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The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

Author : Demian Dressler
ISBN : 0975263153
Genre : Medical
File Size : 41.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If your dog has cancer, you need this book. No matter what you've heard, there are always steps you can take to help your dog fight (and even beat) cancer. This scientifically researched guide is your complete reference for practical, evidence-based strategies that can optimize the life quality and longevity for your dog. No matter what diagnosis or stage of cancer your dog has, this book is packed with precious advice that can help now. Discover the Full Spectrum approach to dog cancer care: * Everything you need to know about conventional western veterinary treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) including how to reduce their side effects. * The most effective non-conventional options, including botanical nutraceuticals, supplements, nutrition, and mind-body medicine. * How to analyze the options and develop a specific plan for your own dog based on your dog's type of cancer, your dog's age, your financial and time budget, your personality, and many other personal factors. Imagine looking back at this time in your life, five years from now, and having not a single regret.You can help your dog fight cancer and you can honor your dog's life by living each moment to the fullest, starting now. This book can help you as it has helped thousands of other dog lovers. The Authors Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM practices in Hawaii and is internationally recognized as the dog cancer vet and blogs at Dr. Susan Ettinger, DVM is a veterinary oncologist and a diplomate of the American College of Internal Medicine who practices in New York. Praise from Veterinarians, Authors & Book Reviewers The future is upon us and this ground-breaking book is a vital cornerstone. In dealing with cancer, our worst illness, this Survival Guide is educational, logical, expansive, embracing, honest and so needed. Dr. Marty Goldstein, DVM Holistic veterinarian and Host, Ask Martha Stewart's Vet on Sirius Radio The message of this book jumps off the written page and into the heart of every reader, and will become the at home bible for cancer care of dogs. The authors have given you a sensible and systematic approach that practicing veterinarians will cherish.I found the book inspiring and, clearly, it will become part of my daily approach to cancer therapy for my own patients. Dr. Robert B. Cohen, VMD Bay Street Animal Hospital, New York I wish that I had had The Dog Cancer Survival Guide when my dearly beloved Flat-coated Retriever, Odin, contracted cancer. It would have provided me alternative courses of action, as well as some well needed reality checks which were not available from conversations with my veterinarian. It should be on every dog owner's book shelf--just in case... Dr. Stanley Coren, PhD, FRSC author of many books, including Born to Bark A comprehensive guide that distills both alternative and allopathic cancer treatments in dogs...With the overwhelming amount of conflicting information about cancer prevention and treatment, this book provides a pet owner with an easy to follow approach to one of the most serious diseases in animals. Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center, Oprah Winfrey's Chicago veterinarian Picking up The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is anything but a downer: it's an 'empowerer.' It will make you feel like the best medical advocate for your dog.It covers canine cancer topics to an unprecedented depth and breadth from emotional coping strategies to prevention-in plain English.Read this book, and you will understand cancer stages, treatment options, and types, and much more. If you have just had the dreaded news, pick up a copy and it will guide the decisions your dog trusts you to make. Laure-Anne Visele Dog behavior specialist and technical dog writer,
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The Dog Diet Answer Book

Author : Greg Martinez
ISBN : 9781592337026
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 45.34 MB
Format : PDF
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Includes tips for pet owners to diagnose common dog health problems and adjust diets accordingly. Contains home remedies for common ailments and recipes for homecooked meals and treats.
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La Trampa De La Felicidad

Author : Russ Harris
ISBN : 8408093940
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 35.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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¿Te sientes solo, aburrido, desdichado, inseguro o insatisfecho y, a pesar de todo, pones cara de felicidad, fingiendo que todo va bien? Si tu respuesta es afirmativa, tranquilo, ¡no eres el único! Los últimos estudios científicos sugieren que vivimos prisioneros en una trampa invisible: un círculo vicioso en el que cuanto más luchamos por alcanzar la felicidad, más sufrimos a largo plazo. Por fortuna, escapar de «la trampa de la felicidad» es posible gracias a una nueva e innovadora psicoterapia conocida como Terapia de Compromiso y Aceptación (ACT). A través de seis poderosos principios, la ACT permite lidiar con el dolor, vencer los temores y construir una vida rica, plena y llena de sentido.
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The Complete Guide To Cairn Terriers

