The European World 1500 1800

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The European World 1500 1800

Author : Beat A. Kümin
ISBN : IND:30000124576699
Genre : History
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The European World 1500-1800 provides a concise and authoritative textbook for the centuries between the Renaissance and the French Revolution. It presents early modern Europe not as a mere transition phase, but a dynamic period worth studying in its own right. Written by an experienced team of specialists, associated with a university module of the same name, it offers a student-friendly introduction to all major themes and processes of early modern history. Structured in four parts dealing with socio-economic, religious, cultural and political issues, it adopts a broad geographical perspective: Western and Central Europe receive particular attention, but dedicated chapters also explore the wider global context. Thematic priorities include social structures, Reformation change, expanding cultural horizons and the emergence of the modern state. Specially designed to assist learning, The European World 1500-1800 features: up-to-date surveys of key topics written by an international team of historians suggestions for seminar discussion and further reading extracts from primary sources and vivid illustrations, including maps a glossary of key terms and concepts a chronology of major events a full index of persons, places and subjects a fully-featured companion website accessible at The European World 1500-1800 will be essential reading for all students embarking on the discovery of the early modern period.
Category: History

The European World 1500 1800

Author : Beat Kümin
ISBN : 9781351394123
Genre : History
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The European World 1500-1800 provides a concise and authoritative textbook for the centuries between the Renaissance and the French Revolution. It presents early modern Europe not as a mere transition phase, but a dynamic period worth studying in its own right. Written by an experienced team of specialists, and derived from a successful undergraduate course, it offers a student-friendly introduction to all major themes and processes of early modern history. This third edition features greatly expanded coverage of ‘The Wider World’, with added chapters on relations with the Ottoman empire, European settlement overseas and the global exchange of goods. Other new content includes an overview of early modern medicine and comprehensive timelines for each of the thematic parts. Specially designed to assist learning, The European World 1500-1800 features: expert surveys of key topics written by an international group of historians suggestions for seminar discussion and further reading extracts from primary sources and generous illustrations, including maps a glossary of key terms and concepts a full index of persons, places and subjects and a much enhanced companion website, offering colour images, direct access to primary materials, and interactive features which highlight key events and locations discussed in the volume. The European World 1500-1800 will be essential reading for all students embarking on the discovery of the early modern period.
Category: History

Spain Europe And The Wider World 1500 1800

Author : J. H. Elliott
ISBN : 9780300160017
Genre : History
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When J.H. Elliott published Spain and Its World, 1500-1700 some twenty years ago, one of many enthusiasts declared, "For anyone interested in the history of empire, of Europe and of Spain, here is a book to keep within reach, to read, to study and to enjoy" (Times Literary Supplement). Since then Elliott has continued to explore the history of Spain and the Hispanic world with originality and insight, producing some of the most influential work in the field. In this new volume he gathers writings that reflect his recent research and thinking on politics, art, culture, and ideas in Europe and the colonial worlds between 1500 and 1800. The volume includes fourteen essays, lectures, and articles of remarkable breadth and freshness, written with Elliott's characteristic brio. It includes an unpublished lecture in honor of the late Hugh Trevor-Roper. Organized around three themes-early modern Europe, European overseas expansion, and the works and historical context of El Greco, Velázquez, Rubens, and Van Dyck-the book offers a rich survey of the themes at the heart of Elliott's interests throughout a career distinguished by excellence and innovation.
Category: History

Interpreting Early Modern Europe

Author : C. Scott Dixon
ISBN : 9781000497373
Genre : History
File Size : 70.71 MB
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Interpreting Early Modern Europe is a comprehensive collection of essays on the historiography of the early modern period (circa 1450-1800). Concerned with the principles, priorities, theories, and narratives behind the writing of early modern history, the book places particular emphasis on developments in recent scholarship. Each chapter, written by a prominent historian caught up in the debates, is devoted to the varieties of interpretation relating to a specific theme or field considered integral to understanding the age, providing readers with a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at how historians have worked, and still work, within these fields. At one level the emphasis is historiographical, with the essays engaged in a direct dialogue with the influential theories, methods, assumptions, and conclusions in each of the fields. At another level the contributions emphasise the historical dimensions of interpretation, providing readers with surveys of the component parts that make up the modern narratives. Supported by extensive bibliographies, primary materials, and appendices with extracts from key secondary debates, Interpreting Early Modern Europe provides a systematic exploration of how historians have shaped the study of the early modern past. It is essential reading for students of early modern history.
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The British Atlantic World 1500 1800

Author : David Armitage
ISBN : 9781137013415
Genre : History
File Size : 60.78 MB
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This text was the first edited collection on the burgeoning history of the early modern Atlantic world and has had a huge impact on the many fields of Atlantic Studies. This second edition features two new essays on science and global history respectively, as well as a revised Introduction and updated guides to further reading.
Category: History

