The Chronology Of The Old Testament

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Chronology Of The Old Testament

Author : Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones
ISBN : 9781614582106
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Chronology of the Old Testamenthas one goal to accomplish: to demonstrate "that every chronological statement contained in the Sacred Writ is consistent with all other chronological statements contained therein." Author Floyd Nolen Jones carefully and thoroughly investigates that chronological and mathematical facts of the Old Testament, proving them to be accurate and reliable. This biblically sound, scholarly, and easy-to-understand book will enlighten and astound its readers with solutions and alternatives to many questions Bible scholars have had over the centuries. Features: Scriptural solutions to many biblical mathematical controversies Sir Robert Anderson's calculation error corrected The 483-year prophecy of Daniel 9:25 explained A scriptural formula which biblically synchronizes the kingdoms of Judah and Israel 48 charts, graphs, and diagrams included in text Fully indexed with complete bibliography Supports and updates James Ussher's Annals of the World With reliable explanatory text, detailed charts, and diagrams, this book provides a systematic framework of the chronology of the Bible from Genesis through the life of Christ. No Bible scholar should be without this indispensable reference tool.
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Chronological Survey Of The Old Testament

Author : Kent Welch
ISBN : 1508603510
Genre :
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As children, we learned many of the stories from the Old Testament. We learned about David and Goliath. We read about Noah and the Flood. Perhaps we even acted out the scenes from the Battle of Jericho or Israel's crossing of the Red Sea in a church play. We remember these stories even into adulthood. Yet, the way in which all of these stories are connected together in order to tell a much bigger story is often not fully understood. Somehow, in the midst of all the story telling, we missed the most important story...the story of redemption and salvation through Christ. Not only is this the most important story that has ever been told, it is the story which is found on every page of the Old Testament. The Chronological Survey of the Old Testament has been written to encourage the student to see the entire Old Testament as a unified message. The book can be used in Sunday School, small groups, or individual Bible study to enrich the understanding of the broader message from God to man given in the Old Testament. Provided in a workbook format, the reader is encouraged to take an active role in the learning process. Discussion questions and review exercises are also included at the end of each major section of the book.

Chronological And Background Charts Of The Old Testament

Author : John H. Walton
ISBN : 9780310523192
Genre : Religion
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Charts provide visual organization that is ideal for teaching, learning, and review. Facts, connections, parallels, and contrasts can be grasped easily at a glance. This revised edition of Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament includes 42 new charts and 18 revised charts. The charts cover historical, literary, archaeological, and theological aspects of the Old Testament, its background, and biblical studies. Among the 100 charts are: - Genealogies . . . - Comparative Ancient Near-Eastern Chronology - Parallels between Law and Wisdom The Kings of Judah and Israel . . . - Treaty Format and Biblical Covenants - Dynasties of the Northern Kingdom . . . - Principles for Word Studies - Messages of the Pre-Exilic Minor Prophets . . . - Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament
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An Introduction To The Old Testament

Author : Tremper Longman III
ISBN : 9780310539629
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.95 MB
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This second edition of An Introduction to the Old Testament integrates and interacts with recent developments in Old Testament scholarship. Several distinctive set it apart from other introductions to the Old Testament: • It is thoroughly evangelical in its perspective • It emphasizes “special introduction”—the study of individual books • It interacts in an irenic spirit with the historical-critical method • It features points of research history and representative scholars rather than an exhaustive treatment of past scholarship • It deals with the meaning of each book, not in isolation but in a canonical context • It probes the meaning of each book in the setting of its culture Including callouts, charts, and graphs, this text is written with an eye on understanding the nature of Old Testament historiography. This upper-level introduction to the Old Testament offers students a solid understanding of three key issues: historical background, literary analysis, and theological message.
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The Mystery Of Old Testament Chronology Revealed

Author : V. C. Lewis
ISBN : 9781597810463
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.42 MB
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"The Mystery of Old Testament Chronology Revealed" provides a detailed, scripturally referenced chronology from Adam to the captivity of Judah. The primary reference is the King James Bible.
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A New Chronology For Old Testament Times

Author : Jan van Tuyl
ISBN : 1477219447
Genre : History
File Size : 59.84 MB
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This book brings solutions to a very great list of hitherto unsolved chronological and synchronisation problems. The reason why those solutions could be found lies in the extensive research the author made in old and often rare texts instead of limiting himself to the near exclusive source of the Bible. Ample use has been made of information that is available in works like the Books of Enoch, The Apocrypha, The Legends of the Jews, The Seder Olam, the Book of Jasher and many more, as well as in the texts from known historians like Herodotus and the famous Jewish historian and priest Flavius Josephus Just a few of the many special findings are: • The real reason why Joseph was so popular with the Pharaoh. • Sarah was not Abraham’s (half)-sister. • Moses was uncircumcised and even forbade the ritual for 40 years. • Terah was not 70 years old when he begat Abraham. • The exact period of the Judges: when they started and when they ended. • A solution for the verse of the “about 450 years” of Paul’s speech. • Why did the Lord God give form and then blew life into Adam? • Eve was not made out of Adam’s rib but from another body part • A solution to the “impossible synchronism” of Judah and his sons. • Enoch made not one but 4 trips to Heaven. • The definitive answer: why did King Josiah attack Necho II? • Why did King Ahab not fight at Qarqar? And many more. The book has a unique style. It has nothing of the “study book” , difficult to understand texts. The subject is serious, well researched, and treated with respect. But that does not mean that it cannot be presented at a fast moving pace, in easy to read style with here and there even a bit of humour. The purpose of the book is to prove that the promise that the Lord God made to Adam was kept. It held that there would be exactly 5500 years between the arrival of Adam in this world and the arrival of Christ. Every person who was of importance in that timespan has been visited. For every single one there are his years of birth and death or the years of his rule. Every person has a short story about some important part of his life, his actions or the influence he had on the history of the Hebrew people that lived in that period.
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Niv The Chronological Study Bible Ebook

