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The Future Of Faith

Author : Harvey Cox
ISBN : 9780061939488
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.40 MB
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“A beautiful book and a Cox classic….Readers will be grateful that they joined him on his journey.” —E.J. Dionne Jr., author of Souled Out “Insightful, provocative, and inspiring—I even found myself uttering a hearty evangelical ‘Amen!’” —Richard Mouw, President, Fuller Theological Seminary, and author of Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport The Future of Faith is Harvard religion scholar Harvey Cox’s landmark exploration of why Christian dogmatism is giving way to a grassroots Christianity rooted in social justice and spirituality. Cox laid the groundwork for modern religious writing with his 1965 classic, The Secular City, paving the way for writers like Diana Butler Bass, Karen Armstrong, Stephen Prothero, and Deepak Chopra, who calls The Future of Faith “a fresh vision for the resurrection of a new global Christianity.”
Category: Religion

The Future Of Faith In American Politics

Author : David P. Gushee
ISBN : 9781602580718
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A provocative look at the political beliefs of evangelical Christians
Category: Religion

Living With Darwin Evolution Design And The Future Of Faith

Author : Philip Kitcher Professor of Philosophy Columbia University
ISBN : 9780199726554
Genre : Science
File Size : 86.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Charles Darwin has been at the center of white-hot public debate for more than a century. In Living With Darwin, Philip Kitcher peers into the flames swirling around Darwin's theory, sifting through the scientific evidence for evolution, Creation Science, and Intelligent Design, and revealing why evolution has been the object of such vehement attack. Kitcher ranges back in time to provide valuable perspective on the present controversy, describing the many puzzling issues that blocked evolution's acceptance in the early years, and explaining how scientific research eventually found the answers to these conundrums. Interestingly, Kitcher shows that many of these early questions have been resurrected in recent years by proponents of Intelligent Design. In fact, Darwin himself considered the issue of intelligent design, and amassed a mountain of evidence that effectively refuted the idea. Kitcher argues that the problem with Intelligent Design isn't that it's "not science," as many critics say, but that it's "dead science," raising questions long resolved by scientists. But after providing a convincing case for evolution, Kitcher points out that it is also important to recognize the cost of Darwin's success--the price of "living with Darwin." Darwinism has a profound effect on our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe, on our religious beliefs and aspirations. It is in truth the focal point of a larger clash between religious faith and the discoveries of modern science. Unless we can resolve this larger issue, the war over evolution will go on. Evolution is a dangerous idea. In this balanced and sympathetic volume, Philip Kitcher illuminates this idea while suggesting ways to defuse the danger, suggestions that embrace both the religious impulse and the force of scientific evidence.
Category: Science

Faith And The Future

Author : Pope Benedict XVI
ISBN : 9781586172190
Genre : Religion
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Increasingly, the future is becoming a theme for theological reflection. In the background we can detect a growing concern among many people for the future of faith. Does faith have any future at all, and, if so, where in all the confusion of today's trends will we discover its embryo? But the problem of the future assails not only the believer. In the ever more rapidly advancing process of historical evolution, man is confronted with enormous opportunities, but also with colossal perils. For him, the future is not only hope, but sorrow-a nightmare, indeed. He cannot avoid asking what part faith can play in building tomorrow's world. Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, approaches this problem of universal concern from a variety of angles, bringing his deep personal faith and theological brilliance to bear on these serious questions.
Category: Religion

Faith In The Future

Author : Jonathan Sacks
ISBN : 0865545502
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 80.68 MB
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Faith in the Future addresses some of the major themes of our time: the fragmentation of our common culture, the breakdown of family and community life, the lack of moral direction, and the waning of religious belief. How, Sacks asks, can we construct a humane social order that honors human dignity and difference, one in which we can be both true to ourselves and a blessing to others? In the confusing state of postindustrial societies in the post-Cold War situation, can we give those who come after us a coherent map of hope? In treating such questions, Faith in the Future is structured in four parts. In the first, "The Moral Covenant, " Sacks touches on the broadest of issues: morality, the family, and the importance of communities in the life of society. In the second, "Living Together, " he asks how we can co-exist while remaining faithful to our distinctive identities and traditions. In the third, "Jewish Ethics and Spirituality, " he sketches some of Judaism's leading themes. "There is such a thing, " says, as an ecology of hope, and it lies in restoring to our culture a sense of family, community, and religious faith.
Category: Philosophy

Knowledge And Faith

Author : Jan Salamucha
ISBN : 9042008946
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 61.11 MB
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Jan Salamucha was born on the 10th of June 1903 in Warsaw and murdered on the 11th of August 1944 in Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising very early on in his scholarly career. He is the most original representative of the branch of the Lvov-Warsaw School known as the Cracow Circle. The Circle was a grouping of scholars who were interested in reconstructing scholasticism and Christian philosophy in general by means of mathematical logic. As Jan Lukasiewicz's successor in the area of logic and Konstanty Michalski's student in the area of the history of medieval thought, Salamucha had an excellent preparation for this task. His main achievements include a masterful logical analysis of the proof ex motu for the existence of God, a modern interpretation of analogical notions and a comprehensive approach to the problem of essence. He also contributed several historical studies: he examined Aristotle's theory of deduction (and found contradictions in it), he reconstructed William Ockham's propositional logic and established the authenticity of his treatise on insolubilia, and he identified the historical sources of the antinomies in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. He did not shy away from popularizing philosophy, and in that work he was able to elucidate rather than oversimplify the complexities of philosophy.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Building Dynamic Faith

Author : Jerry Falwell
ISBN : 9781418552596
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Though perhaps better known for political activism through his creation of the Moral Majority, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell's personal activities confirmed his passion for being a pastor and a Christian educator. Out of this desire to teach and lead, he wrote Building Dynamic Faith so that readers would know God better and see their lives radically changed for Him. Divided into 31 chapters, Building Dynamic Faith is perfect for a month of daily readings, but it is more than simply a devotional. Readers will progress from a simple understanding of faith, to practicing the skills needed to exercise their faith, and finally to experiencing the blessing of God through answered prayer.
Category: Religion

Faith In The Future

Author : Harold Koenig
ISBN : 9781932031355
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Dr. Harold Koenig was recently interviewed by Newsweek (November 10, 2003) about his book Spirituality in Patient Care (Templeton Foundation Press) and his research in the area of religion and health. He has become the international voice on the subjects of spirituality, health, and aging. In this book he is joined by two other experts on aging and human development. They present a compelling look at one of the most serious issues in today’s society: health care in America. How will we provide quality healthcare to older adults who will need it during the next thirty to fifty years? Who will provide this care? How will it be funded? How can we establish systems of care now to be in place as demographic and health-related economic pressures mount? Alongside the sobering reality of the challenges our country faces, there are reasons for optimism. Innovative programs created and maintained by volunteers and religious congregations are emerging as pivotal factors in meeting health care needs. Summarizing decades of scientific research and providing numerous inspirational examples and role models, the authors present practical steps that individuals and institutions may emulate for putting faith into action.
Category: Political Science

The First Faith Of The Future

Author : Rev. Shirley Leighton, Founder
ISBN : 9781499012453
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 37.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is a compilation of many inspirational ideas which are printed in the hope of being helpful to seekers who are on a search for higher dimensions available to us as human beings on planet earth. After the study and practice of many of the world's great spiritual teaching systems, my pathway revealed to me the concepts contained in the chapters of this volume, Paying attention to their percepts may be different from what is taught in our society, but they will emerge as the wisest choice of attitudes in the every day running of our affairs. "Resist not," the best advice ever given... Try it, you'll like it.
Category: Self-Help