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The Fires Of Heaven

Author : Robert Jordan
ISBN : 9780748115389
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.41 MB
Format : PDF
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'Epic in every sense' - Sunday Times The fifth novel in the Wheel of Time series - one of the most influential and popular fantasy epics ever published. The bonds and wards that hold the Great Lord of the Dark are slowly failing, but still his fragile prison holds. The Forsaken, immortal servants of the shadow, weave their snares and tighten their grip upon the realms of men, sure in the knowledge that their master will soon break free . . . Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, knows that he must strike at the Enemy, but his forces are divided by treachery and by ambition. Even the Aes Sedai, ancient guardians of the Light, are riven by civil war. Betrayed by his allies, pursued by his enemies and beset by the madness that comes to the male wielders of the One Power, Rand rides out to meet the foe. And the Fires of Heaven scour the world. 'With the Wheel of Time, Jordan has come to dominate the world that Tolkien began to reveal' New York Times 'A fantasy phenomenon' SFX The Wheel of Time The Eye of the World The Great Hunt The Dragon Reborn The Shadow Rising The Fires of Heaven Lord of Chaos A Crown of Swords The Path of Daggers Winter's Heart Crossroads of Twilight Knife of Dreams The Gathering Storm Towers of Midnight A Memory of Light New Spring (prequel)
Category: Fiction

The Garden And The Fire

Author : Nerina Rustomji
ISBN : 0231140843
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.68 MB
Format : PDF
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Provides an analysis of how visions of the Garden and the Fire, or Heaven and Hell, within Sunni Islam changed between the seventh and thirteenth centuries, and looks at how Muslims used images to represent the Garden on Earth from the seventh to the nineteenth century.
Category: Religion

By Permission Of Heaven

Author : Adrian Tinniswood
ISBN : 9781446402719
Genre : History
File Size : 83.24 MB
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There had, of course, been other fires, Four Hundred and fifty years before, the city had almost burned to the ground. Yet the signs from the heavens in 1666 were ominous: comets, pyramids of flame, monsters born in city slums. Then, in the early hours on 2 September, a small fire broke out on the ground floor of a baker's house in Pudding Lane. In five days that small fire would devastate the third largest city in the Western world. Adrian Tinniswood's magnificent new account of the Great Fire of London explores the history of a cataclysm and its consequences. It pieces together the untold human story of the Fire and its aftermath - the panic, the search for scapegoats, and the rebirth of a city. Above all, it provides an unsurpassable recreation of what happened to schoolchildren and servants, courtiers and clergyman when the streets of London ran with fire.
Category: History

The Oxford Handbook Of Late Antiquity

Author : Scott Fitzgerald Johnson
ISBN : 9780199996339
Genre : History
File Size : 29.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity offers an innovative overview of a period (c. 300-700 CE) that has become increasingly central to scholarly debates over the history of western and Middle Eastern civilizations. This volume covers such pivotal events as the fall of Rome, the rise of Christianity, the origins of Islam, and the early formation of Byzantium and the European Middle Ages. These events are set in the context of widespread literary, artistic, cultural, and religious change during the period. The geographical scope of this Handbook is unparalleled among comparable surveys of Late Antiquity; Arabia, Egypt, Central Asia, and the Balkans all receive dedicated treatments, while the scope extends to the western kingdoms, and North Africa in the West. Furthermore, from economic theory and slavery to Greek and Latin poetry, Syriac and Coptic literature, sites of religious devotion, and many others, this Handbook covers a wide range of topics that will appeal to scholars from a diverse array of disciplines. The Oxford Handbook of Late Antiquity engages the perennially valuable questions about the end of the ancient world and the beginning of the medieval, while providing a much-needed touchstone for the study of Late Antiquity itself.
Category: History

