dealership networks have all been shut down in many markets and sales will have dropped off a cliff during the shutdown months. Damage will be most acute in Q2 with an over 50% drop in year on year sales forecast. All eyes will be on China and how its markets and economy recover in the aftermath of the pandemic. Initial reports for March sales coming in from the US align with our initial prognosis. Of the global OEMs, GM and VW are the most exposed to market turmoil in China, Europe and North America.
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Competitive Intelligence And Global Business

Author : David L. Blenkhorn
ISBN : 0275981401
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 57.77 MB
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This volume explores how new practices in competitive intelligence are emerging in a global business environment. Contributions from researchers, scholars, and practioners specializing in competitive intelligence reveal the most current practices in the field.
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Europe S Automotive Industry On The Move

Author : Oliver Heneric
ISBN : 9783790816440
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.22 MB
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The automotive industry is a major pillar of the modern global economy and one of Europe’s key industries. There can hardly be any doubt about the important role of this sector as an engine for employment, growth and innovation in Europe, and there are crucial challenges and opportunities ahead. The authors shed light on a broad range of issues – globalisation and restructuring, trade and foreign direct investment, innovation, regulation, and industry policy – and put a special focus on the new member states. While change may be inevitable, progress is not. This book shall serve as a map to all stakeholders: business executives and policy makers, investors and scholars.
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China S Impact On The U S Automotive Industry

Author : Stephen Cooney
ISBN : 9781437939293
Genre :
File Size : 71.36 MB
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This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. China is both the fastest growing motor vehicle market and the fastest growing vehicle producer. Contents of this report: (1) Introduction; (2) China Becomes a Major Motor Vehicle Producer; (3) Foreign Investors in Chinese Motor Vehicle Industry: General Motors Now the Market Leader; Independent Production vs. Foreign Cooperation; (4) Impact of China on the U.S. Automotive Market: Chinese-Made Vehicles Not Imminent Factor; Major Chinese Impact in Automotive Parts; Competitive Labor Costs; (5) U.S. Policy Issues in Economic Relations with China; Administration Focus on Chinese Auto Sector Commitments; Congressional Concerns with Competition from China; (6) Conclusion. Charts and tables.

High Noon In The Automotive Industry

Author : Helmut Becker
ISBN : 3540311912
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.83 MB
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This book was born from curiosity. To begin with, it was the curiosity of an economist who studied in the 60’s in an environment which has subsequently developed from national into global economics. Who has to recognize that politicians, scholars and large segments of society oblivious to supranational authorities and e- nomic globalization forces continue to labour under the notion that they are still fully autonomous and sovereign when shaping national economic policy. And pretend as though their own national state were still the "m- ter in its own house" that despite unbridled market economics could c- tinue to dictate to the economy and companies how to live and in which "rooms". All that has become fiction. The laws of globalization diminish the - noeuvring space for shaping national economic policy. Even if many folks today don’t want to hear it: The issue is no longer achieving what is soc- politically desirable for the own society but rather the optimal adaptation of society and social benefits to the politically practicable.
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Restructuring The Global Automobile Industry

Author : Christopher M Law
ISBN : 9781351663960
Genre :
File Size : 84.11 MB
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Originally published in 1991, this book examines the spatial implications of the changes to the automobile industry at world, national and local levels. The volume brings together the work of North American, European and Japanese geographers, economists and sociologists, and includes perspectives from the components industry, the shop floor experience and local economic policy making.

An Investigation Into Offshoring And Backshoring In The German Automotive Industry

Author : Rüdiger Holz
ISBN : 9783640808113
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83.73 MB
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Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, Swansea University, language: English, abstract: Domestic market stagnation, cost pressures, intensified international competition and chances of emerging markets, have forced the German automotive industry to utilize international location advantages and thus production relocations have become the main strategy to survive in a globalized automotive market. These relocation activities are often viewed as being one-way directed and affected jobs are perceived as being permanent losses for the domestic economy. But in reality, relocation activities are becoming increasingly dynamic and since the turn of the century, more and more cases have been discovered, involving businesses that are returning their productions from abroad. This study has involved exhaustive research to investigate the current scope and scale of Offshoring and Backshoring activities within the German automotive industry and its impact to the domestic labour market by means of a questionnaire survey. The results of the more than two hundred survey responses show that Offshoring activities continue to proceed and a strong shift in Offshoring activities at present takes place from the Eastern European to Asian regions, resulting in agglomeration, “band wagon” effects as well as excess capacities especially in the Chinese market. The study further shows that relocation activities in the automotive industry nowadays do not necessarily result in higher earnings and constant cost savings but rather contribute to an increased competitiveness and to the future survival of the company. Beside ongoing factor price equalization within the age of globalization, a trend in Backshoring activities as stipulated by the media could not be observed so far. Above all, this can be drawn back on the high cost of Offshoring activities and low profit margins within the industry. The findings of the study further concluded that Offshoring has indirectly contributed to the safeguarding of productive and especially non productive jobs at the domestic locations. Although anticipated by press and media, Backshoring does not have any impacts on the domestic labour market.
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Influence Of Government Policies On Industry Development The Case Of India S Automotive Industry

