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The Financial Diet

Author : Chelsea Fagan
ISBN : 9781250176172
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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*A Refinery29 Best Book of 2018* *One of Real Simple's Most Inspiring Books for Graduates* How to get good with money, even if you have no idea where to start. The Financial Diet is the personal finance book for people who don’t care about personal finance. Whether you’re in need of an overspending detox, buried under student debt, or just trying to figure out how to live on an entry-level salary, The Financial Diet gives you tools to make a budget, understand investments, and deal with your credit. Chelsea Fagan has tapped a range of experts to help you make the best choices for you, but she also knows that being smarter with money isn’t just about what you put in the bank. It’s about everything—from the clothes you put in your closet, to your financial relationship habits, to the food you put in your kitchen (instead of ordering in again). So The Financial Diet gives you the tools to negotiate a raise and the perfect cocktail recipe to celebrate your new salary. The Financial Diet will teach you: • how to get good with money in a year. • the ingredients everyone needs to have a budget-friendly kitchen. • how to talk about awkward money stuff with your friends. • the best way to make (and stick to!) a budget. • how to take care of your house like a grown-up. • what the hell it means to invest (and how you can do it).
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Summary Of The Financial Diet By Chelsea Fagan And Lauren Ver Hage A Total Beginner S Guide To Getting Good With Money

Author : Ctprint
ISBN : 170680363X
Genre :
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Summary of The Financial Diet By Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage - A Total Beginner's Guide to Getting Good with Money.:::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT THE ORIGINAL BOOK::::::::::::::::::::: Thе Financial Dіеt (2018) is a beginner's guide tо bеіng bеttеr wіth mоnеу. Whеthеr уоu wаnt to brіng уоur spending hаbіtѕ undеr соntrоl, рау off уоur ѕtudеnt debts or juѕt fіgurе оut how to start saving mоnеу fоr thе futurе, thеѕе summary wіll give уоu thе tools tо do ѕо.:::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT THЕ AUTHОR::::::::::::::::::::: Chelsea Fаgаn іѕ thе сrеаtоr оf thе рорulаr wеbѕіtе аnd YouTube сhаnnеl Thе Fіnаnсіаl Dіеt. Shе hаѕ аlѕо written fоr the Atlаntіс, Cosmopolitan and VICE, аnd is thе аuthоr of аnоthеr bооk, I'm Onlу Here fоr the WіFі. Lаurеn Vеr Hаgе іѕ Chief Dеѕіgn Offісеr fоr Thе Financial Dіеt, bоth the wеbѕіtе аnd thе bооk.:::::::::::::::::::: Disclaimer::::::::::::::::::::: This bооk іѕ nоt mеаnt tо rерlасе thе оrіgіn&

International Harmonization Of Financial Regulation

Author : Hyoung-kyu Chey
ISBN : 9781134500871
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.44 MB
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It is often argued that international financial regulation has been substantially strengthened over the past decades through the international harmonization of financial regulation. There are, however, still frequent outbreaks of painful financial crises, including the recent 2008 global financial crisis. This raises doubts about the conventional claims of the strengthening of international financial regulation. This book provides an in-depth political economy study of the adoptions in Japan, Korea and Taiwan of the 1988 Basel Capital Accord, the now so-called Basel I, which has been at the center of international banking regulation over the past three decades, highlighting the domestic politics surrounding it. The book illustrates that, despite banks’ formal compliance with the Accord in these countries, their compliance was often cosmetic due to extensive regulatory forbearance that allowed their real capital soundness to weaken. Domestic politics thus ultimately determined national implementations of the Accord. This book provides its novel innovative study of the Accord through scores of interviews with bank regulators and analysis of various primary documents. It suggests that the actual effectiveness of international financial regulation relies ultimately on the domestic politics surrounding it. It implies as well that the past trend of international harmonization of financial regulation may be illusory, to at least some extent, in terms of its actual effectiveness. This book may interest not only political economists but also scholars working on the intersection of law, economics and institutions.
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Japan S Financial Crisis

