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The Conundrum

Author : David Owen
ISBN : 9781101560136
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Look out for David Owen's next book, Where the Water Goes. The Conundrum is a mind-changing manifesto about the environment, efficiency and the real path to sustainability. Hybrid cars, fast trains, compact florescent light bulbs, solar panels, carbon offsets: Everything you've been told about living green is wrong. The quest for a breakthrough battery or a 100 mpg car are dangerous fantasies. We are consumers, and we like to consume green and efficiently. But David Owen argues that our best intentions are still at cross purposes to our true goal - living sustainably and caring for our environment and the future of the planet. Efficiency, once considered the holy grail of our environmental problems, turns out to be part of the problem. Efforts to improve efficiency and increase sustainable development only exacerbate the problems they are meant to solve, more than negating the environmental gains. We have little trouble turning increases in efficiency into increases in consumption. David Owen's The Conundrum is an elegant nonfiction narrative filled with fascinating information and anecdotes takes you through the history of energy and the quest for efficiency. This is a book about the environment that will change how you look at the world. We should not be waiting for some geniuses to invent our way out of the energy and economic crisis we're in. We already have the technology and knowledge we need to live sustainably. But will we do it? That is the conundrum. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Science

The Conundrum

Author : Tom Davy
ISBN : 9781449021993
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.36 MB
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The Conundrum is about a cowboy who isn't sure of what side of the fence he wants to ride, law or outlaw. He gets into Colorado mining and meets two beautiful women. One is a gold-digger after his money, the other is his mining partner. Others try to horn in on his beholdings and he's the wrong man with which they should tangle.
Category: Fiction

The Conundrum Of Class

Author : Martin J. Burke
ISBN : 0226080811
Genre : History
File Size : 87.60 MB
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Martin Burke traces the surprisingly complicated history of the idea of class in America from the forming of a new nation to the heart of the Gilded Age. Surveying American political, social, and intellectual life from the late 17th to the end of the 19th century, Burke examines in detail the contested discourse about equality—the way Americans thought and wrote about class, class relations, and their meaning in society. Burke explores a remarkable range of thought to establish the boundaries of class and the language used to describe it in the works of leading political figures, social reformers, and moral philosophers. He traces a shift from class as a legal category of ranks and orders to socio-economic divisions based on occupations and income. Throughout the century, he finds no permanent consensus about the meaning of class in America and instead describes a culture of conflicting ideas and opinions.
Category: History

The Conundrum Of Assets Money

Author : Sharif Rahman
ISBN : 9781467915465
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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259 Trillion Vs 5 Trillion book series describes the workings of our economy, in a way that will excite anyone, by incorporating hundreds of illustrations and beautiful charts, coupled with remarkable descriptions and explanations, yet everything was designed to be as simple as possible. The use of difficult terms and lingo of economics were avoided by the authors to present their thought provoking explanations in simple, plain English. The authors are not economists by education, they are experienced engineers, hell bound to dissect the economy in interesting ways using their methodical approach routinely used by engineers in solving everyday problems. Their method is guaranteed to amaze the reader because each time, they would start at the root of the problem and take the readers to the right answer. The use of paper money and other types of money is discussed at length in this series and finally the answer of whether money is printed out of thin air will be revealed. In fact, the authors listed more than 20 common fallacies and answered all of them in the book series including hyperbolic or exponential functions, more and more debt, the Federal Reserve and central banks, the use of interest on loans to suck money out of the economy, the bank's conspiracy to own everything and many others. This extraordinary book series was painstakingly written with a rarely seen before method of graphics and downloadable video combinations to create the most comprehensive explanation of economic fundamentals, and certainly will be some the most interesting economic books you will ever read. The burning questions you had kept inside for so long will be answered once and for all! The first book describes the common misconception between money and assets. The concept of asset doubling when gold is used as money is presented in an exciting way. The failure of many people to understand this important but never presented before concept, ultimately hastened the demise of the gold standard. If money is created from another asset class, for example rare metals, the amount of assets in the economy will need to double. This doubling will occur, without any corresponding increase in the real, actual wealth in the economy. The origin of money is explained carefully with illustrations, and how money is used in our everyday lives, from the original issuer, right to the end user. The first book of the series listed more than twenty conspiratorial claims, which will be answered throughout the series. In the first book, the authors took on several of these claims such as whether money should be made from valuable item (such as gold) or whether the imposition of interest would suck money out of the system. The book also explains why money must come from debt and the misconception on money's intrinsic value. This first book of the series is designed to be simple, unlike the 2nd book which is heavy on fractional reserve banking and how it operates. Book 1 of the series is fun to read and the thinnest in the series, yet without understanding the differences between money and asset, a reader will have difficulties in understanding fractional reserve banking and many other vital topics throughout the series. The authors created movie presentations for most of the concepts they presented in their book series, and they give them all away in their website for free download. The movie presentations made to accompany the book was one of their interesting ideas to explain the economy in a simple way. You can take your time to understand the workings of the economy and you can repeat them easily, show and discuss with your friends and families. It is time for America to awake from its slumber, from a misdirected, self-fulfilling prophesies of doom, gloom and failures. The future is still great for America, yet the country is fast sliding into the abyss, unless the correct path is taken.
Category: Business & Economics

