The Civilizing Process

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The Civilizing Process The History Of Manners

Author : Norbert Elias
ISBN : UVA:X006172278
Genre : Civilization
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The Civilizing Process stands out as Norbert Elias' greatest work, tracing the 'civilizing' of manners and personality in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, and showing how this was related to the formation of states and the monopolization of power within them. It comprises the two volumes originally published in English as The History of Manners and State Formation and Civilization, now, in a single volume, the book is restored to its original format and made available world-wide to a new generation of readers.In this new edition, the original text is extensively revised, corrected, and updated. The Revised Edition reveals anew and afresh the greatness of Elias' masterpiece.
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The Civilizing Process

Author : Norbert Elias
ISBN : OCLC:470934417
Genre : Etiquette
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The Civilizing Process Sociogenetic And Psychogenetic Investigations Revised Edition

Author : Norbert Elias
ISBN : 0631221603
Genre : Social Science
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The Civilizing Process stands out as Norbert Elias' greatest work, tracing the "civilizing" of manners and personality in Western Europe since the late Middle Ages by demonstrating how the formation of states and the monopolization of power within them changed Western society forever.
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Quest For Excitement

Author : Norbert Elias
ISBN : 1904558437
Genre : Social Science
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Norbert Elias's important work on the modern sociology of sport.
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Sport And Leisure In The Civilizing Process

Author : Eric Dunning
ISBN : 9781349111916
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76.19 MB
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How do figurational sociologists approach the subjects of sport and leisure? How does their approach differ from other approaches in the field? This major collection, edited by leading writers on sport and leisure, offers a superb introduction to the figurational sociology of sport and leisure. The distinctive features of the approach are clearly explained and contributors show how figurational sociology is applied in the analysis of concrete problems. However, the collection also gives space to critics of the figurational approach. Included here are contributions which claim that the approach is inaccurate, blinkered and irrelevant.
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Violence And The Civilising Process In Cambodia

Author : Roderic Broadhurst
ISBN : 110752119X
Genre : History
File Size : 74.5 MB
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In 1939, the German sociologist Norbert Elias published his groundbreaking work The Civilizing Process, which has come to be regarded as one of the most influential works of sociology today. In this insightful new study tracing the history of violence in Cambodia, the authors evaluate the extent to which Elias's theories can be applied in a non-Western context. Drawing from historical and contemporary archival sources, constabulary statistics, victim surveys and newspaper reports, Broadhurst, Bouhours and Bouhours chart trends and forms of violence throughout Cambodia from the mid-nineteenth century through to the present day. Analysing periods of colonisation, anti-colonial wars, interdependence, civil war, the revolutionary terror of the 1970s and post-conflict development, the authors assess whether violence has decreased and whether such a decline can be attributed to Elias's civilising process, identifying a series of universal factors that have historically reduced violence.
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On Civilization Power And Knowledge

Author : Norbert Elias
ISBN : 0226204324
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 74.51 MB
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Norbert Elias has been described as among the great sociologists of the 20th century. A collection of his most important writings, this book sets out Elias' thinking during the course of his long career, with a discussion of how his work relates to that of other sociologists.
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The Colonial Civilizing Process In Dutch Formosa

Author : Chiu Hsin-Hui
ISBN : 9789004165076
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.98 MB
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Focusing on Formosan agency in the encounter with Dutch colonialism and Chinese encroachment, this book reveals a fascinating picture of Taiwan in the early modern era.
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Assaulting The Past

Author : Katherine D. Watson
ISBN : 9781443808248
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.50 MB
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This book offers an important contribution to the comparative history of interpersonal violence since the early modern period, a subject of great contemporary and historical importance. Its overarching theme is Norbert Elias’s theory of the civilizing process, and the chapters in the book recognise, as he did, that changes in human behaviour are related to transformations of both social and personality structures. Drawing on a vast range of archival and written records from five countries, the contributors explore the usefulness of the theory—the subject of much debate over the past two decades—to explaining long-term patterns in violence, but also point to the need for further empirical and comparative studies, to reflect current thinking and developments within historical, criminological, and sociological methodologies. In approaching the subject from a variety of perspectives, Assaulting the Past: Violence and Civilization in Historical Context presents a comparative and qualitative assessment of violent behaviour and the experience of violence. Approaches used include the empirical and the theoretical, and the book is strongly interdisciplinary, drawing on the history of crime, history of medicine, criminology and legal history. The volume seeks to offer new insights on violence, the individual and society, to further illuminate the links between state formation, social interdependency and self-discipline that are so integral to the theory of the civilizing process.
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The American Civilizing Process

Author : Stephen Mennell
ISBN : 9780745655383
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 24.36 MB
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Since 9/11, the American government has presumed to speak and act in the name of ‘civilization’. But isthat how the rest of the world sees it? And if not, why not? Stephen Mennell leads up to such contemporary questions through a careful study of the whole span of American development, from the first settlers to the American Empire. He takes a novel approach, analysing the USA’s experience in the light of Norbert Elias’s theory of civilizing (and decivilizing) processes. Drawing comparisons between the USA and other countries of the world, the topics discussed include: American manners and lifestyles Violence in American society The impact of markets on American social character American expansion, from the frontier to empire The ‘curse of the American Dream’ and increasing inequality The religiosity of American life Mennell shows how the long-term experience of Americans has been of growing more and more powerful in relation to their neighbours. This has had all-pervasive effects on the way they see themselves, their perception of the rest of the world, and how the rest of the world sees them. Mennell’s compelling and provocative account will appeal to anyone concerned about America's role in the world today, including students and scholars of American politics and society.
Category: Social Science

