The Design Of Childhood

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The Design Of Childhood

Author : Alexandra Lange
ISBN : 9781632866370
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 70.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From building blocks to city blocks, an eye-opening exploration of how children's playthings and physical surroundings affect their development. Parents obsess over their children's playdates, kindergarten curriculum, and every bump and bruise, but the toys, classrooms, playgrounds, and neighborhoods little ones engage with are just as important. These objects and spaces encode decades, even centuries of changing ideas about what makes for good child-rearing--and what does not. Do you choose wooden toys, or plastic, or, increasingly, digital? What do youngsters lose when seesaws are deemed too dangerous and slides are designed primarily for safety? How can the built environment help children cultivate self-reliance? In these debates, parents, educators, and kids themselves are often caught in the middle. Now, prominent design critic Alexandra Lange reveals the surprising histories behind the human-made elements of our children's pint-size landscape. Her fascinating investigation shows how the seemingly innocuous universe of stuff affects kids' behavior, values, and health, often in subtle ways. And she reveals how years of decisions by toymakers, architects, and urban planners have helped--and hindered--American youngsters' journeys toward independence. Seen through Lange's eyes, everything from the sandbox to the street becomes vibrant with buried meaning. The Design of Childhood will change the way you view your children's world--and your own.
Category: Family & Relationships

Childhood By Design

Author : Megan Brandow-Faller
ISBN : 9781501332036
Genre : Art
File Size : 75.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Informed by the analytical practices of the interdisciplinary 'material turn' and social historical studies of childhood, Childhood By Design: Toys and the Material Culture of Childhood offers new approaches to the material world of childhood and design culture for children. This volume situates toys and design culture for children within broader narratives on history, art, design and the decorative arts, where toy design has traditionally been viewed as an aberration from more serious pursuits. The essays included treat toys not merely as unproblematic reflections of socio-cultural constructions of childhood but consider how design culture actively shaped, commodified and materialized shifting discursive constellations surrounding childhood and children. Focusing on the new array of material objects designed in response to the modern 'invention' of childhood-what we might refer to as objects for a childhood by design-Childhood by Design explores dynamic tensions between theory and practice, discursive constructions and lived experience as embodied in the material culture of childhood. Contributions from and between a variety of disciplinary perspectives (including history, art history, material cultural studies, decorative arts, design history, and childhood studies) are represented – critically linking historical discourses of childhood with close study of material objects and design culture. Chronologically, the volume spans the 18th century, which witnessed the invention of the toy as an educational plaything and a proliferation of new material artifacts designed expressly for children's use; through the 19th-century expansion of factory-based methods of toy production facilitating accuracy in miniaturization and a new vocabulary of design objects coinciding with the recognition of childhood innocence and physical separation within the household; towards the intersection of early 20th-century child-centered pedagogy and modernist approaches to nursery and furniture design; through the changing consumption and sales practices of the postwar period marketing directly to children through television, film and other digital media; and into the present, where the line between the material culture of childhood and adulthood is increasingly blurred.
Category: Art

Childhood And Nature

Author : David Sobel
ISBN : 9781571107411
Genre : Education
File Size : 24.9 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents a collection of essays combining anecdotal and theoretical insights into environmental ethics and human ecology to help foster environmentally responsible students.
Category: Education

Creative Childcare Practice Program Design In Early Childhood

Author : Ian Broinowski
ISBN : 9780244128586
Genre : Education
File Size : 38.60 MB
Format : PDF
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This innovative Australian book explores opportunities for creativity within an early childhood environment. Challenging existing educational practice this book offers an alternative way of learning about program planning and observation, and will provide you with the underpinning knowledge to support the design and implementation of a creative children's program. It covers: play and leisure; opportunities, organization and experience for children; observation - use and interpretation of; records, facilitation of the design, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs; and the development of programs for children with additional needs.
Category: Education

Designing Spaces For Early Childhood Development

Author : Jure Kotnik
ISBN : 1864707321
File Size : 71.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Contemporary pedagogy contends that children's growth and development takes place through experiences. This book is intended to uncover the relationship between child development and early childhood space design through an exciting selection of kindergarten, childcare, and nursery designs from around the world, each of which provides authentic, stimulating, and meaningful environments full of rich and active hands-on experiences to facilitate children's access to nature and human connection as they discover the world and assimilate everything they need to grow and thrive. Rather than merely the design of preschool buildings, the book focuses on the quality of the space. A brief editor's note is given for each case to highlight the important elements of the design, use, and function that help children to shape their own personal curriculum. A short interview-a dialogue with the architect-is also offered after some of the projects for readers to gain greater insight into the ideas and processes of the architects. Highly illustrated with stunning full-color throughout, this book hopes to spark the design inspirations of kindergarten architects, interior designers, outdoor playground designers, and child educators on how to design a quality space for children.

