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Climbing Essays

Author : Jim Perrin
ISBN : 9781906476328
Genre : Literary Collections
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Long recognised as one of Britain's finest mountain writers, this collection brings together the best of Jim Perrin's essays and articles on climbing.Perrin has selected these from four decades of describing and commenting on the experience of rock-climbing and the characters of the climbing community and includes rare, uncollected pieces, substantial new essays, ones that have been long out of print, and a lengthy and frank autobiographical introduction from one of the wild and subversive cult and grassroots figures of the British sport.Contents: Introduction: by Robert Macfarlane (author of Guardian First Book Award-winner Mountains of the Mind)1: Streets, Outcrops, Space: A Personal Journey2: The Climbs: Street Illegal; The Gate of Horn; Right Unconquerable; Fictive Heroes; Visions and Virians; Three Cornish Climbs; Cathy Powell; Fools Rush In; Fantan B; Small Climbs in Germany; Hubris; The True & Authentick History of Fachwen; The Great Crack; Small Local Difficulties; Day Trip to Dalkey; A Note on Commitment; Lizards & Rampant ; Hippos; Handy Pandy; Bogles & Bog-trots; In Dreams Begins Responsibility.3: The Climbers: Paul Williams; Joe Brown; Will Perrin; Stevie Haston; Al Harris; H.W.Tilman;Batso & the American Dream; John Hoyland; Pat Littlejohn; Robin Hodgkin; Peter Biven; Dave Cook; Johnny Lees; My Last Climb with George Homer; John Syrett; The Ice-climbers; Eric Shipton; Jack Longland; John Redhead.4: Ascent: Eating Bear Meat; Trains, Cafes, Conversations; The Way the Holds Run; Fear is the Spur; Contumely of the Conquistadors; Grace; The Lost and Perfect Hold; Grade Drift; The Night Moves; The Way You Climb is the Way You Are; Fictions; Person/Product/Practise; Silk of the Body; No Success Like Failure; Base Camps; The Way & the Outcrop; Very Severe; In Praise of Competence; Image/Imagine; Working on the Rope Moves; Ours; A Valediction (Forbidding Mourning); Rain; Charming Cracks; The Overgrown; Confidence; Moves; Version and Verse; "Denn bleiben ist nirgends"; Kaleidoscope of the Senses; For Arnold Pines.
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The Climbing Essays

Author : Jim Perrin
ISBN : 9781903238479
Genre : Mountaineering
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Recognised as one of Britain's finest mountain writers, this collection brings together the best of Jim Perrin's essays and articles on climbing. It includes rare pieces, substantial new essays, ones that have been long out of print, and a frank autobiographical introduction from one of the grassroots figures of the sport.
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Essays On The History Of Respiratory Physiology

Author : John B. West
ISBN : 9781493923625
Genre : Medical
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This book consists of 23 essays about prominent people and events in the history of respiratory physiology. It provides a first-hand chronicle of the advancements made in respiratory physiology starting with Galen and the beginnings of Western physiology. The volume covers every aspect of the evolution of this important area of knowledge: pulmonary circulation, Boyle’s Law, pulmonary capillaries and alveoli, morphology, gas exchange and blood flow, mechanics, control of ventilation, and comparative physiology. The book emphasizes societal and philosophical aspects of the history of science. Although it concentrates on physiology, it also describes how cultural movements, such as The Enlightenment, shaped the researchers discussed. This book is published on behalf of the American Physiological Society by Springer. Access to APS books published with Springer is free to APS members.
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Essays On Actions And Events

Author : Donald Davidson
ISBN : 0199246270
Genre : Philosophy
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Donald Davidson has prepared a new edition of his classic 1980 collection of Essays on Actions and Events, including two additional essays. In this seminal investigation of the nature of human action, Davidson argues for an ontology which includes events along with persons and other objects. Certain events are identified and explained as actions when they are viewed as caused and rationalized by reasons; these same events, when described in physical, biological, or physiological terms, may be explained by appeal to natural laws. The mental and the physical thus constitute irreducibly discrete ways of explaining and understanding events and their causal relations. Among the topics discussed are: freedom to act; weakness of the will; the logical form of talk about actions, intentions, and causality; the logic of practical reasoning; Hume's theory of the indirect passions; and the nature and limits of decision theory. The introduction, cross-references, and appendices emphasize the relations between the essays and explain how Davidson's views have developed.
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Unjustifiable Risk

Author : Simon Thompson
ISBN : 9781849656993
Genre : Travel
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To the impartial observer Britain does not appear to have any mountains. Yet the British invented the sport of mountain climbing and for two periods in history British climbers led the world in the pursuit of this beautiful and dangerous obsession. Unjustifiable Risk is the story of the social, economic and cultural conditions that gave rise to the sport, and the achievements and motives of the scientists and poets, parsons and anarchists, villains and judges, ascetics and drunks that have shaped its development over the past two hundred years. The history of climbing inevitably reflects the wider changes that have occurred in British society, including class, gender, nationalism and war, but the sport has also contributed to changing social attitudes to nature and beauty, heroism and death. Over the years, increasing wealth, leisure and mobility have gradually transformed climbing from an activity undertaken by an eccentric and privileged minority into a sub-division of the leisure and tourist industry, while competition, improved technology and information, and increasing specialisation have helped to create climbs of unimaginable difficulty at the leading edge of the sport. But while much has changed, even more has remained the same. Today's climbers would be instantly recognisable to their Victorian predecessors, with their desire to escape from the crowded complexity of urban society and willingness to take "unjustifiable" risk in pursuit of beauty, adventure and self-fulfilment. Unjustifiable Risk was shortlisted for the Boardman Tasker prize in 2011.
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Aside From The Harvest A Collection Of Adventurous Inspirational Essays

Author : Tom Sullivan
ISBN : 9781641369725
Genre : Nature
File Size : 33.17 MB
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It started as a simple journal exercise. Tom wanted to list his top-ten favorite hunting, fishing and climbing trips. Once completed however, he noted something he found quite interesting. The majority of the excursions he’d noted didn’t result in a harvest of fin or fur, nor did they remind him of any found and conquered summit. Instead, he had selected past trips where something remarkable had occurred and valuable lessons had been learned. This became the inspiration for his first collection of adventure essays. Within these essays, Tom unexpectedly finds himself alone and in the presence of bears in the dark hours in Jacksonville NC, he tries desperately to find help for a fallen and severely injured stranger in the mountains, he paddles among red drum eating creatures with exposed dorsal fins, he reluctantly stares down an unexplainably aggressive raccoon in a tree, he’s first on scene for a river rescue involving a family member and even catches a true Halloween monster to boot. But aside from the wild and sometimes frantic incidents he’s experienced while afield and afloat, the lessons woven into the fabric of these life-changing moments will challenge readers to look much deeper into their own outdoor experiences. This book was written to inspire readers to take a moment to breathe when they next find themselves in the woods or on the water; and in that moment to drink in the surroundings and find nourishment for the soul; and to recognize this nourishment aside from the purpose they may have found themselves in the wild in the first place.
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