The Field Description Of Metamorphic Rocks

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The Field Description Of Metamorphic Rocks

Author : Norman Fry
ISBN : 9781118699966
Genre : Science
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Geological Society of London Handbook Series Edited by KeithCox Founded in 1807, the Geological Society of London has beenpublishing since 1845 and now distributes its journal to Fellowsthroughout the world. This Handbook is published as part ofa series of authoritative practical guides to field geology. The Field Description of Metamorphic Rocks "This handbook describes how metamorphic rocks and rock masses maybe observed, recorded and mapped in the field. Written at a levelsuitable for undergraduate students of geology, this book (as withits companion volumes in the series) has firmly established itselfas an essential tool for any geologist -- student, professional oramateur -- faced with the task of making a general description ofan area of metamorphic rocks. A clear, systematic frameworktogether with numerous diagrams, illustrations and checklistsenables readers to produce useful and broadly similar descriptions,despite possible differences of background or specialist interest.This well-written and well-produced little text will, I am certain,become standard reading for most geology undergraduates. It willalso interest many geologists who do not regularly work inmetamorphic terrains and will be particularly useful to engineeringgeologists and civil engineers who are often concerned withdescribing the fabrics of metamorphic rocks without being concernedabout their origins." —M.E. Jones, Mineralogical Magazine Contents: Metamorphic Fieldwork and Mapping Names and Categories of Metamorphic Rocks and Rock Units Rock Banding Minerals Compositions Grade Textures Fabric Types Relations to Structures Undeformed Pods Augen Pseudomorphs Veins Igneous Contacts Metasomatism Reaction Zones Fault-Zones and Mylonites Reference Tables and Checklists
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A Pictorial Guide To Metamorphic Rocks In The Field

Author : Kurt Hollocher
ISBN : 9781138026308
Genre : Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is an illustrative introduction to metamorphic rocks as seen in the field, designed for advanced high school to graduate-level earth science and geology students to jump-start their observational skills. In addition to photographs of rocks in the field, there are numerous line diagrams and examples of metamorphic features shown in thin section. The thin section photos are all at a scale and in a context that can be related to views seen in the field through a hand lens.
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The Field Description Of Igneous Rocks

Author : R. S. Thorpe
ISBN : UCAL:B4331400
Genre : Ergussgestein - Feldgeologie - Intrusion - Magmatisches Gestein - Metamorphose Geologie
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Petrology Of The Metamorphic Rocks

Author : R. Mason
ISBN : 9789401096034
Genre : Science
File Size : 33.96 MB
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There has been a great advance in the understanding of processes of meta morphism and of metamorphic rocks since the last edition of this book appeared. Methods for determining temperatures and pressures have become almost routine, and there is a wide appreciation that there is not a single temperature and pressure of metamorphism, but that rocks may preserve, in their minerals, chemistry and textures, traces of their history of burial, heating, deformation and permeation by fluids. However, this excit ing new knowledge is still often difficult for non-specialists to understand, and this book, like the first edition, aims at enlightenment. I have concen trated on the interpretation of the plate tectonic settings of metamorphism, rather than following a geochemical approach. Although there is an impress ive degree of agreement between the two, I believe that attempting to discover the tectonic conditions accompanying rock recrystallization will more readily arouse the interest of the beginner. I have used a series of case histories, as in the first edition, drawing on my own direct experience as far as possible. This m~ns that some subjects are treated in more detail than others, and many important topics are barely mentioned at all. It also means that general concepts appear in a rather haphazard order in the text. To help my readers, I have provided a glossary of definitions of terms used in the book, which are indicated in bold type in the text.
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Geological Field Techniques

