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The Classical Theory Of Fields

Author : Lev Davidovich Landau
ISBN : OCLC:252288133
Genre : Electromagnetic fields
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Category: Electromagnetic fields

The Classical Theory Of Fields

Author : L D Landau
ISBN : 9781483293288
Genre : Science
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Translated from the 6th Russian edition, this latest edition contains seven new sections with chapters on General Relativity, Gravitational Waves and Relativistic Cosmology, where Professor Lifshitz's interests lay. The text of the 3rd English edition has been thoroughly revised and additional problems inserted
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The Classical Theory Of Fields

Author : Carl S. Helrich
ISBN : 9783642232046
Genre : Science
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The study of classical electromagnetic fields is an adventure. The theory is complete mathematically and we are able to present it as an example of classical Newtonian experimental and mathematical philosophy. There is a set of foundational experiments, on which most of the theory is constructed. And then there is the bold theoretical proposal of a field-field interaction from James Clerk Maxwell. This textbook presents the theory of classical fields as a mathematical structure based solidly on laboratory experiments. Here the student is introduced to the beauty of classical field theory as a gem of theoretical physics. To keep the discussion fluid, the history is placed in a beginning chapter and some of the mathematical proofs in the appendices. Chapters on Green’s Functions and Laplace’s Equation and a discussion of Faraday’s Experiment further deepen the understanding. The chapter on Einstein’s relativity is an integral necessity to the text. Finally, chapters on particle motion and waves in a dispersive medium complete the picture. High quality diagrams and detailed end-of-chapter questions enhance the learning experience.
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Introduction To The Classical Theory Of Particles And Fields

Author : Boris Kosyakov
ISBN : 9783540409342
Genre : Science
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This volume is intended as a systematic introduction to gauge field theory for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in high energy physics. The discussion is restricted to the classical (non-quantum) theory in Minkowski spacetime. Particular attention has been given to conceptual aspects of field theory, accurate definitions of basic physical notions, and thorough analysis of exact solutions to the equations of motion for interacting systems.
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Electrodynamics And Classical Theory Of Fields Particles

Author : Asim Orhan Barut
ISBN : 0486640388
Genre : Science
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The first comprehensive treatment of relativistic electrodynamics, this volume remains essential reading. This graduate-level text was written by a distinguished theoretical physicist. It deftly reveals the classical underpinnings of modern quantum field theory with explorations of space-time, Lorentz transformations, conservation laws, equations of motion, Green’s functions, and action-at-a-distance electrodynamics. 1964 edition.
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Classical Theory Of Electric And Magnetic Fields

Author : Roland H. Good
ISBN : 9781483272030
Genre : Science
File Size : 61.70 MB
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Classical Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields is a textbook on the principles of electricity and magnetism. This book discusses mathematical techniques, calculations, with examples of physical reasoning, that are generally applied in theoretical physics. This text reviews the classical theory of electric and magnetic fields, Maxwell's Equations, Lorentz Force, and Faraday's Law of Induction. The book also focuses on electrostatics and the general methods for solving electrostatic problems concerning images, inversion, complex variable, or separation of variables. The text also explains magnetostatics and compares the calculation methods of electrostatics with those of magnetostatics. The book also discusses electromagnetic wave phenomena concerning wave equations with a source term and the Maxwell equations which are linear and homogenous. The book also explains Einstein's the Special Theory of Relativity which is applicable' only to inertial coordinate systems. The text also discusses the particle aspects of electromagnetic field equations such as those concerning wave equations for particles with spin. This textbook is intended for graduate or advanced students and academicians in the field of physics.
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Quantum Theory Of Fields

Author : Gregor Wentzel
ISBN : 9780486174495
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.82 MB
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Written by a pioneer of quantum field theory, this introductory volume explores scalar fields, vector meson fields, quantum electrodynamics, quantization of electron wave field according to exclusion principle. 1949 edition.
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Classical Theory Of Algebraic Numbers

Author : Paulo Ribenboim
ISBN : 0387950702
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 82.35 MB
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The exposition of the classical theory of algebraic numbers is clear and thorough, and there is a large number of exercises as well as worked out numerical examples. A careful study of this book will provide a solid background to the learning of more recent topics.
Category: Mathematics

The Quantum Theory Of Light

Author : Rodney Loudon
ISBN : 0191589780
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.88 MB
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This third edition, like its two predecessors, provides a detailed account of the basic theory needed to understand the properties of light and its interactions with atoms, in particular the many nonclassical effects that have now been observed in quantum-optical experiments. The earlier chapters describe the quantum mechanics of various optical processes, leading from the classical representation of the electromagnetic field to the quantum theory of light. The later chapters develop the theoretical descriptions of some of the key experiments in quantum optics. Over half of the material in this third edition is new. It includes topics that have come into prominence over the last two decades, such as the beamsplitter theory, squeezed light, two-photon interference, balanced homodyne detection, travelling-wave attenuation and amplification, quantum jumps, and the ranges of nonliner optical processes important in the generation of nonclassical light. The book is written as a textbook, with the treatment as a whole appropriate for graduate or postgraduate students, while earlier chapters are also suitable for final- year undergraduates. Over 100 problems help to intensify the understanding of the material presented.
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