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The Covenant In Action

Author : Tavis Smiley
ISBN : 9781458756411
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Covenant in Action was developed to continue the inspirational spirit of the COVENANT WITH BLACK AMERICA and to empower people to take effective action to achieve THE COVENANT goals. The information, tools, and ideas presented in The Covenant in Action will enable and inspire people to become agents of change in their respective communities and to become partners in a larger COVENANT movement. The Covenant in Action is organized into three parts: (1) stories about the projects and actions that everyday people have undertaken over the past year that were inspired by the COVENANT WITH BLACK AMERICA; (2) motivational essays from young Black activists who are on the ground impacting their environments; and (3) a toolkit outlining steps you can take to organize, connect, and act. The toolkit contains not only traditional action strategies, but includes innovative approaches to organizing and community building that will result in stronger, more bonded communities that are reflective of their history and past experiences. The COVENANT WITH BLACK AMERICA was only the first step. The Covenant in Action toolkit will prime and prepare individuals and communities to actually move the COVENANT book into action.
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The Armed Forces Covenant In Action

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Defence Committee
ISBN : 0215060822
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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A series of Ofsted inspections on Army Apprenticeships conducted in 2013 rated the overall effectiveness as good. This was an improvement over the last inspection in 2009, rated as satisfactory (now called 'requires improvement'). Some 28 per cent of Army recruits were less than 18 years of age. Further information is needed on why the Army is so dependent on recruiting personnel under the age of 18 years compared to the other two Services, and whether steps are being taken to reduce this dependency. Of those recruited in 2012, 3.5 per cent of the Army were rated at entry level 2 for literacy (that of a 7 to 8 year old) and 39 per cent had a literacy level of an eleven year old. If as the MoD states, it has to recruit personnel at whatever level of attainment is available, then it should boost remedial action when recruitment entry standards are particularly low. In light of changes brought about by Future Force 2020, it may be that recruiting personnel with higher levels of attainment would better meet the future needs of the Armed Forces. Whilst the Committee recognises that some recruits may not be eager to take further academic exams, the MoD should encourage more recruits to undertake English and Maths GCSEs which would stand them in good stead for future employment. The MoD has carried out some useful pilot projects with paramedic training and should identify more potential projects to ensure that vital skills paid for by the MoD are not lost to the country
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Armed Forces Covenant In Action Part 1 Military Casualties

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Defence Committee
ISBN : 0215039998
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The Government must show how the excellent medical care being delivered to injured service personnel will continue long after the memory of the Afghan Operation fades. This report, which gives praise to the first class medical treatment provided for the Armed Forces, questions whether the support for injured personnel will be sustainable over the long term. In particular, the committee is concerned about the number of people who may go on to develop severe and life-limiting, physical, mental health, alcohol or neurological problems. There is still a question mark over whether the Government as a whole fully understands the likely future demands and related costs
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Armed Forces Covenant In Action Part 2 Accommodation

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Defence Committee
ISBN : 0215045696
Genre : History
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Evidence given to the Committee showed that Armed Forces personnel and their families valued accommodation very highly and saw it as part of their terms and conditions of employment and as promoting unit cohesion and support for families when personnel were deployed on operations. The provision of accommodation was particularly important for those who were required to be mobile; it was the only option allowing families to live together. It is also clear that for many personnel, Service Families Accommodation is the only affordable housing solution. Indeed, the Families Federation said that inquiries and complaints about accommodation account for more than half of the regular communications they receive. So when the Committee considered the MoD's decision to halt upgrade work on accommodation for the next three years, they saw it as damaging to the Covenant and recommended that the MoD look again urgently at the stoppage, which, in any case, could well be a false economy. In early 2012, the MoD began work on the New Employment Model, looking at how Armed Forces personnel are employed. One element of this is the Future Accommodation. The Committee recommends that this project should be sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of the three individual Services by allowing sufficient variation to meet their differing needs. They should also take account of the needs of personnel at different stages in their lives and careers. Given the fragility of morale we recommend that the MoD should use a more effective communications strategy to keep Service families in the picture
Category: History

Hc 527 The Armed Forces Covenant In Action Part 5 Military Casualties

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Defence Committee
ISBN : 9780215078544
Genre : Families of military personnel
File Size : 40.70 MB
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Although Armed Forces personnel have a lower rate of criminal offending than the general population, the rate for violent incidents is substantially higher, particularly amongst those who have previously been deployed in combat roles and those who misuse alcohol. The MoD needs to understand better the links between deployment, alcohol misuse and violent behaviour especially domestic violence. In particular, there has been no research as to the incidence of domestic violence amongst Armed Forces personnel. The Committee also found a 'shocking' backlog in the processing of claims for War Pensions and for the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. The Committee is concerned that the demand for support from the Defence Recovery Capability already exceeds supply. Veterans need more support navigating the overlapping bureaucracy of the health system. Despite assurances from the MoD and the Department of Health, the Committee is concerned that, as operations in Afghanistan and Iraq fade from the public's mind and personnel move on to other lives, the necessary long term support for those injured physically and psychologically will not be maintained. The MoD, in conjunction with the Health Service, has introduced some measures to support veterans with mental health problems and amputees but other conditions also require this focus. The MoD should monitor the results of its work and report the outcomes in its annual report on the Armed Forces Covenant.
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