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The City Of Tomorrow And Its Planning

Author : Le Corbusier
ISBN : 9780486319483
Genre : Architecture
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The great revolutionary architect's probing analysis of urban problems and their origins, and his bold solutions, which include the "Voisin" scheme for the center of Paris. Over 210 illustrations and halftones.
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City Of Tomorrow And Its Planning

Author : Le Corbusier
ISBN : 075064138X
Genre : Architecture
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Essential Le Corbusier brings together in one volume the three main books in the Architectural Press Le Corbusier series: Towards a New Architecture; The Decorative Art of Today and The City of Tomorrow. These classic texts provide architects and students of architecture with the information they need about Le Corbusier and his works in one, complete, highly illustrated volume. Towards a New Architecture The only piece of architectural writing that will be classed among the "essential literature of the 20th century." In Vers une Architecture, published in Paris in 1923, Le Corbusier equates the pure forms of the machine with the pure forms of the Parthenon, to illustrate his view of architecture as a question of mass rather than facades, and that machines are highly architectural. First published in English in 1927, it is now the most influential architectural manifesto of modern times. The City of Tomorrow 'In this book there repeatedly occur statements, comments and criticisms that strike a completely contemporary note and indicate his awareness of the same environmental problems that we are occupied with today. He saw further ahead than we may think.' J.M.Richards The Decorative Art of Today This volume concerned with design, Le Corbusier's principal theme, is the distinction between a work of art and an object of use. He states that the latter should not attempt to usurp the role of the former. The arguments put forward, which are essential to an understanding of Le Corbusier's apparently reductivist design, are nowhere else systematically advanced. Full of wit and vitality, this essay provides essential reading for his admirers by covering important aspects of his thought at a crucial period. Brings all of the essential Le Corbusier articles in the famous L'Esprit Nouveau magazines into one volume Highly illustrated, mainly with Le Corbusier's own drawings
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The City Of To Morrow And Its Planning

Author : Le Corbusier
ISBN : 0262620170
Genre : Architecture
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This is a translation of the eighth edition of Urbanisme,a landmark work in the development of modern city planning. It was so recognized when it first appeared in English in 1929. A review in the Nationstated that "Le Corbusier ranks with Freud, Picasso, and Einstein as a leading genius of our time. The only great architect alive, he has turned his attention from the individual house to town-planning. And the result is 'The City of To-morrow,' a book not for aesthetics but for statesmen." At the same time, Edgar Johnson wrote in the New York Evening Postthat "M. Le Corbusier's extremely important book is an analysis of the problem of the city and a solution. It sidesteps none of the issues, admits the inevitable growth in population, the need for speed and centralization, and provides a reasoned and thorough overcoming of the difficulties. This book is, both practically and artistically, a work of vision." The book was one of the first to recognize an approaching "urban crisis," and its main thesis is that such a vast and complicated machine as the modern great city can only be made to function adequately on the basis of strict order, that we must aim first of all at efficiency but that it must lead us on to a fine and noble architecture. Le Corbusier raises questions in this work that are still being raised today. He concludes from his study that the whole urban scene is one of wasted opportunities and inefficiency. He proposes an alternative course, which is a bold and drastic reconstruction of the entire machine. Le Corbusier presents in this work two schemes for the reconstruction of a modern city. One is the "Voisin" plan for the center of Paris and the other is his more developed plans for the "City of Three Million Inhabitants." In both these schemes he adopts the skyscraper as his most important unit, but they are set at immense distances from one another and are surrounded by large open spaces or parks. They are allocated to commercial, not residential purposes; the great tenement houses and other buildings will remain relatively low in height. The plans included in this book demonstrate clearly the scope and general appearance of such a reconstruction as Corbusier proposes of a great modern city.
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Early Urban Planning

Author : Richard T. LeGates
ISBN : 0415160863
Genre : City planning
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Category: City planning

