The Flying Saucers Have Landed

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The Flying Saucers Have Landed

Author : George Adamsk
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Adamski claimed he met with one Nordic alien, surnamed "Orthon", in 1952 at Desert Center. While friends watched from a distance, Adamski started a conversation of gestures & telepathy. Adamski wrote his first account in "Flying Saucers Have Landed" (1953) with his friend Desmond Leslie. while Leslie was more precise, Adamski was vague, excited but quite childish in telling the story. The dialog is quite ridiculous. Later, two more Nordics, "Firkon" & "Ramu" met & invited Adamski inside their ships, parked outside of Los Angeles. Together they discussed with him topics like "universal law" & various problems of our planet. They showed him their engines & space ships. Adamski decided to spread such accounts thru his book "Inside the Space Ships" in 1955 & thru world conferences

The Flying Saucers Have Landed

Author : George Adamski
ISBN : 1500235040
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If Adamski and the six companions who swore an affidavit to his Space Man encounter are not trying to pull off a gigantic hoax, then this is quite possibly the greatest story ever." That was what the Daily Sketch wrote about" Flying Saucers Have Landed." For, in the second part of this book, Adamski swears that he saw a space ship land in the desert in California and that he made contact with one of its occupants. More, he provides considerable testimony to support his claims. Desmond Leslie, who contributes the first part of the book, goes even further, asserting that flying saucers have been landing on earth for thousands of years, and gives records of their arrivals

Looking For Orthon

Author : Colin Bennett
ISBN : 9781616405830
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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On November 20, 1952, George Adamski first made contact with extraterrestrials-including a long-haired youth from Venus named Orthon-in the California desert.or so he claimed. He offered photographic proof. He wrote books about his encounters, including the sensational bestseller Flying Saucers Have Landed. He never stopped advocating the truth of his claims even as he came under extraordinary ridicule. And in the process, however inadvertently, Adamski invented the modern mass counterculture. This new edition of Colin Bennett's modern classic posits, in the author's uniquely engaging style, Adamski as a kind of unwitting performance artist who "structured one of the most blatant acts of visionary cheek of the twentieth century," introducing the jittery postwar Western world to the image of the UFO, which confounded and tweaked authority while also fully embodying Cold War neuroses. Whether Adamski was telling the truth or not is almost irrelevant-though Bennett has his own ideas about Adamski's veracity. What remains compelling about Adamski's bizarre and compelling tale of alien visitations is the transformative power of stories, even if they're false, to warp our culture on a grand scale. In the course of a delightfully misspent youth, COLIN BENNETT was employed as both a musician and as a mercenary soldier. He was far better at the second than at the first. Educated at Balliol College, Oxford, he is the author of the novels Infantryman and The Entertainment Bomb, and paranormal nonfiction including Politics of the Imagination, a biography of Charles Fort; and An American Demonology, about the head of the 1950s UFO-hunting agency Project Blue Book.
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The Gods Have Landed

Author : James R. Lewis
ISBN : 0791423301
Genre : Religion
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This is a comprehensive account of the religious dimensions of the UFO/flying saucer experience.
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Inside The Space Ships

Author : George Adamski
ISBN : 9781789120905
Genre : Fiction
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What has happened to George Adamski since he wrote the famous incidents in Flying Saucers Have Landed? Since the memorable November 20, 1952, when he first made personal contact with a man from another world? Since December 13, 1952 when he was able to make photographs within 100 feet of the same saucer that had brought his original visitor? Inside The Space Ships is Adamski’s own story of what has happened to him since then. It begins with his first meeting, a few months later, with a second man from another world—his first meeting with one who speaks to him. This second visitor brings him to a Venusian Scout (flying saucer) and this, in turn, brings him to a mother ship. Later lie is conveyed in both a Saturnian Scout and a Saturnian mother ship. Adamski tells us what transpires in these space craft and what the men and women from other worlds have told him. Adamski’s photographs of flying saucers, originally published in Flying Saucers Have Landed, have since become world-famous as other witnesses in other parts of the world have succeeded in taking photographs identical with his. Now, however, in Inside The Space Ships, Adamski gives us 16 photographs and illustrations, no longer of Scouts (flying saucers) mostly, but of the great space ships from which they are launched. The main group of these photographs was taken in April, 1955, and neither the photographs nor a description of them has ever been published before.
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John E Fetzer And The Quest For The New Age

Author : Brian C. Wilson
ISBN : 9780814345313
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age is the remarkable story of the spiritual search of one of Michigan’s most successful entrepreneurs, a search that culminated in the Fetzer Institute whose ambitious mission is nothing less than the spiritual transformation of the world.
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The Oxford Handbook Of New Religious Movements

Author : James R Lewis
ISBN : 9780195369649
Genre : Reference
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The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements both covers the current state of the field and breaks new ground. Its contributors, drawn form both sociology and religious studies, are leading figures in the study of NRMs.
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Authenticating The George Adamski Case

