The End Of Loyalty

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To End All Wars

Author : Adam Hochschild
ISBN : 0547549210
Genre : History
File Size : 22.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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World War I stands as one of history’s most senseless spasms of carnage, defying rational explanation. In a riveting, suspenseful narrative with haunting echoes for our own time, Adam Hochschild brings it to life as never before. He focuses on the long-ignored moral drama of the war’s critics, alongside its generals and heroes. Thrown in jail for their opposition to the war were Britain’s leading investigative journalist, a future winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and an editor who, behind bars, published a newspaper for his fellow inmates on toilet paper. These critics were sometimes intimately connected to their enemy hawks: one of Britain’s most prominent women pacifist campaigners had a brother who was commander in chief on the Western Front. Two well-known sisters split so bitterly over the war that they ended up publishing newspapers that attacked each other. Today, hundreds of military cemeteries spread across the fields of northern France and Belgium contain the bodies of millions of men who died in the “war to end all wars.” Can we ever avoid repeating history?
Category: History

Creating Customer Loyalty

Author : Chris Daffy
ISBN : 9780749484316
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.63 MB
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Consumer-facing and business-to-business organizations know that if they get their approach to customers right, they will be rewarded with unprecedented customer loyalty. This will lead to increased market share, improved sales, an enhanced reputation and higher profitability. Despite this, many of today's companies fail to recognize that the notable improvements in their service delivery are not keeping up with increased customer expectations. Creating Customer Loyalty outlines simple, easy to understand strategies for creating a sustainable customer loyalty management programme that will win loyal customers. Demonstrating how to focus solely on the things that enable and enhance success, this book shows how to make loyalty a habit and structure a business that attracts and retains the best customers. Using examples from both UK and international companies such as Lexus, Aldi, Dyson, The Ritz-Carlton and Virgin Atlantic, Creating Customer Loyalty explains why customer experience management alone does not build lasting loyalty, and why customer expectation and customer memory management are essential. It outlines how to make every occasion epic by removing those 'ouch' moments, replacing them with 'wow' experiences, and developing dazzling recovery techniques to create unforgettable stories and positive memories.
Category: Business & Economics

Loyalty In Our Time

Author : Clarrie Burke
ISBN : 9781609767532
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 43.40 MB
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While on a cruise, the subject of loyalty was raised at the dinner table. A retired school teacher lamented, "Loyalty! I sometimes wonder what that means in this day and age." This set in motion a lively discussion that drew attention to loyalty as a poignant social issue in our changing society. Loyalty in Our Time: Does Loyalty Matter Anymore? raises some disturbing issues.From the latter part of the 20th century, society has become transfixed and divided by the growing controversy surrounding loyalty, which continues to tug at the very fabric of our society. The controversy continues in all forms of the media and on the Internet. News items have highlighted the perceived breakdown in loyalty across the board, within organisations, institutions, associations, political parties, government, partnerships, sporting clubs and teams."Loyalty is dead!" has become a common mournful cry. The quest to gain some measure of validation for this fatalistic statement comes through a basic understanding of the concept of loyalty, as well as in real-life situations.Try raising this topic at your next dinner party or social gathering! About the Author: Clarrie Burke was born in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. At the onset of World War II, his family was evacuated to Brisbane, Australia. Following his schooling in Australia, he trained as a primary teacher, and for most of his career he worked in teacher education. Upon retirement, he was an executive member of Amnesty International (Queensland) and joint coordinator of the Queensland Schools Amnesty Network. He has written articles, and conducted workshops and projects on human rights, personal ethics, and social responsibility for youth.Publisher's website: http: //
Category: Social Science

Customer Loyalty Programmes And Clubs

Author : Stephan A. Butscher
ISBN : 9781317155461
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In every industry, and any company, customer loyalty marketing is an important pillar of corporate strategy. This second edition of Customer Loyalty Programmes and Clubs, explains how the key to effective protection against competition lies in identifying and offering your customers the right combination of financial and non-financial benefits. Stephen Butscher has reviewed the developments that have taken place since his original successful step-by-step guide was published and now includes 'pricing for customer loyalty' and 'e-loyalty' along with extra case studies. He takes you through all the necessary stages to research, plan and launch a programme that builds and develops the relationship between you and your customers, and emphasises value measurement and selection of the right benefits, enabling you to integrate the loyalty programme into every part of your organization. Customer Loyalty Programmes and Clubs includes case studies from some of the most successful companies, including Volkswagen Club, Kawasaki Riders Club, Swatch the Club, Porsche and many more.
Category: Business & Economics

