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A Brief History Of The English Civil Wars

Author : John Miller
ISBN : 9781472107626
Genre : History
File Size : 38.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The English Civil War is one of the most hotly contested areas of English History and John Miller is one of the experts on the period. Amid dramatic accounts of the key battles and confrontations, Miller explores what triggered the initial conflict between crown and parliament and how this was played out in England, Scotland and Ireland in the lead-up to war. As the war developed, personalities and innovations on the battlefield became increasingly important, culminating in the rise of Oliver Cromwell and the radical New Model Army. The wars changed the political, social, religious and intellectual landscape of the country for ever. Using a lifetime's knowledge and study on the period, John Miller brings this extraordinary turning point in British history to life.
Category: History

The Furie Of The Ordnance

Author : Stephen Bull
ISBN : 9781843834038
Genre : History
File Size : 54.20 MB
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Shows how new developments in guns and artillery played a decisive role in the English Civil War.
Category: History

Literature And The English Civil War

Author : Thomas Healy
ISBN : 9780521370820
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 38.58 MB
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This book charts the relationship between literary texts and their historical context from 1640-1660. Essays in the volume focus on issues of ideology and genre; the politics of the masque; lyric and devotional poetry; women's writings; attitudes towards Ireland; colonialism; madness and division; and individual writers such as Hobbes, Marvell and Milton.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Impact Of The English Civil War On The Economy Of London 1642 50

Author : Ben Coates
ISBN : 9781351887892
Genre : History
File Size : 81.16 MB
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When the English Civil War broke out, London’s economy was diverse and dynamic, closely connected through commercial networks with the rest of England and with Europe, Asia and North America. As such it was uniquely vulnerable to hostile acts by supporters of the king, both those at large in the country and those within the capital. Yet despite numerous difficulties, the capital remained the economic powerhouse of the nation and was arguably the single most important element in Parliament’s eventual victory. For London’s wealth enabled Parliament to take up arms in 1642 and sustained it through the difficult first year and a half of the war, without which Parliament’s ultimate victory would not have been possible. In this book the various sectors of London’s economy are examined and compared, as the war progressed. It also looks closely at the impact of war on the major pillars of the London economy, namely London’s role in external and internal trade, and manufacturing in London. The impact of the increasing burden of taxation on the capital is another key area that is studied and which yields surprising conclusions. The Civil War caused a major economic crisis in the capital, not only because of the interrelationship between its economy and that of the rest of England, but also because of its function as the hub of the social and economic networks of the kingdom and of the rest of the world. The crisis was managed, however, and one of the strengths of this study is its revelation of the means by which the city’s government sought to understand and ameliorate the unique economic circumstances which afflicted it.
Category: History

The English Civil Wars

Author : Blair Worden
ISBN : 9780297857594
Genre : History
File Size : 24.36 MB
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A brilliant appraisal of the Civil War and its long-term consequences, by an acclaimed historian. The political upheaval of the mid-seventeenth century has no parallel in English history. Other events have changed the occupancy and the powers of the throne, but the conflict of 1640-60 was more dramatic: the monarchy and the House of Lords were abolished, to be replaced by a republic and military rule. In this wonderfully readable account, Blair Worden explores the events of this period and their origins - the war between King and Parliament, the execution of Charles I, Cromwell's rule and the Restoration - while aiming to reveal something more elusive: the motivations of contemporaries on both sides and the concerns of later generations.
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The English Civil War

Author : Peter Gaunt
ISBN : 9781848858817
Genre : History
File Size : 42.43 MB
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'Sir, God hath taken away your eldest son by a cannon shot. It brake his leg. We were necessitated to have it cut off, whereof he died.' In one of the most famous and moving letters of the Civil War, Oliver Cromwell told his brother-in-law that on 2 July 1644 Parliament had won an emphatic victory over a Royalist army commanded by King Charles I's nephew, Prince Rupert, on rolling moorland west of York. But that battle, Marston Moor, had also slain his own nephew, the recipient's firstborn. In this vividly narrated history of the deadly conflict that engulfed the nation during the 1640s, Peter Gaunt shows that, with the exception of World War I, the death-rate was higher than any other contest in which Britain has participated. Numerous towns and villages were garrisoned, attacked, damaged or wrecked. The landscape was profoundly altered. Yet amidst all the blood and killing, the fighting was also a catalyst for profound social change and innovation. Charting major battles, raids and engagements, the author uses rich contemporary accounts to explore the life-changing experience of war for those involved, whether musketeers at Cheriton, dragoons at Edgehill or Cromwell's disciplined Ironsides at Naseby (1645).
Category: History

The English Civil War

Author : Diane Purkiss
ISBN : 0786732628
Genre : History
File Size : 23.69 MB
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In this compelling history of the violent struggle between the monarchy and Parliament that tore apart seventeenth-century England, a rising star among British historians sheds new light on the people who fought and died through those tumultuous years. Drawing on exciting new sources, including letters, memoirs, ballads, plays, illustrations, and even cookbooks, Diane Purkiss creates a rich and nuanced portrait of this turbulent era. The English Civil War’s dramatic consequences-rejecting the divine right monarchy in favor of parliamentary rule-continue to influence our lives, and in this colorful narrative, Purkiss vividly brings to life the history that changed the course of Western government.
Category: History

Henrietta Maria And The English Civil Wars

Author : Michelle A. White
ISBN : 0754639428
Genre : History
File Size : 90.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As a woman, a foreigner and a Catholic, with influence over her husband, King Charles I, Henrietta Maria was viewed with deep suspicion by many of her subjects. In this book, Michelle White directly tackles issues of Henrietta's actual and perceived influence, and how it was portrayed in popular print by those sympathetic and hostile to her cause. Addressing key themes of patriarchy and sectarianism, she explores the reasons why Henrietta aroused such passions, and whether concerns about her role were justified. In so doing, she presents a vivid portrait of a strong willed woman who had a profound influence on the course of English history.
Category: History