Author : Angela L. Coe
ISBN : 9781444348231
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.95 MB
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The understanding of Earth processes and environments over geological time is highly dependent upon both the experience that can only be gained through doing fieldwork, and the collection of reliable data and appropriate samples in the field. This textbook explains the main data gathering techniques used by geologists in the field and the reasons for these, with emphasis throughout on how to make effective field observations and record these in suitable formats. Equal weight is given to assembling field observations from igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock types. There are also substantial chapters on producing a field notebook, collecting structural information, recording fossil data and constructing geological maps. The volume is in a robust and handy size, with colour coded chapters for ease of use and quick reference in the field. Geological Field Techniques is designed for students, amateur enthusiasts and professionals who have a background in geology and wish to collect field data on rocks and geological features. Teaching aspects of this textbook include: step-by-step guides to essential practical skills such as using a compass-clinometer, making a geological map and drawing a field sketch; tricks of the trade, checklists, flow charts and short worked examples; over 200 illustrations of a wide range of field notes, maps and geological features; appendices with the commonly used rock description and classification diagrams; a supporting website hosted by Wiley Blackwell.
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Encyclopedia Of Environmental Change

Author : John A Matthews
ISBN : 9781473928190
Genre : Science
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Accessibly written by a team of international authors, the Encyclopedia of Environmental Change provides a gateway to the complex facts, concepts, techniques, methodology and philosophy of environmental change. This three-volume set illustrates and examines topics within this dynamic and rapidly changing interdisciplinary field. The encyclopedia includes all of the following aspects of environmental change: Diverse evidence of environmental change, including climate change and changes on land and in the oceans Underlying natural and anthropogenic causes and mechanisms Wide-ranging local, regional and global impacts from the polar regions to the tropics Responses of geo-ecosystems and human-environmental systems in the face of past, present and future environmental change Approaches, methodologies and techniques used for reconstructing, dating, monitoring, modelling, projecting and predicting change Social, economic and political dimensions of environmental issues, environmental conservation and management and environmental policy Over 4,000 entries explore the following key themes and more: Conservation Demographic change Environmental management Environmental policy Environmental security Food security Glaciation Green Revolution Human impact on environment Industrialization Landuse change Military impacts on environment Mining and mining impacts Nuclear energy Pollution Renewable resources Solar energy Sustainability Tourism Trade Water resources Water security Wildlife conservation The comprehensive coverage of terminology includes layers of entries ranging from one-line definitions to short essays, making this an invaluable companion for any student of physical geography, environmental geography or environmental sciences.
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Sedimentary Rocks In The Field

Author : Maurice E. Tucker
ISBN : 9781119957515
Genre : Science
File Size : 89.2 MB
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This fourth edition builds on the success of previous editions and for the first time is produced in full colour throughout with improved photos and diagrams. It retains its popular pocket size and is an essential buy for all students working in the field. The text shows how sedimentary rocks are tackled in the field and has been written for all those with a geological background. It describes how the features of sedimentary rocks can be recorded in the field particularly through the construction of graphic logs. In succeeding chapters the various sedimentary rock types, textures and structures are discussed and shown how they can be described and measured in the field. There are expanded sections on trace fossils and volcaniclastics along with updated reference list. Finally a concluding section deals briefly with facies identification and points the ways towards facies interpretations, and the identification of sequences and cycles. Key Features: Full colour throughout with improved photos, figures and diagrams in a modern layout. Complete revision and update of best selling textbook which is part of the highly successful Field Guide series. Expanded sections on trace fossils and volcaniclastics along with updated reference list. Handy pocket size with laminated cover. Includes supplementary website with downloadable logging sheets for fieldwork activities.
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Structural Geology