Democracy And Prebendal Politics In Nigeria

Author : Richard A. Joseph
ISBN : 9781107633537
Genre : History
File Size : 68.37 MB
Format : PDF
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Originally published in 1987, this book examines the relationship between the pattern of party formation in Nigeria and a mode of social, political and economic behaviour Richard Joseph terms 'prebendalism'. He demonstrates the centrality in the Nigerian polity of the struggle to control and exploit public office and argues that state power is usually viewed by Nigerians as an array of prebends, the appropriation of which provides access to the state treasury and to control over remunerative licenses and contracts. In addition, the abiding desire for a democratic political system is frustrated by the deepening of ethnic, linguistic and regional identities. By exploring the ways in which individuals at all social levels contribute to the maintenance of these practices, the book provides an analysis of the impediments to constitutional democracy that is also relevant to the study of other nations.
Category: History

No Single Loyalty

Author : F. E. Auerbach
ISBN : 3830961952
Genre : Educators
File Size : 32.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Educators

The End Of Manhood

Author : John Stoltenberg
ISBN : 1857283252
Genre : History
File Size : 61.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this follow-up to Refusing to be a Man, the author discusses new perspectives on intimacy, gender and violence as well as re-examining ideas of manhood and gender identity in general.
Category: History

The End Of Copycat China

Author : Shaun Rein
ISBN : 9781118926727
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.91 MB
Format : PDF
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China's changing course, and sustainable success requires a shift in strategy The End of Copycat China helps business executives and investors understand how China's economy is shifting from one based on heavy investment to one on services and consumption by providing insight that help shape effective strategy. Drawing from over 50,000 interviews with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity investors, private Chinese companies, and multinationals, this book describes how Chinese firms are increasingly focused on innovation rather than copying what worked in America and how consumers are evolving with their hopes, dreams and aspirations. China's growth model of the last three decades is becoming increasingly ineffective, as relying on heavy investment and exports is becoming less and less feasible. Fifty percent of China's growth in 2013 stemmed from consumption, the government is establishing a Free Trade zone in Shanghai and ending the dominance of state-owned enterprises. This book provides a roadmap for companies and investors looking to navigate these changes and capture emerging trends, with deep insight and practical guidance on what innovation looks like in the new China. Survey the development of innovation taking place in China's economy, from an insider's perspective Consider the changes that must take place to shore up the broken growth model Examine the consumer trends emerging in the midst of rapid market evolution Understand how China's rise will impact its neighbors like Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia China's dramatic shift toward consumption presents a tremendous opportunity for foreign business, but traditional tactics are outdated at best, financially fatal at worst, as local competitors focus on innovation and move up the value chain and as consumers look for new brands and categories to spend money on. New strategies are needed to keep pace with the changing regulatory and consumer environments, and "business as usual" won't get very far. The End of Copycat China is the business guide to this emerging market, with expert guidance from the inside.
Category: Business & Economics

The Power Of Loyalty

Author : Roger Brooks
ISBN : 9781613080160
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Loyalty strategist Roger L. Brooks invites you to take part in the growing loyalty movement and shows you how to build a successful loyalty strategy following 10 essential steps. Brooks covers the best practices and proven techniques from more than 12 customer loyalty leaders including: Chase, JetBlue,Verizon, Subway, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Wegman's, T.G.I. Friday's, CVS/pharmacy, Bank of Montreal, Saks Fifth Avenue and Men's Wearhouse. He provides a comprehensive 6-point initial launch plan plus strategy essentials including employee and company introductions to loyalty. In addition, you'll learn how to incorporate loyalty initiatives into your marketing plans and budgets and identify WOW factors to set your business apart from your competitors.
Category: Business & Economics


Author : Ingrid Thoft
ISBN : 9781101596333
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When your family’s on the wrong side of the law…what side are you on? The Ludlows are a family of fast-talking Boston lawyers, and patriarch Carl Ludlow treats his offspring like employees—which they are. Black-sheep daughter, Fina, dropped out of law school, but her father keeps her in the fold as the firm’s private investigator, working alongside her brothers. Juggling family, business, cops and crooks is no problem for Fina. But when her sister-in-law disappears, she’s caught up in a case unlike any she’s encountered before. Carl wants things resolved without police, but the deeper Fina digs, the more impossible that seems. As she unearths more dirt, the demands of family loyalty intensify. But she is after the truth—no matter where it lies…
Category: Fiction


