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The Future Of Ideas

Author : Lawrence Lessig
ISBN : 1400033314
Genre : Computers
File Size : 74.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Internet revolution has come. Some say it has gone. In The Future of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig explains how the revolution has produced a counterrevolution of potentially devastating power and effect. Creativity once flourished because the Net protected a commons on which widest range of innovators could experiment. But now, manipulating the law for their own purposes, corporations have established themselves as virtual gatekeepers of the Net while Congress, in the pockets of media magnates, has rewritten copyright and patent laws to stifle creativity and progress. Lessig weaves the history of technology and its relevant laws to make a lucid and accessible case to protect the sanctity of intellectual freedom. He shows how the door to a future of ideas is being shut just as technology is creating extraordinary possibilities that have implications for all of us. Vital, eloquent, judicious and forthright, The Future of Ideas is a call to arms that we can ill afford to ignore. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Computers

The Future Of The Professions

Author : Richard Susskind
ISBN : 9780191022401
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book predicts the decline of today's professions and describes the people and systems that will replace them. In an Internet society, according to Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind, we will neither need nor want doctors, teachers, accountants, architects, the clergy, consultants, lawyers, and many others, to work as they did in the 20th century. The Future of the Professions explains how 'increasingly capable systems' - from telepresence to artificial intelligence - will bring fundamental change in the way that the 'practical expertise' of specialists is made available in society. The authors challenge the 'grand bargain' - the arrangement that grants various monopolies to today's professionals. They argue that our current professions are antiquated, opaque and no longer affordable, and that the expertise of the best is enjoyed only by a few. In their place, they propose six new models for producing and distributing expertise in society. The book raises important practical and moral questions. In an era when machines can out-perform human beings at most tasks, what are the prospects for employment, who should own and control online expertise, and what tasks should be reserved exclusively for people? Based on the authors' in-depth research of more than ten professions, and illustrated by numerous examples from each, this is the first book to assess and question the relevance of the professions in the 21st century.
Category: Business & Economics

The Future Of Innovation

Author : Anna Trifilova
ISBN : 9781351889186
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Three unassailable facts will strike you as soon as you start to read The Future of Innovation: ¢ One: innovation is the new mantra; whether you're involved in teaching art and design, new product development for a blue chip consumer brand or responsible for providing public services to citizens; ¢ Two: understanding innovation requires multiple perspectives; from culture and mindset, social and commercial context, new ways of working as much as new products or services; ¢ Three: innovation is a journey; drawing on insights from around the globe is essential to accelerate our progress. Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova have gathered together the thoughts and ideas of over 200 of the most creative innovators from business, professional practice and academia from nearly 60 countries. The contributors look at innovation from almost every angle. Their statements offer an unparalleled view of innovation and provide a depth of insight that is extraordinary. The editors' reflection on each statement and on the sections within the book, provide useful links between themes and reinforce the relationships between many of the ideas. Anyone interested in innovation (student, researcher or practitioner) will benefit from this global thought collection. The contributors' multiple perspectives, models, practical examples and stories provide a sense of innovation that no single writer could ever capture. The Future of Innovation is supported by the website, where you can find even more contributions and tools that enable you to exchange, expand, elaborate and develop your perspectives on the future of innovation.
Category: Business & Economics

The Future Of The Curriculum

Author : Ben Williamson (Educator)
ISBN : 9780262518826
Genre : Education
File Size : 58.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An examination of curriculum innovations that are shaped by new ideas about digital media and learning. Although ideas about digital media and learning have become an important area for educational research, little attention has been given to the practical and conceptual implications for the school curriculum. In this book, Ben Williamson examines a series of contemporary curriculum innovations in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia that reflect the social and technological changes of the digital age. Arguing that the curriculum is always both forward- and rearward-looking, Williamson considers how each of these innovations represents a certain way of understanding the past while also promoting a particular vision of the future. The curriculum initiatives are all examples of what Williamson calls "centrifugal schooling," expressing a vision of education and learning that is decentered, distributed, and dispersed, emphasizing networks and connections. In centrifugal schooling, a curriculum is actively assembled and improvised from a heterogeneous mix of people, groups, coalitions, and institutional structures. Participants in curriculum design and planning include local governments, corporations, foundations, charities, and nongovernmental organizations. Among the curriculum innovations Williamson examines are High Tech High, a charter school network in San Diego that integrates technical and academic education; Opening Minds, a "competence-based" curriculum used in 200 British secondary schools; and Quest to Learn, a "school for digital kids" in New York City (with a sister school in Chicago). He also describes two major partnerships: the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, which advocates for "21st century readiness" for American students; and the Whole Education Alliance in Britain, a network of "third sector" educational organizations.
Category: Education

The Future Of Spatial Data And Society

Author : Mapping Science Committee
ISBN : 9780309590280
Genre : Science
File Size : 83.40 MB
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Public and private institutions are committing resources and making important long-term decisions concerning the collection, management, and use of spatial data. Although these actions are influenced by current pressures, priorities, and opportunities, their ultimate success depends on how these spatial data activities will be relevant to future needs and demands. The Mapping Science Committee, in cooperation with the Federal Geographic Data Committee, convened a workshop in April 1996 to examine societal and technological changes that might occur within the next 15 years. The purpose was to consider within the context of spatial data activities a series of long-term visions and to identify societal forces and changes that would make those visions more or less likely. The workshop provided a framework for thinking about the future of U.S. spatial data activities.
Category: Science


