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Old Testament Quotations In The Fourth Gospel

Author : M. J. J. Menken
ISBN : 9039001812
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From the very beginning of Christianity, Jesus' followers have tried to legitimize their views of him with the help of the Scriptures. This means that if we wish to understand the beginning of the Christian church and of Christian theology, we have to examine the early Christian use of the Old Testament. A conspicious way of using the Scriptures consists in directly quoting from them. Eleven OT quotations in the Fourth Gospel are the topic of this study. These eleven quotations (in fact the majority of John's OT quotations) differ from the known versions of the OT, but are not free paraphrases of the OT text, in some cases, it is not immediately clear from which passage precisely the evangelist quotes. This state of affairs raises the questions which OT passages in which versions John used and how and why the quotations were modified. In this study, the questions of source and of redaction are dealt with in their interrelationship. Can we adequately explain the form of a quotation by taking into account Johannine redaction of an OT passage in a textual form which we know which we can reasonably argue ? Results of research in the field of early Jewish and early Christian exegetical techniques and devices are of course taken into account. Each of the eleven quotations is scrutinized on the points of source and redaction. It appears that John mostly used the LXX, but that where that translation did not suit his purposes, he either translated the Hebrew himself or used an other translation. He modified the quotations in agreement with extant exegetical rules, and for christological reasons. This study gives new insight into an aspect of the early Christian use of Scripture.
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The Fourth Gospel And Its Predecessor

Author : Robert Fortna
ISBN : 0567080692
Genre : Religion
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This is a vital tool for research into the origins of the Fourth Gospel. It provides an important contribution to Johannine theology.
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Character Studies In The Fourth Gospel

Author : Hunt, et al
ISBN : 9780802873927
Genre : Religion
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The most thorough study ever on the characters and on characterization in John's Gospel Using various narrative approaches and methodologies, an inter-national team of forty-four Johannine scholars in this volume offers sixty-four essays related to individual characters and group characters in the Gospel of John. With essays that present fresh perspectives on characters who play a major role in the Gospel -- Peter, Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, Thomas, and many others -- as well as original studies of characters who have never before been the focus of narrative analysis -- the men of the Samaritan Woman, the boy with the loaves and fishes, Barabbas, and more -- this book sheds new light on how complex and nuanced many of these characters are, even as they stand in the shadow of Jesus. Readers of this volume will be challenged to consider the Gospel of John anew.
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The Adaptable Jesus Of The Fourth Gospel

Author : Jason S. Sturdevant
ISBN : 9789004304239
Genre : Religion
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In The Adaptable Jesus of the Fourth Gospel, Jason S. Sturdevant examines the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of John in light of Greco-Roman conceptions of the adaptable teacher and guide.
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Understanding The Fourth Gospel

Author : John Ashton
ISBN : 0198263538
Genre : Fiction
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This is the first comprehensive study of St John's Gospel for nearly forty years. The author provides new and coherent answers to its two most important questions: the position of the Gospel in the history of Christian thought, and its central or governing idea. In the course of the book, helooks at the Gospel from a variety of viewpoints: historical, literary, and theological. The discussion is balanced and comprehensive and brings into play questions of origins, content, and readership. Detailed exegetical arguments that advance scholarly debate, and intricate questions ofspecialized concern, are for the most part dealt with conveniently in five major excursuses. All non-English sources are translated.
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Historical Tradition In The Fourth Gospel

Author : C. H. Dodd
ISBN : 0521291232
Genre : Religion
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An historical investigation of the narrative material and Sayings of St John's Gospel.
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