Health Disease And Society In Europe 1500 1800

Author : Peter Elmer
ISBN : 0719067375
Genre : History
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The period from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment constitutes a vital phase in the history of European medicine. Elements of continuity with the classical and medieval past are evident in the ongoing importance of a humor-based view of medicine and the treatment of illness. At the same time, new theories of the body emerged in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to challenge established ideas in medical circles. In recent years, scholars have explored this terrain with increasingly fascinating results, often revising our previous understanding of the ways in which early modern Europeans discussed the body, health and disease. In order to understand these and related processes, historians are increasingly aware of the way in which every aspect of medical care and provision in early modern Europe was shaped by the social, religious, political and cultural concerns of the age.
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Disability In The Ottoman Arab World 1500 1800

Author : Sara Scalenghe
ISBN : 9781107044791
Genre : History
File Size : 30.29 MB
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This book is the first on the history of both physical and mental disabilities in the Middle East and North Africa during Ottoman rule.
Category: History

European Urbanization 1500 1800

Author : Jan De Vries
ISBN : 0416362907
Genre : Urbanisation - Europe - Histoire
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Category: Urbanisation - Europe - Histoire

Before Homosexuality In The Arab Islamic World 1500 1800

Author : Khaled El-Rouayheb
ISBN : 0226729907
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.26 MB
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Attitudes toward homosexuality in the pre-modern Arab-Islamic world are commonly depicted as schizophrenic—visible and tolerated on one hand, prohibited by Islam on the other. Khaled El-Rouayheb argues that this apparent paradox is based on the anachronistic assumption that homosexuality is a timeless, self-evident fact to which a particular culture reacts with some degree of tolerance or intolerance. Drawing on poetry, biographical literature, medicine, dream interpretation, and Islamic texts, he shows that the culture of the period lacked the concept of homosexuality.
Category: Social Science

Social Control In Europe 1500 1800

Author : Herman Roodenburg
ISBN : 9780814209684
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.47 MB
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This first volume of a two-volume collection of essays provides a comprehensive examination of the idea of social control in the history of Europe. The uniqueness of these volumes lies in two main areas. First, the contributors compare methods of social control on many levels, from police to shaming, church to guilds. Second, they look at these formal and informal institutions as two-way processes. Unlike many studies of social control in the past, the scholars here examine how individuals and groups that are being controlled necessarily participate in and shape the manner in which they are regulated. Hardly passive victims of discipline and control, these folks instead claimed agency in that process, accepting and resisting -- and thus molding -- the controls under which they functioned. The essays in this volume focus on the interplay of ecclesiastical institutions and the emerging states, examining discipline from a bottom-up perspective. Book jacket.
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A History Of The University In Europe Volume 2 Universities In Early Modern Europe 1500 1800

Author : Hilde de Ridder-Symoens
ISBN : 052154114X
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is the second volume of a four-part History of the University in Europe, written by an international team of authors under the general editorship of Professor Walter RÜegg, which covers the development of the university in Europe (east and west) from its origins to the present day. It focusses not only on the history of individual institutions, nor on the universities in any individual country, but on a number of major themes viwed from a European perspective. The chief originality of this work lies in its comparative, inter-disciplinary, collaborative and trans-national nature. Volume II, Universities in Early Modern Europe attempts to situate the universities in their social and political context throughout the three centuries spanning the period 1500 to 1800.
Category: Education

The Elizabethan World

Author : Susan Doran
ISBN : 9781317565789
Genre : History
File Size : 69.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated collection of essays conveys a vivid picture of a fascinating and hugely significant period in history. Featuring contributions from thirty-eight international scholars, the book takes a thematic approach to a period which saw the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the explorations of Francis Drake and Walter Ralegh, the establishment of the Protestant Church, the flourishing of commercial theatre and the works of Edmund Spencer, Philip Sidney and William Shakespeare. Encompassing social, political, cultural, religious and economic history, and crossing several disciplines, The Elizabethan World depicts a time of transformation, and a world order in transition. Topics covered include central and local government; political ideas; censorship and propaganda; parliament, the Protestant Church, the Catholic community; social hierarchies; women; the family and household; popular culture, commerce and consumption; urban and rural economies; theatre; art; architecture; intellectual developments ; exploration and imperialism; Ireland, and the Elizabethan wars. The volume conveys a vivid picture of how politics, religion, popular culture, the world of work and social practices fit together in an exciting world of change, and will be invaluable reading for all students and scholars of the Elizabethan period.
Category: History