The Conundrum Of Human Behavior In The Social Environment

Author : Marvin D Feit
ISBN : 9781135430016
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Get the new educational standard under the Council of Social Work Education for human behavior and social environment studies! Critical thinking skills are an indispensable component of any educational program, but especially the HBSE curriculum. The Conundrum of Human Behavior in the Social Environment shows ways to spark those needed skills while providing a comprehensive framework on the social environment impact and human behavior theory crucial for graduate and undergraduate courses. Macro, mezzo, and micro forces are examined in depth, along with considerations for redesigning the content in HBSE curricula in accordance with current educational standards. Noted authorities detail evidence-based practices and present extensive referencing along with offering Web site listings and syllabi for coursework. The Conundrum of Human Behavior in the Social Environment presents theories of behavioral change that can be facilitated by practitioners to eliminate or modify undesirable behaviors, as well as provides a framework useful for understanding how a macro-system consisting of four societal forces (social justice, social problems, social policy, and the political economy) works to influence a micro-system of community, organizational, and group dynamic. Four types of HB and SE course outlines are presented and discussed with an eye toward strengthening foundation courses, along with an analysis of fourteen frequently used Human Behavior and Social Environment textbooks based on the Council on Social Work Education’s 2001 guidelines that also offers a framework for integrating content. The application of the transtheoretical model of behavioral change to the welfare to work transition with public housing residents is presented using both quantitative and qualitative data that has been closely analyzed. The Conundrum of Human Behavior in the Social Environment provides: extensive references clear and helpful figures and tables of data numerous appendices of useful detailed outlines and descriptions of textbooks lists of Web sites a syllabi and course sequence description for micro/macro/mezzo issues The Conundrum of Human Behavior in the Social Environment is valuable reading for students, educators, social workers, health professionals, psychologists, sociologists, and other human services professionals interested in staying on top of the shifts of focus in human behavior and social environmental curriculums.
Category: Social Science

The Conundrum Of Masculinity

Author : Chris Haywood
ISBN : 9781317200529
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 62.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Popular culture is awash with discussions about the difficulties associated with being a man. Television talk shows, media articles and government press releases discuss not simply the problem of men, but have more recently focused on the problems of being a man. The Conundrum of Masculinity challenges highly advertised beliefs that men are in crisis and struggling to hold onto traditional masculine habits whilst the world around them changes. Indeed, whilst there is a range of valuable contributions to the field that examine how men live out their lives in different contexts, there are few accounts that examine in detail the building blocks of masculinity or how men are really ‘put together’. Thus, this innovative and timely volume seeks to provide a systematic exploration of the different aspects of masculinity – in particular hegemony, homosociality, homophobia and heteronormativity. An original approach to the field of masculinity studies, this book ultimately presents a critical synthesis that brings together disparate approaches to provide a clear and concise discussion to address the true nature of masculinity. The Conundrum of Masculinity will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in fields such as Gender Studies, Masculinity Studies and Sociology.
Category: Social Science