Author : Jennifer Amyx
ISBN : 9781400849635
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 27.30 MB
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At the beginning of the 1990s, a massive speculative asset bubble burst in Japan, leaving the nation's banks with an enormous burden of nonperforming loans. Banking crises have become increasingly common across the globe, but what was distinctive about the Japanese case was the unusually long delay before the government intervened to aggressively address the bad debt problem. The postponed response by Japanese authorities to the nation's banking crisis has had enormous political and economic consequences for Japan as well as for the rest of the world. This book helps us understand the nature of the Japanese government's response while also providing important insights into why Japan seems unable to get its financial system back on track 13 years later. The book focuses on the role of policy networks in Japanese finance, showing with nuance and detail how Japan's Finance Ministry was embedded within the political and financial worlds, how that structure was similar to and different from that of its counterparts in other countries, and how the distinctive nature of Japan's institutional arrangements affected the capacity of the government to manage change. The book focuses in particular on two intervening variables that bring about a functional shift in the Finance Ministry's policy networks: domestic political change under coalition government and a dramatic rise in information requirements for effective regulation. As a result of change in these variables, networks that once enhanced policymaking capacity in Japanese finance became "paralyzing networks"--with disastrous results.
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Put Your Debt On A Diet

Author : Stanley J. Kershman
ISBN : 9780470739686
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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You could be just two paycheques away from bankruptcy! More people are up to their eyeballs in debt than ever before. Canadian families currently owe over $450 billion. That’s almost $15,000 in debt for every man, woman, and child in the country. It's mortgages, vehicles, credit cards, student loans, and more ... and it's dangerous. The number of consumer bankruptcies has been rising dramatically every year, and Canadians from all walks of life are in dire financial straits — from the working poor to the highest-income professionals. No one is immune from crushing debt, and it will just get worse if we don't take control now. Effectively managing your debt is one of the first—and most important — steps toward your financial health. Put Your Debt on a Diet takes the mystery and fear out of the process of overcoming even the most severe financial problems. Shows you how to effectively reduce and eliminate debt using realistic and down-to-earth techniques. Provides a clear process and achievable milestones that you and your family can use to improve money management skills and resolve debt problems. Includes comprehensive coverage on: assessing your debts, building better money habits, setting financial goals, budgeting strategies, credit counselling, debt reduction strategies, using credit cards wisely, how to shop for credit, and much more. Features practical examples, tips, frequently-asked-questions, worksheets, and checklists to help you reduce your debt load. Whether you're in financial crisis, or just living too close to the edge, Put Your Debt on a Diet is the ultimate reducing plan to help you trim your debt load and put you on the road to good financial health.
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Fit To Live

Author : Pamela Peeke
ISBN : 9781594866609
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 82.98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Presents a series of self-assessment tests designed to help readers determine personal health and fitness levels, and provides suggestions to promote mental, physical, nutritional, financial, and environmental well-being.
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Your Money Or Your Life

Author : Vicki Robin
ISBN : 1101539704
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A fully revised edition of one of the most influential books ever written on personal finance with more than a million copies sold “The best book on money. Period.” –Grant Sabatier, founder of “Millennial Money,” on CNBC Make It "This is a wonderful book. It can really change your life." -Oprah For more than twenty-five years, Your Money or Your Life has been considered the go-to book for taking back your life by changing your relationship with money. Hundreds of thousands of people have followed this nine-step program, learning to live more deliberately and meaningfully with Vicki Robin’s guidance. This fully revised and updated edition with a foreword by "the Frugal Guru" (New Yorker) Mr. Money Mustache is the ultimate makeover of this bestselling classic, ensuring that its time-tested wisdom applies to people of all ages and covers modern topics like investing in index funds, managing revenue streams like side hustles and freelancing, tracking your finances online, and having difficult conversations about money. Whether you’re just beginning your financial life or heading towards retirement, this book will show you how to: • Get out of debt and develop savings • Save money through mindfulness and good habits, rather than strict budgeting • Declutter your life and live well for less • Invest your savings and begin creating wealth • Save the planet while saving money • …and so much more! "The seminal guide to the new morality of personal money management." -Los Angeles Times
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The End Of Finance

Author : Jan Toporowski
ISBN : 9781134618286
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume develops an original critique of the belief that the present era of finance, where finance markets dominate contemporary capitalist economies, represents the best possible way of organising economic affairs. In fact, it is argued, the ensuing economic instability and inefficiency create the preconditions for the end of the dominance of finance. The End of Finance develops a theory of capital market inflation rooted in the work of Veblen, Kalecki, Keynes and Minsky, demonstrating how it disinclines productive activity on the part of firms, provides only short-term conditions that are propitious for privatisation and distorts monetary policy in the long-term. The author examines the role of pension fund schemes and financial derivatives in transmitting capital market inflation and provides a nuanced analysis of the contradictory role they play in the financial system. Capital market inflation is also examined in its historical context and compared with past inflations, in particular the South Sea and Mississippi Bubbles, which spawned the first financial derivatives, and the first privatisations. This broad historical vision allows us to see these forms of inflation as temporary and provisional in character.
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