Author :
ISBN : 9781908793263
Genre : Pets
File Size : 86.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Get The Definitive Cairn Terrier Ownership Guide. Whether you own a Cairn Terrier, or are considering it, existing owners agree that this is the "must have" owner's manual. Cairn Terriers are extremely rewarding companions that develop loyal bonds with their owners. The breed dates back years, and to this day they are most well-known for their unwavering protective nature and ability to serve as loyal companions. This comprehensive owners guide provides you with the most critical information, resources, and training strategies needed to successfully raise and care for your Cairn Terrier. From choosing the right puppy, to caring for your Cairn Terrier, the information within this guide will serve as your "go to" resource for years to come. Highlights from the The Complete Guide to Cairn Terriers: • The Right and Wrong Reasons for Buying a Cairn Terrier • Breed Overview and Ownership Expectations • How the Cairn Terrier Adoption Process Really Works • All About Cairn Terrier Puppies • Preparing Your Home for a Cairn Terrier • How to Keep Your Dog Healthy, Safe, and Happy • Common Health Problems • Caring for Cairn Terrier Health Issues • Exercise & Activity Expectations • Showing Your Cairn Terrier • Training for Guard Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & More • The Aging Process and Life Expectations • Hundreds of Tips and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions As with all dog breeds, there are many advantages and disadvantages to owning a Cairn Terrier. From the day you bring home your new puppy, or adopt, you will be bombarded with questions and concerns. It is critical that you have all of the required proper care information available, at any time, so that you do not make any costly errors or put your new best friend into danger. The importance of proper training and care, from the start, cannot be understated. The worst problems in Cairn Terrier ownership almost always start early. Be pro-active, learn everything there is to know about Cairn Terrier ownership, and get started on the right track. Ultimately, this guide will prepare you for the vast array of purchasing, adoption, training, healthcare, and expectation-related information that will confront you at one time or another. This complete manual includes photographs, and nearly a dozen chapters full of useful information for your Cairn Terrier. Additionally, the manual includes a very helpful table of contents so that you can easily and accurately find the important information you are looking for in an instant. This complete manual is designed to help first-time dog owners and experienced individuals alike, with ease and clarity. Purchase the The Complete Guide to Cairn Terriers today and save yourself from costly mistakes that could create financial disasters, poor long-term behaviour, and increased stress in both you and your dog's living environment. A well-prepared Cairn Terrier owner makes for a happy, and healthy dog. Act now and purchase All About Cairn Terriers. With our No Quibble, Money Back Guarantee really have nothing to lose but everything to gain. A loving, caring, more rewarding relationship with your chosen friend. Take care of yourself and your Cairn Terrier Jesse
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The Dogs Were Rescued And So Was I

Author : Teresa Rhyne
ISBN : 9781492603399
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 34.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A new memoir from the #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and top 10 USA Today bestselling author of The Dog Lived (And So Will I) "A literary masterpiece! Teresa Rhyne writes from the heart and soul... This is a must read not only for dog lovers, but for anyone with a passion for animals." - Shannon Keith, Founder and President of the Beagle Freedom Project We rescue dogs and bring them into our lives...and often they rescue us in return. What would cause a cheese-loving, meat-eating lawyer to become a vegan? Her dog. Teresa Rhyne and Seamus the beagle both survived cancer once, so when Seamus develops yet another cancer, Teresa vows to fight again. She finds better food for Seamus, and a plant-based diet becomes her own guide, but she realized that's not enough for her-and it's not enough for the animals. As she searches for a more compassionate lifestyle, she struggles to find her place somewhere between a hypocrite in leather high heels and a hippie in a hemp skirt, all while coping with the threat of Seamus slipping away. When she encounters two other dogs who need help, including one rescued from animal testing, turning away seems impossible after everything she's discovered. Will turning her life upside down to rescue two more beagles be the best medicine for everyone? An honest, funny book about dogs, relationships and surviving life's challenges with humor and grace is perfect for fans of Marley and Me, The Middle Place and A Dog's Purpose will love this touching memoir. Other books by Teresa Rhyne: The Dog Lived (And So Will I): The sad, honest, hilarious memoir of a cancer survivor The #1 New York Times bestseller The #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller USA Today bestseller *The first month's sales of The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I) went to benefit the Beagle Freedom Project* What readers are saying about The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I):/u "an ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL portrayal of a passionate, zealous woman and the dogs (and man) she adores." "honest to a fault and totally likable!" "honest, candid, and filled with life infusing humor." "laughter, tears & of course BEAGLES!!!" What reviewers are saying about The Dogs Were Rescued (And So Was I): "... a love letter to our animals, to who they are and who they make us want to be. She also reminds us of what her beagles always knew; love deeply, move forward, and never turn down a snack." - Quinn Cummings, author of The Year of Learning Dangerously and Pet Sounds "With Teresa's characteristic intelligence, humor, and intensity...This book will change you...and you'll have Teresa to thank." - Linda Sherman-Nurick, Cellar Door Books, Riverside, CA "... an enthralling and heart-warming story of extending the compassion we have for dogs to all animals..." - Jenny Brown, Founder and Executive Director, Woodstock Animal Farm Santuary and author of The Lucky Ones: My Passionate Fight for Farm Animals What reviewers are saying about The Dog Lived (And So Will I): "This poignant and fast moving proof that even a hard charging lawyer is no match for a big hearted beagle." -Martin Kihn, author of Bad Dog (A Love Story) "...encouraging tale of finding love and love in unexpected places..."-Publishers Weekly "A book that dares to be honest and sad and hilarious all at once."-Susan Conley, author of The Foremost Good Fortune "Funny, smart, uplifting, and fun, The Dog Lived (and So Will I) reminds us that animals are among our best teachers, our most powerful healers, and our most steadfast friends. I loved it!"-Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig
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Author : Arlene Weintraub
ISBN : 9781770908000
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 60.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How man’s best friend could help cure man’s greatest scourge: “An Emperor of All Maladies for dog lovers” (Dr. Sarah Boston, author of Lucky Dog: How Being a Veterinarian Saved My Life). Drawn from extensive research, on-the-ground reporting, and personal experience, this book explores the fascinating role dogs (and cats) are playing in the search for cures for cancer. Learn how veterinarians and oncologists are working together to discover new treatments—cutting-edge therapies designed to help both animals and people suffering from cancer. Heal introduces readers to the field of comparative oncology by describing several research projects aimed at finding new therapies for cancers that are similar in dogs and people, including lymphoma, osteosarcoma, breast cancer, melanoma, and gastric cancer. The author, who lost her sister to gastric cancer, also writes about the emerging science behind the remarkable ability of dogs to sniff out early stage cancer and the efforts underway to translate that talent into diagnostic devices for early detection of the disease. In the course of bringing these dogs and their human companions to life, Arlene Weintraub takes her own personal journey from grief to healing, as she shows how man’s best friend might be the key to unlocking the mysteries of cancer. “Readers will share Weintraub’s growing appreciation for the canine and feline subjects (and their owners) who are helping to advance cancer research.” —Publishers Weekly
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Cancer Survival Guide

