The Four Loves 2

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Agape And The Four Loves With Nietzsche Father And Q

Author : David Goicoechea
ISBN : 9781621897415
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Goicoechea explains Nietzsche's thesis that the agapeic love of Jesus is humankind's highest affirmation, even for sinners like the author's father, Joe Goicoechea, who lived it out existentially. Already before the Q scholars, Nietzsche saw this love as the essence of the Sermon on the Mount and based his philosophy upon it. Throughout the Catholic tradition agape fulfilled the affection of Empedocles, the eros of Plato, the friendship of Aristotle, and the agape of Plotinus. While, as Anders Nygren shows, modernists protested such syntheses, now postmodernists once again let agape and the four loves contribute to one another.
Category: Religion

The Four Loves

Author : C. S. Lewis
ISBN : 9780007332304
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 83.84 MB
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C.S. Lewis’s famous inspirational work on the nature of love.
Category: Family & Relationships

C S Lewis On The Christ Of A Religious Economy 3 2

Author : P. H. Brazier
ISBN : 9781620329825
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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C. S. Lewis--On the Christ of a Religious Economy. II. Knowing Salvation, opens with a discussion of the Anscombe-Lewis debate (the theological issues relating to revelation and reason, Christ the Logos). This leads into Lewis on the Church (the body of Christ) and his understanding of religion: how is salvation enacted through the churches, how do we know we are saved? This concludes with, for Lewis, the question of sufferance and atonement, substitution and election, deliverance and redemption: heaven, hell, resurrection, and eternity--Christ's work of salvation on the cross. What did Lewis say of humanity in relation to God, now Immanuel, God with us, incarnate, crucified, resurrected, and ascended for humanity? What of Lewis's own death, and that of his wife? What does this tell us about the triune God of Love, who is Love? This volume forms the second part of the third book in a series of studies on the theology of C. S. Lewis titled C. S. Lewis: Revelation and the Christ. The books are written for academics and students, but also, crucially, for those people, ordinary Christians, without a theology degree who enjoy and gain sustenance from reading Lewis's work.
Category: Religion

Four Essential Loves

Author : William R. McAlpine
ISBN : 9781620324028
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.39 MB
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How does one determine the readiness of any candidate for leadership in ministry? Whether considering vocational ministry leadership or a position on a local board of elders or deacons, without question, knowledge and skills are essential. But an individual's readiness for leadership and ministry cannot be assessed solely on the basis of academic transcripts or impressive statistics found in a pastor or lay leader's annual report. While embracing knowledge and skill as essential to effective leadership and ministry, the author demonstrates how these dimensions are inadequate unless rooted in that which is less quantifiable, namely, heart-readiness. But what does heart-readiness entail or look like in the life of a leader in ministry? In a word that is grossly overused and profoundly misunderstood, love--and more specifically, love for the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons. This book is intended for those being trained in the bible college or seminary classroom but also for lay leaders already engaged in virtually any ministry context as well. Readers are encouraged to consider and cultivate four essential loves: love for God's Word, for Christ's church, for one's neighbor, and for oneself.
Category: Religion

Faith Hope Love

Author : Josef Pieper
ISBN : 9780898706239
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume, three separate books in one edition, is a collection of Josef Pieper's famous treatises on the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. Pieper is perhaps the most popular Thomist philosopher of the twentieth century.
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The Avengers And Philosophy

Author : Mark D. White
ISBN : 9781118236451
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 49.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An engaging look at the philosophical underpinnings of Earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers assemble! Tackling intriguing dilemmas and issues that no single great philosopher can withstand, this powerful book enlists the brainpower of an A-list team of history's most prominent thinkers to explore the themes behind the action of Marvel Comics' all-star superhero team. Arms you with new insights into the characters and themes of The Avengers Deepens your appreciation both of The Avengers comics and the Joss Whedon movie adaptation Answers the philosophical questions you've always had about Earth's Mightiest Heroes, including: Can a reformed criminal become a superhero? Can an android love a human? If a hero beats his wife, is he still a hero? Helps you think differently about the members of the superhero team—Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the others This thought-provoking book will help you understand this band of superheroes better, whether you've followed the Avengers for years or are a Joss Whedon fan just getting to know them.
Category: Philosophy

1 2 3 John Revelation

Author : Earl Palmer
ISBN : 9781418587772
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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General editor Lloyd J. Ogilvie brings together a team of skilled and exceptional communicators to blend sound scholarship with life-related illustrations. The design for the Preacher's Commentary gives the reader an overall outline of each book of the Bible. Following the introduction, which reveals the author's approach and salient background on the book, each chapter of the commentary provides the Scripture to be exposited. The New King James Bible has been chosen for the Preacher's Commentary because it combines with integrity the beauty of language, underlying Hebrew and Greek textual basis, and thought-flow of the 1611 King James Version, while replacing obsolete verb forms and other archaisms with their everyday contemporary counterparts for greater readability. Reverence for God is preserved in the capitalization of all pronouns referring to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Readers who are more comfortable with another translation can readily find the parallel passage by means of the chapter and verse reference at the end of each passage being exposited. The paragraphs of exposition combine fresh insights to the Scripture, application, rich illustrative material, and innovative ways of utilizing the vibrant truth for his or her own life and for the challenge of communicating it with vigor and vitality.
Category: Religion

