The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra

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The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra

Author : Lance Dane
ISBN : 9781594777707
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 39.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A fully illustrated Kama Sutra from the extraordinary and rare art collection of Lance Dane • The first complete translation to illustrate all 64 sexual postures described in the Kama Sutra • Includes 269 rare images • Composed by one of the world’s foremost scholars of the Kama Sutra and Indian art The erotic sentiments described in the Hindu love classic the Kama Sutra constitute the most famous work on sex ever created. Written almost 2,000 years ago, the Kama Sutra deals with all aspects of sexual life, including the principles and techniques of sexual pleasure and how to best achieve ecstatic expression of life’s beauty. In this complete and illustrated guide Lance Dane accompanies the Kama Sutra text with 269 illustrations and great works of art that encompass coins, palm leaf manuscripts, sculptures, ancient toys, jewelry, architecture, ivory combs, birch bark, cloth, paintings, frescoes, and scrolls. Gathered from museums and private collections around the world—as well as the author’s own collection of over 300,000 photographs—these rare images clearly illustrate all 64 sexual positions and the erotic instructions set forth in the Kama Sutra. The result is a dazzling and sensuous reading experience through which the teachings of the Kama Sutra spring to life.
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The Illustrated Kama Sutra

Author : Vātsyāyana
ISBN : 1561630128
Genre : Self-Help
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Indisk seksualetik fra det 4. århundrede med erotiske illustrationer
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The Complete Idiot S Guide To Supercharged Kama Sutra Illustrated

Author : Al Link
ISBN : 1592575749
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 33.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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After centuries, it's still the best climax to a long hard day-and it's full-colour and fully- illustrated... With its ageless wisdom and explicit advice for getting maximum orgasmic pleasure, the Kama Sutrais still considered the definitive sex manual on the market. But among its countless translations and pictorial editions, no volume has gone so deeply into its secrets as this one does-thanks to a very satisfied husband and wife team of sex experts. Completely full colour, this book includes more than 70 photographs by Eric Levin, whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, among other publications Authors are counsellors and certified sex experts Explicit instructions and advice, with beautiful photographs Hot, valuable tips not found in other books on the Kama Sutra
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Kama Sutra

Author : Mallanaga Vatsyayana
ISBN : 1453895248
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 54.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Written in India (100AD-600AD), the Kama Sutra is ultimately about wisom and our creative cultivation as complete individuals with healthy, intimate relations with others. It covers the three aims of life, virtue (dharma), prosperity (artha), and love (kama). The Kama Sutra is a philosophical work that discusses sexuality and its cultivation openly and honestly. It is not significantly influenced by western Christian morals that dominate western attitudes on sex. The Kama Sutra sex positions are the most famous part of the book. This edition is beautifully illustrated with 25 full page pictures of all the Kama Sutra sex positions."-- back cover.
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Sex Positions

Author : Kamasutra Lifestyle
ISBN : 1517623340
Genre :
File Size : 85.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Best Sex PositionsComplete with IllustrationsFor many of us Kama Sutra is still a mysterious and hidden manual for lovemaking that could provide us with the secrets to infinite orgasms and long prosperous relationships. In reality the Kama Sutra is a much subtler and more spiritual text than that, which has sometimes been lost in our modern approach to the Kama Sutra. In this book the spiritual element of the original Kama Sutra that promotes closeness and true intimacy is coupled with our modern love of experimentation and sex positivity. Creating a fun and streamlined approach to the Kama Sutra that is easy to follow, inspiring and full of exciting tips and positions to send your partner wild. * Discover the rich history of the Kama Sutra and how its original intentions can give a kick to your love life while also teaching you how to respect your partner and truly explore them - in every sense possible. * Teach yourself how to be more present with a lover so you can have a deeper connection and understand their physical and mental needs. * Learn about forty unique and inviting positions for you to try with a partner as well as tips for success and making sure the positions work for you. Remember You Don't Need a Kindle Just Download the App* Sex positions for beginners * Sex positions for advanced * Karma Sutra for beginners Click on The Top of The Page to Order Now!