Policy Planning And People

Author : Naomi Carmon
ISBN : 9780812222395
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 51.41 MB
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The contributors of Policy, Planning, and People argue for the promotion of social equity and quality of life by designing and evaluating urban policies and plans. Edited by Naomi Carmon and Susan S. Fainstein, the volume features original essays by leading authorities in the field of urban planning and policy, mainly from the United States, but also from Canada, Hungary, Italy, and Israel. The contributors discuss goal setting and ethics in planning, illuminate paradigm shifts, make policy recommendations, and arrive at best practices for future planning. Policy, Planning, and People includes theoretical as well as practice-based essays on a wide range of planning issues: housing and neighborhood, transportation, surveillance and safety, the network society, regional development and community development. Several essays are devoted to disadvantaged and excluded groups such as senior citizens, the poor, and migrant workers. The unifying themes of this volume are the values of equity, diversity, and democratic participation. The contributors discuss and draw conclusions related to the planning process and its outcomes. They demonstrate the need to look beyond efficiency to determine who benefits from urban policies and plans. Contributors: Alberta Andreotti, Tridib Banerjee, Rachel G. Bratt, Naomi Carmon, Karen Chapple, Norman Fainstein, Susan Fainstein, Eran Feitelson, Amnon Frenkel, George Galster, Penny Gurstein, Deborah Howe, Norman Krumholz, Jonathan Levine, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Enzo Mingione, Kenneth Reardon, Izhak Schnell, Daniel Shefer, Michael Teitz, Iván Tosics, Lawrence Vale, Martin Wachs.
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Garden Cities Of To Morrow

Author : Sir Ebenezer Howard
ISBN : 0262580020
Genre : Architecture
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The classic work that introduced the concept of the Garden City. Originally published in 1898 as To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform and reissued in 1902 under its present title, Garden Cities of To-Morrow holds a unique place in town planning literature. The book led directly to two experiments in town-founding that have had a profound influence on practical urban development around the world. The book was also responsible for the introduction of the term Garden City, and set into motion ideas that helped transform town planning.
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The City Cultures Reader

Author : Malcolm Miles
ISBN : 0415302455
Genre : Social Science
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From Simmel and Burgess, to Zukin, Fainstein and Soja this title presents classic and contemporary writing on the culture of cities. Themes include: culture and technologies; everyday lives; contesting identity; boundaries and transgressions; utopias and dystopias, and possible urban futures.
Category: Social Science

Small Business And The City

Author : Rafael Gomez
ISBN : 9781442696518
Genre : Business & Economics
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In Small Business and the City, Rafael Gomez, Andre Isakov, and Matt Semansky highlight the power of small-scale entrepreneurship to transform local neighbourhoods and the cities they inhabit. Studying the factors which enable small businesses to survive and thrive, they highlight the success of a Canadian concept which has spread worldwide: the Business Improvement Area (BIA). BIAs allow small-scale entrepreneurs to pool their resources with like-minded businesses, becoming sources of urban rejuvenation, magnets for human talent, and incubators for local innovation in cities around the globe. Small Business and the City also analyses the policies necessary to support this urban vitality, describing how cities can encourage and support locally owned independent businesses. An inspiring account of the dynamism of urban life, Small Business and the City introduces a new “main street agenda” for the twenty-first century city.
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Touching The City

Author : Timothy Makower
ISBN : 9781118737699
Genre : Architecture
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Scale in cities is relative and absolute. It has the ability tomake us feel at home in the world or alien from it; connected ordisconnected. Both large and small scale in cities can bebeautiful; both are right, neither is wrong. Whilst accepting thatprescription is no answer, 'getting the scale right' – at anintuitive and sensual level – is a fundamental part of themagic of architecture and urban design. Touching the City exploreshow scale is manifested in cities, exploring scale in buildings, inthe space between them and in their details. It asks how scalemakes a difference. Travelling from Detroit to Chandigarh, via New York, London,Paris, Rome and Doha, Tim Makower explores cities with theanalytical eye of a designer and with the experiential eye of theurban dweller. Looking at historic cities, he asks what is goodabout them: what can we learn from the old to inform the new? Thebook zooms in from the macro scale of surfing Google Earth to micromoments such as finding fossils in a weathered wall. It examinesthe dynamics and movement patterns of cities, the making of streetsand skylines, the formation of thresholds and facades, and it alsotouches on the process of design and the importance of drawing. Asthe book's title, Touching the City, suggests, it alsoemphasises the tactile – that the city is indeed somethingphysical, something we can touch and be touched by, alive and everchanging.
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