Author : Eric Felten
ISBN : 9781439176887
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 55.93 MB
Format : PDF
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A witty, provocative, story-filled inquiry into the indispensable virtue of loyalty—a tricky ideal that gets tangled and compromised when loyalties collide (as they inevitably do), but a virtue the author, a prizewinning columnist for The Wall Street Journal, says is as essential as it is impossible. Felten illustrates the push and pull of loyalties— from the ancient Greeks to Facebook—with stories and scenarios in which conflicting would-be moral trump cards trap the unlucky in painful ethical dilemmas. The foundation of our greatest satisfactions in life, loyalty also proves to be the root of much misery. Can we escape the excruciating predicaments when loyalties are at loggerheads? Can we avoid betraying and being betrayed? When looking for love and friendship—the things that make life worthwhile—we are looking for loyalty. Who can we count on? And who can count on us? These are the essential (and uncomfortable) questions loyalty poses. Loyalty and betrayal are the stuff of the great stories that move us: Agamemnon, Huck Finn, Brutus, Antigone, Judas. When is loyalty right, and when does the virtue become a vice? As Felten writes in his thoughtful and entertaining book, loyalty is vexing. It forces us to choose who and what counts most in our lives—from siding with one friend over another to favoring our own children over others. It forces us to confront the conflicting claims of fidelity to country, community, company, church, and even ourselves. Loyalty demands we make decisions that define who we are.
Category: Philosophy

The Sociology Of Loyalty

Author : James Connor
ISBN : 9780387713687
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Specifically, this book explains loyalties: why we have them and what they do for us and society. It also places loyalty into the study of emotions such as trust and shame. By drawing on current theories and current and historical examples this book clearly establishes the components of loyalty and its place with in the theories of emotion. Additionally it develops the theoretical understanding of emotions by taking a previously ignored – yet highly topical – emotion and placing it within the theoretical perspective.
Category: Social Science

Idea Of Loyalty In Upper Canada 1784 1850

Author : David Mills
ISBN : 9780773561748
Genre : History
File Size : 43.78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tory loyalty, in addition to demanding unquestioning adherence to the imperial connection, was exclusive. It was used both to distinguish Loyalists from the American late-comers and to differentiate supporters of the political status quo from opponents of the administration. Tories and Reformers attached different qualities to loyalty. Although the Tories framed the political debate, a moderate Reform conception developed in response. The importance of loyalty was unchallenged by moderate Reformers, but they wished to redefine it in ways that would legitimize their own political goals. They appealed to British political traditions that emphasized the idea of individual dissent based on constitutional rights and the necessary independence of legislators threatened by the use of prerogative power as well as the corruption of the executive. By the 1830s, the polarization of politics seemed to offer only two choices - loyalty or disloyalty. This transitional period led to the emergence of moderate and accommodative Toryism as a response to the exclusiveness of the Family Compact. Moderate Toryism developed because other groups, who were not prepared to give up their political and social exclusion, had been drawn into the debate. The moderate Reformers survived through the 1840s and entered the administration. Tories also prospered through adoption of the Reform position permitting new groups to enter the High Tory elite. The result was the formation of a conservative consensus which dominated Upper Canada, whose conservatism lay in a new definition of loyalty which had evolved through the initiatives of moderate Reformers.
Category: History

The End Of The Communist Power Monopoly

Author : Michael Waller
ISBN : 0719038200
Genre : Communism
File Size : 51.62 MB
Format : PDF
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This work analyzes the internal weaknesses and the external pressures that led to Communism's terminal crisis in Europe. It systematically links the history of Euro-Communism and the Prague Spring to the momentous events of 1989 to 1991.
Category: Communism

Bodied Mindfulness

Author : Winnie Tomm
ISBN : 9781554588022
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 54.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“I see spirituality and social change to be integrally related to each other. I believe that liberation efforts that are supported by spiritual experiences of integration promote human dignity as well as social equality.” Bodied Mindfulness combines spiritual, social and analytical perspectives to explore topics central to women’s development: spirituality, women’s bodies, cultural constructions of women’s sexuality in language, sexual ethics, the sexual contract in politics and at work, and the relation between nature and culture. It is Tomm’s deeply held conviction that women need to bring a vital spirituality to feminist social criticism in order to resolve these issues and increase their power to promote social justice and ecological balance. Tomm embraces a vast store of knowledge from diverse sources, including Buddhist, shamanist and feminist resources. In a move away from abstract theorizing, she explicitly connects theory with realities lived by women. Grounding theory in personal experience — her own and others — Tomm delivers a powerful and empowering account of women’s spirituality. The resulting ontological transformation allows women to live deeply in the body while strengthening their relation to human and non-human matter and energy. Bodied Mindfulness will be of great interest to feminist scholars in all disciplines, but most particularly to those in Women’s Studies and Religious Studies.
Category: Social Science