Universal Design For Learning In The Early Childhood Classroom

Author : Pamela Brillante
ISBN : 9781317223894
Genre : Education
File Size : 30.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Universal Design for Learning in the Early Childhood Classroom focuses on proactively designing PreK through Grade 3 classroom environments, instruction, and assessments that are flexible enough to ensure that teachers can accommodate the needs of all the students in their classrooms. Typically developing students, gifted students, students who are impacted by poverty, children who speak multiple languages or have a home language that is different than the classroom language, and students with identified or potential developmental or learning disabilities are all covered within this highly practical, easy-to-use guide to UDL in the early years.
Category: Education

Childhood Dreams And Adult Laughs Lighting Design Of Avenue Q

Author : Eric M. Armstrong
ISBN : OCLC:1135864769
Genre : Stage lighting
File Size : 67.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This thesis will present and discuss the analysis, design process and execution of the lighting design for the University of Arkansas's production of the musical Avenue Q. Special time will be taken to discuss the unique challenges faced by this production during early design meetings as well as during the execution of the design. This paper will document my process in illuminating the satirical themes in Avenue Q. Avenue Q looks at modern life through the lenses of a children's learning program. Through my use of color and texture I worked to amplify the realism and create musical theatre moments.
Category: Stage lighting

Twelve Best Practices For Early Childhood Education

Author : Ann Lewin-Benham
ISBN : 9780807771396
Genre : Education
File Size : 62.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Popular author Ann Lewin-Benham draws on her experience with the Reggio Approach to present 12 "best practices" inspired not only by Reggio, but also by play-based and Montessori approaches to early childhood education. These practices are demonstrated, one per chapter, with scenarios from classrooms, dialogues of children and teachers, and work samples showing the outcome of using each practice. This resource includes a self-assessment tool to assist you in examining your practices and those of your school.
Category: Education

Brain And Spinal Tumors Of Childhood

Author : David Walker
ISBN : 9781444114263
Genre : Medical
File Size : 20.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Children with brain and spinal tumors account for 20-25% of childhood cancers. Until the early 1990s there had been little progress in the development of new treatments, and outcomes were not improving despite advances seen in other childhood cancers. During the past 10 years, however, there has been a dramatic increase in interest in the subject among pediatric specialists worldwide, and new multi-disciplinary teams have become established. There are encouraging early signs of improvement in outcomes, and more are anticipated. The appearance of this comprehensive, but practical, evidence-based review of brain and spinal tumors in children is therefore very timely. The content includes detailed coverage of the diagnosis, clinical management, after care and monitoring, and underlying biology of brain and spinal tumors in children. International in approach, it draws on the experience of the European Childhood Brain Tumour Committee, linked to the International Society of Paediatric Oncology, and various multi-centre clinical trials to reflect the various approaches to management that have arisen around the world.
Category: Medical

Doing Early Childhood Research

Author : Mac Naughton, Glenda
ISBN : 9780335242627
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book demystifies the research process and shows how to select methods which are appropriate for working with young children in early childhood settings or at home.
Category: Education

The Power Of Projects

Author : Judy Harris Helm
ISBN : 9780807742983
Genre : Education
File Size : 23.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Building on her enormously popular book, Bringing Reggio Emilia Home, Louise Cadwell helps American educators understand what it means to use ideas from the Reggio Approach in their classrooms. In new and dynamic ways, Cadwell once again takes readers inside the day-to-day practice of a group of early childhood educators. This time she describes the growth and evolution of the work in the St. Louis Reggio Collaborative over the past 10 years.
Category: Education

The Blackwell Handbook Of Early Childhood Development

Author : Kathleen McCartney
ISBN : 9781444357134
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 87.78 MB
Format : PDF
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The Blackwell Handbook of Early Childhood Development presents a comprehensive summary of research into child development from age two to seven. Comprises 30 contributions from both established scholars and emerging leaders in the field The editors have a distinguished reputation in early childhood development Covers biological development, cognitive development, language development, and social, emotional and regulatory development Considers the applications of psychology to the care and education of young children, treating issues such as poverty, media, and the transition to school A valuable resource for students, scholars and practitioners dealing with young children
Category: Psychology