Intimate Spirituality

Author : Gordon J. Hilsman
ISBN : 9781461635536
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.30 MB
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In Intimate Spirituality: The Catholic Way of Love and Sex, Gordon J. Hilsman presents sexual loving as integral to rather than separate from most people’s spiritual lives. His coalescing of intimate love with traditional Catholic concepts—virtues, capital sins, fruits of the Spirit, sacraments—augments the pervasively moral view of sex with a spiritual perspective that highlights its beauty and power to shape the virtue of peoples lives. Seeing sexual attraction as built into humanity by the Creator to feed and challenge virtually all persons worldwide, he illustrates how intimate loving is actually a neglected aspect of Christian spirituality that has never been developed as fully as the individual and the communal. Hilsman calls upon theologians and spiritual leaders to further develop the understanding of intimate loving as a genuinely beautiful spiritual aspect of life. Many Christians (Catholics and Protestants alike) who take both their love lives and their Christian faith seriously, will find the positive, healthy view of sexuality presented in this book illuminating and helpful. So will those who counsel them.
Category: Religion

On Love

Author : Hugh Feiss
ISBN : 9781565484344
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.43 MB
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The version of the Rule of St. Augustine used at the Abbey of St.Victor began with the command to love God above all things and ones neighbor as oneself. Not surprisingly, then, love was a pervasive theme in the writings produced there, many of which are introduced and translated here: (1)five lyrical essays by Hugh of St.Victor (d.1141): The Praise of Charity; The Betrothal Gift of the Soul; In Praise of the Spouse; On the Substance of Love; What Truly Should Be Loved?; (2)On the Four Degrees of Violent Love, by Richard of St.Victor (d.1173), which traces the likenesses and differences between romantic love and the love of God; (3)Achard of St.Victor (d.1170), Sermon5 and two of Adam of St.Victors sequences are examples of how these authors wove love into their writings; (4)excerpts from the Microcosmus by Godfrey of St.Victor (, summarize the central place of love in his humanistic theological anthropology.
Category: Religion

Vision And Visual Perception

Author : Duco A. Schreuder
ISBN : 9781480812949
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.68 MB
Format : PDF
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Vision is about insight, and visual perception is about cognition - and they form the foundation of how we see the world. Duco A. Schreuder, a physicist and psychologist, explores the finer details of each in this groundbreaking book that explores human consciousness and perception. Sharing virtually everything he's learned over a varied career spanning more than sixty years, he examines a wide array of topics, including how we understand what we visually process, how we store and retrieve information, the role that neurons play in how what we see, and much more. While Schreuder isn't afraid to disagree with other leading thinkers, he relies on science and focuses on the facts behind it so you can understand lighting, visual perception, engineering design, and applied and experimental physics. Looking is about insight, whereas seeing is about knowledge, and you need to know how each one works to truly understand how humanity views the world. Whether you're an illuminating engineer considering the fundamentals of the trade or a student or professional in an allied discipline, you'll be well served by taking a closer look at Vision and Visual Perception.
Category: Science

The Four Gospels

Author : Abiel Abbot Livermore
Genre : Bible
File Size : 52.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Bible

Jason Mraz Love Is A Four Letter Word Songbook

Author : Jason Mraz
ISBN : 9781476877037
Genre : Music
File Size : 33.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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(Play It Like It Is). The fourth studio album from Jason Mraz is a heartfelt, uplifting collection that explores love's ups and downs, or, as Mraz puts it: "What one does in love to make it work, and what one does in love when it's time to let go." Our artist-approved matching folio of guitar and vocal arrangements includes 13 songs: Be Honest * Everything Is Sound (La La La) * 5/6 * Frank D. Fixer * The Freedom Song * I Won't Give Up * I'm Coming Over * In Your Hands * Living in the Moment * 93 Million Miles * Who's Thinking About You Now? * The Woman I Love * The World as I See It, plus a great intro article.
Category: Music

Love In Modern Japan

Author : Sonia Ryang
ISBN : 9781135988630
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 32.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This compelling and controversial book places the concept of love in both a social and historical context. Taking an approach in which state formation and vicissitude of power are explicitly taken into account in the discussion of intimacy and love, the author demonstrates that love as idealization and love as sexuality must be kept analytically separate. Chapters include discussions on sexualized rituals and fertility festivals, the murder case of Abe Sada, pure love in Miko and Mako’s tragedy and the 1990s phenomenon of ‘enjokosai’ or aid-date. Combining ethnographic, theoretical and archival research, this text will appeal to scholars of Japanese anthropology, feminist anthropology and gender studies alike.
Category: Social Science

