The Ethos Of History

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The Ethos Of History

Author : Stefan Helgesson
ISBN : 9781785338854
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, ePub
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At a time when rapidly evolving technologies, political turmoil, and the tensions inherent in multiculturalism and globalization are reshaping historical consciousness, what is the proper role for historians and their work? By way of an answer, the contributors to this volume offer up an illuminating collective meditation on the idea of ethos and its relevance for historical practice. These intellectually adventurous essays demonstrate how ethos—a term evoking a society’s “fundamental character” as well as an ethical appeal to knowledge and commitment—can serve as a conceptual lodestar for history today, not only as a narrative, but as a form of consciousness and an ethical-political orientation.
Category: History

Pacifism S Appeal

Author : Jorg Kustermans
ISBN : 3030134261
Genre : Political Science
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This volume examines the possibility – or need – of a revitalization of pacifism as a world-political practice. It takes as its point of departure the observation that although ‘just war thinking’ has long been dominant in Western debates about war and peace, recent events have served to temper enthusiasm about the doctrine. Pacifism has been much less prominent a stance in recent decades, but there is the impression that it may be staging a return. Just war thinking has to a large extent failed. Outright bellicism remains as undesirable as ever. Pacifism presents itself again as a possible alternative. Once upon a time the peace movement was popular, and pacifism with it. Pacifism appealed to people. It stirred hearts and minds. It inspired political action and institutional designs. This volume examines whether pacifism can claim its ground again and how it should be redefined in light of today’s world-political circumstances.
Category: Political Science

The Princeton History Of Modern Ireland

Author : Richard Bourke
ISBN : 9780691154060
Genre : History
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This book brings together some of today's most exciting scholars of Irish history to chart the pivotal events in the history of modern Ireland while providing fresh perspectives on topics ranging from colonialism and nationalism to political violence, famine, emigration, and feminism. The Princeton History of Modern Ireland takes readers from the Tudor conquest in the sixteenth century to the contemporary boom and bust of the Celtic Tiger, exploring key political developments as well as major social and cultural movements. Contributors describe how the experiences of empire and diaspora have determined Ireland’s position in the wider world and analyze them alongside domestic changes ranging from the Irish language to the economy. They trace the literary and intellectual history of Ireland from Jonathan Swift to Seamus Heaney and look at important shifts in ideology and belief, delving into subjects such as religion, gender, and Fenianism. Presenting the latest cutting-edge scholarship by a new generation of historians of Ireland, The Princeton History of Modern Ireland features narrative chapters on Irish history followed by thematic chapters on key topics. The book highlights the global reach of the Irish experience as well as commonalities shared across Europe, and brings vividly to life an Irish past shaped by conquest, plantation, assimilation, revolution, and partition.
Category: History

The Ethos Of Noh

Author : Eric C. Rath
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114398451
Genre : Drama
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Since the inception of the noh drama six centuries ago, actors have resisted the notion that noh rests on natural talent alone. Correct performance, they claim, demands adherence to traditions. Yet what constitutes noh's traditions and who can claim authority over them have been in dispute throughout its history. This book traces how definitions of noh, both as an art and as a profession, have changed over time. The author seeks to show that the definition of noh as an art is inseparable from its definition as a profession. The aim of this book is to describe how memories of the past become traditions, as well as the role of these traditions in the institutional development of the noh theater from its beginnings in the fourteenth century through the late twentieth century. It focuses on the development of the key traditions that constitute the "ethos of noh," the ideology that empowered certain groups of actors at the expense of others, and how this ethos fostered noh's professionalization--its growth from a loose occupation into a closed, regulated vocation. The author argues that the traditions that form the ethos of noh, such as those surrounding masks and manuscripts, are the key traits that define it as an art.
Category: Drama

The History Of The Church

Author : Eusebius of Caesarea
ISBN : 9780520291102
Genre : History
File Size : 54.94 MB
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"Eusebius of Caesarea's Ecclesiastical History remains the single most important source for the history of the first three centuries of Christianity and stands among the classics of Western literature. Eusebius's iconic story of the church's origins, endurance of persecution, and ultimate triumph, with its cast of martyrs, heretics, bishops, and emperors, has profoundly shaped the understanding of Christianity's past. This fresh new translation, which includes detailed introductory essays and explanatory notes, presents Eusebius's work in a way that is both accessible to new readers and thought provoking for specialists"--Provided by publisher.
Category: History