Author : Charlotte Libov
ISBN : 9781630060152
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 49.92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When faced with cancer, timely and educated healthcare decisions are crucial to recovery. Put the odds in your favor with the help of Cancer Survival Guide — the leading manual of its kind, offering the most comprehensive and cutting-edge information on the subject, such as: • Comprehensive info on the 13 most common cancers including lung, breast, prostate, and colon • New genetic tests that can reveal your risk • Early detection and prevention techniques • Latest medical breakthroughs and miracle drugs • Alternative therapies that really work • How to find the best treatments and doctors • Locate a lifesaving clinical trial near you • Find cost-effective therapies and free resources Don't let a cancer diagnosis fill you with feelings of fear, panic, and helplessness. Take back your power with Cancer Survival Guide.
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Conservative Survival Guide To San Francisco

Author : Thomas Moyer
ISBN : 9781469165264
Genre : Travel
File Size : 68.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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For the English poet Rudyard Kipling, the city of San Francisco has only one drawback – ‘tis hard to leave. Author Thomas Moyer, a conservative by choice, couldn’t agree more as he calls The City by the Bay his home yet finds it quite different from the city he imagined it to be over a decade ago. In Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco, he takes readers into the dual facets of the Paris of the West --- the city with lush greenery, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean on one side and its band of hippies, drug addicts and liberals on one end. More than just a literary piece tackling the division of the world into being conservative or being liberal, this highly insightful work of Moyer is part travel guide, part personal memoir, and part political commentary. Like Group Captain Lionel Mandrake in Stanley Kubrick’s Cold War dark comedy, “Dr. Strangelove”, Moyer stays true to his ideals of doing the best he can under less-than-ideal condtions while most of the people around him are a bit crazy, weak willed, or downright odd. “To be clear then, just as Mandrake loved the world of Strangelove, I love this city. It’s my home here, now and forever. But I have some serious misgivings about San Francisco’s politics,” Moyer wrote in the introduction. “My intention in writing this book is to bring to light the good, the bad, and the wacky aspects of San Francisco. If you’re a conservative of any shade or degree who’s planning on visiting or moving to the city, or even the Bay Area, more generally, I’m going to be your tour guide on your trip down into the rabbit hole of San Francisco. And I’m going to show you how to manage to keep your conservative morals intact when surrounded on all sides by the exotic lunacy of this Strangelove-like world.” Moyer provides a conservative insider’s perspective into San Francisco in Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco —its people, culture, politics, and what it’s really like to be a “Mandrake” inside the most liberal city in America. More importantly, he shows conservative readers how he learned to stop worrying and love the city. Conservative Survival Guide to San Francisco is more than just a looking glass into the bipolarities of the cool grey city of love. It also takes into account the author’s experiences in the most liberal city in America and is meant to show a snapshot into the life of a conservative. At turns striking and original, this eruditely crafted piece is the ultimate guide to the rabbit hole that is San Francisco.
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