The First Farmers Of Central Europe

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The First Farmers Of Central Europe

Author : Penny Bickle
ISBN : 9781842179123
Genre : History
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From about 5500 cal BC to soon after 5000 cal BC, the lifeways of the first farmers of central Europe, the LBK culture (Linearbandkeramik), are seen in distinctive practices of longhouse use, settlement forms, landscape choice, subsistence, material culture and mortuary rites. Within the five or more centuries of LBK existence a dynamic sequence of changes can be seen in, for instance, the expansion and increasing density of settlement, progressive regionalisation in pottery decoration, and at the end some signs of stress or even localised crisis. Although showing many features in common across its very broad distribution, however, the LBK phenomenon was not everywhere the same, and there is a complicated mixture of uniformity and diversity. This major study takes a strikingly large regional sample, from northern Hungary westwards along the Danube to Alsace in the upper Rhine valley, and addresses the question of the extent of diversity in the lifeways of developed and late LBK communities, through a wide-ranging study of diet, lifetime mobility, health and physical condition, the presentation of the bodies of the deceased in mortuary ritual. It uses an innovative combination of isotopic (principally carbon, nitrogen and strontium, with some oxygen), osteological and archaeological analysis to address difference and change across the LBK, and to reflect on cultural change in general.
Category: History

Europe S First Farmers

Author : Weinstein Professor of European Archaeology (Emeritus) T Douglas Price
ISBN : 0521665728
Genre : History
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Essays by leading specialists on a central issue of European history: the transition to farming.
Category: History

The First Farmers Of Europe

Author : Stephen Shennan
ISBN : 9781108422925
Genre : History
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The book shows how the spread of farming across Europe was the result a population expansion from present-day Turkey.
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Last Hunters First Farmers

Author : School of American Research (Santa Fé, N.M.). Advanced Seminar
ISBN : UCSC:32106016663111
Genre : Social Science
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During virtually the entire four-million-year history of our habitation on this planet, humans have been hunters and gatherers, dependent for nourishment on the availability of wild plants and animals. Beginning about 10,000 years ago, however, the most remarkable phenomenon in the course of human prehistory was set in motion. At locations around the world, over a period of about 5,000 years, hunters became farmers. Far more than the domestication of plant and animal species was involved in this revolution, which was accompanied by massive changes in the structure and organization of the societies that adopted agriculture and by a totally new relationship with the environment. Whereas hunter-gatherers live off the land in an extensive fashion, exploiting a diversity of resources over a broad area, farmers utilize the landscape intensively. The implications of these changes in human activity and social organization reverberate down to the present day.
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European Prehistory

Author : Sarunas Milisauskas
ISBN : 9781461507512
Genre : Social Science
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Sarunas Milisauskas· 1.1 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this book is four-fold: to introduce English-speaking students and scholars to some of the outstanding archaeological research that has been done in Europe in recent years; to integrate this research into an anthropological frame of reference; to address episodes of culture change such as the transition to farming; the origin of complex societies, and the origin of urbanism, and to provide an overview of European prehistory from the earliest appearance of humans to the rise of the Roman empire. In 1978, the Academic Press published my book European Prehistory which, typically for that period, emphasized cultural evolution, culture process, technology, environment, and economy. To produce a new version and an up- to-date prehistory of Europe, I have invited contributions from specialists in the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. Thus while this version of European Prehistory is a new book, however, it still incorporates some data from the 1978 version, particularly in The Present Environment and Neolithic chapters. Like its predecessor, this edition is structured around selected general topics, such as technology, trade, settlement, warfare, and ritual.
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The Western European Loess Belt

Author : Corrie C. Bakels
ISBN : 1402098405
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 36.67 MB
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This book deals with the early history of agriculture in a defined part of Western Europe: the loess belt west of the river Rhine. It is a well-illustrated book that integrates existing and new information, starting with the first farmers and ending when food production was no longer the chief source of livelihood for the entire population. The loess belt was chosen because it is a region with only one type of soil and climate as these are all-important factors where farming is concerned. Subjects covered are crops, crop cultivation, livestock and livestock handling, the farm and its yard, and the farm in connection with other farms. Crop plants and animals are described, together with their origin. New tools such as the plough, wheen, wagon and scythe are introduced. Groundplans of farm buildings, the history of the outhouse and the presence or absence of hamlets are presented as well, and the impact of farming on the landscape is not forgotten. The loess belt was not an island and the world beyond its boundaries was important for new ideas, new materials and new people. Summarising six millennia of agriculture, the thinking in terms of the Western European loess belt as one agricultural-cultural unit seems justified.
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Problems In Neolithic Archaeology

