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The Customer Signs Your Paycheck

Author : Frank Cooper
ISBN : 9780071635639
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Positive Service Gets Positive Results— Every Time! Customer loyalty is becoming harder to establish and just as difficult to maintain. This is truer than ever in today’s hyperdigital world, where a single customer venting his or her dissatisfaction on a blog or social network can amass an army of anti-you activists—and send your business spiraling. The Customer Signs Your Paycheck reveals the secret to ensuring customer contentment during every interaction. Inside, Frank Cooper examines the elements at the heart of quality customer service, which begin with selfawareness and confidence. You’ll learn: The 10 commandments for customer relations Eight habits to help you get ahead The easiest way to handle customer complaints A simple method for remembering names You’ll immediately take note of dramatic changes in the way you deal with difficult personalities, customer complaints, and other challenges that come with the territory. Why drive customers to the competition? It really is easy to provide superb service, even when dealing with today’s highly empowered and demanding customer.
Category: Business & Economics

The Success Guide For Developing Customers For Life Tools And Strategies For Effectively Doing Business In The Changing Marketplace

Author : Walter L Smith III
ISBN : 9781945172915
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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There are many experiences and people that have contributed to the publishing of this timely manuscript. My own fickle attitude about “good customer service” has consumed my focus, whether I’m shopping for groceries, or making a large purchase; I can’t help myself — I’m a stickler for an approachable, distinguishable and knowledgable customer service professional!” If You are going to be competitive in a changing and volatile marketplace, the ONLY WAY to guarantee "customer loyalty" and long-term stability is to "Develop Customers For Life"!
Category: Business & Economics

The Ultimate Marketing Plan

Author : Dan S. Kennedy
ISBN : 9781440511844
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.23 MB
Format : PDF
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As the market place changes under the impact of the rapid transformation of information and the Internet, marketing plans are more important than ever. This title explains how to integrate social media, contacts and membership, and other tools into a complete plan that strengthens your customer base without breaking your budget.
Category: Business & Economics

Company Officer

Author : Clinton H. Smoke
ISBN : 1401826059
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 46.95 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book was developed to assist paid and volunteer firefighters in the quest to become fire officers. Based on NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Competency, 2003 Edition, this updated book features vital information for those who seek certification as Fire Officer I or II. Comprehensive coverage not only satisfies the operational requirements of NFPA 1021 levels I and II, but also addresses the all-important 'soft skills' that are essential to quick mastery of the fire officer position. Human resource management, communication, leadership, community and government relations, administration and management, fire prevention, inspections and investigations, and safety issues are all addressed for proficiency on the job. In this regard, the book is also useful for members of rescue squads, emergency medical response agencies, and other similar emergency organizations.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Time Management

Author : Harvard Business School Press
ISBN : 1422160815
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Time is the one thing no manager has enough of. Through goal setting, prioritizing, delegation, and other proven techniques, this guide helps managers maximize their personal productivity within and their impact on their organizations. The Harvard Business Essentials series provides comprehensive advice, personal coaching, background information, and guidance on the most relevant topics in business. Whether you are a new manager seeking to expand your skills or a seasoned professional looking to broaden your knowledge base, these solution-oriented books put reliable answers at your fingertips.
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Author : Brian Tracy
ISBN : 9780814413470
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 67.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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If you knew you couldn’t fail, what is the greatest thing you would dare to dream? Is the job you now have the one you’ve always wanted? Do you work with the kind of people you’d like to work with? As personal success expert Brian Tracy can attest, it’s not until you deal with the dissatisfactions of the present that you can move onward and upward to create the wonderful future that is possible for you. And it is possible. In Reinvention, Brian Tracy reveals how every one of us is engineered for success, and with the right focus, can remake ourselves and put an end to the chronic stress, unhappiness, and dissatisfaction we might feel in our careers and lives. This unique, life-altering book gives readers an interactive series of exercises they can use to focus on what they really want for themselves, and: take control of their careers • turn unexpected shakeups and turbulence into positive occasions for growth • dramatically improve their earning ability • develop the self-confidence to take the kind of risks that lead to rapid advancement • decide on and get the job they really want • set clear goals for their lives • write resumes that get results • determine their own salary range We live in a time of rapid change...but also of unprecedented opportunity. This book supplies readers with a proven system they can use to turn their greatest dreams into reality!
Category: Business & Economics


