The Collection

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Unpacking The Collection

Author : Sarah Byrne
ISBN : 1441982221
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.82 MB
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Museum collections are often perceived as static entities hidden away in storerooms or trapped behind glass cases. By focusing on the dynamic histories of museum collections, new research reveals their pivotal role in shaping a wide range of social relations. Over time and across space the interactions between these artefacts and the people and institutions who made, traded, collected, researched and exhibited them have generated complex networks of material and social agency. In this innovative volume, the contributors draw on a broad range of source materials to explore the cross-cultural interactions which have created museum collections. These case studies contribute significantly to the development of new theoretical frameworks to examine broader questions of materiality, agency, and identity in the past and present. Grounded in case studies from individual objects and museum collections from North America, Europe, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Australia, this truly international volume juxtaposes historical, geographical, and cross-cultural studies. This work will be of great interest to archaeologists and anthropologists studying material culture, as well as researchers in museum studies and cultural heritage management.
Category: Social Science

Where Is The Collection

Author : Charles Davies Sherborn (bibliographe).)
Genre : Natural history museums
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Category: Natural history museums

Demotic Texts From The Collection

Author : Karl-Theodor Zauzich
ISBN : 8772891610
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 27.23 MB
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CNI Publications is the name of the series published by the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen and Museum Tusculanum Press. The volumes in the series are written mainly in English, but also in French and German, and appeal to an international audience primarily within the fields of Assyriology, Near Eastern Archeology and Egyptology. While the publications are principally written by scholars working in the Danish research environment on Middle Eastern antiquity, including scholars from the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection, the Centre for Canon and Identity Formation, and the Old Assyrian Text Project, it also includes contributions by a wide array of distinguished international scholars.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Collection

Author : Keith F. Nickle
ISBN : 9781606086902
Genre : Religion
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Category: Religion

The Collection

Author : Chris Monaghan
ISBN : 9781479707294
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.23 MB
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When an attempt is made to restart the particle accelerator at Geneva during August of 2015, a major disaster occurs. Scientists, who had gathered in Dublin, found they were being called upon to solve a potential catastrophe. While six personnel were the process of repairing the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) a void of accelerated mass is created, trapping the team inside. There seems little hope of survival. In fact, they have not gone anywhere. They now existed in a massless light spectrum beyond which normal vision is not possible. By rights they all should be dead, crushed by the repressurisation of the LHC. They soon realise changes are affecting their personalities as they are bombarded by an onslaught of highly charged protons, causing actual places and events from the past come to life. Bryce, our hero, recognises that Ellen, Bryces love interest, can successfully use Mind Travel techniques to move through time and space. The team, using this same power, focus on a particular element from the periodic table, to literally move from place to place. The team move from place to place until they end up in nineteenth century New Zealand and discover a Maori warrior chief with a recognisable pendant around his neck. It indicates the various experiments being conducted in Geneva in 2015. Upon retrieving the pendant they set off on their mission to regain the other remaining symbols indicated on the pendant. The next item is an electrum necklace located near Queen Hatshepsuts Mortuary Temple. Bryce manages to steal this whilst Hatshepsut and Senenmut make love in his tomb. In the skirmish that follows Jason, Bryces best friend, is wounded by an Egyptian spear. They manage to escape by casting Senenmuts monetary offerings into the air of the Temple of Amun. The team travel to the Rome of Augustus, where they collect the original Res Gestae divi Augustae from the Temple of Vesta. This is to fulfil the next experiment on the Maori pendant. This collection goes relatively smoothly, despite a confrontation Ellen has with some Praetorian Guards. The collection of the death mask of the first wanax (King) from beneath the Lions Gate at Mycenae becomes problematic. John defeats the king, but they now bay for his blood. He manages to escape with the wounded Ellen only to be picked up by a shuttle from Fermilab in California. After a fortunate earthquake at Mycenae, the original team are given the job of reconstructing the damaged Cyclopean wall. The Fermilab shuttle reappears with John aboard. The original team find out from him that three years have elapsed within the period of the day he was absent. With the death mask collected and on aboard the Fermilab rescue team departs but, in doing so, Jason is wounded once again. In the process of collecting the original gold Phaistos disc from Crete, Bryce has a sexual encounter with a princess. Despite his shyness and lack of experience, it was a necessary price to pay to retrieve the last item on the pendant. The collecting process is becoming more of a test of survival. John, Affan and Babette, are all seriously wounded during their time at Pozieres and their Fermilab shuttle is also damaged. They are helped by Ray Palmer, but it is only the beginning of their problems. With LHC and Fermilab now working together they discover that an international espionage group is operating out of the Fermilab site. There has been a security breech and a serious infiltration at the highest levels of the Fermilab management. Billions of dollars in contributions had already been syphoned off. This group had also replaced key personnel with doubles as they are systematically eliminated. It is up to Bryce to put an end to their plan.
Category: Fiction

The Collection Of The Qur An

Author : John Burton
ISBN : 0521296528
Genre : History
File Size : 89.56 MB
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Dr Burton argues that the function of the ascription of the assembly of the Qur'ān to Mohammed's Companions was the deliberate exclusion of the Prophet.
Category: History