Author : Mahipat Ranawat
ISBN : 9783640391905
Genre :
File Size : 28.71 MB
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Project Report from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1.3, Hamburg University of Technology (Technology & Innovation Management), course: Project-work for the Master's in International Production Management program, language: English, abstract: The automotive industry in India has come a long way from its nascent state at the time of India's independence in 1947 to its present day dynamic form. As compared to the production of mere 4,000 vehicles in 1950, the production of the industry crossed the historic landmark of 10 million vehicles in 2006. Today, the industry produces a wide range of automobiles and auto-components catering to both the domestic as well as foreign markets. The development of the industry has been shaped by the demand on the one hand and the government interventions on the other; the influence of the latter being considerable. The evolution of India's automotive industry is identified to have occurred in four phases. In the first (1947-1965) and second phase (1966-1979), the important policies identified were related to protection, indigenisation and regulation of the industry. On the one hand, these policies helped India to build an indigenous automotive industry, while on the other it led to unsatisfactory industry performance. In the third phase (1980-1990), the single most important policy identified was the one with regard to relaxation in the means of technology acquisition. The foreign competition inducted into the industry transformed its dynamics. Lastly, in the fourth phase (1991 onwards) the liberalisation with regard to foreign investment had a significant influence on the Indian automotive industry as we see it today. This work traces the evolution of the automotive industry from its inception to present day and identifies the important policies made by the Indian government. The work also studies the influence of important policies on the development of the industry. Keywords: Government

South Africa And The Global Hydrogen Economy

Author : Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA)
ISBN : 9781920655709
Genre : Science
File Size : 29.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy is the publication of a MISTRA research project on the use of strategic minerals in the global putative hydrogen economy. The book highlights the global significance of platinum group metals (PGM) and explores the strategic opportunities that arise out of South Africa's endowment of these strategic resources. From their extraction to their applications in fuel cells, what options are available for the country, the region and the world to better leverage this endowment towards supporting growth and development objectives? In view of their expanding range of applications, do PGM need the hydrogen economy? Conversely, does the hydrogen economy need PGM? Addressed to all industry stakeholders, including those in the public and private sectors, the options explored in this book are based on a thorough analysis of the global dynamics that should inform policy and business models related to PGM.
Category: Science

Progress In Intercalation Research

Author : H.W. de Jong
ISBN : 079232160X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.83 MB
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This book - a renewed, third edition of the successful 1981 and 1988 works, published under the same title - contains twelve essays on the economic organization of important industries in the EC. Expert economists from universities and research institutes in France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, discuss basic industrial, manufacturing and services sectors from a structural and operational point of view. Their expert contributions unravel the strengths and weaknesses of these sectors now that '1992' has arrived. The focus of the book, European instead of 'national', the unique feature qualifying the previous editions, has been retained. In addition to the sectoral studies, the editor has written an introductory essay which deals with the concept of market structure, allowing the reader to understand both the theoretical background and the terms used in the following chapters. The book concludes with a survey of European competition policy, which has gained in scope and importance, particularly with the advent of merger control.
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Greening Auto Jobs

Author : Caleb Goods
ISBN : 9780739189818
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 40.10 MB
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Greening Auto Jobs: A Critical Analysis of the Green Job Solution provides a major contribution to the growing and important field of environmental sociology and labor studies by providing a theoretical and practical understanding of how the broader political-economic relations of society affect the relationship between labor and the environment.
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U S Automotive Industry

Author : Stephen Cooney
ISBN : 1600211305
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51.92 MB
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Over one million Americans are employed in manufacturing motor vehicles, equipment and parts. But the industry has changed dramatically since the U.S. "Big Three" motor vehicle corporations (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) produced the overwhelming majority of cars and light trucks sold in the United States, and directly employed many people themselves. By 2003, most passenger cars sold in the U.S. market were either imported or manufactured by foreign-based producers at new North American plants (so-called "transplant" facilities). The Big Three now dominate only in light trucks, and are also now being challenged there by the foreign brands. The Big Three have shed about 600,000 U.S. jobs since 1980, while about one-quarter of Americans employed in automotive manufacturing (nearly 300,000) work for the foreign-owned companies. It is clear that the U.S. automotive industry has undergone many drastic changes that have had a net adverse effect on American interests. This book examines the causes of these changes. Congressional acts, increasingly stringent emission laws, the effects of NAFTA, labour unions and globalisation are all within the scope of this book.
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Outsourcing Vs Insourcing In The Automotive Industry The Role And Concepts Of Suppliers

