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The Comprehension Of The Holy Spirit Within The Human Condition

Author : Arthur Fanning
ISBN : 9781622337736
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The force of the Holy Spirit is coming. Are you ready? The spiritual forces within the self have been neglected, causing a lot of difficulty. In this series of channelings from the Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning, you’ll learn how to acknowledge, respect, and make the most of these spiritual forces as you continue to work toward ascension. Read about how the forty-nine personalities in your chakras are unifying. Discover the importance of your birth name and date and how to use them to develop harmonics, receive memories, and reveal your divine purpose! Understand why it’s essential to appreciate the many intricate parts and functions of your human body.
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Holy Spirit And Salvation

Author : Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen
ISBN : 9780664231361
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Theologians from the early church to the present have written much about the Holy Spirit and Christian salvation. This extensive sourcebook of primary theological texts makes many of these writings available with a description of their context and importance. Especially valuable are more recent works emerging from theologians in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This global perspective, coupled with the broad selection of writings from the history of theology, makes this the most complete collection of primary source material on these topics.
Category: Religion

The Universe As Communion

Author : Alexei Nesteruk
ISBN : 9780567189226
Genre : Religion
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In this book a new and distinctive approach to the science-religion debate emerges from a synthesis of the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition with phenomenological thought. Developing ideas of Greek Patristics the author treats faith, with its sense of the Divine presence, and knowledge of the universe, as two modes of communion which constitute the human condition. The modern opposition between science and theology (which is historically paralleled with the Church's split between East and West, and monasticism and Christianity in the world), is treated as the split between two intentionalities of the overall human subjectivity. The human person, as a centre of their reconciliation, becomes the major theme of the dialogue between science and theology. It is argued that the reconciliation of science and theology is not simply an academic exercise; it requires an existential change, a change of mind (metanoia), which cannot be effected without ecclesial involvement. Then the person who effectuates the mediation between science and theology is raised to the level of "cosmic priesthood" while the mediation acquires the features of a "cosmic Eucharist" in which all divisions and tensions in creation and humanity are removed. It is through this existential change accompanied by phenomenological analysis that scientific theories can be subjected to a certain "vision" through which the hidden ultimate goal (telos) of scientific research (as the explication of the human condition) shows its kinship to the saving telos advocated by Christian faith. The opposition between theology and science is thus being para-eucharistically overcome.
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The Burning Bush

Author : Sergius Bulgakov
ISBN : 9780802845740
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.30 MB
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The first component in Bulgakov s minor theological trilogy . In this book Sergius Bulgakov refutes the Roman Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception and discusses the Orthodox veneration of the Mother of God. The Burning Bush is a consideration of the personal sinlessness of Mary, the truth of which Bulgakov fi nds grounded in both Gospel witness and the liturgical tradition of the church. Though his most controversial legacy to the theological community, Bulgakov s Sophiology nevertheless is critical to understanding his Mariology. This volume is more than mere sophiological speculation, however, as anthropology, eschatology, original sin, human sanctity, and sexuality all fi nd their way into Bulgakov s exploration of the mystery of the woman chosen by God to give birth freely to the Christ. / In this book, unique in the Russian Orthodox literature, the great theologian Sergius Bulgakov illuminates various aspects of the Church s veneration of the Mother of God. Like all of Bulgakov s devotional books, this is not a work of abstract theologizing, but a work of prayer, opening up a vision of the mystical reality that forms the foundation of our relations to the Ever-Virgin and her relation to us. Thomas Allan Smith s translation is superb, and in his first-rate introduction he does an excellent job of elucidating Bulgakov s sophiological approach. Boris Jakim / Thomas Allan Smith and Eerdmans deserve an immense debt of gratitude for providing a long-awaited English translation of this pivotal work of the leading Russian Orthodox theologian of the twentieth century. Even more, Smith s translation is careful, nuanced, and yet preeminently readable. . . . Western Christians and non-Christians alike often see Orthodoxy as a fascinating, exotic, and mysterious form of Christianity. The Burning Bush, in Smith s translation, helps the reader recognize both Orthodoxy s inner coherence and rationality and its rootedness in a profoundly sublime appreciation of creation s beauty and magnificence. . . . Smith s list of Bulgakov s sources is a simple yet indispensable tool for the scholarly reader. This translation will serve us all well for decades to come. Myroslaw Tataryn
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Discovering The Christian Mind

Author : Douglas Vickers
ISBN : 9781630875749
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.49 MB
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The relation between Christianity and the claims of reason has been at times sharp and conflicting and at times symbiotic. Noted scholars in the church and in the secular academy have asked what Christianity has to do with culture and what the Christian mind has to say, or should be saying, by way of critique in the marketplace of ideas. In Discovering the Christian Mind, Douglas Vickers argues insightfully that prior to the question of what the Christian mind should be doing or saying is that of what the Christian mind is. Vickers shows that the true identity of the Christian mind derives from the Holy Spirit's conveyance to the soul of the grace of regeneration. The conclusion that regeneration is prior to knowing, and that those know truly who know God truly, challenges thought and opinion.
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