Author : Michel Zirger
ISBN : 172454618X
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On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the publication of the book by Desmond Leslie and George Adamski, Flying Saucers Have Landed, independent investigator and researcher Michel Zirger provides an update about what really happened in the afternoon of November 20, 1952 in the Californian desert when George Adamski encountered a "space man" who emerged from a "flying saucer," a scene observed by six witnesses. Michel Zirger reveals here absolutely extraordinary new evidence that tends to authenticate this first extraterrestrial contact. Photos taken that day, recently computer processed, now show clearly the large "mother ship" high in the sky, releasing the small "scout ship" for landing, and, what is even more deeply exciting, show the extraterrestrial man himself, to whom George Adamski would later give the name of "Orthon." A new classic by the author of the amazing book "We Are Here!" Visitors Without a Passport that is going to shake greatly the foundations of ufology worldwide, but also our vision of the world. It contains updated and new information and mind-boggling photos in color. A disturbing, historic, must read!

They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves

Author : Bridget Brown
ISBN : 9780814786352
Genre : History
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Since its emergence in the 1960s, belief in alien abduction has saturated popular culture, with the ubiquitous image of the almond-eyed alien appearing on everything from bumper stickers to bars of soap. Drawing on interviews with alleged abductees from the New York area, Bridget Brown suggests a new way for people to think about the alien phenomenon, one that is concerned not with establishing whether aliens actually exist, but with understanding what belief in aliens in America may tell us about our changing understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves looks at how the belief in abduction by extraterrestrials is constituted by and through popular discourse and the images provided by print, film, and television. Brown contends that the abduction phenomenon is symptomatic of a period during which people have come to feel increasingly divested of the ability to know what is real or true about themselves and the world in which they live. The alien abduction phenomenon helps us think about how people who feel left out create their own stories and fashion truths that square with their own experience of the world.
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Controversial New Religions

Author : James R. Lewis
ISBN : 9780199394364
Genre : Religion
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In terms of public opinion, new religious movements are considered controversial for a variety of reasons. Their social organization often runs counter to popular expectations by experimenting with communal living, alternative leadership roles, unusual economic dispositions, and new political and ethical values. As a result the general public views new religions with a mixture of curiosity, amusement, and anxiety, sustained by lavish media emphasis on oddness and tragedy rather than familiarity and lived experience. This updated and revised second edition of Controversial New Religions offers a scholarly, dispassionate look at those groups that have generated the most attention, including some very well-known classical groups like The Family, Unification Church, Scientology, and Jim Jones's People's Temple; some relative newcomers such as the Kabbalah Centre, the Order of the Solar Temple, Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate, and the Falun Gong; and some interesting cases like contemporary Satanism, the Raelians, Black nationalism, and various Pagan groups. Each essay combines an overview of the history and beliefs of each organization or movement with original and insightful analysis. By presenting decades of scholarly work on new religious movements written in an accessible form by established scholars as well as younger experts in the field, this book will be an invaluable resource for all those who seek a view of new religions that is deeper than what can be found in sensationalistic media stories.
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Flying Saucers And Common Sense

Author : Waveney Girvan
ISBN : WISC:89001119635
Genre : Unidentified flying objects
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Author : Sir Patrick Moore
ISBN : 9780752496696
Genre : History
File Size : 57.9 MB
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Written with his trademark combination of wit and accessible science, and updated to include the latest theories on asteroids and climate change, this is a must-read book for anyone with an interest in popular science in general, and how the world might end in particular.
Category: History

Science Talk

Author : Daniel Patrick Thurs
ISBN : 9780813541525
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.96 MB
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Science news is met by the public with a mixture of fascination and disengagement. On the one hand, Americans are inflamed by topics ranging from the question of whether or not Pluto is a planet to the ethics of stem-cell research. But the complexity of scientific research can also be confusing and overwhelming, causing many to divert their attentions elsewhere and leave science to the “experts.” Whether they follow science news closely or not, Americans take for granted that discoveries in the sciences are occurring constantly. Few, however, stop to consider how these advances—and the debates they sometimes lead to—contribute to the changing definition of the term “science” itself. Going beyond the issue-centered debates, Daniel Patrick Thurs examines what these controversies say about how we understand science now and in the future. Drawing on his analysis of magazines, newspapers, journals and other forms of public discourse, Thurs describes how science—originally used as a synonym for general knowledge—became a term to distinguish particular subjects as elite forms of study accessible only to the highly educated.
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Mass Contacts

