The Complete Guide To Perspective Drawing

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The Complete Guide To Perspective Drawing

Author : Craig Attebery
ISBN : 9781315443546
Genre : Art
File Size : 80.59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Computers can calculate perspective angles and create a drawing for us, but the spontaneity of mark making, the tactile quality of a writing surface, the weight of a drawing instrument, and the immediacy of the human touch are sensations that keep traditional drawing skills perpetually relevant. The sensuality and convenience of the hand persists and will survive as a valuable communication tool, as will the need to accurately express your ideas on paper. As a professional, understanding the foundations of drawing, how we process images, and how we interpret what we see are principal skills. Understanding linear perspective enables artists to accurately communicate their ideas on paper. The Complete Guide to Perspective Drawing offers a step-by-step guide for the beginner as well as the advanced student on how to draw in one-point through six-point perspective and how to make scientifically accurate conceptual illustrations from simple to complex situations.
Category: Art

The Artist S Complete Guide To Figure Drawing

Author : Anthony Ryder
ISBN : 9780770434748
Genre : Art
File Size : 20.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Many of us want to learn “how to draw.” But as artist Anthony Ryder explains, it’s much more important to learn what to draw. In other words, to observe and draw what we actually see, rather than what we think we see. When it comes to drawing the human figure, this means letting go of learned ideas and expectation of what the figure should look like. It means carefully observing the interplay of form and light, shape and line, that combine to create the actual appearance of human form. In The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing, amateur and experienced artists alike are guided toward this new way of seeing and drawing the figure with a three-step drawing method. The book’s progressive course starts with the block-in, an exercise in seeing and establishing the figure’s shape. It then build to the contour, a refined line drawing that represents the figure’s silhouette. The last step is tonal work on the inside of the contour, when light and shadow are shaped to create the illusion of form. Separate chapters explore topics critical to the method: gesture, which expresses a sense of living energy to the figure; light, which largely determines how we see the model; and form, which conveys the figure’s volume and mass. Examples, step-by-steps, and special “tips” offer helpful hints and practical guidance throughout. Lavishly illustrated with the author’s stunning artwork, The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing combines solid instruction with thoughtful meditations on the art of drawing, to both instruct and inspire artists of all levels.
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The Complete Guide To Drawing

Author : Barrington Barber
ISBN : 9781788885942
Genre : Art
File Size : 35.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Anyone who desires to learn to draw well can do so with a little persistence - this is the starting point for The Complete Guide to Drawing, a practical and comprehensive course for students of all abilities. Whether you want to draw a still life, landscapes, figures, or portraits, Barrington Barber brings his invaluable expertise as a working artist and teacher to the task of showing you how. • Includes advice on materials, equipment, and techniques • Explains the fundamentals of drawing objects, people, animals, and nature • Teaches the core skills of perspective, composition, and shading • Contains step-by-step drawings and exercises to practise
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Complete Guide To Perspective

Author : John Raynes
ISBN : 1843400871
Genre : Art
File Size : 62.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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'Complete Guide to Perspective' strips this daunting subject back to its simplest principles and shows how, once these have been grasped, the other, apparently more complex rules, simply build on the basic concept. The principles of perspective are developed in a series of step-by-step projects, from one-, two- and three-point perspective, to different viewpoints and multi-view perspective. The reader is guided with the help of line diagrams, grids and photographs with perspective lines superimposed. The projects develop from the basics to fully-realized drawings. A wide range of subjects are explored in a variety of media and styles. This book is a must for all artists, illustrators and architects.
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Perspective Drawing For Beginners

Author : Len A. Doust
ISBN : 9780486138008
Genre : Art
File Size : 58.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 535
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DIVDoust carefully explains the roles of lines, boxes, and circles, and shows how visualizing shapes and forms can be used in accurate depictions of perspective. One of the most concise introductions available. 33 illustrations. /div
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The Art Of Perspective

Author : Phil Metzger
ISBN : PSU:000061065208
Genre : Art
File Size : 38.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Readers will learn how to create perspective on a flat surface using a variety of media--including acrylic, oil, watercolor, graphite, and more--in this guide that starts simply and gradually introduces more and more challenging subjects. Original.
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Drawing Essentials

Author : Deborah A. Rockman
ISBN : 0190209526
Genre : Color drawing
File Size : 22.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ideal for introductory through advanced studio art courses in drawing, Drawing Essentials: A Complete Guide to Drawing, Third Edition, thoroughly addresses drawing techniques that are the most significant at the foundational level: basic drawing, figure drawing, and perspective drawing. Award-winning artist, teacher, and author Deborah Rockman explains clearly and in depth the essentials of depicting form and space on a two-dimensional surface, focusing on the cultivation of observational skills, critical thinking, technical refinement, and knowledge of materials. Over 550 instructive illustrations enhance the narrative--from old masters to contemporary works, and many student works--offering a wealth of examples for instruction and inspiration. Classroom tested and proven, this new edition builds on the strengths of its predecessors, incorporating additional pedagogy and examples, and updates to address the changing world of twenty-first century studio art.
Category: Color drawing