Author : Christian Nitschke
ISBN : 9783638392730
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Master's Thesis from the year 2005 in the subject Engineering - Industrial Engineering and Management, grade: 2,0, Stellenbosch Universitiy, course: Operations Management, 78 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The research report takes an in-depth look at the automotive industry and their major participants in the upstream value chain. The different parties involved are the automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers. The overall goal of the following report is to identify suitable business models for small to medium sized (SME) automotive suppliers. As the automotive value chain currently undergoes an evolutionary change towards a diminishing vertical integration of the OEMs, it becomes a challenging issue to reconfigure the responsibilities of the suppliers. Thereby OEMs and their suppliers have to cope with a shift from a functional to a process orientated value chain. During this reorganization of the OEM-supplier interface, enterprises realign their strategic intent towards their core competencies as well. Besides the shifting value chain, both suppliers and OEMs have to cope with a consolidation in their industries. This consolidation is impacted by stagnating traditional markets, an ongoing globalization of the value chain, and an increasing productivity pressure in the automotive industry. Looking at the automotive supplier, it becomes obvious that the suppliers are on the one hand challenged by productivity pressures and on the other hand have the opportunity to take over more business of the automotive value chain. The growth potential requires changes in the area of supply chain management and new types of collaboration in the supply network. This prospective development is mainly influenced by a trend towards the outsourcing of entire processes by the OEMs and the increasing need for future innovations in the automotive industry. After discussing the above mentioned issues, the report analyses the role of suppliers with respect to their main customers, the automotive OEMs. Based on the findings business models for suppliers are assessed and key success factors for small to medium sized suppliers are proposed and evaluated. The findings of the evaluation are translated into suggestions for most suitable business models of SMEs. The report concludes with recommendations for the strategy building process indicates problems concerning the shifting value chain, and points out the importance of further research in the field of the small to medium sized automotive supplier industry. [...]
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Textile Advances In The Automotive Industry

Author : Roshan Shishoo
ISBN : 9781845695040
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Automotive textiles represent one of the most valuable international markets for technical textiles. Textile advances in the automotive industry provides an in-depth review of the design and development of automotive textiles and the recent advances made in technical textiles for a variety of automotive applications. Part one discusses issues such as automotive textile requirements from a car producer’s perspective, mapping the automotive textile supply chain, advances in textile fabrics including nonwoven fabrics, and recycling issues. Part two focuses on automotive interiors with chapters on performance and style of interior textiles, materials and design for car seats, and the reduction of interior noise in vehicles. Part three discusses the important safety applications of automotive textiles, including airbags and tyres. Part four concludes by assessing how textiles can be used in automotive bodywork. With its distinguished editor and a team of contributors from both academia and industry, this book is an essential reference for a broad spectrum of readers, ranging from scientists, designers, product development staff to company strategists. Provides an in-depth review of recent advances in the design and development of automotive textiles Comprehensively examines the automotive textile industry covering key requirements, the supply chain, fabrics and recycling Addresses important safety considerations in automotive textiles including airbags and tyres
Category: Technology & Engineering

Multinationals As Flagship Firms

Author : Alan Rugman
ISBN : 9780191584268
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The international dimension of business networks has remained relatively unexplored, mainly because international business writers focus upon multinational enterprises and network writers ignore international issues. In this book Professors Alan Rugman and Joseph D'Cruz bridge the literature on networks and multinationals by introducing the new concept of the flagship firm. In each business network strategic leadership is provided by the flagship firm, which is defined as a multinational enterprise. It has other partners: key suppliers; key customers; key competitors; and key partners in the non-business infrastructure. These business networks are usually located in the 'triad' regions of the European Union, North America, and Japan. There are strong cross-border network linkages within these regions, but less 'globalization' than regional economic integration. The theory of the flagship firm/five partners model is applied to the telecommunications, chemicals, automotive, and electronics sectors, amongst others, and the book reports on both empirical studies and field research of the international competitiveness of these sectors. The book will be of interest to academics, students, and professionals in the areas of international business, strategic management, political science, law, and sociology.
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