The Crimes Of Love

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The Crimes Of Love

Author : Marquis de Sade
ISBN : 9780192805072
Genre : Fiction
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"Murder, seduction, and incest are among the cruel rewards for selfless love in Sade's stories; tragedy, despair, and death the inevitable outcome. In this text Sade asks questions about society, about ourselves, and about life, for which we have yet to f
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The Crimes Of Love Heroic And Tragic Tales Preceeded By An Essay On Novels

Author : Marquis de Sade
ISBN : 019280507X
Genre : Fiction
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Who but the Marquis de Sade would write, not of the pain, tragedy, and joy of love but of its crimes? Murder, seduction, and incest are among the cruel rewards for selfless love in his stories; tragedy, despair, and death the inevitable outcome. This new selection includes 'An Essay on Novels', Sade's penetrating survey of the novelist's art. - ;'Senneval, you see in me your sister, the girl you seduced at Nancy, the woman who murdered your son, the wife of your own father and the ignoble creature who sent your mother to the gallows...' Who but the Marquis de Sade would write, not of the pain, tragedy, and joy of love but of its crimes? Murder, seduction, and incest are among the cruel rewards for selfless love in his stories; tragedy, despair, and death the inevitable outcome. Sade's villains will stop at nothing to satisfy their depraved passions, and they in turn suffer under the thrall of love. Psychologically astute, and defiantly unconventional, these stories show Sade at his best. A skilled and artful storyteller, he is also an intellectual who asks questions about society, about ourselves, and about life, for which we have yet to find the answers. This new selection includes 'An Essay on Novels', Sade's penetrating survey of the novelist's art. - ;[An] excellent new edition... A recommended introduction to the Sadean oeuvre for anyone genuinely interested in the ideas that won him enduring notoriety. - Ruth Scurr, Times Literary Supplement
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Crimes Of Love

Author : Donald Levin
ISBN : 193392635X
Genre :
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Love Other Crimes

Author : Sara Paretsky
ISBN : 9780062915566
Genre : Fiction
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“Sara Paretsky is a genius.” —LEE CHILD From New York Times bestselling author Sara Paretsky, a collection of thrilling crime and detective short stories, many featuring legendary detective V.I. Warshawski—including a brand-new V.I. story. New York Times bestselling author Sara Paretsky is the master of twisting suspense and compelling plots. She has been hailed by the crime community as “a legend” (Harlan Coben) and “one of the all-time greats” (Karin Slaughter). Her acclaimed novels featuring detective V.I. Warshawski have become one of the most celebrated series in modern fiction. Now in this spellbinding collection, Paretsky showcases her extraordinary talents with fourteen short stories, including one new V.I. story and seven other classics featuring the indomitable detective. In “Miss Bianca,” a young girl becomes involved in espionage when she befriends a mouse in a laboratory that is conducting dark experiments. Ten-year-old V.I. Warshawski appears in “Wildcat,” embarking on her very first investigation to save her father. A hardboiled New York detective and elderly British aristocrat team up to reveal a murderer in Chicago during the World’s Fair in “Murder at the Century of Progress.” In the new title story, “Love & Other Crimes,” V.I. treads the line between justice and vengeance when the wrongful firing of a family friend makes him a murder suspect. For longtime fans of V.I. Warshawski, new readers discovering her for the first time, or any lover of crime and bone-chilling suspense, Love & Other Crimes is a celebration of Paretsky’s exceptional storytelling skill and a searing exploration of the dark conspiracies and desperate human acts hiding in plain sight.
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A Romantic Rape Of Nanking

Author : Jennifer Suzuki
ISBN : 1547205741
Genre :
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What is the purpose of war? Man in his pacifist rage has forsaken all of war's glory and magnified beyond reason all its cruelty. War enhanced the existence of the superior type of man and man in victory enjoyed the complete domination and monopoly of all the pleasures in conquered females. War for all its vilifications continues in its instinct the preservation of the human species by eliminating the weak, the sick, the degenerate, the unfit. Is war evil? Necessary is the evil.

The Crimes Of Elagabalus

Author : Martijn Icks
ISBN : 9780857720177
Genre : History
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Elagabalus was one of the most notorious of Rome's 'bad emperors': a sexually-depraved and eccentric hedonist who in his short and riotous reign made unprecedented changes to Roman state religion and defied all taboos. An oriental boy-priest from Syria - aged just fourteen when he was elevated to power in 218 CE - he placed the sun god El-Gabal at the head of the established Roman pantheon, engaged in orgiastic rituals, took male and female lovers, wore feminine dress and was alleged to have prostituted himself in taverns and even inside the imperial palace. Since his assassination by the Praetorian Guard at the age of eighteen, Elagabalus has been an object of fascination to historians and a source of inspiration for artists and writers. This immensely readable book examines the life of one of the Roman Empire's most colourful figures, and charts the many guises of his legacy: from evil tyrant to firebrand rebel, from mystical androgyne to modern gay teenager, from decadent sensualist to ancient pop star.
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Empire Of Love