Kamasutra Illustrated

Author : Vatsyayana
ISBN : 1973767295
Genre :
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In the literature of all countries there will be found a certain number of works treating especially of love. Everywhere the subject is dealt with differently, and from various points of view. In the present publication it is proposed to give a complete translation of what is considered the standard work on love in Sanscrit literature, and which is called the 'Vatsyayana Kama Sutra, ' or Aphorisms on Love, by Vatsyayana


Author : V*atsy*ayana
ISBN : STANFORD:36105025772604
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Kamasutra is the oldest extant Hindu textbook of erotic love. It is about the art of living - about finding a partner, maintaining power in a marriage, committing adultery, living as or with a courtesan, using drugs - and also about the positions in sexual intercourse. It was composed inSanskrit, the literary language of ancient India, sometime in the third century of the common era, probably in North India. It combines an encyclopedic coverage of all imaginable aspects of sex with a closely observed sexual pyschology and a dramatic, novelistic narrative of seduction,consummation, and disentanglement. Best known in English through the highly mannered, padded, and inaccurate nineteenth-century translation of Sir Richard Burton, the text is presented here in an entirely new translation into clear, vivid, sexually frank English, together with three commentaries:translated excerpts from the earliest and most famous Sanskrit commentary (13th century) and from a twentieth-century Hindi commentary, and explanatory notes by the two translators.The lively and entertaining introduction by Wendy Doniger discusses the history of the text and its reception in India and Europe, analyses its attitudes toward gender and sexual violence, and sets it in the context of ancient Indian social theory, scientific method, and sexual ethics.
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Kama Sutra

Author : Kamasutra Lifestyle
ISBN : 1523604549
Genre :
File Size : 87.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Kama Sutra Illustrated In this modern update of the Kama Sutra you will be introduced to the ancient wisdom of godly lovemaking, which has been guiding lovers for generations, told with the sophistication and variety that 21st century sex provides. This Kama Sutra illustrated book covers the wide range of delights that the Kama Sutra book has to offer, from understanding the central tenants of better lovemaking, to fully exploring the many different pleasure points found in the body and how to fully stimulate them, and, of course, a complete guide to 100 sex positions with photographs. The Kama Sutra is not just a sex positions book however, it is much more than this; it is how to be a more considerate and intimate lover at all times, not just in the bedroom, and how to take this new appreciation of your partner, and your new lovemaking skills, to build a strong and long lasting relationship. You will be taught how to incorporate the philosophy of the Kama Sutra book into your life with easy to follow and practical advice that will show an immediate improvement to your love making. You will be taught how to savor each moment, each contour, and each breath of your partner in a whole new light. Explore you and your partner's body with renewed passion and intensity and discover the Kama Sutra way to maximize your lover's pleasure and make it your own. Be taken into the world of the Kama Sutra and Kama Sutra positions to become the lover you've always wanted to be. Discover 100 fully illustrated, adventurous and unique Kama Sutra positions; from the original classics to over 30 stunning new ones all with easy-to-follow and vivid sex position photos. The included sex positions book will become an instrumental tool in your future love making and each of the positions comes with advice on working them into your sex life and handy tips to get the most out of them. See sex and intimacy differently and learn how to consistently have great sex that is intimate and satisfying with the Kama Sutra illustrated guide. Don't settle for the same three positions you've been using since high school, put your body into positions it's never been in before and find sensations you've never dreamed of by looking through the many sex positions photos. Begin to discover and explore your own body differently: by learning about what makes our partners tick we begin to see it in ourselves and learn how to maximize our own pleasure in ways we had never thought possible before. Think you already know all of his or her favorite spots? All of their erogenous zones? Think again, the world of the body and its many pleasure zones can be overwhelming without a guide. In this guide you will not just be told where the most intense pleasure zones, but what makes them so intense and how to find your own. You can see them being used in action with the sex positions with photographs. Teach yourself about the rich history of the Kama Sutra, how it reached us in its current form, and how it can be used to fit into the modern world of dating and love making. Take in what the marvels of modern science has to tell us about the anatomy of pleasure and see how to introduce the humble vibrator into your sexual expeditions. Just a beginner? Don't worry, the modern Kama Sutra guide is a book for lovers of all levels of intimacy and closeness. It is never too early or too late to approach the Kama Sutra and the many wonders it has in store for you. Don't wait until you are in a long term relationship or your sex life has become stale to start increasing your love making potential, learn now with the Kama Sutra guide and use the principles here to increase your sex appeal and better appreciate any future lovers. Find out how to become a Kama Sutra lover today and never leave you or your partner unsatisfied again!