The Collection

Author : Gioia Diliberto
ISBN : 9780743280662
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20.22 MB
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A tale based on the highly competitive world of Coco Chanel follows the experiences of 1920s orphan Isabelle Varlet, who in early adulthood recovers from the death of her fiancé by developing her seamstress talents and struggling through the cutthroat world of high fashion. By the author of I Am Madame X. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.
Category: Fiction

The Collection

Author : David P. Cresap
ISBN : 9781496941909
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 35.67 MB
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For author David P. Cresap, writing poetry began by accident, or rather, it was a guided experience, since he truly believes almost nothing happens by accident. In The Collection, he shares a volume of poetry revolving around the trials and experiences of his life. Cresap aims to teach and provide understanding in order to ease the burdens caused by some of life’s uncomfortable situations. The included poems were written as a result of thoughts, situations, and emotions Cresap has personally experienced. Some came in dreams or spiritual lessons regarding the foundations and principals in the teachings of God. Others grew out of the author’s love of the written word—playing with words, sounds, patterns, and silliness. Universal in nature, the works in this anthology solidify the purpose, goals, understanding, and meaning of one’s life on earth. Cresap shares this collection to help others understand their unique situation and apply the teachings relayed in the poems to enhance their own lives.
Category: Poetry

The Collection

Author : Bruce Weiss
ISBN : 9781452055848
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.46 MB
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In The Collection: A Novel, by Bruce Weiss, a world class New England Prep School finds itself in the middle of a controversy over who owns thousands of excavated South American artifacts. The relics, known world wide as The Collection, sits at the center of an international tug of war between the evil headmaster of the Hampton Academy and the indigenous people of the tiny Andean community of Cruz Orjo. Henry White vows never to return what he insists are his, while the Mayor, Pedro Alvarez and the village Shaman seek the return of artifacts that they consider stolen. A story of international intrigue, greed, evil, and crime, not to mention a fast-paced and compelling novel with well-portrayed characters, this is a thoroughly riveting read.
Category: Fiction

The Collection

Author : Jennifer S Hartley
ISBN : 9781496988386
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 55.74 MB
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The four plays in this collection are unique in many ways. All founded on true experiences, the plays show the complexities of human behaviour and the choices people make. They remind us that our decision and actions can rarely, if ever, be classified in simple terms of black and white. These creative works challenge us to look inside and question ourselves, no matter how difficult the answers may be. And behind every word is the realisation that not only do these things happen, they specifically did occur to the many brave individuals who gave up their stories as a means of educating, entertaining, exploring and challenging. Described by audiences as ?life changing, ? ?brave, ? ?shocking, ? ?self-reflective, ? ?raw, ? ?unlike any other theatre experience, ? ?challenging, ? and ?I didn't know theatre could do this.' Hartley puts all her cards on the table with her writing and is not afraid to tackle the topics others avoid, yet she does so with an honesty, even brutality, that never loses its sensitivity or humour, albeit black humour. Her compassion and respect for those she writes about is clear in ever page of he
Category: Performing Arts

The Collection

Author : Carole Usher
ISBN : 9781300726715
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 82.91 MB
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This book contains 4 books by me. I wanted to do a collection for those who love poetry. I talk about the loss of a love one, family, self love, faith, hope, dreams, and more.
Category: Poetry

Collection Of Alfred

Author : Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN : 9780670670512
Genre : Photographers
File Size : 61.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Photographers

The Collection Process Publication 594

Author : United States. Internal Revenue Service. Collection Process Publication Task Group
ISBN : MINN:31951D02987835M
Genre : Government publications
File Size : 83.22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Government publications

Rae The Collection

Author : Kimberly Vogel
ISBN : 9780557062386
Genre :
File Size : 25.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This story begins with Taia's happy life. It soon turns dark though as it is revealed that she isn't the princess. She's adopted, but it was by her kidnapper! Urged on by the advisor reminding the king about a prophecy, he turns on the teen. She barely survives the attack. Now with the king's soldiers on her heels she must find out who she is, escape her pursuers, and find a way home. On her way to discovering her original identity as Rae she meets many people, but perhaps the most difficult experience is reconciling with her estranged family. This collection holds book 1-5 of Rae's Story: Betrayal of Trust, Castles and Kingdoms, Deviation to Kolos Academy, Everyone's Price, and Finally at Leldyna

Recommended Guidelines For The Collection And Use Of Geospatially Referenced Data For Airfield Pavement Management

Author : Timothy Parsons
ISBN : 9780309155045
Genre : Geospatial data
File Size : 38.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report 39: Recommended Guidelines for the Collection and Use of Geospatially Referenced Data for Airfield Pavement Management offers recommended guidelines for the collection and use of geospatially referenced data for airfield pavement management. The guidelines provide a data schema, data collection methods, data quality requirements, and other relevant information required for developing specifications and standards for integrating geospatial data into pavement management systems. Appendixes A through C to ACRP Report 39 are available online. Titles of the appendixes are as follows: Appendix A: Survey Questionnaire; Appendix B: Questionnaire Responses; Appendix C: Pavement Management Systems Software Data Elements.
Category: Geospatial data