The College Labyrinth

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The College Labyrinth

Author : Erin Avery
ISBN : 1098300270
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The College Labyrinth: A Mindful Admissions Approach explores the potential role of the labyrinth in the college application process, seeking a new implementation for a very old tool, to help today's nomads and educational pilgrims to find their way, to grow comfortable with their individual journeys, and to recognize this time in their lives as an opportunity not for stress and anxiety, but for community and self-discovery. Whether the journey is physical, psychological, overtly spiritual or simply metaphorical, Dr. Avery presents the archetype of the labyrinth as a powerful tool to navigate change and to help all college stakeholders to remain centered and mindful.

Leaders In The Labyrinth

Author : Stephen J. Nelson
ISBN : 1607096579
Genre : Education
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Leaders in the Labyrinth sheds light on how presidents conduct the influence and power of their office, especially in the use of their pulpits, how they navigate issues of political correctness, and how they hold the center of the university together, in contentious times and against competing ideological forces. Nelson has formulated a comprehensive image of the tenor, talents, and temperaments essential for todayOs presidency, for those who aspire to assume leadership in the future and for those who select the leaders of our colleges and universities.
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Author : LabyrinthSRw Notebook
ISBN : 1706757220
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College Ruled Color Paperback. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). Labyrinth. 157311299852


Author : LabyrinthCv Notebook
ISBN : 1711196398
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College Ruled Color Paperback. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). Labyrinth. 15745037711

The Rose Labyrinth

Author : Titania Hardie
ISBN : 9781416584605
Genre : Fiction
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Category: Fiction

Rama S Labyrinth

Author : Sandra Wagner-Wright
ISBN : 9780996384506
Genre : History
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“A weekend’s engaging pursuit.” Five Stars—David Lloyd Sutton, San Francisco Book Review Educated and inquisitive, Pandita Ramabai was born in 1858 near Gangamul in the Western Ghat mountains of southern India. The daughter of a Sanskrit scholar, she rose to become a respected scholar herself, in a time when women rarely held such positions. But having lost nearly everyone she loved to famine or cholera, Rama spent most of her life in search of a community she could call home. A widow and single mother, she became a social activist and reformer, relentlessly advocating for the education of women and the care of India’s many poor, widowed child-brides. Rama’s journey takes readers across British India to England and America as this strong, determined woman battles prejudice, tradition and a male-dominated society to find justice for those with no voice or opportunity. The Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, which she founded during a severe famine, became home to thousands of outcast children, child widows, orphans, and other destitute women. It is still active today. As one of the world’s great, unsung heroines, Pandita Ramabai has been called one of India’s “greatest daughters.”
Category: History

Hero In The Labyrinth

Author : William Bishop
ISBN : 9781847533975
Genre : Fiction
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A lady once casually remarked on British public broadcasting that a third of society is depressed but no one ever speaks about it. Perhaps, in all seriousness, it is to this third of the population that this book is addressed. However you don't have to be depressed to read it. Potentially it is both amusing and instructive, light and deep. Shocked by the approach of his fiftieth year, an English bachelor makes a desperate attempt to become inwardly aware of his given circumstances. The attempt is sustained as a trial over a complete seven-year cycle in his life, leading virtually to the constitution of a new self. Occasionally enlivened by humour, what is particularly valuable in this account of Hero's manoeuvrings in time is its honesty and sustained sense of hope.
Category: Fiction

The Labyrinth In The Metropole

Author : Amalia Dache-Gerbino
ISBN : OCLC:949895267
Genre : African American college students
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"The dominant discourse on African American and Latina/o college access and choice describes general schooling, sociocultural, and historical factors associated with students' likelihood to attend. The essential elements are fairly consistent in the higher education literature. High school grades, standardized test scores, pre-college experiences, family socioeconomic status, federal financial aid policy, state appropriations and residential proximity to college campuses, have all been shown to contribute to postsecondary enrollment (McDonough, 1997; Perna & Thomas, 2008; Tierney & Venegas, 2009; Turley, 2009). Non-dominant discourses of college access and choice for these populations draw on factors of de-facto segregation and the continued presence of racism shaping higher education opportunities for people of color (Minor, 2008; Harper, 2012). In an effort to challenge the dominant discourse and support non-dominant discourses of college access and choice, I employ a postcolonial geographic (PCG) framework. The use of postcolonialism as a research methodology in higher education is rare due to its focus on the third world and its origins in literary criticism (Barker, 2008). Nevertheless, in this study I aim to show how traditional access and choice factors function as elements of internal colonialism (Tuck & Yang, 2012) and how public transportation is a significant but understudied factor in access and choice for African American and Latina/o residents. Postcolonialism thus forms part of a three-pronged theoretical framework that also includes critical geographic theories and the spatial mismatch approach (Sanchez, Stolz, & Ma, 2003). The PCG framework orients this study toward a mixed-method research design. The reason is that postcolonialism challenges the dominant discourse, highlighting the value of the subaltern experience - the experience of groups and individuals on the margins of society. The PCG framework allows for both quantitative and qualitative modes of data collection and analysis. A transformative explanatory sequential model (Creswell & Clark, 2011) is used to analyze U.S. Census data, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS) data, public transportation data, and bus-riding observational data. The quantitative and geographic data were collected through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS); the bus-riding qualitative data were collected through personal observation. Geographic differences were found across educational and economic variables, including race, household income, college proximity, and public transportation. The quantitative and geographic data revealed college 'deserts' and college 'oases' in urban and suburban areas. Race and high-income variables were found to be statistically significant across the postcolonial geographies, whereas low-income variables were not. Qualitative data supported the classification of some urban areas as deserts. Indeed, the suggestion is made that there exists bus-riding apartheid. I argue that the public transit system controls access for racial/ethnic minoritized urban residents. In this respect, it is indeed a 'labyrinth.' Consequently, there is an urgent need for urban reform. This could be accomplished through collaboration between communities and educational institutions. Future research should be directed especially toward the deserts - local urban areas with high concentrations of residents who have not earned high school or college degrees. Through college-community partnerships, urban-specific policies and higher education practices could together provide a way out of the labyrinth"--Pages vii-ix.
Category: African American college students

