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The Girl On The Landing

Author : Paul Torday
ISBN : 9780297855835
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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'The best book of the year... truly astonishing' Sunday Express 'An exciting novel - part love story, part psychological thriller' Mail on Sunday 'Surprising and suspenseful' Observer A GHOST STORY, A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER AND A TALE OF LOVE REDISCOVERED, FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN Elizabeth has been married to Michael for ten years. She has adjusted to a fairly monotonous routine with her wealthy, decent but boring husband. Part of this routine involves occasional visits to Beinn Caorrun, the dank and gloomy house in a Scottish glen that Michael inherited. But then Michael begins to change. It starts when he thinks he sees, in a picture, the figure of a girl on a landing. As he changes, life becomes so much more fun and Elizabeth sees glimpses of a man she can fall in love with at last. But who - or what - is changing Michael?
Category: Fiction

Girl Coming In For A Landing

Author : April Halprin Wayland
ISBN : 0756934702
Genre :
File Size : 75.64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a collection of over 100 poems recounting the ups and downs of one adolescent girl's school year.

None But He

Author : Patricia Robins
ISBN : 9781444752922
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 47.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When Mandy's boyfriend dies in a motorbike accident, she is left alone with a young child and little money. So when her son's uncle Jon offers her a job as his receptionist - as well as a home with him and his beautiful but spoilt wife, Gillian - she gratefully accepts. But Mandy soon becomes aware of Jon's unhappiness, as well as her own growing love for him. Perhaps if she accepts the attentions of Mike Sinclair, an attractive Irish bachelor, it will help her to keep her true feelings hidden...
Category: Fiction

Landing Gear

Author : Kate Pullinger
ISBN : 9781476751382
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the award-winning author of The Mistress of Nothing comes a highly imaginative story of colliding worlds and extraordinary connections, revealing the tenuous, often unexpected ties that bind us together. When everything was falling apart, someone fell into place… Suburban London housewife Harriet spends her days doing what she’s worst at. She grocery shops for her family who eats too much, parents a son who refuses to communicate, and tries to be a wife to a man who hasn’t embraced her in years. But what starts out as a mundane trip to the supermarket turns her world upside down when a mysterious man named Yacub falls out of the sky from the landing gear of an airplane and lands on her car in the parking lot—and survives. He’s starving and freezing cold—what else can she do other than bring him home to her family? Suddenly her son has stepped away from the video games and her husband is looking at her once again—even if it’s because they think she’s crazy for taking in a complete stranger who stinks of gas. And just who is Yacub, this young man who escaped from a Dubai labor camp and stowed away in the belly of the plane to travel around the world? Is it an extraordinary coincidence that he’s dropped into Harriet’s life just as a long-buried secret from her past threatens to come to light? Inspired by real-life accounts of airplane stowaways, Landing Gear showcases the complex texture of modern life, and how we sometimes need help seeing what’s right in front of us.
Category: Fiction

Happy Landing

Author : Joseph D. Pace
ISBN : 9781440143731
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 23.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Born shortly after his parents' immigration from Italy in 1920, Joseph D. Pace grew up in an Italian neighborhood in New York City. He was encouraged to learn English at an early age; and his parents learned right along with him. They loved this country and young Joseph learned this love and devotion to country as well. It seemed only natural for him to answer the call to defend the United States when World War II broke out. Enlisting in the Army and later transferring to the Army Air Corps, he hoped to become a fighter pilot. Washed out of pilot training, though, he looked for some other means to fulfill his dream of flying and managed to become a radio operator/gunner on a B-17. Stationed in England, he flew ten missions with his crew. Flying replacement with another crew on his eleventh mission, he had to bail out over a German mine field ending his participation in the war. He was awarded the Purple Heart, and following a long recovery period, was given an honorable discharge. He never talked much about his World War II service until attending an 8th Air Force reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1990. Mingling with others who shared his experiences he was encouraged to tell his story so that future generations could know more about this war. As he grew older he felt compelled to get the story in book form.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The War In Dover S Landing