Messenger Of Fire

Author : Sunmade Adeyemi
ISBN : 9781413750515
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 21.36 MB
Format : PDF
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This is a story about an angel who becomes incarnated into a human being in order to carry out two specific tasks. The first task is to send a message to all humans, through the use of a Dictaphone, to warn them about a coming aGreat Revolutiona and a grand deception scheme that the devil will try to use to deceive and annihilate the human race. The second task, which he has to complete, is to kill certain types of creatures. These creatures are known as aclones.a These clones arenat human but are actually human embodiments of fallen angels who claim to be extraterrestrials who founded the human race. Along the way he reveals a lot of truths and unravels several mysteries. And during his narration into the Dictaphone, he encounters several obstacles trying to prevent him from further dictation or to destroy the Dictaphone and tape themselves. These obstacles usually come in the form of supernatural beings and clones trying to assassinate him and also to destroy the tape a but not necessarily in the order.
Category: Fiction

Bible In A Nutshell Daily Devotional Version

Author : Sarah V Tinsley
ISBN : 9781435730250
Genre :
File Size : 47.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The BIBLE IN A NUTSHELL DAILY DEVOTIONAL VERSION gives you a concise and simple way of imprinting in your heart and mind key Bible verses and passages on a daily basis. The 365 readings will take you on an annual journey through all 66 books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Included are introductions to each Bible book, 1000 favorite memory verses, and a prayer relevant to each day's study. Introductory pages provide additional study helps: Bible events in a nutshell, key Bible passages, key Bible stories, Jesus' parables, Jesus' miracles, where to look in the Bible for various needs, and Bible prophecies that foretold Jesus' coming. Enjoy your travels through God's marvelous Word!

Apollo S Fire

Author : Michael Sims
ISBN : 9781440654381
Genre : Science
File Size : 26.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It?s the oldest story on Earth. You relive it every day. So much of our shared daily experience in the world is shaped by the sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle effects of the Earth?s spin, its tilt on its axis, the alternation of light and darkness, the waxing and waning of the moon, the seemingly capricious growth of clouds. The ancient rhythm of the day and night was shaping life on Earth before there were even human beings to appreciate it. It rules our bodies and weather and calendars, and sets the tempo for our work and play. Each of us awakens each day to relive this primordial narrative. With his signature blend of science and poetry, history and mythology, Michael Sims serves as tour guide on an unforgettable journey through the wonders of an ordinary day, from dawn to nighttime. Long before we had the tools of knowledge to explain what we observed in the skies overhead, we built mythologies and folklore around these occurrences, immortalized them in poetry and art, created special places for them in our collective imagination and even our language. In Apollo?s Fire, Sims explores the celestial events that form our days, fusing lively explanations of these phenomena with a richly layered history of what they meant to us before we knew how they worked. He explains the colors of sunrise, the characteristics of shadow, the mysteries of twilight. Characters in this vital drama include Galileo watching sunrise on the moon, Eratosthenes measuring the Earth with a noontime shadow, and Edgar Allan Poe figuring out why the night sky is dark instead of glowing with the light of a million suns. Our story ranges from the movie High Noon to Darwin?s plant experiments, from The Time Machine to the afternoon rise in air pollution.In the witty and elegant style that has earned him the designation ?science raconteur,? Sims weaves a dazzling array of strands into a single tapestry of daily experience- and makes the oldest story on Earth new again.
Category: Science

David The Anointing

Author : Blake Spivey
ISBN : 9781490863160
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 21.28 MB
Format : PDF
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David: The Anointing is a book of hope. On this journey we will move alongside this shepherd boy as he is trained by God Himself. Invited by the Trinity Themselves, we will enter within Their counsel and see David as he cultivates a intimacy that will last throughout the ages. As the Lord breathes in the aroma of worship, we will witness the ones falling before the Lamb. Coming and going, the celestial beings move at the command of God Himself. Moving all things together and accomplishing His will, we will see the sovereignty of God and the will of man intermingled as one. As the life of David unfolds, we will witness what takes place in the spiritual realm with angels, demons, and Lucifer, all from the perspective of the Trinity. Seeing deep within the heart of God, we will come to understand how we were dreamed of before time began. Beginning on the hills, we will witness the prophetic ministry and the training of each saint. Moving in the desire of the Lord’s heart, we will come to a deeper understanding of what moves Them. Being all-sufficient, the Lord desires the worship of our hearts. Seeing and believing that we will live for ages to come, we must move like David, worshipping the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness.
Category: Fiction