Author : Thomas Nelson
ISBN : 9781401680138
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 38.12 MB
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The Chronological Study Bible presents the text of the New International Version in chronological order - the order in which the events actually happened - with notes, articles, and full-color graphics that connect the reader to the history and culture of Bible times and gives the reader a dramatic, "you are there" experience. Features include full-color illustrations of places, artifacts, and cultural phenomena, contextual articles that connect Biblical times and world history and culture, daily life notes, time panels and charts that show the flow of Biblical history, and in-text and full-color maps. Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles Chronological Study Bibles sold to date: More than 400,000 Thomas Nelson Bibles is a proud supporter of World Vision in eradicating poverty and preventable deaths among children. Learn more and discover what you can do at
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The Dated Events Of The Old Testament

Author : Willis J. Beecher
ISBN : 9781556352201
Genre : Religion
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The tables in this little volume present a reasonably complete list of the events narrated in the Old Testament, with their time relations: first of all the relations of each event to other near events, Israelitish or foreign, also its date in terms of the Christian era. They also present to the eye a conspectus of the evidence by which each event is dated. Ð from the Preface.
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A New Chronology For The Kings Of Israel And Judah And Its Implications For Biblical History And Literature

Author : John H. Hayes
ISBN : 9781725220072
Genre : Religion
File Size : 49.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For generations, scholars have attempted to solve the chronological problems associated with "the mysterious numbers of the Hebrew kings." In this volume, the authors provide a coherent, sensible, and believable chronology for the Israelite and Judean kings. In their reconstruction, Hayes and Hooker take into consideration not only all of the biblical data but also all relevant ancient Near Eastern sources. Utilizing all available and reliable evidence, they establish not only regnal years for all the rulers but also specific dates for numerous events in Israelite and Judean history. In their opening chapters, the authors explain the scheme of chronological reckoning found in the books of 1-2 Kings. Their calculations are then computed without recourse to shifting understandings of the methods of reckoning or to a theory of co-regencies. The value of this work is not limited to purely chronological matters. Its implications extend to the dating of biblical sources such as the Book of the Covenant, D, P, and the Deuteronomistic History. The volume also provides insights into the socio-cultic life of biblical times.
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A Survey Of The Old Testament

Author : Andrew E. Hill
ISBN : 9780310590668
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This innovative textbook at long last provides an Old Testament survey for undergraduate students that goes beyond basic content. The book attempts to balance the literary, historical, and theological issues pertaining to each individual book and to the Old Testament as a whole. The main portion of the survey treats each book of the Old Testament in the order of the English canon. This information does not simply rehash the biblical material, but assumes that the Scriptures are being read alongside the survey. The book focuses its primary attention on the purpose and message of each book and attempts to show how the literary structure of each one has been used to accomplish the author's purpose. The survey also introduces readers to the issues of hermeneutics (general and special), history (Israelite and Near Eastern), archaeology, canon, geography, Old Testament theology (biblical and systematic), and critical methodologies. All these issues are dealt with in separate chapters at a basic introductory level that never allows the reader to lose sight, as it were, of the forest while wandering through the trees. In addressing critical issues of date and authorship, the survey avoids a polemical stance. Hill and Watson seek to depend on the evidence of the text rather than on presuppositions to substantiate their views. Their commitment to the authority of the biblical text results in a book that, while notably evangelical, is not always traditional. The authors approach the survey mindful of two complicating factors in Old Testament study. First, God's revelation did not come by way of the English language or through Western culture, and therefore we today have to work carefully to receive the message clearly. Second, even when we are listening, we have a tendency to be selective about what we hear or to try to make the message conform to our ideas. The solution is to allow the Bible to speak for itself. The informed reader will find much innovation here and a keen awareness of current scholarship relating to the Old Testament. Above all, this textbook will bring a new vigor and excitement to the Old Testament as readers learn to discover its story for themselves and see how to understand it as a substantial part of God's self-revelation to humankind. This survey is well illustrated with maps, charts, and photographs. Additional features are the questions for study and the annotated reading list at the end of each chapter.
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The Reconstructed Chronology Of The Divided Kingdom

Author : M. Christine Tetley
ISBN : 9781575060729
Genre : History
File Size : 23.63 MB
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The common response to any attempt to read the chronological notations associated with the kings of Israel and Judah in the time of the divided monarchy is, perhaps, a shrug of the shoulders, or a statement to the effect that the problem is insoluble. Not only are the apparently contradictory--or confusing--notations of the MT a consideration, but the evidence of the other major versions seriously complicates any such undertaking. In the twentieth century, Edwin R. Thiele attempted to reconcile and wrangle all of the numbers into a semblance of order, with results that were far from convincing to his readers. Now Christine Tetley has attacked this knottiest of problems with fresh vigor and assayed a new solution. There is no doubt that this book will be controversial; nevertheless, it will be required reading for anyone who wishes to pin archaeological and historical data within the framework of an absolute chronology.
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An Historical Survey Of The Old Testament

Author : Eugene H. Merrill
ISBN : 9780801062834
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Merrill has extensively updated this popular-level Old Testament history to discuss updates in archaeology and textual understanding. It is also more current as a defense of the Bible's accuracy.
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