Travels In The Labyrinth

Author : Naples Art Museum (Naples, Fla.)
ISBN : 0812217748
Genre : Art
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"A complete account of modern Mexican art."--
Category: Art

American Labyrinth

Author : Raymond Haberski, Jr.
ISBN : 9781501730221
Genre : History
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Intellectual history has never been more relevant and more important to public life in the United States. In complicated and confounding times, people look for the principles that drive action and the foundations that support national ideals. American Labyrinth demonstrates the power of intellectual history to illuminate our public life and examine our ideological assumptions. This volume of essays brings together 19 influential intellectual historians to contribute original thoughts on topics of widespread interest. Raymond Haberski Jr. and Andrew Hartman asked a group of nimble, sharp scholars to respond to a simple question: How might the resources of intellectual history help shed light on contemporary issues with historical resonance? The answers—all rigorous, original, and challenging—are as eclectic in approach and temperament as the authors are different in their interests and methods. Taken together, the essays of American Labyrinth illustrate how intellectual historians, operating in many different registers at once and ranging from the theoretical to the political, can provide telling insights for understanding a public sphere fraught with conflict. In order to understand why people are ready to fight over cultural symbols and political positions we must have insight into how ideas organize, enliven, and define our lives. Ultimately, as Haberski and Hartman show in this volume, the best route through our contemporary American labyrinth is the path that traces our practical and lived ideas.
Category: History

Captive Of The Labyrinth

Author : Mary Jo Ignoffo
ISBN : 0826272312
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Media Kit Since her death in 1922, Sarah Winchester has been perceived as a mysterious, haunted figure. After inheriting a vast fortune upon the death of her husband in 1881, Sarah purchased a simple farmhouse in San José, California. She began building additions to the house and continued construction on it for the next twenty years. A hostile press cast Sarah as the conscience of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company—a widow shouldering responsibility for the many deaths caused by the rifle that brought her riches. She was accused of being a ghost-obsessed spiritualist, and to this day it is largely believed that the extensive construction she executed on her San José house was done to appease the ghouls around her. But was she really as guilt-ridden and superstitious as history remembers her? When Winchester’s home was purchased after her death, it was transformed into a tourist attraction. The bizarre, sprawling mansion and the enigmatic nature of Winchester’s life were exaggerated by the new owners to generate publicity for their business. But as the mansion has become more widely known, the person of Winchester has receded from reality, and she is only remembered for squandering her riches to ward off disturbed spirits. Captive of the Labyrinth: Sarah L. Winchester, Heiress to the Rifle Fortune demystifies the life of this unique American. In the first full-length biography of Winchester, author and historian Mary Jo Ignoffo unearths the truth about this notorious eccentric, revealing that she was not a maddened spiritualist driven by remorse but an intelligent, articulate woman who sought to protect her private life amidst the chaos of her public existence. The author takes readers through Winchester’s several homes, explores her private life, and, by excerpting from personal correspondence, gives the heiress a voice for the first time since her death. Ignoffo’s research reveals that Winchester’s true financial priority was not dissipating her fortune on the mansion in San José but investing it for a philanthropic legacy. For too long Sarah Winchester has existed as a ghost herself—a woman whose existence lies somewhere between the facts of her life and a set of sensationalized recollections of who she may have been. Captive of the Labyrinth finally puts to rest the myths about this remarkable woman, and, in the process, uncovers the legacy she intended to leave behind.
Category: Biography & Autobiography


