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The English Way Of Death

Author : Julian Litten
ISBN : IND:30000009499868
Genre : Burial
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Dr. Julian Litten, long regarded as England's authority on funeral customs, leads us from the pomp and panoply of the post-medieval funeral to the clinical anonymity of present-day obsequies. Lavishly illustrated in color and monochrome, this study explores the rise of the undertaking trade and the changing etiquette which governed burial--for the rich, embalming, lying-in-state, heraldic parades with richly attired attendants and intermural burial in the family vault and for the poor, by stark contrast, parochial processions through muddy fields and interment in a shroud in the corner of a country churchyard. Unavailable for more than a decade, this reissue will be welcomed by anyone with an interest in social history.
Category: Burial

Doctor Who The English Way Of Death

Author : Gareth Roberts
ISBN : 9781473530010
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.78 MB
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The Doctor, Romana and K-9 are hoping for a holiday in London in the sweltering summer of 1930. But the TARDIS is warning of time pollution. And that’s not the only problem. What connects the isolated Sussex resort of Nutchurch with the secret society run by the eccentric Percy Closed? Why has millionaire Hepworth Stackhouse dismissed his staff and hired assassin Julia Orlostro? And what is the truth behind the infernal vapour known only as Zodaal? With the heat building, the Doctor and his friends set out to solve the mysteries. An adventure set in 1930s London, featuring the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker and his companions Romana and K-9.
Category: Fiction

The Unknown Country Death In Australia Britain And The Usa

Author : Kathy Charmaz
ISBN : 9781349255931
Genre : Social Science
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In a strategy deliberately counter to many earlier texts which focus on social aspects of death and dying this book will not examine death through the social prism of US or British culture alone. Drawing only on material from a single society gives readers the misleading impression of a universal experience. As a text in the sociology of death and dying this volume examines culture-specific images and experiences of death in three major western societies - Australia, Britain and the USA.
Category: Social Science

Sex And Death In Eighteenth Century Literature

Author : Jolene Zigarovich
ISBN : 9781136182372
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 85.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book discusses sex and death in the eighteenth-century, an era that among other forms produced the Gothic novel, commencing the prolific examination of the century’s shifting attitudes toward death and uncovering literary moments in which sexuality and death often conjoined. By bringing together various viewpoints and historical relations, the volume contributes to an emerging field of study and provides new perspectives on the ways in which the century approached an increasingly modern sense of sexuality and mortality. It not only provides part of the needed discussion of the relationship between sex, death, history, and eighteenth-century culture, but is a forum in which the ideas of several well-respected critics converge, producing a breadth of knowledge and a diversity of perspectives and methodologies previously unseen. As the contributors demonstrate, eighteenth-century anxieties over mortality, the body, the soul, and the corpse inspired many writers of the time to both implicitly and explicitly embed mortality and sexuality within their works. By depicting the necrophilic tendencies of libertines and rapacious villains, the fetishizing of death and mourning by virtuous heroines, or the fantasy of preserving the body, these authors demonstrate not only the tragic results of sexual play, but the persistent fantasy of necro-erotica. This book shows that within the eighteenth-century culture of profound modern change, underworkings of death and mourning are often eroticized; that sex is often equated with death (as punishment, or loss of the self); and that the sex-death dialectic lies at the discursive center of normative conceptions of gender, desire, and social power.
Category: Literary Criticism

Women And The Material Culture Of Death

Author : BethFowkes Tobin
ISBN : 9781351536790
Genre : History
File Size : 33.17 MB
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Examining the compelling and often poignant connection between women and the material culture of death, this collection focuses on the objects women make, the images they keep, the practices they use or are responsible for, and the places they inhabit and construct through ritual and custom. Women?s material practices, ranging from wearing mourning jewelry to dressing the dead, stitching memorial samplers to constructing skull boxes, collecting funeral programs to collecting and studying diseased hearts, making and collecting taxidermies, and making sculptures honoring the death, are explored in this collection as well as women?s affective responses and sentimental labor that mark their expected and unexpected participation in the social practices surrounding death and the dead. The largely invisible work involved in commemorating and constructing narratives and memorials about the dead-from family members and friends to national figures-calls attention to the role women as memory keepers for families, local communities, and the nation. Women have tended to work collaboratively, making, collecting, and sharing objects that conveyed sentiments about the deceased, whether human or animal, as well as the identity of mourners. Death is about loss, and many of the mourning practices that women have traditionally and are currently engaged in are about dealing with private grief and public loss as well as working to mitigate the more general anxiety that death engenders about the impermanence of life.
Category: History