The Great Encounter Of China And The West 1500 1800

Author : David E. Mungello
ISBN : 074253815X
Genre : History
File Size : 23.97 MB
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In the twenty-first century, China has emerged as the leading challenger to U.S. global dominance. China is often seen as a sleeping giant, emerging out of poverty, backwardness, and totalitarianism and moving toward modernization. However, history shows that this vast country is not newly awakening, but rather returning to its previous state of world eminence. With this compelling perspective in mind, D. E. Mungello convincingly shows that contemporary relations between China and the West are far more like the 1500-1800 period than the more recent past. This fully revised second edition retains the clear and concise qualities of its predecessor, while developing important new social and cultural themes such as gender, sexuality, music, and technology. Drawing from the author's thirty years of experience teaching world history, this book illustrates the importance of history to students and general readers trying to understand today's world.
Category: History

Slave Trades 1500 1800

Author : Patrick Manning
ISBN : STANFORD:36105019552442
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.29 MB
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13 Sex Ratio, Age and Ethnicity in the Atlantic Slave Trade: Data from French Shipping and Plantation Records -- 14 Slaves and Slave Traders in the Persian Gulf, 18th and 19th Centuries: An Assessment -- EFFECTS OF THE SLAVE TRADE -- 15 Survival and Resistance: Slave Women and Coercive Labour Regimes in the British Caribbean, 1750 to 1838 -- 16 The Slave Trade, Sugar, and British Economic Growth, 1748-1776 -- 17 The Slaving Capital of the World: Liverpool and National Opinion in the Age of Abolition -- Index
Category: Social Science

Europe S Steppe Frontier 1500 1800

Author : William H. McNeill
ISBN : 9780226051031
Genre : History
File Size : 41.30 MB
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In Europe’s Steppe Frontier, acclaimed historian William H. McNeill analyzes the process whereby the thinly occupied grasslands of southeastern Europe were incorporated into the bodies-social of three great empires: the Ottoman, the Austrian, and the Russian. McNeill benefits from a New World detachment from the bitter nationality quarrels of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century which inspired but also blinded most of the historians of the region. Moreover, the unique institutional adjustments southeastern Europeans made to the frontier challenge cast indirect light upon the peculiarities of the North American frontier experience.
Category: History

Europe At Home

Author : Raffaella Sarti
ISBN : 0300102593
Genre : History
File Size : 38.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Vivid personal stories bring each topic to life and offer insights into human relations not only between rich and poor, powerful and weak, masters and servants, but also between parents and children, husbands and wives, and men and women."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: History

Globalization In Practice

Author : William H. Rupp
ISBN : 9780199212637
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The concept of globalization has become ubiquitous in social science and in the public consciousness and is often invoked as an explanation for a diverse range of changes to economies, societies, politics and cultures - both as a positive liberating force and as a wholly negative one. While our understanding of the politics, economics, and social resonance of the phenomenon has become increasingly sophisticated at the macro-level, this book argues that globalization too often continues to be depicted as a set of extra-terrestrial forces with no real physical manifestation, except as effects. The essays challenge this dominant understanding of 'globalization from above' through explorations of the mundane means by which globalization has been achieved. Instead of a focus on the meta-political economy of global capitalism, the book concentrates on the everyday life of capitalism, the not-so-'little' things that keep the 'large' forces of globalization ticking over. With its eye on the mundane, the book demonstrates that a series of everyday and, consequently, all but invisible formations critically facilitate and create the conditions under which globalization has flourished. The emphasis is on concrete moments in the history of capitalism when these new means of regular reproduction were invented and deployed. Only by understanding these infrastructures can we understand the dynamics of globalization. In short, punchy essays by distinguished researchers from across a range of disciplines, this book provides a new way of understanding globalization, moving away from the standard accounts of global forces, economic flows, and capitalist dynamics, to show how ordinary practices and artefacts are crucial elements and symbols of globalization.
Category: Business & Economics

Nationalism In The New World

Author : Don Harrison Doyle
ISBN : 9780820336633
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78.66 MB
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Nationalism in the New World brings together work by scholars from the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe to discuss the common problem of how the nations of the Americas grappled with the basic questions of nationalism: Who are we? How do we imagine ourselves as a nation? Debates over the origins and meanings of nationalism have emerged at the forefront of the humanities and social sciences over the past two decades. However, these discussions have been mostly about nations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, or Africa. In addition, their focus is usually on the violence spawned by ethnic and religious strains of nationalism, which have been largely absent in the Americas. The contributors to this volume "Americanize" the conversation on nationalism. They ask how the countries of the Americas fit into the larger world of nations and in what ways they present distinctive forms of nationhood. Such questions are particularly important because, as the editors write, "the American nations that came into being in the wake of revolutions that shook the Atlantic world beginning in 1776 provided models of what the modern world might become." American nations were among the first nation-states to emerge on the world stage. As former colonies with multiethnic populations, American nations could not logically rest their claim to nationhood on ancient bonds of blood and history. Out of a world of empires and colonies the independent states of the Americas forged new nations based on a varied mix of modern civic ideals instead of primordial myths, on ethnic and religious diversity instead of common descent, and on future hopes rather than ancient roots.
Category: Social Science