Cupboard Love 2

Author : Mark Morton
ISBN : 9781897415931
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 53.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Cupboard Love explores the fascinating stories behind familiar and no-so-familiar gastronomic terms. Who knew that the word pomegranate is related to the word grenade? Light-hearted and thoroughly researched, packed with linguistic lore and cultural trivia.
Category: Cooking

What Was I Thinking

Author : Steve Brown
ISBN : 9781416542520
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.25 MB
Format : PDF
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Seminary professor, radio broadcaster, and former pastor Steve Brown is tired. He confesses, "I'm tired of glib answers to hard questions, irrelevant 'God words' and stark, cold foundations on which no house has ever been built." So he set out to revitalize his faith by reexamining his thoughts and his faith. And he shares his invigorating discoveries with readers. A potent tonic for those whose faith feels flat, What Was I Thinking? fully engages the heart, mind, and soul.
Category: Religion

Japan And The Culture Of The Four Seasons

Author : Haruo Shirane
ISBN : 9780231526524
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 75.67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Elegant representations of nature and the four seasons populate a wide range of Japanese genres and media—from poetry and screen painting to tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, and annual observances. In Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons, Haruo Shirane shows how, when, and why this practice developed and explicates the richly encoded social, religious, and political meanings of this imagery. Refuting the belief that this tradition reflects Japan's agrarian origins and supposedly mild climate, Shirane traces the establishment of seasonal topics to the poetry composed by the urban nobility in the eighth century. After becoming highly codified and influencing visual arts in the tenth and eleventh centuries, the seasonal topics and their cultural associations evolved and spread to other genres, eventually settling in the popular culture of the early modern period. Contrasted with the elegant images of nature derived from court poetry was the agrarian view of nature based on rural life. The two landscapes began to intersect in the medieval period, creating a complex, layered web of competing associations. Shirane discusses a wide array of representations of nature and the four seasons in many genres, originating in both the urban and rural perspective: textual (poetry, chronicles, tales), cultivated (gardens, flower arrangement), material (kimonos, screens), performative (noh, festivals), and gastronomic (tea ceremony, food rituals). He reveals how this kind of "secondary nature," which flourished in Japan's urban architecture and gardens, fostered and idealized a sense of harmony with the natural world just at the moment it was disappearing. Illuminating the deeper meaning behind Japanese aesthetics and artifacts, Shirane clarifies the use of natural images and seasonal topics and the changes in their cultural associations and function across history, genre, and community over more than a millennium. In this fascinating book, the four seasons are revealed to be as much a cultural construction as a reflection of the physical world.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Tony Milligan
ISBN : 9781317547617
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 34.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What is love? What is it to be loved? Can we trust love? Is it overrated? These are just some of the questions Tony Milligan pursues in his novel exploration of a subject that has occupied philosophers since the time of Plato. Tackling the mood of pessimism about the nature of love that reaches back through Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard, he examines the links between love and grief, love and nature, and between love of others and loving oneself. We love too few things in the world, Milligan concludes, adding that we need to be loved too, to appreciate our own value and the worth of life itself.
Category: Philosophy

Real Love Ii

Author : Beverly Broadus Green
ISBN : 9781628476705
Genre :
File Size : 29.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Real Love is the detailed journey of celebrity mom and extraordinary woman, Beverly Broadus Green, mother of four sons, including rapper/hip-hop artist, Snoop Dogg. If you have ever wanted a behind the scenes look at the life of the mom of a high profile world-renowned rap artist, this book will give you what you are looking for. With its highest highs and lowest lows, Beverly Broadus Green intimately shares her journey from her roots in the deep south to the bright lights of Hollywood. She gives an exceptional glimpse into what it really takes to live a life you truly love. It's more than a sharing of her experiences, but it's her story about how she learns just how deep God loves her and that it is His love that is truly the real thing.


Author : Les and Leslie Parrott
ISBN : 9780310562801
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The letters L.O.V.E. represent four personality dimensions that make up your personal "love style." Once you know your own love style and that of your spouse, you will be able to love him or her in a way that will help you get the love you need in return. Relationship experts Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott stand on a mountain of research to show you how this single insight can draw you closer together. Never before have we had such an easy-to-use and scientifically proven tool for pinpointing each person's approach to love. You'll discover how much these dimensions inform your love style: L - Leader: The Take-Charge Spouse O - Optimist: The Encouraging Spouse V - Validator: The Devoted Spouse E - Evaluator: The Careful Spouse The L.O.V.E. online assessment, in combination with this book, will show you how you are designed to approach everything from communication and conflict to sex and intimacy. This is not your typical marriage book. It's a practical tool for learning how to express love to your spouse and feel truly loved in return.
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