Author : Cherry Adair
ISBN : 9781451684339
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The latest book in a New York Times bestselling thrilling paranormal romance series featuring the men and women of Lodestone: when there is no hope left, this special agency can deliver or retrieve anything, anyone, anywhere. Sexual tension accelerates the race to unravel a complicated puzzle in the latest romantic thriller from the New York Times bestselling “mistress of adrenaline” (Booklist). An Ancient Legacy Lately, the gods are not smiling on Isis Magee. How else can she explain the bizarre events that have led her on a relentless high-stakes chase from Seattle to London to Cairo in search of the elusive tomb of history’s beautiful and enigmatic queen Cleopatra? A Hidden Treasure Isis has only two leads: a fragmented trail of clues offered in rare moments of lucidity by her father, a once-respected archaeologist whose last dig ended in disaster, and the unique sixth sense of sexy Lodestone agent Connor Thorne. The Passion of a Lifetime Connor also encountered tragedy in the Egyptian desert not long ago, and as Isis pulls him deeper into her mission to restore her father’s reputation, he is secretly plotting a revenge of his own. Propelled across wild, untamed sands by vicious unknown forces, the duo is seduced into a labyrinth of secret chambers. When they fear they can go no further, they surrender to their incendiary desires and discover that the prize each separately seeks may be waiting at the end of the same dangerous road.
Category: Fiction


Author : R.J. Brooks
ISBN : 9781441578617
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This incredible story begins when a series of seemingly unrelated events take place along the California Coast. Throw in a few earthquakes of various magnitude and you have a perfect mix to kick-off this story. Max, my main character, is truly a genius, and also a thief. He has begged, borrowed and stolen the millions that were required to build his fantastic invention, a machine called Pellucidar. He has no intention of paying back his lenders and will not relinquish ownership of the Pellucidar to anyone. The Federal Government, the Defense Department, and every major lending institution, comprise a group of the ultimate victims of Maxs financially elaborate plan to finance and use his state of the art invention. Among the crew of the Pellucidar are some of the best minds in their various disciplines. Some of their specialties are in Medicine, Engineering, Biology, and Electronics. Those people are all very close friends of Max, they are all volunteers and consider themselves lucky to be a part of Maxs crew. When the largest quake hit California, Max and his entire crew were on-board the Pellucidar when a suddenly opening fissure swallowed Maxs great machine . . . the adventure begins. To the surprise of all on-board, they found themselves in a vast subterranean world, miles beneath the earths outer crust. Many unique species of life, heretofore unknown to man, were discovered there, and a multitude of related adventures happen along the way. During their random explorations, actual contact was established with an alien race. Their technology and machines were far in-advance of the sciences of earth. While on their mission exploration, through an unusual series of circumstances, it was learned that the entire surface of the earth was being consumed by nuclear chain reactions, the end-result of global thermonuclear war. Earth itself seemed to be on Self Destruct. It was only a matter of time until the steadily increasing heat and radiation laid claim to the remnants of the Human Race. With the survival of the Human Race hanging in the balance, this was the time that Selconnifur would prove his worth. The clock is ticking. IT IS THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW AND THE TIME IS NOW!
Category: Fiction

Tobias Halson Vampire Hunter

Author : John Evans
ISBN : 9783730960073
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tobias Halson is a young vampire hunter protecting the city of Philadelphia from the undead creatures of the night. When a corporate board member is thrown out of an office building showing signs of vampire attack, Tobias is called in to investigate and becomes lost in a world of white collar politics, water cooler plots and the innocence of a young woman in danger. Its a race against time for Tobias to find the killer before he ends up the next victim, as he rides to the rescue with quick wits and snappy one liners. This is a preview of the first two chapters.
Category: Fiction