Kama Sutra

Author : Madison Streep
ISBN : 9798652799106
Genre :
File Size : 40.42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If you are looking for the most detailed guide on Kama Sutra, you want to discover the most amazing Kama Sutra Sex Positions, Kama Sutra Secrets, many ways to fulfill your most hidden sex fantasies, make the best out of your sexual experiences... Then this book is for you! This book contains all you need to know about bringing your sex to the next level through the learning of Kama Sutra and its many benefits. By using the knowledge within these pages you will surprise your sexual partner. You will learn things you didn't even know you needed to know but that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them! In this book you will discover: - What is Kama Sutra and its benefits - What is love for Kama Sutra - How to succeed in flirting and courtship - How can you become a master in seduction - How to maximize intimacy and foreplay - How enjoy at best the 100+ sex positions of the extended Kama Sutra including, standing, relaxing, woman dominates, man dominates, sitting, acrobatic positions - How to excel at oral sex with several positions - What to do if you want to try anal sex - What masturbation techniques can you use to better discover yourself - What type of orgasm should you aim at and how to get them - How can sex toys spice up your sex life - In which cases you should go for a threesome and how can you enjoy at best this experience And much more! Most books on Kama Sutra focus only on few sex positions and do provide enough illustrations; as well they fail to explain clearly all the aspects of Kama Sutra and do not go deep enough in each area. This is instead a complete 360 degrees book on Kama Sutra! If you are a beginner, you can start your journey towards full sex enjoyment. If you have some experience, get ready to upgrade your level up! Do yourself, your partner and everyone else that you will potentially have sex with a favor, read this book! Give your partner the present of informing yourself about how to bring them enjoyment like never before. All you have to do is to click on the BUY NOW button, and you will be able to start your way to becoming the best sexual partner you can ever be!

The Complete Idiot S Guide To The Kama Sutra

Author : Johanina Wikoff
ISBN : 1592571840
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27.96 MB
Format : PDF
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Explains how to enhance sexual pleasure through the lessons offered in the two thousand-year-old text, stressing the importance of acceptance, trust, and comfort between sexual partners.
Category: Social Science


Author : Vātsyāyana
ISBN : UOM:39015080867594
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 23.81 MB
Format : PDF
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The Kamasutra is the oldest extant Hindu textbook of erotic love. About the art of living as well as about the positions in sexual intercourse, it is here newly translated into clear, vivid, sexually frank English together with three commentaries: excerpts from the earliest and most famous Sanskrit commentary (13th century), a twentieth-century Hindi commentary, and explanatory notes by the translators. The edition is enhanced by a selection of colour plates from an early edition of the work.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Highly Civilized Man

Author : Dane Kennedy
ISBN : 9780674039483
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Though best remembered as an adventurer who entered Mecca in disguise and sought the source of the White Nile, Richard Burton contributed so forcefully to his generation that he provides us with a singularly panoramic perspective on the world of the Victorians. Engagingly written and vigorously argued, this book is an important contribution to our understanding of a remarkable man and a crucial era.
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Sex Positions Illustrated