Author : Shaun Abrahamson
ISBN : 9781118570388
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.9 MB
Format : PDF
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A practical guide to tapping into the abundant ideas andtalent outside your organization Successful organizations are constantly searching for newideas. Historically, organizations have looked to theiremployees and select partners. They have used techniques likebrainstorming to gather and evaluate ideas. However, intoday’s market, talent and new ideas can be foundeverywhere. The Internet has enabled organizations to greatly expand theirsearches far beyond their four walls. Instead of ten or onehundred people, organizations from startups to Fortunate 500 firmscan work with thousands or tens of thousands to discover and assessmany, many more ideas (as well as prototypes, partners andpeople). We call this Crowdstorming. But how do you organize so many people and ideas to get the bestresults? Our goal is to help our readers make Crowdstorming work; to helpmore organizations engage with people far beyond theirorganizational borders, to find better ideas, solutions, talent andpartners so we can address some of our most challenging problems --not just for the sake of business, but for our society,too. Shaun Abrahamson has spent more than a decade as an early stageinvestor and advisor partnering with leading startups and globalorganizations to identify, create and launch new businesses enabledby newly possible relationships with customers and experts. Peter Ryder is the former President of jovoto and has broadexperience as a consultant helping organizations improve theirbusiness through the use of new technologies. Bastian Unterberg is the founder and CEO of jovoto, a Berlinand NYC based firms that organizes a 40,000 person strong creativecommunity to work with global brands on problems ranging from newproduct design to sustainable architecture.
Category: Business & Economics

Creating The Future Of Your Choice

Author : John J. Perry
ISBN : 9781493144310
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 56.99 MB
Format : PDF
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This self-paced workbook will help you create the future of your choice. You can use it to structure your thoughts, images, and actions in ways that are likely to maximize the chances that your dreams will be realized. It will give you a structure for envisioning your desired future and writing an inspiring vision statement. It will help you determine whether or not you have enough personal energy to fuel your journey, scan the landscape ahead to identify obstacles, and identify and nurture relationships with those who will be important to your success. Finally, it will help you develop a plan for turning your vision into reality and find ways to strengthen and sustain your will to succeed at executing your plan.
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101 Ideas On The Future Of Research And Innovation In Europe

Author :
ISBN : 9279925695
Genre :
File Size : 50.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Research, Innovation and Science Expert (RISE) Group published a report on 'Europe's future: open innovation, open science and open to the world' in May 2017. Building on this work, the RISE and ESIR expert groups met with independent think tanks in the field of research and innovation from EU Member States and beyond over the course of 2017 and 2018. This document contains a collection of the creative ideas that emerged from these discussions. Taken together they provide a panoply of thought and ideas on the future of EU policy in research and innovation that reflects the diversity of national perspectives and history of research and innovation in each of the participating countries.

The Future Of Globalization

Author : Ernesto Zedillo
ISBN : 9781134003181
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Erudite and topical, this well balanced treatment, with essays from world renowned contributors including the former President of Ireland – Mary Robinson, Jagdish Bhagwati and Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, considers the forces that propel globalization and those that resist it. Local and regional experiences from Bangladesh, China, India, Latin America and the Middle East are analyzed along with some of globalization’s most potent risks. Giving voice to sophisticated and illustrative reasoning, The Future of Globalization offers useful insights into the extraordinary human achievement brought about by increasing international economic integration, interdependence and interconnectedness, and shows how this has been a powerful force for the progress of humankind. The contributors take stock of the debate on globalization and explore ways to make globalization more beneficial for individuals, communities and countries, as well as ways to reduce its insufficiencies and mitigate the risks it faces. This book will benefit all students of economics, political science and international relations, among others, and is useful to courses that focus on globalization and its impacts.
Category: Business & Economics

The Future Of Nonprofits

Author : David J. Neff
ISBN : 9781118063811
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ever heard of an internal entrepreneur? You might know the type. They’re kind of employee who pushes mercilessly towards the trends of the future. Often looked at as a little bit outside the mainstream, more often than not the decisions this internal entrepreneur makes on behalf of an organization pay off in spades. So what makes an internal entrepreneur? How can you, as a nonprofit, create a culture that rewards futuring, internal entrepreneurs and innovation and doesn’t shut it down? The book “The Future of Nonprofits: Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age” helps organizations do those very things. Better predicting future trends helps to reshape culture, creating the kind of environment ripe for positive growth in this fast changing world we work in today. Designed for nonprofit employees on all levels, the book will become a go to handbook for those interested in adapting in the modern world, not looking to be left behind. The Future of Nonprofits helps organizations capitalize on internal innovation. Innovative nonprofits are able to better predict future trends to remake and reshape their culture, structure, and staff to be a more nimble and lean. By applying the strategies laid out in this book, nonprofit professionals of all levels can prepare their organizations to take advantage of future trends and develop innovative “internal entrepreneurs” that will grow revenue and drive their mission. Provides nonprofits with a comprehensive playbook on how to create a new, more flexible, innovative organization Provides nonprofits a look at the future of fundraising and communications trends into 2016 Case studies highlight successes and failures Highlights the power and strength of Social Media Hightlights how to hire, train, manage and inspire “internal entrepreneurial” employees Features actionable advice on creating an organization that is primed to grow and thrive in the immediate and long-term future This game-changing book reveals how every nonprofit can put technology, innovation and future trends to work to reach their mission and grow revenue.
Category: Business & Economics