Author : Bruce E. Hobbs
ISBN : 9780124079335
Genre : Science
File Size : 49.10 MB
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Structural Geology is a groundbreaking reference that introduces you to the concepts of nonlinear solid mechanics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics in metamorphic geology, offering a fresh perspective on rock structure and its potential for new interpretations of geological evolution. This book stands alone in unifying deformation and metamorphism and the development of the mineralogical fabrics and the structures that we see in the field. This reflects the thermodynamics of systems not at equilibrium within the framework of modern nonlinear solid mechanics. The thermodynamic approach enables the various mechanical, thermal, hydrological and chemical processes to be rigorously coupled through the second law of thermodynamics, invariably leading to nonlinear behavior. The book also differs from others in emphasizing the implications of this nonlinear behavior with respect to the development of the diverse, complex, even fractal, range of structures in deformed metamorphic rocks. Building on the fundamentals of structural geology by discussing the nonlinear processes that operate during the deformation and metamorphism of rocks in the Earth's crust, the book's concepts help geoscientists and graduate-level students understand how these processes control or influence the structures and metamorphic fabrics—providing applications in hydrocarbon exploration, ore mineral exploration, and architectural engineering. Authored by two of the world's foremost experts in structural geology, representing more than 70 years of experience in research and instruction Nearly 300 figures, illustrations, working examples, and photographs reinforce key concepts and underscore major advances in structural geology
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Author : Loren A. Raymond
ISBN : 0071150412
Genre : Petrology
File Size : 63.18 MB
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Designed for the middle-level undergraduate geology major, this text incorporates both fundamentals and information on advances in our understanding of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. It provides an overview of the field of petrology and a foundation for advanced studies.
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Petrogenesis Of Metamorphic Rocks

Author : H.G.F. Winkler
ISBN : 9781475742152
Genre : Science
File Size : 60.28 MB
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The first edition of this book was published in 1965 and its French translation in 1966. The revised second edition followed in 1967 and its Russian translation became available in 1969. Since then, many new petrographie observations and experimental data elucidating reactions in metamorphie rocks have made a new approach in the study of metamor phic transformation desirable and possible. It is feIt that this new approach, attempted in this book, leads to a better understanding of rock metamorphism. The concept of metamorphie facies and subfacies considers asso cations of mineral assemblages from diverse bulk compositions as char acteristie of a certain pressure-temperature range. As new petrographie observations accumulated, it became increasingly difficult to accommo date this information within a manageable framework of metamorphic facies and subfacies. Instead, it turned out that mineral assemblages due to reactions in common rocks of a particular composition provide suita ble indieators of metamorphie conditions. Metamorphic zones, defined on the basis of mineral reactions, very effectively display the evolution of metamorphic rocks. Thus, the importance of reactions in metamor phic rocks is emphasized. Experimental calibration of mineral reactions makes it possible to distinguish reactions which are of petrogenetic sig nificance from those which are not. This distinction provides guidance in petrographie investigations undertaken with the object of deducing the physieal conditions of metamorphism. Within a metamorphie terrain, points indicating the same reaction constitute a line or a band, here designated by the term isoreaction-grad.
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Petrogenesis Of Metamorphic Rocks

Author : Kurt Bucher
ISBN : 9783662030004
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.8 MB
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Metamorphic rocks are one of the three classes of rocks. Seen on a global scale they constitute the dominant material of the Earth. The understanding of the petrogenesis and significance of metamorphic of geological education. rocks is, therefore, a fundamental topic There are, of course, many different possible ways to lecture on this theme. This book addresses rock metamorphism from a relatively pragmatic view point. It has been written for the senior undergrad uate or graduate student who needs practical knowledge of how to interpret various groups of minerals found in metamorphic rocks. The book is also of interest for the non-specialist and non-petrolo gist professional who is interested in learning more about the geolo gical messages that metamorphic mineral assemblages are sending, as well as pressure and temperature conditions of formation. The book is organized into two parts. The first part introduces the different types of metamorphism, defines some names, terms and graphs used to describe metamorphic rocks, and discusses principal aspects of metamorphic processes. Part I introduces the causes of metamorphism on various scales in time and space, and some principles of chemical reactions in rocks that accompany metamorphism, but without treating these principles in detail, and presenting the thermodynamic basis for quantitative analysis of reactions and their equilibria in metamorphism. Part I also presents concepts of metamorphic grade or intensity of metamorphism, such as the metamorphic-facies concept.
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Author : Royal Geological Society of Ireland, Dublin
ISBN : STANFORD:36105008195823
Genre : Geology
File Size : 57.27 MB
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New Technical Books

Author : New York Public Library
ISBN : UCAL:B4259707
Genre : Engineering
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