Author : Eva Grey
ISBN : 9798609279224
Genre :
File Size : 28.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Explore Your Fantasies and Revive Your Sexual Relationship with This Ultimate Guide on Sex Positions with Images! Are you looking for ways to reignite the spark in your relationship? Do you want to re-establish the connection with your partner? Do you want to spice up your sex life and make it more exciting? If you answered YES, then keep reading to enter the world of passionate love-making and re-ignite the flame in your relationship! Do you remember the time when you and your partner couldn't take your hands off each other? But then life happens, and that passion slowly evaporates if not tended to. Couples, especially those that have been together long, often search for ways to get out of the sexual rut and reconnect. This book provides A LOT of imaginative, sexy and extremely passionate sex positions that will ensure your lovemaking becomes a shattering experience! But you're not just getting a guide on sex positions. This book delves into the source of why you lost the passion. It will make you communicate more effectively with your partner, find that lost intimacy and soon, you'll fall in love with each other all over again! Here's what you get with this ultimate guide: A guide on how to communicate with your partner to deepen the intimacy Instructions on how to open your mind for new sexual experiences A guide on the connection between sex and physical and mental health Numerous, detailed descriptions of sex positions including illustrations for each one And much more! With this book, you'll find out when is the best time to have sex, how long should it last and how to get into each position to experience different stimulation! There are both basic and advanced positions here, so even if you're just starting as a couple, and the passion is still strong, use this book to take your lovemaking to a whole new level! All you have to do is to Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

Advanced Sex Magic

Author : Maria de Naglowska
ISBN : 9781594778148
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 58.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The first English translation of Maria de Naglowska’s treatise on advanced sexual magic practices, Le mystère de la pendaison • Details Naglowska’s advanced occult teachings on the Third Term of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative power of sex • Explains the mystical erotic hanging rituals of La confrérie de la Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow], the notorious occult order of 1930s Paris • Continues the sexual initiatory teachings first expounded in Naglowska’s The Light of Sex Available for the first time in English, Advanced Sex Magic illuminates the revolutionary occult teachings of Maria de Naglowska--Russian mystic, esoteric high priestess, and self-styled “Satanic Woman” of 1930s Paris. Her religious system, called the Third Term of the Trinity, considered the Holy Spirit (or Wholesome Spirit) to be feminine and taught the importance of sex for the regeneration of the world and the uplifting of humanity. A complement to her The Light of Sex, this book on the hanging mystery initiation details her advanced teachings on the Third Term of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative power of sex and reveals the erotic ritual hanging and other sensory deprivation practices of her magical group, La confrérie de la Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow]. These advanced mystical sexual practices were required for initiation into the brotherhood, and, as Naglowska shows, only through the union of the masculine and the feminine can we bring about a reconciliation of the light and dark forces in nature.
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Kama Sutra Sex Positions

Author : Amanda López
ISBN : 9798611336977
Genre :
File Size : 90.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Have you ever thought about what privileged insights were contained within the famous Kama Sutra? Do you want to explode your sexual energy and improve your sexual health, intimacy and desire? If so then keep reading. While we as a whole realize that it generally will be a book containing exciting sex positions, there is actually a lot more that is included within. This book will take you on a voyage back to ancient occasions, where you will learn the art of enchantment, ways to lure a love, and all of the various ways to engage in various acts both inside and outside of the bedroom. Kamasutra Book is made for describing the art of making love; it is the book of scriptures, records, and dictionary of various sex positions. Kamasutra Book has a lot to offer to improve your intimate life. This Kamasutra Sex Positions guide is featured with illustrated positions, complete with clear explanations to make things easier for couples in the bedroom. Read explanatory portrayals on the best way to perform them, and learn their advantages and disadvantages. Attempt various positions to flavor your love life up a piece. Roll the bones, got a combination of positions and places to light up your intimate life. An assortment of the most smoking positions in Kamasutra will assist you with getting the greater part of the pleasure. All your fantasies will turn out to be real, and the intimacies will play out in splendid colors. Whether you're a humble couple, or you're in to experimenting with new things and taking your sex higher than ever, you are guaranteed to find something inside that you will appreciate. Kama Sutra is a guide for any age or for any phase in a relationship. Kama Sutra helps to propel lovemaking while simultaneously keeping it unusual with squalid room talk. This book holds an extraordinary understanding that sex is a basic fragment of a sentimental relationship. It is outstandingly essential for long stretch connections to lose their sparkle, or couples that might be getting exhausted with their daily practice and are basically searching for better approaches to pizzazz up the room.. For the vast majority, sex and their romantic relationship is an extremely private subject. By purchasing Kama Sutra Sex Positions, you and your partner can appreciate learning about new lovemaking techniques while being in the comfort of your own home. On the off chance that you purchase this book, we can assure you that your sex existence with your partner will greatly profit from it. You will learn: Amazing Sex Positions What is Kama Sutra Kama Sutra in love The Sacred Intimacy The various mode of striking, and the sound appropriate to them Kinki Kama Sutra Intimacy and Kama Sutra embraces The act of kissing Foreplay and sex The courtesan Kama Sutra Sex positions Random position game for the sake of entertainment Even if you don't know anything about Kama Sutra, you will learn the art of sex to improve the intimate love with your partner! Scroll up and click the Buy Now button!