Basic Perspective Drawing

Author : John Montague
ISBN : UOM:39015060400093
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 81.28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Moving logically from simple concepts to specific tools and methods, this book shows how to construct perspective views one step at a time, with illustrated examples that cover every key part of the process. * Step-by-step instructions make the learning process simpler * Includes a new chapter on aerial perspective and an updated chapter with examples digital perspective drawings * It is visually oriented with the author's graphic explanations making the drawing process easy to understand * The author has also created spare and linear illustrations so the reader can shade sections, highlight lines or use coloured pencils to reinforce concepts and processes
Category: Architecture

Complete Guide To Drawing And Painting

Author : Reader's Digest
ISBN : 0762109351
Genre : Art
File Size : 50.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With more than eight hundred full-color illustrations and step-by-step demonstrations, this artist's guide provides thorough coverage of the materials and techniques of all the most popular drawing and painting media, including charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, pencils, oil, acrylics, and pastels. Reprint.
Category: Art

Perspective Drawing For Kids

Author : Liron Yanconsky
ISBN : 1507759754
Genre :
File Size : 57.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Perspective Drawing for Kids: A Comprehensive Perspective Drawing Guide for KidsPerspective Drawing for Kids is a simple and comprehensive guide aimed at kids and teens (ages 10-18). Inside you will find simple explanations for complex concepts. All the information is presented using simple language, and accompanied with MANY illustrations. The book discusses perspective basics, one-point perspective, two-point perspective and three-point perspective. Each part contains an exercise. There is also a final exercise that concludes everything your kids will learn, in which they will create a complete, beautiful city landscape. Liron is a great believer in the "anyone can do it" approach, and this belief resides in every chapter and page of this book. Get your copy today, and help your kids learn how to draw in perspective!

Exploring Perspective Hand Drawing Second Edition

Author : Stephanie Sipp
ISBN : 9781585039012
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Hand drawing and sketching are fundamental aspects for visual communication in the design field. Individuals can use these two techniques to improve their understanding of spatial concepts, to provide common language for translation of visual ideas and to assist with developing creative design solutions. This book provides every student with an opportunity to learn hand design drawing skills. Students are progressed from very basic drawing techniques to the drawing of complete interior perspective rooms. The step-by-step instructions, hand drawn illustrations and video demonstrations, provide effective support material for this process. In addition, creative strategies and helpful hints throughout the book encourage students to overcome typical obstacles. Creating realistic drawings in proportion depends on the ability to draw a box in perspective. Therefore, the basic theory of this book uses the box method of drawing. Furthermore, all of the objects illustrated are interior elements, furniture and accessories. Each of the three sections in the book builds upon the other. Part I, Drawing Fundamentals, focuses on techniques for learning basic line drawing skills. It covers drawing various forms and the adding of value, texture, pattern, shade and shadow. Part II, Drawing Interior Elements, demonstrates techniques for drawing furniture in one-point and two-point perspective. It also includes instruction for drawing plants, tabletop objects, accessories and window treatments. Finally, Part III, Perspective Drawing, provides detailed instructions for drawing one-point and two-point perspectives of interior spaces. This section provides students the opportunity to bring together all they have learned in previous sections and apply it to toward communicating design ideas. This edition also contains a new section on Advanced Perspective Techniques, which provides a variety of tips and techniques for creating and embellishing perspective drawings.
Category: Computers


Author : Giovanni Civardi
ISBN : 1844485080
Genre : Art
File Size : 36.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 503
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Offers instructions on the techniques of drawing portraits, clothed figures, hands and feet, scenery, and nudes, along with a primer on the importance of light and shade.
Category: Art

The Artist S Complete Guide To Drawing The Head

Author : William Maughan
ISBN : PSU:000054084698
Genre : Drawing
File Size : 41.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 237
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Explains the principles of the drawing method called "chiaroscuro" and shows how to use it to draw people's heads, presenting step-by-step examples.
Category: Drawing