Author : Edith Duven Flaherty
ISBN : 1462823181
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"I aint about to let that mule-headed old goat louse up this towns whole future, and you mights well know that right now. I didnt get to be First Selectman by being a doormat, and Im gonna have whats best for this town. And Jud Perry better not dare stand in my way." Jud Perry, in Ben Mabrys opinion, had been standing in his way the whole of their lifetime and now, no matter what he might have to do, it was going to change. All of Dovers Landing was going to change. It was a declaration of war, waged, at first, behind the scenes in several sneaky anonymous ways. Jud Perry was alone now - his wife dead, his daughter dead from the excesses of the 60s, his only son gone off to Canada rather than fight in Vietnam. No one has heard from him since that final father-son battle. Juds defeat would be easy, Ben thought. Wasnt the whole village on his side? Well, not quite. There was Juds wifes dearest friend, Martha, who harbored a secret life that no one in Dovers Landing suspected. There was Sam, his one-time English teacher. There was Dr. John, the villages only veterinarian. And - miraculously - there was his son Andy whose surreptitious return to Dovers Landing under a false name, wearing a face-concealing beard, and accompanied by his wife and two children, lent courage to Jud Perrys heart, and strength to his will to fight. The struggle escalates - as it does in all wars - until arson and attempted murder brings everything to a climax. The mystery of where Andy has been all the missing years is as startling to Jud, as is the long held family secret Jud is finally forced to reveal to Andy.
Category: Fiction

The Girl Who Just Appeared

Author : Jonathan Harvey
ISBN : 9780230771802
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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London 2014. Holly Smith has never fitted in. Adopted when just a few months old, she's always felt she was someone with no history, the girl who just appeared. All she has is the address of where she was born - 32B Gambier Terrace, Liverpool. By a bizarre twist of fate Holly discovers that the flat is available to rent. She travels north and moves in. When she finds a biscuit tin full of yellowing papers under the floorboards, she wonders if this might hold the secret to her past. Liverpool 1981. Fifteen-year-old Darren negotiates life with his errant mother and the younger brother he is bringing up. When the Toxteth Riots explode around him Darren finds himself with a moral dilemma that will have consequences for the rest of his life. Flitting between the present and the past, we discover how Darren and Holly's lives become intertwined. Will Holly uncover the secrets of her past? Or will she always feel like the girl who just appeared?
Category: Fiction

Freedom S Landing

Author : Anne McCaffrey
ISBN : 9781448152155
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When the Catteni ships descended on earth it was one of the most terrifying experiences humankind had ever known. Kris Bjornsen, along with thousands of others, found herself herded by forcewhips into the hold of giant spaceships to be transported to the slave compounds of an alien planet. And even then it wasn't over. For, after a partially successful escape attempt, Kris was once more shipped across space - to an apparently empty and untamed planet. The Catteni just dumped an assorted load of humans and aliens on the strange world and left them to see what would happen. Brilliantly the refugees began to organize themselves into a pattern of survival. The planet was eerie and not as empty as it seemed. For someone - something - had built giant storage barns - the planet was being used as a huge larder - for an entity they could not comprehend. As Kris and her patrol set out to explore the enigmatic world she had yet another problem to contend with - the presence of Zainal, the high-ranking patrician Catteni who had been abandoned with the rest of them. Zainal was strong, brilliant, and...kind, and Kris was puzzled by his presence, his personality, and above all by the tenuous tie she felt towards this man - who was not a man but one of the hated Catteni.
Category: Fiction

Legend Of Finch Landing

Author : Cash Sullivan
ISBN : 9781481722780
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sophie Boone lives a quiet life in rural Hanover, New Hampshire. Along with her family, she works hard to run Finch Landing, a local Bed and Breakfast that has been a success for over 40 years. After a terrible turn of her grandmother's health, Sophie finds herself taking on more responsibility than she had expected and is only able to pursue her Dartmouth education in small doses. In a series of serendipitous events, Sophie finds herself face-to-face with Stacey McKinney, the epitome of college jock and successful lawyer in the making. Despite her hardest efforts to stay away from him, Sophie finds herself swept away by a boy who is learning to become a man and finding out what it truly means to love through that process. Follow along as Sophie and Stacey find their way in life despite tragedy, miscalculation and heartbreak and they learn that family can stretch far past bloodlines to include those who truly care.
Category: Fiction


Author : Patti Angeletti
ISBN : 9781450266499
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sweet River is a sleepy little farming community where nothing exciting ever happens; it’s also the only home Beth has ever known. When a boy gets caught in a tree with no way down, she is the only one who hears his calls for help and comes to the rescue. As Beth and Joe become best buddies, their guardian angels watch intently, knowing it is their job to keep Beth and Joe safe. Sarah, their future child, is preparing for a return to Earth for another incarnation. So far, all appears to be in order. Although they aren’t aware of it, Beth and Joe agreed to become Sarah’s parents when they were spirits awaiting reincarnation. Now they are human beings who have forgotten the agreements they made between themselves and other soul family members. As guardian angels and other guides attempt to impart their wisdom and perspective, Sarah watches with anticipation. She is about to arrive on Earth. Everything must be perfect. Just when all appears to be coming together as planned, Joe makes a decision that may ultimately affect everyone—and change the course of events forever.
Category: Fiction