The Gay Kama Sutra

Author : Colin Spencer
ISBN : 1864484039
Genre : Male homosexuality
File Size : 69.18 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A modern adaptation of the Kama Sutra, the classic manual to love and life. Information includes seduction, male sexuality and society, sexual games and risks, living with a partner and aphrodisiacs.
Category: Male homosexuality

A Little Night Magic

Author : Angie Fox
ISBN : 9781939661326
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Category: Fiction

The Men I Didn T Marry

Author : Janice Kaplan
ISBN : 9780307417251
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The authors of the national bestsellers Mine Are Spectacular! and The Botox Diaries apply their trademark wit and wisdom to another delicious read. Join Hallie Lawrence Pierpont as she’s whisked away on a journey into her past love life that leads to her future. Hallie’s husband, Bill, doesn’t even wait until they get home from dropping off their youngest daughter at Yale to announce that he’s leaving–for fitness trainer Ashlee (two e’s, perky breasts, and shiny hair to boot). After first succumbing to an Oreo-induced coma, Hallie is determined to get her life back. An unexpected call from an old college boyfriend sets a plan in motion. Whatever happened to all those men she didn’t marry? First up is Eric, now an international businessman and number 277 on Forbes’s “Richest People in the World” list. He and Hallie used to put a nickel in the piggy bank every time they made love. Now Eric would like to renew the investment. Next she finds Rav Jon Yoma Maharishi–formerly known as Barry. Her onetime backpacking boyfriend has become the spiritual leader at the Heavenly Spirit Retreat Center, and their reunion would be a little smoother if he weren’t in the midst of a three-day silent meditation. Kevin, the sexiest man she ever met, is now a scuba-diving photographer working on Angelina Jolie’s latest movie. When he seduces her into joining him at his beachfront paradise on Virgin Gorda, Hallie can overlook his gaggle of bikini-clad friends, but can a woman survive on a steady diet of sex, sharks, and air tanks? Back at home with her best friend, Bellini Baxter, Hallie visits an all-night spray-tanning salon and Soho’s legendary Cellulite Exorcist, whose secret weapon looks suspiciously like an Oreck vacuum cleaner. Hallie’s college-age children are protective of their mom but embarrassed to have her back in teenage territory–the world of dating and condoms. Finally, Hallie confronts the great love she swore she’d never see again and resolves an old family secret. Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger tell a heartfelt and hilarious story about moving forward by looking back. By turns poignant and laugh-aloud funny, this is a must read for every woman who’s ever wondered about the men she didn’t marry.
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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

Author : Barb Karg
ISBN : 9781440516320
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 29.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.
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The Kama Sutra

Author : Mallanaga Vatsyayana
ISBN : 1986560791
Genre :
File Size : 33.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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One of the great classics of erotica, the Kama Sutra is renowned for its detailed advice on love and lovemaking. The present edition reproduces the famed translation by Sir Richard Francis Burton, renowned British explorer and scholar. Considered one of the best English translations of this early Indian treatise, the work s crisp style set a new standard for translations from the Sanskrit, while the book itself offered an incomparable window onto the culture and mysticism of the East. In this complete and illustrated edition, the Kama Sutra text is accompanied with 310 illustrations in full colour and great works of art from palm leaf manuscripts, sculptures, plaques, cloth paintings and frescoes. Gathered from the museums and private collections around the world, these rare images clearly illustrate all 64 sexual positions and the erotic instructions set forth in the Kama Sutra. The result is a dazzling and sensuous reading experience through which the teachings of the Kama Sutra spring to life. Superbly presented, it is the perfect gift for all lovers of erotic art and writings.