Author : Matt K. Matsuda
ISBN : 0195347471
Genre : History
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In this broad-ranging survey of Paris, Tahiti, Indochina, Japan, New Caledonia, and the South Pacific generally, Matt Matsuda illustrates the fascinating interplay that shaped the imaginations of both colonizer and colonized. Drawing on a wealth of primary sources, Matsuda describes the constitution of a "French Pacific" through the eyes of Tahitian monarchs, Kanak warriors, French politicos and prisoners, Asian revolutionaries and Central American laborers, among others. He argues that French imperialism in the Pacific, both real and imagined, was registered most forcefully in languages of desire and love--for lost islands, promised wealth and riches, carnal and spiritual pleasures--and political affinities. Exploring the conflicting engagements with love for and against the empire in the Pacific, this book is an imaginative and ground-breaking work in global imperial and colonial histories, as well as Pacific histories.
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White Collar Crime

Author : Michael Benson
ISBN : 9780791094136
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Discusses white-collar crime, including the different kinds of white-collar crimes, how they are detected and investigated, and the technological advances in criminal investigation that help apprehend offenders.
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The Crimes Of Children

ISBN : 9781467874403
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 59.22 MB
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The Crimes of Children is the horrific journey of Charles A. Morgan. It is the true story of a mentally-ill child, compounded by severe abuse by his classmates. He was left un-medicated and untreated for almost 3 decades. This story unfolds as his behavior and decision-making get to the point where he tries to take his life many times, through overdoses, even to the point of jumping-off a major interstate bridge into the Ohio River. He wanders through life, with no friends and countless jobs, only to be hospitalized several times. Then, as a child, begins to learn how to walk. Chuck learns how to live after a near-successful suicide attempt. He was able to find his heart and his soul and, like a miracle, found forgiveness for those who hurt him so much - finding his heart, when most would have perished.
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Crimes Of The Future

Author : Jean-Michel Rabaté
ISBN : 9781441155634
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The decade since the publication of Jean-Michel Rabaté's controversial manifesto The Future of Theory saw important changes in the field. The demise of most of the visible French or German philosophers, who had produced texts that would trigger new debates, then to be processed by Theory, has led to drastic revisions and starker assessments. Globalization has been the most obvious factor to modify the selection of texts studied. During the twentieth century, Theory incorporated poetics, rhetorics, aesthetics and linguistics, while also opening itself to continental philosophy. What has changed today? The knowledge that we live in a de-centered world has destabilized the primacy granted to a purely Western canon. Moreover, much of contemporary theory remains highly allusive and this is often baffling for students. Theory keeps recycling itself, producing authentic returns of basic theses, terms and concepts. Canonical modern theorists often return to classical texts, as those of Plato, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche. And now we want to know: what is new? Crimes of the Future explores the past, present and potential future of Theory.
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All For Love

Author : John Dryden
ISBN : KBNL:KBNL03000149090
Genre :
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Living With The Consequences Of Love Care

Author : Eric Xaba
ISBN : 145358868X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 90.2 MB
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This is a story of a boy named Tray. Throughout his life he was always in danger, caused by two people pretending to be lovers. Every time people judge things by it’s own action, but sometimes their judgment become false. Especially in life there is nothing for ever ... the promises as well become unreal. That is how it went down in this family of Tray. He grew up while his parents were still together. Things began to turn up side down on the day his sister was born. Trays family was punished a lot by his actions. He started to join the wrong groups where they were participating in illegal stuff. But this was the only way he could help his mother. He thought it would be easy money, fast money. Tray was on the move, dealing illegal to get the money for his mother who was in a lot of trouble. Sometimes the innocent person becomes the guilty person because of someone else’s fault. It caused a lot of sadness to both Tray and his mother when his father left his mother to go and stay with his new lover. His mother’s life was on the line because of her sickness that developed so fast, and because of that she stressed a lot. Tray was caught and had to be send to prison. After he did his time he went through lot’s of challenges. Tray was attacked and left in a burning shelter which he barely escaped. The enemy attacked again and again with all sorts off weapons like bottles and stuff. The enemy always had a knew plan to get rid of Tray. Most of his days he spent in Hospital. Believing his father caused all of the accidents. Different attacks took place several times but Tray survived all of them. To be a victim keeps a person is not at peace and his health also gets hurt. But at the end his enemies would end up in prison. The people in prison do eventually learn a lesson. After they finished their sentence they also live a peaceful better life, they become clean honest people. This was the same for Trays enemies. This is how we must live with one another in Love and Peace and Care.
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The Perspective Of Love

Author : R. J. Snell
ISBN : 9781630873431
Genre : Religion
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While many of the Reformers considered natural law unproblematic, many Protestants consider natural law a "Catholic thing," and not persuasive. Natural law, it is thought, competes with the Gospel, overlooks the centrality of Christ, posits a domain of pure nature, and overlooks the noetic effects of sin. This "Protestant Prejudice," however strong, overlooks developments in contemporary natural law quite capable and willing to incorporate the usual objections into natural law. While the natural law itself is universal and invariant, theories about the natural law vary widely. The Protestant Prejudice may respond to natural law understood from within the modes of common sense and classical metaphysics, but largely overlooks contemporary natural law beginning from the first-person account of subjectivity and practical reason. Consequently, the sophisticated thought of John Paul II, Martin Rhonheimer, Germain Grisez, and John Finnis is overlooked. Further, the work of Bernard Lonergan allows for a natural law admitting of noetic sin, eagerly incorporating grace, community, the limits of history, a real but limited autonomy, and the centrality of Christ in a natural law that is both graced and natural.
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