Author : Stefano Breccia
ISBN : 1438906781
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Mass Contacts is an astounding story that says that Contact has begun from one who knows. A detailed report of contacts with human type aliens on the Adriatic coast, which answers many of our questions, this book is a milestone for ufologists wh study Contact. They were here and many look like us! It's time for disclosure. Paola Leopizzi Harris-Researcher and Author: Connecting the Dots; Making Sense of UFO Phenomena; Exopolitics: How Does One Speak to a Ball of Light? This book is a true milestone in the spreading of the reality of contacts between our humanity and extraterrestrials, both in the past and now; it gives rise to vital importants, hints in order to understand the epoch-making events that are waiting for us, and inteat with them in the best way. Tom Bosco-NEXUS Magazine-Edizione Italiana Eng. Stefani Breccia and I are friends, and have been responsible keepers of truths that not always were sharable with other people. Both of us have dedicated a significant part of our lives to UFO's, myself trying to spread this reality in the best way. Stefano trying to understand its roots, both being aware of how important the phenomenon is. And so I have acted as a midwife to the important result of Stefano's work, being convinced that reading this book is at the same time necessary and useful. Roberto Pinotti-Director, Centro Ufologico Nationale (CUN), Italy This book, based upon memories of experiences covering a period of many years, is charming above all for it concerns the contact, first, and then the coexistence of humans and aliens, working toward a single goal. Paolo Di Girolama-Professor and writer.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Alien Encounters

Author : Stuart Webb
ISBN : 9781448871780
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 30.87 MB
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Since the middle of the last century, many people around the world have reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and speculated that they were alien spacecraft. Some witnesses have reported seeing nonhumans emerge from otherworldly craft and even having interactions with these intelligent beings. While most scientists believe these tales to be hallucinations or hoaxes, the sheer number of reports of alien encounters, the similarities between them, and the emotional impact they have had on witnesses make the phenomenon difficult to dismiss. Fans of the paranormal will enjoy delving into juicy, eyewitness tales from the United States and around the world. Assessing the evidence, readers can decide for themselves whether someone else is truly out there.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Real Encounters Different Dimensions And Otherworldy Beings

Author : Brad Steiger
ISBN : 9781578594733
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 75.57 MB
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An expert on the unexplained and paranormal research, Brad and Sherry Steiger turn their unique and remarkable talents to the bold storytelling of encounters with the unknown from throughout the ages. From mysterious strangers and unpredictable beings to weird behavior and paranormal phenomena, they investigate claims of visits from ghastly ghosts, otherworldly creatures, aliens living among us, phantoms, spirits and other accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Over 130 astounding accounts of Real Encounters with the supernatural, such as ... *Visitors from others worlds who have had Earth under surveillance for centuries, conducting their activities in secret-- even abducting humans for their own research and undeclared ends. *Members of secret societies who developed an advanced technology centuries ago which has been kept hidden in underground or undersea cities. *Time Travelers from the Future. Beings who claim to be our descendents from the future who are returning to study the true destiny of humankind. *Ghosts that haunt people, places, and things--and poltergeists that create havoc. *Beasties and monsters found in everyone’s worst nightmares--and sometimes in their campsites, fields, and yards. *Other Dimensional Visitors, Beings, Creatures, or Entities that come not from a faraway world in our solar system or any other, but from an adjacent space-time continuum existing on another vibrational/dimensional frequency or level. *Previously unknown, unidentified terrestrial life-forms, such beings as "sky-critters," "sky fish,” “rods,” and “orbs.” *As yet unknown physical energies that may be activated by the psyche, the unconscious level of the human mind. *Archetypal creatures and entities of the collective unconscious that are the result of energies that are accessible through dreams, meditations, and other states of altered consciousness. *Interactions with beings that have been dubbed elves, fairies, devas throughout the centuries. *The marvelous, creative facet of dreams. *Out-of-body mind-traveling through Time and Space. *Majestic beings who are described in the scriptures of many world religions as angels or demons.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Inspiration And Innovation

Author : Todd M. Kerstetter
ISBN : 9781118848326
Genre : History
File Size : 84.55 MB
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Covering more than 200 years of history from pre-contact to the present, this textbook places religion at the center of the history of the American West, examining the relationship between religion and the region and their influence on one another. A comprehensive examination of the relationship between religion and the American West and their influence on each other over the course of more than 200 years Discusses diverse groups of people, places, and events that played an important historical role, from organized religion and easily recognized denominations to unorganized religion and cults Provides straightforward explanations of key religious and theological terms and concepts Weaves discussion of American Indian religion throughout the text and presents it in dialogue with other groups Enriches our understanding of American history by examining key factors outside of traditional political, economic, social, and cultural domains
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Queen Mother

Author : William Shawcross
ISBN : 9781447255888
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 80.75 MB
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‘Enchanting, often moving and sometimes hilarious’ Daily Mail Full of wit, hilarity, acute observation and a deeply held sense of duty, the Queen Mother’s letters give readers a vivid insight into the person behind the public face. Here, in her own words, is her grief at the tragically early death of the King in 1952 and her determination to rise above that terrible blow and, despite her sadness, to find a new role for herself during the long years of widowhood. ‘The warm personality and humour of the late, much-loved Queen Mother shines through in her letters, as does her affection for all, whether below or above stairs’ Scotsman ‘Recaptures her effervescent charm, and the simple fact that she was a good egg’ Spectator ‘How one warms to her!’ Evening Standard
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