Childhood Onset Of Adult Psychopathology

Author : Judith L. Rapoport
ISBN : 1585628301
Genre : Medical
File Size : 30.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Age at onset studies have been an important approach to understanding disease across all medical specialties. Over the last few decades, genetic research has led to the identification of unique genes and, in some cases, physiologically different disorders. These advances bring us closer to identifying genetic vulnerability and implementing prevention programs for psychopathology. Childhood Onset of "Adult" Psychopathology: Clinical and Research Advances provides an understanding of the childhood onsets of adult psychiatric disorders, including when and in what sequence psychiatric disorders begin in childhood, and how these disorders evolve over the life span. This book examines Studies on the growing volume of data on very early forms of depression, criminality, alcoholism, schizophrenia, and anxiety Genetics, evolution, and the significance of age at onset in terms of individual variability and the course of disease The biological manner in which early-onset disorders progress New insights into the disease etiology of schizophrenia and the neurodevelopmental hypothesis The long-debated subject of whether depressive disorder in preadolescent children is the same as depressive disorder in adults and studies of individuals at risk for disorders of anxiety and depression The implications for prevention of adult psychiatric disorders, alcoholism, and antisocial personality disorder Complete with extensive references and tables, this text provides practitioners with a better understanding of adult psychopathology and insight into early detection and prevention methods.
Category: Medical

Learning Across The Early Childhood Curriculum

Author : Lynn Cohen
ISBN : 9781781907009
Genre : Education
File Size : 33.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Education, according to John Dewey, should be viewed as dynamic and ongoing with direct teaching of integrated content knowledge. This volume offers readers an examination of the content areas in early childhood curriculum that honor Dewey's belief in active, integrated learning.
Category: Education

Early Childhood Programs

Author : Peggy Broadbent
ISBN : 9781452004587
Genre : Education
File Size : 42.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Education

Male Criminal Activity From Childhood Through Youth

Author : Marc Le Blanc
ISBN : 9781461235705
Genre : Medical
File Size : 86.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Male Criminal Activity From Childhood Through Youth reports the results of a large longitudinal study from 1972 to 1985 on a sample of delinquents and a comparison sample of the population in Montreal. A clarification emerges from this extensive study: how to describe criminal activity in a comprehensive theory of crime which integrates the offense, offending, and patterns of offending. Using a developmental approach, Drs. Le Blanc and Fréchette observed a gradation of crimes with subjects progressing through five distinct stages of offending. In all, the research investigates the factors that sustain the development of offending and the mechanisms which accelerate, stabilize, and decelerate the commission of crimes. This book represents a significant advance in the understanding of the development of criminal activity.
Category: Medical

The Architectures Of Childhood

Author : Dr Roy Kozlovsky
ISBN : 9781409472988
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 53.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Between 1935 and 1959, the architecture of childhood was at the centre of architectural discourse in a way that is unique in architectural history. Some of the seminal projects of the period, such as the Secondary Modern School at Hunstanton by Peter and Alison Smithson, Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation at Marseilles, or Aldo van Eyck’s playgrounds and orphanage, were designed for children; At CIAM, architects utilized photographs of children to present their visions for reconstruction. The unprecedented visibility of the child to architectural discourse during the period of reconstruction is the starting point for this interdisciplinary study of modern architecture under welfare state patronage. Focusing mainly on England, this book examines a series of innovative buildings and environments developed for children, such as the adventure playground, the Hertfordshire school, the reformed children hospital, Brutalist housing estates, and New Towns. It studies the methods employed by architects, child experts and policy makers to survey, assess and administer the physiological, emotional and developmental needs of the ‘user’, the child. It identifies the new aesthetic and spatial order permeating the environments of childhood, based on endowing children with the agency and autonomy to create a self-regulating social order out of their own free will, while rendering their interiority and sociability observable and governable. By inserting the architectural object within a broader social and political context, The Architectures of Childhood situates post-war architecture within the welfare state’s project of governing the self, which most intensively targeted the citizen in the making, the children. Yet the emphasis on the utilization of architecture as an instrument of power does not reduce it into a mere document of social policy, as the author uncovers the surplus of meaning and richness of experience invested in these environments at the historical moment when children represented values and ideas about life, community, happiness, human potentiality, and perhaps even the very prospect of imagining a more humane and secure future at the aftermath of the Second World War.
Category: Architecture

Creating An Early Childhood Education Portfolio

Author : Delores Friedman
ISBN : 9781133173007
Genre : Education
File Size : 29.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A teacher's portfolio, like an artist's portfolio, is a continually growing document that reflects one's best work and professional development. CREATING AND PRESENTING AN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION PORTFOLIO encourages and guides students through the process of organizing and creating a portfolio. This practical book is appropriate for early educators needing a portfolio to serve as a bridge as they move from pre-service to in-service, and for practicing teachers wanting a professional development tool to showcase skills and accomplishments. It's divided into three sections, each of which focuses on an aspect of creating the portfolio. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Category: Education