The Conundrum

Author : Alice Wallis-Eton
ISBN : 1532742037
Genre : Man-woman relationships
File Size : 49.10 MB
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The brat ... London's most gossiped about young lady The brute ... the Scots Grey's fiercest soldier Lady Eleanor is beautiful, wilful, and finally caused one scandal too many, when she is involved in a petticoat duel over cucumber sandwiches. Her father has had enough and intends to marry her off to become someone else's headache. Except Eleanor demands the right to duel any suitor, and what noble would raise a sword to a gently bred woman? Aibne Kerr is no noble and most people baulk at his scarred face. The fierce warrior and his fellow agents are gathering evidence of a traitorous plot against England. But how can Aibne resist a woman threatening to dismember any man who touches her? Especially one who stands on her tiptoes to yell in his face like a spitting cat? Something in Aibne is stirred by Eleanor's indomitable spirit and he vows to save her from ruin when her father's betrayal is revealed. If the brat and brute don't kill each other first, could two lonely hearts find love?
Category: Man-woman relationships

The Conundrum Of Calliope S Fate

Author : Polimnia Russell
ISBN : 9781326586102
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A fictitious novel inspired by true events in the life of the author, this is the story of a young woman whose father was American, of British descent, and her mother Greek. Born in the States in the aftermath of World War 2, Calliope was raised in Athens, following the divorce of her parents and the remarriage of her mother. At university in the U.S., CalliopeOs life is thrown into disarray when she falls in love with a wealthy Jewish student, whose parents were Holocaust survivors. Drafted into the army, Daniel is tragically killed in Vietnam and the subsequent birth of their daughter out of wedlock dramatically alters the course of CalliopeOs life. Helena, DanielOs mother, brings up her granddaughter in the Judaic tradition and Calliope returns to Greece, never to disclose the existence of her child, even to her future Greek spouse. This is a poignant account of love and loss and, above all, the implacable forces of the inevitability of fate in CalliopeOs life."
Category: Fiction

The Conundrum Of A Clerk

Author : Linda Rae Sande
ISBN : 9781946271136
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.63 MB
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Things are not always as they seem; the first appearance deceives many. — Phaedrus When widower and bank clerk Theodore Streater discovers his late mother was not only the headmistress of Warwick's Grammar and Finishing School, but also its owner, he's in need of someone to run the rather lucrative enterprise. He turns to the woman who helped him regain his position at the bank after he lost an arm fighting in Belgium. His best friend's wife, Elizabeth Bennett-Jones, Viscountess Bostwick, still runs her charity, Finding Work for the Wounded. She is sure there's an applicant who would be perfect as headmistress of her old school. Having lost her position as an operative with the Home Office—her slight limp from a gunshot wound is hard to hide—Daisy Albright is at a loss as to what to do next. She could return to her father's home. The Duke of Ariley would like nothing more than to have his oldest illegitimate daughter under his protection until a suitable marriage can be arranged. But after several years of handling her own affairs away from the aristocracy, Daisy is determined to retain her independence. So when Viscountess Bostwick informs her she has a position in mind, Daisy immediately pays a call on the new owner of Warwick's to apply. Poor Teddy Streater has no idea what he's in for when he hires the ex-spy to run the finishing school. He would prefer to court the comely lady who seems prim and proper, but what woman wants to marry a man with only one arm? Perhaps he should be in search of a mistress. Trouble is, he can only imagine Miss Albright in the role in The Conundrum of a Clerk.
Category: Fiction

The Conundrum

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1052037181
Genre :
File Size : 85.49 MB
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The conundrum of using data pertinent to a study that were gathered after an official interview ceased is considered in this column. First, details of a proposed study on losing a partner will be provided followed by a snippet of a dialogue with one participant. Then the conundrum of whether or not to use the data is explored and a conclusion reached through consideration of standards for qualitative research.