Author : Alasdair Whittle
ISBN : 0521351219
Genre : Social Science
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Problems in Neolithic Archaeology is a notable contribution to the debate about how we can write prehistory. Drawing on both processual and post-processual approaches, it reaffirms the central role of theory and interpretation while accepting as permanent the uncertainty which makes the testing of archaeological hypotheses difficult or even impossible. Dr Whittle asserts in particular the need for greater self-confidence and for the formulation of new theory and questions more appropriate to the archaeological record. The book's specific strength lies, however, in a close contextual study of the Neolithic period in western and central Europe. In this respect it provides an admirable complement to his textbook Neolithic Europe.
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Forest Farmers And Stockherders

Author : Peter Bogucki
ISBN : 0521329590
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.57 MB
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Drawing extensively on anthropological theory and ecological models of human adaptation, this book explores the growth of a food-producing economy in the period 5000-3000 BC.
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Agricultural Cooperatives In Central Europe

Author : Gijs Schilthuis
ISBN : 9023235630
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.91 MB
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Covers Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia.
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The Making Of The British Landscape

Author : Francis Pryor
ISBN : 9780141943367
Genre : History
File Size : 87.70 MB
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This is the changing story of Britain as it has been preserved in our fields, roads, buildings, towns and villages, mountains, forests and islands. From our suburban streets that still trace out the boundaries of long vanished farms to the Norfolk Broads, formed when medieval peat pits flooded, from the ceremonial landscapes of Stonehenge to the spread of the railways - evidence of how man's effect on Britain is everywhere. In The Making of the British Landscape, eminent historian, archaeologist and farmer, Francis Pryor explains how to read these clues to understand the fascinating history of our land and of how people have lived on it throughout time. Covering both the urban and rural and packed with pictures, maps and drawings showing everything from how we can still pick out Bronze Age fields on Bodmin Moor to how the Industrial Revolution really changed our landscape, this book makes us look afresh at our surroundings and really see them for the first time.
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A History Of Beer And Brewing

Author : Ian Spencer Hornsey
ISBN : 0854046305
Genre : Cooking
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A History of Beer and Brewing provides a comprehensive account of the history of beer. Research carried out during the last quarter of the 20th century has permitted us to re-think the way in which some ancient civilizations went about their beer production. There have also been some highly innovative technical developments, many of which have led to the sophistication and efficiency of 21st century brewing methodology. A History of Beer and Brewing covers a time-span of around eight thousand years and in doing so:·Stimulates the reader to consider how, and why, the first fermented beverages might have originated·Establishes some of the parameters that encompass the diverse range of alcoholic beverages assigned the generic name 'beer'·Considers the possible means of dissemination of early brewing technologies from their Near Eastern originsThe book is aimed at a wide readership particularly beer enthusiasts. However the use of original quotations and references associated with them should enable the serious scholar to delve into this subject in even greater depth.
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People Of The Stone Age

Author : Göran Burenhult
ISBN : UOM:39015050549420
Genre : Agriculture, Prehistoric.
File Size : 84.6 MB
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Looks at the period from 10,000 B.C. to 2,000 B.C., and discusses human impact on the environment, the worship of the goddess, and social and gender roles
Category: Agriculture, Prehistoric.

Prehistoric Ukraine

Author : Malcolm C. Lillie
ISBN : 9781789254617
Genre : Electronic books
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Anthropological Papers

Author : University of Michigan. Museum of Anthropology
ISBN : UOM:39015071485554
Genre : Anthropology
File Size : 22.70 MB
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Category: Anthropology

Early Farmers Late Foragers And Ceramic Traditions

Author : Dragos Gheorghiu
ISBN : 9781443804684
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.91 MB
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This work presents the most recent views on a subject of primordial importance for all students of history: the understanding of humankind’s process of becoming, viewed through the study of the beginnings of pottery in the late forager, and early farmer societies of Europe. It is a collection of essays, by some of the prominent European scholars and young dynamic archaeologists whose works focus on the early European and Middle Eastern pottery, intended to present a new perspective on the rise of a new technology in prehistory. With the breadth, variety and novelty of the approaches presented, “Early farmers, late foragers and ceramic traditions. On the beginning of pottery in Europe” is a fascinating read for scholars, as well as for the public at large.
Category: Social Science

Sicily Before History

Author : Robert Leighton
ISBN : 0801485851
Genre : History
File Size : 79.87 MB
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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, one of the most varied in appearance, and least insular in terms of cultural development. It has often been described as a meeting place of cultures, where East meets West.
Category: History

Creating Communities

Author : Penny Bickle
ISBN : 9781782973287
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58.18 MB
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The aim of this book is to raise questions about the investigation of identity, community and change in prehistory, and to challenge the current state of debate in Central European Neolithic archaeology. Although the LBK is one of the best researched Neolithic cultures in Europe, here the material is used in order to further explore the interconnection between individuals, households, settlements and regions, explicitly addressing questions of Neolithic society and lived experience. By embracing a variety of approaches and voices, this volume draws out some of the cross-cutting concerns which unite LBK studies in their different regional research contexts and paves the way for further debate on the subject.
Category: Social Science