Author : Arunabha Sengupta
ISBN : 9780595396979
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.55 MB
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Learn Tamil in Thirty Days One Hundred and One ways of Getting Married The Book of Indian Cookery Who would submit bills of these titles against a grant meant for big, fat, jargon-filled books on Software Technology? But, then, Vikram Gupta is no run of the mill Software Professional. Fresh out of college, highly qualified, in great shape and intelligent, he is employed by ACS, the biggest name in the Indian Software World. He is the archetypical image of a young man with a glorious future ahead of him. Yet, he has his problems. He loathes his job, abhors everything about Chennai and hates the guts of his reporting boss. And more importantly, he has the questionable gifts of eccentric logic, irreverence for authority and a macabre sense of humour, which more often than not, place him on sticky wicket. As the year 2000 approaches, accompanied by the dreaded Y2K bug, ACS goes about its customary way of getting innumerable projects done dirt cheap by employing fresh graduates whom they can brow beat, bully and exploit. However, in Vikram Gupta, they run against something they have never encountered before. Within the spic and span corridors of the multinational firm, Vikram discovers conspiracies that threaten to spell doom for the hordes of young people recruited by the company. And he pits his eccentric wits against the cold-blooded deviousness of entrepreneur-par-excellence S. Digambaram, the EVP of ACS Chennai. Somehow along the line, he also manages to fall in love. But, can a sole youth, even aided by cupid, succeed against a giant corporate? What results is an uproarious rollercoaster ride encompassing the deepest secrets of the software world just before the turn of the century. The technological landscape of the software world is etched with numerous colourful characters from all walks of life "A most refreshing sense of humour." -Shyamala Narayan
Category: Fiction


Author : David Bloom
ISBN : 0595808069
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An up-and-coming reporter, Johnny Follyn lands the job of a lifetime when he accepts an assignment to Libya to write a story on the Standard Oil Company.Intent on showing just how beneficial the oil company is to the people of Libya, Johnny isnt prepared for what he discovers.As Johnny tracks the operations of Standard Oil, he also becomes more involved with Libyas history.When Johnny stumbles upon the secrets of an ancient riddle, he sets out to find the answers.With the help of a professor and his friend Ismail, Johnny delves deeper into the past, never thinking of the consequences.But someone doesnt want Johnny to succeed, and they will do anything in their power to stop him.Set against a thrilling backdrop of oil fields, cultural clashes, and lost civilizations, Labyrinth is a fascinating odyssey through history and the minds of peoplepast and present.
Category: Fiction

In The Anglo Arab Labyrinth

Author : Elie Kedouri
ISBN : 9781135308421
Genre : History
File Size : 90.84 MB
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The McMahon-Husayn correspondence has been at the heart of Anglo-Arab relations since World War I. It aroused great controversy, particularly over Palestine. Here, it is examined in historical context to determine why it was so obscure and what lay in the minds of those who drafted it.
Category: History

The Labyrinth

Author : Harold Bloom
ISBN : 9780791098042
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 26.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Examines labyrinths in literary works ranging from Virgil's "Aeneid" to Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose."
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Ehnasya The Labyrinth Gerzeh And Mazghuneh

Author : William Matthew Flinders Petrie
ISBN : 9781108066204
Genre : History
File Size : 88.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Reissued here together, these two well-illustrated excavation reports from 1905 and 1912 cover important archaeological work in Egypt.
Category: History

The Labyrinth Of North American Identities

Author : Philip Resnick
ISBN : 9781442605541
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42.59 MB
Format : PDF
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What exactly does it mean to be North American? Europeans have been engaged in a long-running debate about the meaning and nature of Europe. The Labyrinth of North American Identities generates a similar discussion in the context of North America: what do we learn about North America as a unit and its individual countries when we explore the idea of a shared North American identity? Combining cultural, anthropological, historical, political, economic, and religious considerations, Philip Resnick acknowledges the relative differences in power and influence of the United States and its North American neighbours but digs deeper to uncover shared characteristics that constitute a labyrinth of North American identities unrestricted by national boundaries. To date, discussions of North America have largely revolved around the often technical implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or US homeland security. What has been lacking, by contrast, is a culturally-driven set of reflections. This book examines the legacy of indigenous cultures; the role of organized religion; pathways to independence; the role of imperial languages; manifest destiny; market capitalism and its limitations; democratic practices and failures; diverging uses of the state; new world utopias and dystopias; regional identities; and civilizational perspectives. What results is a vision of North America that defies any top-down attempt to impose a homogeneous "North Americanness."
Category: Political Science

The Labyrinth Of Osiris

Author : Paul Sussman
ISBN : 9781409031369
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.61 MB
Format : PDF
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The bestselling, pulse-pounding archaeological thriller that's a must-read for all fans of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler. A journalist is murdered in Jerusalem’s Armenian Cathedral and Detective Arieh Ben-Roi is spoilt for leads. But one seems out of place – an apparent link to a decades-old missing persons case in Egypt. Baffled, Ben-Roi turns for help to his old friend and sparring partner, Inspector Yusuf Khalifa of the Luxor Police. Although struggling with personal tragedy and immersed in a case of his own – mysterious well poisonings in the Eastern Desert – Khalifa agrees to do some digging. What he discovers will change both men’s lives for ever. As their investigations intertwine, the detectives are drawn ever deeper into a sinister web of violence, abuse, corporate malpractice and international terrorism. And at its heart lies a three thousand year-old mystery that has already taken two lives, and will soon be claiming more...
Category: Fiction

The White Labyrinth

Author : David Barton Smith
ISBN : UCAL:B4117312
Genre : Health planning
File Size : 89.87 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Health planning