States Of Violence And The Civilising Process

Author : Rob Watts
ISBN : 9781137499417
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.41 MB
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This book offers a distinctive and novel approach to state-sponsored violence, one of the major problems facing humanity in the previous and now the twenty-first century. It addresses the question: how is it possible that large numbers of ordinary men and women are able to do the killing, torturing and violence that defines crimes against humanity? In his striking analysis, Rob Watts shows how and why states, of all political persuasions, engage in crimes against humanity, including: genocide, homicide, torture, kidnapping, illegal surveillance and detention. This book advances a new interpretive frame. It argues against the ‘civilizing process’ model, showing how both states and social sciences like sociology and criminology have been complicit in splitting 'the social' from 'the ethical' while accepting too complacently that modern states are the exemplars of morality and rationality. The book makes the case that it is possible to bring together in the one interpretative frame, our understanding of social action involving personal motivation and ethical responsibility and patterns of collective social action operating in terms of the agencies of ‘the State’. Rob Watts identifies and charts the pathways of action and ‘practical’ (i.e. ethical) judgements which the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity constructed for themselves to make sense of what they were doing. At once challenging and highly accessible, the book reveals the policy-making processes that produce state crime as well as showing how ordinary people do the state’s dirty work.
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Un Civilizing Processes

Author : Mary Fulbrook
ISBN : 9789042021518
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 47.88 MB
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The collapse of the supposedly 'civilized' German nation into the 'barbarism' of Hitler's Third Reich has cast a long shadow over interpretations of German culture and society. In the remarkable work of Norbert Elias, himself a refugee from Nazi Germany, a deep concern with the distinctiveness of 'the Germans' is linked with an ambitious attempt to work out more general relations between broad historical processes – patterns of state formation, changing social structures – and the character of the individual self, as evidenced in changing thresholds of shame and embarrassment. In critical engagement with Elias's notion of the 'civilizing process', the essays collected here explore moments of excess and transgression, moments when the very boundaries of 'civilization' are both constructed and challenged. Inter-disciplinary contributions – on topics ranging from medieval laughter, cursing and swearing, through to music, the bourgeois self, and aspects of modern violence – highlight the complexity of inter-relations between the individual imagination and creativity, on the one hand, and the brute facts of political power and social structural inequalities, on the other; and develop new insights into the changing patterns of culture and society in Germany from the Middle Ages to the present.
Category: Literary Criticism

Norbert Elias And Human Interdependencies

Author : Thomas Salumets
ISBN : 0773522662
Genre : Education
File Size : 33.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Norbert Elias (1897–1990), author of the modern classic The Civilizing Process, was one of the most fascinating scientists of the twentieth century. In Norbert Elias and Human Interdependencies leading scholars from Europe, the United States, and Canada introduce, evaluate, and apply Elias's achievements and explore the interdependence of individuals in an increasingly global society. While the opposing paradigms of globalization and fragmentation compete in often bloody and destructive ways in the world today, this book convincingly reminds us of the importance of finding out more about the complex and changing ways in which we are connected. The authors demonstrate that the more we understand our connectedness and deal with its consequences, the less dependent and helpless we become. The critical, multidisciplinary perspectives they offer cover a wide range of subjects, from the world wide web to medieval poetry, nations and gender, cancer narratives and money, emotion management and the financial markets, and the American civilizing process and the repression of shame. The contributions bear witness to Elias's innovative achievements while the authors continue his stunning explorations, extending them into other areas of the humanities and the sciences, and presenting their own wide-ranging and penetrating insights into our mutual dependence. Contributors are Jorge Arditi (SUNY-Buffalo), Godfried Van Benthem Van Den Bergh (emeritus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam), Reinhard Blomert (Humboldt University, Germany and Karl-Franzens University, Austria), Stephen Guy-Bray (University of Calgary), Thomas M. Kemple (University of British Columbia), Hermann Korte (emeritus, University of Hamburg, Germany), Helmut Kuzmics (University of Graz, Austria), Stephen Mennell (National University of Ireland), Thomas Salumets, Thomas J. Scheff (emeritus, University of California in Santa Barbara), Ulrich C. Teucher (University of British Columbia), Annette Treibel (Pedagogical University of Karlsruhe), and Cas Wouters (Utrecht University, Netherlands).
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Venezuelan Stick Fighting

Author : Michael J. Ryan
ISBN : 9781498533218
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.77 MB
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In Venezuelan Stick Fighting: The Civilizing Process in Martial Arts, Michael J. Ryan examines the modern and historical role of the secretive tradition of stick fighting within rural Venezuela. Despite profound political and economic changes from the early twentieth century to the modern day, traditional values, practices, and imaginaries associated with older forms of masculinity and sociality are still valued. Stick, knife, and machete fighting are understood as key means of instilling the values of fortitude and cunning in younger generations. Recommended for scholars of anthropology, social science, gender studies, and Latin American studies.
Category: Social Science

Jane Austen S Civilized Women

Author : Enit Karafili Steiner
ISBN : 9781317322542
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 24.83 MB
Format : PDF
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Jane Austen’s six complete novels and her juvenilia are examined in the context of civil society and gender. Steiner’s study uses a variety of contexts to appraise Austen’s work: Scottish Enlightenment theories of societal development, early-Romantic discourses on gender roles, modern sociological theories on the civilizing process.
Category: Literary Criticism