The Complete Guide To Drawing For Beginners

Author : Yoshiko Ogura
ISBN : 9781462921249
Genre : Art
File Size : 90.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An easy-to-follow, yet comprehensive beginner's guide to drawing . In The Complete Guide to Drawing for Beginners, experienced art instructor Yoshiko Ogura explains the basics of pencil drawing through a series of lessons that provide insights on artistic composition, simulating highlights and shadows, depicting realistic forms, rendering texture and creating a sense of depth in your artwork. At the beginning of the book, she provides you with all the information you need to get started—what materials to buy, how to prepare your work surface, pencils and erasers—even how to sit correctly when drawing. Once you know these, Ogura provides a series of easy and clear step-by-step lessons showing you how to draw simple objects while gaining an understanding of the essential concepts of perspective, how to convey hard and soft surfaces and textures, composition and balance. From here, you progress to more complex shapes and objects including landscapes and portraits of people and animals, as she explains all the additional concepts needed to draw these realistically. This book teaches you how to draw the following interesting subjects: Simple forms (an apple, a milk carton, an egg, a mug) Hard & soft surfaces (a cloth, a loaf of bread, a stone, a book) Transparent objects (water droplets, a glass) Complex objects (a pumpkin slice with seeds and pulp, a sunflower) Human figures (hands, portraits) Landscape (trees, buildings) Animals (a cat, a parakeet) Still life (fruit, flowers) Plus, many other inspirational examples and ideas! By the end, all your drawings will begin to look impressively polished and realistic! As you work through the lessons, you'll master all the skills and knowledge that seasoned artists demonstrate in their work.
Category: Art

Perspective Made Easy

Author : Robbie Lee
ISBN : 1440339236
Genre : Art
File Size : 45.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 999
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Perspective Made Easy is a complete guide to understanding drawing in perspective and how to apply it. You will learn to create accurate drawings in one-, two- and three-point perspective, from space scenes to sunny beach parties. Sharing lessons learned from 12 years of teaching, Robbie Lee presents this fun, comic-book style art class to make drawing in perspective as clear as can be. Star-throwing ninjas, intergalactic spaceships and talking robots will help you understand alternative viewpoints, foreshortening, dimension and so much more!
Category: Art

Complete Guide To Drawing Animals

Author : Gottfried Bammes
ISBN : 1844489213
Genre : Art
File Size : 29.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 141
Read : 659

A complete course, packed with instruction and profusely illustrated, this reference book provides expert guidance on all aspects of drawing animals, including size, proportion, perspective, anatomy, skeletal structure, and musculature. The guide provides numerous detailed diagrams for mastering specific techniques and forms, as well as for completing drawings in a range of styles and rendered in a variety of different media, including pencil, charcoal, pastels, and inks. A menagerie of animals are featured, from dogs, horses, and cats to tigers, elephants, camels, and apes, enabling artists to capture their essence.
Category: Art

Simplifying Perspective

Author : Robert Pastrana
ISBN : 9781135036225
Genre : Art
File Size : 28.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 646
Read : 1200

Master the art of linear perspective. If you’re an animator, illustrator, comic book artist, game artist or anything in between, you need to be able to create images that accurately and realistically show space, dimension and form. Simplifying Perspective is the one and only guide that thoughtfully and clearly breaks down the principles of perspective into something that’s easy to understand and use. With approachable lessons and clear visual step-by-step instruction, Robert Pastrana provides you with powerful techniques that help you turn a troubled drawing into a living, breathing, dimensional scene. With Simplifying Perspective, you’ll never have to wade through dense, complex technical manuals again – this comprehensive guide to perspective is tailored specifically for artists who need to learn the ins and outs of one, two, and three-point perspective, measuring, shadows, reflections, and more. Simplifying Perspective presents complex drawing concepts in an easy-to-follow, approachable manner so you can finally learn the essentials of perspective without the anticipated frustration. Provides clarity, depth, and a wealth of examples – this is your must-have guide to understanding and using linear perspective Detailed visual instruction includes hundreds of color coded, step-by-step diagrams that allow you to easily follow the technical process of each construction Comprehensive companion website includes additional resources on perspective with a range of work to help further your skills
Category: Art

Drawing Perspective

Author : Matthew T. Brehm
ISBN : 1438006594
Genre : Art
File Size : 86.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 206
Read : 647

A hands-on guide to perspective provides exercises designed to make drawing perspective effortless and easy.
Category: Art

The Complete Guide To Drawing Illustration

Author : Peter Gray
ISBN : 9781789502916
Genre : Art
File Size : 33.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 894
Read : 689

If you have always wanted to excel at drawing, then The Complete Guide to Drawing & Illustration is for you. All you need is a pencil, a bit of blank paper and the expert guidance you will find within these pages. This book is designed to systematically teach you the essentials of drawing and lays the groundwork for you to develop your own personal drawing style. • Hands-on course in drawing and illustration, suitable for beginners and improvers alike • Practical, step-by-step, easy-to-follow exercises and demonstrations • From simple object drawing, move on to tackle all aspects of our environment, people and animals • Sketching and observation, materials and theory, tips and techniques - everything you need to know to create original artworks, cartoons and illustrations • More than 1,000 illustrations
Category: Art