History Of Universities

Author : Mordechai Feingold
ISBN : 9780198848523
Genre :
File Size : 47.78 MB
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This issue of History of Universities, Volume XXXII / 1-2, contains the customary mix of learned articles and book reviews which makes this publication such an indispensable tool for the historian of higher education. Guest edited by Professor John Watts, this volume focuses on the history of Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

The Ethos Of Indian Literature

Author : Karur Soundara Srinivasan
ISBN : UOM:39015048871944
Genre : Indic literature
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Category: Indic literature

Order And History

Author : Eric Voegelin
ISBN : UOM:39015042247778
Genre : Civilization
File Size : 28.30 MB
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This third volume of Order and History completes Voegelin's study of Greek culture from its earliest pre-Hellenic origins to its full maturity with the dominance of Athens. As the title suggests, Plato and Aristotle is principally devoted to the work of the two great thinkers who represent the high point of philosophic inquiry among the Greeks. Through an absorbing analysis of the Platonic and Aristotelian vision of soul, polis, and cosmos, Voegelin demonstrates how the symbolic framework of the older myth was superseded by the more precisely differentiated symbols of philosophy. Although this outmoding and rejection of past symbols of truth might seem to lead to a chaotic and despairing relativism, Voegelin makes it the basis of a profound conception of the historical process: "the attempts to find the symbolic forms that will adequately express the meaning (of a society), while imperfect, do not form a senseless series of failures. For the great socieries have created a sequence of orders, intelligibly connected with one another as advances toward, or recessions from, an adequate symbolization of the truth concerning the order of being of which the order of society is a part." In this view, history has no obvious "meaning, " yet each society makes a similar venture after truth. Although every society works out its destiny under different conditions, each nonetheless creates symbols -- in its deeds and institutions -- which bear the meaning of its own existence. History, then, acquires a unity in the common endeavor toward meaning and order. The rationality and nobility of this view of history has much to say to the present age. Dante Germino's powerful introduction to this edition of Plato and Aristotle eloquently directs the reader into Voegelin's search through the thought of these two philosophers and toward a full understanding of their relevance to the "modern" world. This masterpiece, Germino argues, provides a welcome antidote to the spirit of an era Voegelin once called the Gnostic age.
Category: Civilization

The Institution Of Philosophy

Author : Avner Cohen
ISBN : UCAL:B4382085
Genre : Philosophy
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Book jacket: From postmodernist and post-philosophical quarters we now hear that philosophy is at the end of its rope, that modern philosophy is just another modernist product which has outlived its usefulness. Whatever the precise merits of the various postmodernist critiques, they have certainly compelled many philosophers to take notice, and to concede that their enterprise has reached an impasse.The essays in this volume mark a new stage in the debate. Though divergent in their philosophical -- or post-philosophical -- standpoints, the authors all share the view that philosophy is at a fateful juncture.Postmodernism, pragmatism, feminism, and historicism are some of the tendencies scrutinized in this wide-ranging symposium on the past, present, and many possible futures of the 'institution of philosophy.'
Category: Philosophy

A History Of Aesthetic

Author : Bernard Bosanquet
ISBN : UVA:X001330127
Genre : Aesthetics
File Size : 20.23 MB
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Category: Aesthetics

A Study Of History

Author : Arnold Toynbee
ISBN : UVA:X030266502
Genre : Civilization
File Size : 79.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Civilization

A Study Of History

Author : Arnold Joseph Toynbee
ISBN : UCSC:32106013491326
Genre : Civilization
File Size : 42.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Category: Civilization

A History Of Ethnology

Author : Fred W. Voget
ISBN : UOM:49015000376633
Genre : Ethnology
File Size : 44.11 MB
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Category: Ethnology

Social History

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105013021972
Genre : Social history
File Size : 53.11 MB
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Category: Social history

History And Literature

Author : Arnold J. Band
ISBN : UOM:39015056497772
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 77.41 MB
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Category: Literary Criticism