The Coherence Theory Of Truth

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The Coherence Theory Of Truth

Author : Haig Khatchadourian
ISBN : UCAL:$B368544
Genre : Connaissance, Théorie de la
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The Unity Of Knowledge

Author : Yemi Adex Adeniran PhD
ISBN : 1526202255
Genre : Philosophy
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The book is written to engage both the academics and the general public in the current debate regarding science / religion divide. It is therefore a lucid analysis of what I referred to as the 'false bifurcation between science knowledge and religion knowledge'. This is a wake up call to the extremists on both sides of the divide - the 'scientismists' (the proponents of scientism) and the proponents of the dogmatic, closed religious system approach to knowledge. It contains academic references and quotes of interviews and views expressed in blogs and so on, in order to critique arguments put forward by both sides, thereby steering the debate towards the book's unity of knowledge thesis that ensures a whole system approach to the coherence theory of truth.
Category: Philosophy

Realism And The Correspondence Theory Of Truth

Author : Richard A. Fumerton
ISBN : 0742512835
Genre : Philosophy
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This book is a defense of realism about truth. The author argues that the most plausible version of realism is a correspondence theory of Truth that takes thought as the primary bearer of truth value. Furthermore, after distinguishing realism about Truth from various sorts of metaphysical realisms, the author suggests that one can embrace much of anti-realist rhetoric from within the framework of a variety of plausible claims about the way in which minds do and must represent the world.
Category: Philosophy

Real Knowing

Author : Linda Martín Alcoff
ISBN : 9781501720475
Genre : Philosophy
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"Real" knowing always involves a political dimension, Linda Martín Alcoff suggests. But this does not mean we need to give up realism or the possibility of truth. Recent work in continental philosophy insists on the influence that power and desire exert on knowing, whereas contemporary analytic philosophy largely ignores these political concerns in its accounts of justification and truth. Alcoff engages these traditionally conflicting approaches in a constructive dialogue, effectively spanning the analytic/continental divide. In provocative readings of major figures in the continental tradition, Alcoff shows that the work of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Michel Foucault can help rectify key problems in coherence epistemology, such as the link between coherence and truth. She also argues that discussions about knowledge among continental philosophers can benefit from the work of analytic philosophers Donald Davidson and Hilary Putnam on meaning and ontology. Alcoff makes a compelling case for the need to address truth as a metaphysical issue, in contrast to minimalist tendencies in Anglo-American philosophy and deconstructionism on the continent. Her work persuasively argues for coherentist epistemology as a more realistic reconfiguration of the ontology of truth.
Category: Philosophy

On Truth

Author : Simon Blackburn
ISBN : 9780190867218
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60.4 MB
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Truth is not just a recent topic of contention. Arguments about it have gone on for centuries. Why is the truth important? Who decides what the truth is? Is there such a thing as objective, eternal truth, or is truth simply a matter of perspective, of linguistic or cultural vantage point? In this concise book Simon Blackburn provides an accessible explanation of what truth is and how we might think about it. The first half of the book details several main approaches to how we should think about, and decide, what is true. These are philosophical theories of truth such as the correspondence theory, the coherence theory, deflationism, and others. He then examines how those approaches relate to truth in several contentious domains: art, ethics, reasoning, religion, and the interpretation of texts. Blackburn's overall message is that truth is often best thought of not as a product or an end point that is 'finally' achieved, but--as the American pragmatist thinkers thought of it--as an ongoing process of inquiry. The result is an accessible and tour through some of the deepest and thorniest questions philosophy has ever tackled
Category: Philosophy

The Nature Of Truth

Author : Michael Patrick Lynch
ISBN : 0262621452
Genre : Philosophy
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These essays center around two questions: Does truth have an underlying nature? And if so, what sort of nature does it have?
Category: Philosophy

Deflationary Truth

Author : Bradley P. Armour-Garb
ISBN : 0812695542
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 25.82 MB
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Deflationism is a recent, but increasingly popular, theory of truth. Deflationists deny the existence of a substantive theory about truth ? an account of the property ?truth” that enables all of the facts about truth to be explained. Deflationism rejects all of the existing traditional theories about truth: correspondence, coherence, and pragmatist. Students of philosophy as well as deflationary theorists will appreciate the depth of the articles as well as the exhaustive annotated bibliography in this book.
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Author : Pascal Engel
ISBN : 9781317489566
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57.16 MB
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In this critical introduction to contemporary philosophical issues in the theory of truth Pascal Engel provides clear and authoritative exposition of recent and current ideas while providing original perspectives that advances discussion of the key issues. This book begins with a presentation of the classical conceptions of truth - the correspondence theory, the coherence theory and verificationist and pragmatist accounts - before examining so-called minimalist and deflationist conceptions that deny truth can be anything more than a thin concept holding no metaphysical weight. The debates between those who favour substantive conceptions of the classical kind and those who advocate minimalist and deflationist conceptions are explored. Engel argues that, although the minimalist conception of truth is basically right, it does not follow that truth can be eliminated from our philosophical thinking as some upholders of radical deflationist views have claimed. Questions about truth and realism are examined and the author shows how the realism/anti-realism debate remains a genuine, meaningful issue for a theory of truth and has not been undermined by deflationist views. Even if a metaphysical substantive theory of truth has little chance to succeed, Engel concludes, truth can keep a central role within our thinking, as a norm or guiding value of our rational inquiries and practices, in the philosophy of knowledge and in ethics.
Category: Philosophy