The Limits Of Loyalty

Author : Laurence Cole
ISBN : 085745224X
Genre : History
File Size : 64.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The overwhelming majority of historical work on the late Habsburg Monarchy has focused primarily on national movements and ethnic conflicts, with the result that too little attention has been devoted to the state and ruling dynasty. This volume is the first of its kind to concentrate on attempts by the imperial government to generate a dynastic-oriented state patriotism in the multinational Habsburg Monarchy. It examines those forces in state and society which tended toward the promotion of state unity and loyalty towards the ruling house. These essays, all original contributions and written by an international group of historians, provide a critical examination of the phenomenon of "dynastic patriotism" and offer a richly nuanced treatment of the multinational empire in its final phase.
Category: History

Abject Loyalty

Author : James H. Murphy
ISBN : 0813210763
Genre : History
File Size : 28.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Finalist, American Conference for Irish Studies James S. Donnelly, Sr., Prize for Books on History and Social Sciences Abject Loyalty challenges the view that Irish nationalists were necessarily hostile to the British monarchy. During Queen Victoria's reign, royal visits to Ireland were in fact generally met with great enthusiasm. Indeed, the strength of the opposition of some Irish nationalists to the monarchy was a sign of the purchase that it seemed to have on the allegiance of many people within nationalist Ireland. By the 1880s, however, the monarchy had become the focus for British imperial identity in England and for the denial of constitutional legitimacy to those in Ireland who wished for home rule. It began to face increasing opposition in Ireland both because nationalist politicians feared its influence might reconcile Irish people to the Union with Britain and because enthusiasm for monarchy in Ireland was used to feed a British discourse which saw Ireland as a country that could be appeased by concessions short of home rule and which did not take nationalist demands seriously. The book traces Ireland's interaction with the British monarchy from King George III to Queen Elizabeth II but focuses on the reign of Queen Victoria. It deals with its topic on two levels. It explores Queen Victoria's interaction with Ireland and her influence on British policy towards Ireland. And it examines how Queen Victoria and monarchy were perceived in Ireland. Whereas Queen Victoria's views and actions have previously been subject to historical analysis, no previous study has seriously explored how she was perceived in Ireland or the subtleties of nationalism's attitude towards monarchy. Abject Loyalty makes a significant and original contribution to the political and cultural history of Ireland and will be of interest to those concerned with understanding the historical development of Irish identity. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James H. Murphy is professor of English at All Hallows College in Dublin and the author or editor of numerous works, including Catholic Fiction and Social Reality in Ireland, 1873-1922, and Gender Perspectives in Nineteenth-Century Ireland (coedited with Margaret Kelleher). PRAISE FOR THE BOOK: "Murphy's book is a comparative rarity--a book that genuinely explores a fresh theme and does so in an entirely original fashion. . . . His analysis changes the context for interpreting the nationalist movement in Ireland and is a must for anyone interested in the Irish during this vital era."--Prof. Alan O'Day, Mansfield College, Oxford "Well-written and provocative. . . A creative, well-written, and significant book that undoubtedly will take a deserved place within the vast historiography of nineteenth-century Ireland. More than that, it is essential reading for any scholar interested in the evolution of Irish nationalism or Anglo-Irish high politics in the Victorian age."--American Historical Review "By bridging the gulf between Anglo-Irish politics and culture, Abject Loyalty provides a fresh take on the history of nineteenth-century Anglo-Irish relations, and Murphy deftly brings to light an aspect of Irish culture that provide to be equally difficult for both nationalists and pro-Union politicians to appropriate."--History "[A] clearly-written and worthwhile study."--Frank A. Biletz, Loyola University Chicago, Albion
Category: History

Our Unswerving Loyalty

Author : David W. Lovell
ISBN : 9781921313967
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 86.35 MB
Format : PDF
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The story of the Communist Party of Australia has been told in various ways. Until now, however, archival collections that have borne on this story have been relatively inaccessible to the ordinary, interested reader. This book begins to redress that deficiency by bringing together 85 key documents from the Russian State Archives of Social and Political History (RGASPI), selected from a collection of thousands of documents concerning the relations between the Communist International and the Communist Party of Australia. The selection focuses on the relationship between the CPA and the Comintern because the activities of the CPA are essentially incomprehensible without understanding the international communist context within which the CPA operated. That context was dominated by the newly-created Soviet state and its decision to authorize and utilize a network of communist parties throughout the world.
Category: Political Science