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The Dance Of Fear

Author : Harriet Lerner
ISBN : 0060081589
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 46.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Unhappiness, says bestselling author Harriet Lerner, is fueled by three key emotions: anxiety, fear, and shame. They are the uninvited guests in our lives. When tragedy or hardship hits, they may become our constant companions. Anxiety can wash over us like a tidal wave or operate as a silent thrum under the surface of our daily lives. With stories that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, Lerner takes us from "fear lite" to the most difficult lessons the universe sends us. We learn: how a man was "cured in a day" of the fear of rejection -- and what we can learn from his story how the author overcame her dread of public speaking when her worst fears were realized how to deal with the fear of not being good enough, and with the shame of feeling essentially flawed and inadequate how to stay calm and clear in an anxious, crazy workplace how to manage fear and despair when life sends a crash course in illness, vulnerability, and loss how "positive thinking" helps -- and harms how to be our best and bravest selves, even when we are terrified and have internalized the shaming messages of others No one signs up for anxiety, fear, and shame, but we can’t avoid them either. As we learn to respond to these three key emotions in new ways, we can live more fully in the present and move into the future with courage, clarity, humor, and hope. Fear and Other Uninvited Guests shows us how.
Category: Self-Help

Dance Of Death

Author : R.L. Stine
ISBN : 9781442473751
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 80.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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After the bizarre deaths of her parents, Madeline never expects to feel happy again. Then she falls in love with Justin Fier, a handsome young doctor. She is warned away from Justin by a young man no one else sees, and an old woman everyone things is crazy. They tell her Justin is a man driven by an evil quest that destroys any woman who dares to love him. Is it too late? Can Madeline escape the curse of the Fears?
Category: Juvenile Fiction

God Made Easy

Author : Jag Gill
ISBN : 9781465301345
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 69.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Why You Shouldnt Choose This Book It is not that peace is not. It is not that peace is rare. Heaven is precious, yes. However, it is not rare. In fact heaven, happiness, peace, joy is so common. It is so easily available to us. For aeons we have had the knowledge of our truth. Knowledge of our heaven. But we choose not to be in heaven. We choose hell. There is a very good reason for that. Hell is ours. Heaven belongs to God. Hell belongs to us. In heaven, God rules; in hell, we do. So hell is dear to us it gives us our separation, our ego, our I am. An I am separate from reality, from nature. Hell gives us our responsibilities, our worries, our judgements, our control. So we choose to stay in hell and be responsible for our problems. In heaven, God is responsible for all problems, for all judgements. That we cannot allow. We love our judgements. So unless you are really tired of your hell, of your responsibilities, and of your ego, and if it is not hurting you yet do not buy this book. You, like humanity has done for aeons, will choose to ignore its truth. If ego is still giving you pleasure, stay there is nothing wrong with hell. It is just another reality, and it has its charms. For those who seek change please read on.
Category: Self-Help

The Dance Between God And Humanity

Author : Bruce K. Waltke
ISBN : 9780802867360
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79.68 MB
Format : PDF
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The Dance between God and Humanity brings together thirty-one articles written by Bruce Waltke, reformed evangelical professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, on fascinating topics in biblical theology including: Studying the Psalms devotionally The text and canon of the Old Testament Preaching Proverbs Biblical authority Doing theology for the people of God Evangelical spirituality Old Testament texts about human reproduction Reflections on retirement The role of women in the Bible And much more!
Category: Religion

From Fear To Love

Author : Ray Kane
ISBN : 9781575675961
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.87 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn how to recognize and destroy barriers to authentic love. Reaching out to another in love has its risks. It means making yourself vulnerable, taking the risk that you may experience rejection or worse. But, oh the blessings! Ray and Nancy Kane have been there and have come out on the other side of fear. In From Fear to Love, they speak honestly of the process of moving from the bondage of fear to the confidence of giving and receiving authentic love. Drawing on the biblical example of true, genuine love, the Kanes will help readers move past their hurts and into fellowship with God, their spouses and others.
Category: Religion

Fear Hope

Author : Luke Marusiak
ISBN : 9781483645742
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The collapse of the steel industry in the 1970s hit Western Pennsylvania hard. Hundreds of thousands lost their livelihoods, population sank, schools closed, and despair ruled many. In the midst of these trials, the destinies of three who came of age during that timePhilip Bennet, Liam Conti, and Ruth OBrienwere determined by the choice they made: that of fear or that of hope. As the three grapple with their situation and their yearning for significance, they discover their fight is part of a much larger struggle. Excerpt from the prefaceBarack Obama referring to Pennsylvanians, April 2008: Its not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who arent like them . . . That characterization is so far from the truth; an answer is in order. Fear & Hope is intended to be that answer. This novel is meant, first of all, to entertain because the Western Pennsylvania tragedies and triumphs are one heck of story. But it is also, in some small measure, meant to both rebuff Mr. Obamas pompous marginalization and point out the cautionary tales of high-cost mistakes made then that are being repeated today. This novel is part of the Good Fight Series and overlaps times and characters of Marx & Ford, Loud & Clear, and the upcoming Gold & Glory.
Category: Fiction

The Dna Of Relationships

Author : Gary Smalley
ISBN : 9781414361451
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.74 MB
Format : PDF
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“Life is relationships; the rest is just details.” We are designed for relationships, yet they often bring us pain. In this paradigm-shifting book, Gary Smalley unravels the DNA of relationships: we are made for three great relationships—with God, others, and ourselves—and all relationships involve choice. Gary exposes a destructive relationship dance that characterizes nearly every relationship conflict, and he offers five new dance steps that will revolutionize relationships. The DNA of Relationships, the cornerstone book in Gary Smalley's relationship campaign, will revolutionize your marriage, family, friendships, and work relationships.
Category: Religion


Author : Hailey Dawn Armstrong
ISBN : 1502901056
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Contrast," is a dream the Child has while asleep in the grove after hearing mother earths voice in " I Am Earth," Part I of the five part series. The Child dreams of seven paired travelers who emerge from the forest and circle around her in a great meeting. The animals of all varieties come to journey together at different conscious levels. They slip through a magic passage into the land of Contrast. Where they dance between the elements in love and fear beginning with water and moving onto, wood, fire, earth and finishing with metal. This journey is an interactive and mind enriching adventure where we will learn about the connections between the macrocosms of our universe into the microcosms of our chemistry and emotions, the great pattern of nature being the connecting factor. As the travelers transform they learn how to find their center as they dance between love and fear and realize their hearts desire. They learn to work as a team and utilize each other's gifts to transcend their fears. Contrast will take you on a journey into a place that Rumi speaks of the space between right and wrong. Come, let's venture into the inner workings of our nature!
Category: Fiction

He Is My All

Author : Debbie Alsdorf
ISBN : 9780781406079
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As women, we are created with an innate desire for unconditional love. And throughout our lives we seek ways to satisfy this longing in our hearts: through relationships, motherhood, and even careers. But the search for perfect love in an imperfect world can often leave us feeling heartbroken and insecure. So how do we satisfy our soul's deepest desire? He Is My All is a ten-week journey where you will encounter a God who adores you. This study explores the hope, healing, and life-changing power found in His perfect love. Each day's selection features room for your thoughts, allowing you to journal and meditate on your personal journey. You'll find a God who loves you completely, experience His life-changing power, and embrace a deeper relationship with your heavenly father. The Design4Living series is designed for women seeking to connect God's word with their daily life. Each guide is ideal for both individual and group study.
Category: Religion