The Possibility Of Relative Truth

Author : Peter Davson-Galle
ISBN : 9780429810770
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 49.26 MB
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First published in 1998, this book is an investigation of the possibility of articulating a coherent thesis of truth relativism within first, a host correspondence theory of truth and second, a host coherence theory of truth. The type of relativism addressed in the book is what is sometimes called ’framework relativism’ - that where truth is relativised to a framework of belief or conceptual scheme. A further restraint is that a global relativistic thesis is sought - one which is relativistic about all truths. The book does not set itself the task of defending relativism but just that of seeking a coherent articulation of it.
Category: Philosophy

Basic Questions On Truth

Author : P. Weingartner
ISBN : 9789401140348
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 40.95 MB
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The task of the book is not to give a survey of the main theories on truth found in the literature. There are several books available which do this: The one of David for Deflationist (and Disquotational) Theories of Truth; that of Chapuis for Revision Theories of Truth; that of Kirkham for Correspondence Theories and several others; that ofRescher for Coherence Theories of Truth. Moreover the book is not an analy sis just of Tar ski's theory, like that of Moreno or the respective chapters in Kirkham, though Tarski's theory plays an important role in the whole work presented. The task of the book is to give a detailed answer to some basic questions on truth which have been perennial problems through the centuries and are still discussed today. The answer is given in the light of our knowledge today and with the help of modem logic. But the book explicitly aims at connecting recent problems with re lated ones in the whole history of philosophy. The method to incorporate important philosophers of the tradition into the analysis is that of disputation, i. e. of putting some of their main thesis into objections or counterobjections pro or contra a posi tive answer to the respective question. After the pros and cons are given a detailed answer to the question is proposed and finally commentaries and corrections are given to the objections and counterobjections in the light of the proposed answer.
Category: Philosophy

Charles S Peirce S Evolutionary Philosophy

Author : Carl R. Hausman
ISBN : 0521597366
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 54.83 MB
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In this systematic introduction to the philosophy of Charles S. Peirce, the author focuses on four of Peirce's fundamental conceptions.
Category: Philosophy

Coherence Truth And Testimony

Author : Ulrich Gähde
ISBN : 9781402055478
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 20.36 MB
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This book provides a comprehensive understanding of coherence, the controversy surrounding it, and its implications across the discipline of philosophy. Coverage first takes up the challenging and controversial task of measuring the coherence of an information set and then criticizes this endeavor. The book also relates this foundational research to a wide array of epistemological and metaphysical challenges.
Category: Philosophy

The Current State Of The Coherence Theory

Author : J. Bender
ISBN : 9789400923607
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 72.78 MB
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The subtitle of this book should be read as a qualification as much as an elaboration of the title. If the goal were completeness, then this book would have included essays on the work of other philosophers such as Wilfrid Sellars, Nicholas Rescher, Donald Davidson, Gilbert Harman and Michael Williams. Although it would be incorrect to say that each of these writers has set forth a version of the coherence theory of justification and knowledge, it is clear that their work is directly relevant, and reaction to it could easily fill a companion volume. This book concentrates, however, on the theories of Keith Lehrer and Laurence BonJour, and I doubt that any epistemologist would deny that they are presently the two leading proponents of coherentism. A sure indication of this was the ease with which the papers in this volume were solicited and delivered. The many authors represented here were willing, prepared, and excited to join in the discussion of BonJour's and Lehrer's recent writings. I thank each one personally for agreeing so freely to contribute. All of the essays but two are published for the first time here. Marshall Swain's and Alvin Goldman's papers were originally presented at a symposium on BonJour's The Structure of Empirical Knowledge at the annual meeting of the Central Division of the American Philosophical Association, Chicago, Illinois, in April, 1987.
Category: Philosophy

Focusing On Truth

Author : Lawrence E. Johnson
ISBN : 9781134907939
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 22.98 MB
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This book offers an introductory account of the central theories of truth. A wide range of theories, from those of correspondence and coherence to Tarski's semantic conception of truth are presented and assessed in order to profit from that which is of value in them. The authot proposes a new account which it is asserted is adequate to meet the legitimate demands made on the theory of truth.
Category: Philosophy

The Oxford Handbook Of Truth

Author : Michael Glanzberg
ISBN : 9780191502668
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 65.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Truth is one of the central concepts in philosophy, and has been a perennial subject of study. Michael Glanzberg has brought together 36 leading experts from around the world to produce the definitive guide to philosophical issues to do with truth. They consider how the concept of truth has been understood from antiquity to the present day, surveying major debates about truth during the emergence of analytic philosophy. They offer critical assessments of the standard theories of truth, including the coherence, correspondence, identity, and pragmatist theories. They explore the role of truth in metaphysics, with lively discussion of truthmakers, proposition, determinacy, objectivity, deflationism, fictionalism, relativism, and pluralism. Finally the handbook explores broader applications of truth in philosophy, including ethics, science, and mathematics, and reviews formal work on truth and its application to semantic paradox. This Oxford Handbook will be an invaluable resource across all areas of philosophy.
Category: Philosophy