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The Eudemian Ethics On The Voluntary Friendship And Luck

Author : Fiona Leigh
ISBN : 9789004225367
Genre : Philosophy
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The papers in this collection on Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics by Charles, Rowe, McCabe, Whiting, and Buddensiek, offer new readings of Aristotle on the voluntary, friendship, and good fortune in the EE, by treating the EE on its own terms.
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Eudemian Ethics

Author : Aristotle
Genre : Religion
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The Eudemian Ethics and the De Virtutibus et Vitiis have not received much attention from scholars. Mr. Ross’s suggestions have been of the greatest use to me; Fritzsche’s commentary I have sometimes referred to with advantage, and also to some notes printed by Prof. Henry Jackson and kindly sent me by him some years ago. Prof. Jackson is also the author of an article in the Journal of Philology, xxxii, which has shed a flood of light on the corrupt passage, Bk. VII, chs. 13, 14. Of course the principal help to the understanding of the two treatises is the Nicomachean Ethics, their resemblances to and differences from which work are of great interest. Aeterna Press
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Aristotle Eudemian Ethics

Author :
ISBN : 9781139618946
Genre : Philosophy
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Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics has been unjustly neglected in comparison with its more famous counterpart the Nicomachean Ethics. This is in large part due to the fact that until recently no complete translation of the work has been available. But the Eudemian Ethics is a masterpiece in its own right, offering valuable insights into Aristotle's ideas on virtue, happiness and the good life. This volume offers a translation by Brad Inwood and Raphael Woolf that is both fluent and exact, and an introduction in which they help the reader to gain a deeper understanding both of the Eudemian Ethics and of its relation to the Nicomachean Ethics and to Aristotle's ethical thought as a whole. The explanatory notes address Aristotle's many references to other works, people and events. The volume will be of interest to students and scholars of the history of ethics, ancient and moral philosophy, and Aristotle studies.
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Eudemian Ethics Books I Ii And Viii

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : 0191586625
Genre : Philosophy
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Anyone seriously interested in Aristotle's moral philosophy must take full account of the Eudemian Ethics, a work which has in the past been unduly neglected in favour of the better-known Nicomachean Ethics. The relation between the two treatises is now the subject of lively debate. This volume contains a translation of three of the eight books of the Eudemian Ethics - those that are likely to be of most interest to philosophers today - together with a philosophical commentary on these books from a contemporary point of view. Like the other volumes in the series, it is intended to serve the needs of readers of Aristotle without a knowledge of Greek, and the aim in the translation has been to give as accurate an idea as possible of Aristotle's text; but for the benefit of those who are able to read the original, there are notes on the Greek text used for problematic passages. In preparing this new edition, Michael Woods has made use of the much improved text of the Eudemian Ethics that has recently been published as an Oxford Classical Text, and has taken into consideration recent philosophical work on Aristotle's ethics. The Clarendon Aristotle Series is designed for both students and professionals. It provides accurate translations of selected Aristotelian texts, accompanied by incisive commentaries which focus on philosophical problems and issues. The volumes in the series have been widely welcomed and favourably reviewed. Important new titles are being added to the series, and a number of well-established volumes are being reissued with revisions and/or supplementary material. - ;Introduction; Translation; Commentary; Notes on the Text and Translation; Select bibliography; Glossary; Index -
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The Eudemian Ethics Of Aristotle

Author : Peter L. P. Simpson
ISBN : 9781351296700
Genre : Philosophy
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Among the works on ethics in the Aristotelian corpus, there is no serious dispute among scholars that the Eudemian Ethics is authentic. The Eudemian Ethics is increasingly read and used by scholars as a useful support and confirmation and sometimes contrast to the Nicomachean Ethics. Yet, it remains a largely neglected work in the study of Aristotle's ethics, both among scholars and moral philosophers. Peter L. P. Simpson provides an analytical outline of the entire work together with summaries of each individual section, making the overall structure and detailed argument clear. His translation and explanatory notes include the common books that the Eudemian Ethics shares with the Nicomachean. This translation contains renderings of words and phrases, and proposals for emending the text that differ from what other translators and scholars have adopted. This translation is literal, without expansion or paraphrase, and yet also readable. A readable but literal translation is necessary because in the Eudemian Ethics, more than usual in Aristotle's writings, the logic of the argumentation can turn on the peculiar wording or order. Simpson explains the argumentation where necessary in notes and separate explanatory comments. This book is a fresh, twenty-first-century rendition of the work of one of the most eminent philosophers of all time.
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Aristotle Eudemian Ethics

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : 9780521198486
Genre : History
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Offers a fluent and readable translation of the Eudemian Ethics, including explanatory notes.
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Happiness And Superlative Value In The Eudemian Ethics

Author : Giulia Bonasio
ISBN : OCLC:1079833288
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I take this beginning to be programmatic. Aristotle aims to show how these three kinds of value combine in the best human life, rather than coming apart. The Pleasure Thesis (PT) is the most contested aspect of ST: happiness is the most pleasant thing of all. On my reading, Aristotle fully embraces PT. In laying out his proposal for the best human life, the Aristotle of the EE develops a distinctive kind of naturalism, which I call Natural Goods Naturalism. I reconstruct this position in two steps: by interpreting the EE’s function argument; and by exploring the notion of natural goods, which is central to the EE, but does not figure in the NE. In sum, my dissertation argues that the EE contains a distinctive and under-appreciated option within ancient ethics, and that it contains ideas that are relevant to today’s virtue ethics and ethical naturalism.