Identifying The English

Author : Edward Higgs
ISBN : 9781441138019
Genre : History
File Size : 60.11 MB
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Personal identification is very much a live political issue in Britain and this book looks at why this is the case, and why, paradoxically, the theft of identity has become ever more common as the means of identification have multiplied. Identifying the English looks not only at how criminals have been identified - branding, fingerprinting, DNA - but also at the identification of the individual with seals and signatures, of the citizen by means of passports and ID cards, and of the corpse. Beginning his history in the medieval period, Edward Higgs reveals how it was not the Industrial Revolution that brought the most radical changes in identification techniques, as many have assumed, but rather the changing nature of the State and commerce, and their relationship with citizens and customers. In the twentieth century the very different historical techniques have converged on the holding of information on databases, and increasingly on biometrics, and the multiplication of these external databases outside the control of individuals has continued to undermine personal identity security.
Category: History

The Last Days Of Henry Viii

Author : Robert Hutchinson
ISBN : 9781780222509
Genre : History
File Size : 56.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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After 35 years in power, Henry VIII was a bloated, hideously obese, black-humoured old man, rarely seen in public. He had striven all his life to ensure the survival of his dynasty by siring legitimate sons, yet his only male heir was eight-year-old Prince Edward. It was increasingly obvious that when Henry died, real power in England would be exercised by a regent. The prospect of that prize spurred the rival court factions into deadly conflict. Robert Hutchinson spent several years in original archival research. He advances a genuinely new theory of Henry's medical history and the cause of his death; he has unearthed some fabulous eyewitness material and papers from death warrants, confessions and even love letters between Katherine Parr and the Lord High Admiral.
Category: History

Death Religion And The Family In England 1480 1750

Author : Ralph Anthony Houlbrooke
ISBN : 0198208766
Genre : History
File Size : 44.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ralph Houlbrooke shows how the religious upheavals of the early modern period brought dramatic changes, affecting the last rites, funerals, and ways of remembering the dead.
Category: History

Way Of The English Mystics

Author : Gordon C. Miller
ISBN : 9780826427243
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A distinctive feature of Western religous life in recent years has been the rediscovery of the contemplative tradition in Christianity. Within the Christian mystical tradition, England holds a unique place, with a number of major figures from the Middle Ages and later whose writings have fascinated generations of readers. This book presents seven of them, five from the medieval period, the golden age of English mysticism - Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton, the author of The Cloud of Unknowing, Julian of Norwich, and Margery Kempe; and two from later centuries - William Law and George Herbert. Each chapter consists of an introductory essay on the life and writings of each individual, followed by carefully chosen extracts from their writings. Those from the medieval period are in fresh new translations. All these writers see the spiritual life as an ongoing process, a pilgrimage. This inner pigrimage requires no outer excursions, but throughout the ages spiritual pilgrims have undertaken physical pilgrimages as well. One aim of this book is to encourage its readers to continue this tradition by visiting sites from which the writings arose. So each chapter is provided with a map of the area of immediate interest and a drawing of the place most associated with each figure, and the introductory essays contain practical information about how to get there. No other anthology of mystical and spiritual writings describes the lives and locations of these individuals in this way. Gordon L. Miller, Ph.D., is a writer and historian living near Seattle, Washington. He attended Milligan College and Christian Theological Seminary. This book developed from a period of post-graduate study at Cambridge University , when he visited the sites described in the book, a journey which, he says, "made the historical grounding of the English mystical tradition much more real to me". He is also the author of Wisdom of the Earth: Visions of an Ecological Faith.
Category: Religion