The Chemist V6

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Physical Methods In Heterocyclic Chemistry

Author : A Katritzky
ISBN : 9780323156141
Genre : Science
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Physical Methods in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume VI discusses several topics including bond energies, electron-spin resonance, microwave spectroscopy, and photoelectron spectroscopy. This book explores the thermochemical applications to heterocyclic chemistry. Comprised of five chapters, this volume starts with an overview of the technique of photoelectron spectroscopy. This text then illustrates the various potentialities of photoelectron spectroscopy by discussing four examples taken from the field of heterocyclic compounds. Other chapters determine the magnitudes as well as the lines of action of electric dipole moments in the molecular framework. This book discusses as well the emission of light by individual molecules in solution, particularly heterocyclic molecules, which are electronically excited as a result of the absorption of visible or ultraviolet light. The final chapter deals with the aspects of heats of combustion, heats of hydrogenation, heats of formation, and bond energies. Heterocyclic chemists, chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and researchers will find this book extremely useful.
Category: Science

The Porphyrins V6

Author : David Dolphin
ISBN : 9780323141949
Genre : Science
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The Porphyrins, Volume VI: Biochemistry, Part A deals with the biochemistry of porphyrins, their precursors, catabolic derivatives, and related compounds. The book covers the biosynthesis of porphyrins and chlorophylls; the formation and metabolism of bile pigments in animals and plants; as well as the synthesis, characterization, and chemistry of the bile pigments and their derivatives. An account of the historical and clinical aspects of porphyrins and bile pigments is also given. This volume is organized into 12 chapters and begins with an overview of protoporphyrins and their metabolic intermediates, paying particular attention to their synthesis and biosynthesis. The discussion then shifts to the biosynthesis of porphyrins and chlorophylls; the in vivo formation and metabolism of bile pigments such as biliverdin and bilirubin; and yellow, green, and blue bile pigments. The reader is then introduced to bile pigments of plants including phytochrome and phycobiliproteins; the general structures and nomenclature of bile pigment derivatives; and the Stokvis reaction. The book also considers the clinical chemistry of porphyrins, and then concludes with a chapter on milestones in the history of bile pigments. This book will be of value to inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemists interested in the biochemistry of porphyrins.
Category: Science

Determination Of Organic Structures By Physical Methods

Author : F.C. Nachod
ISBN : 9780323149204
Genre : Science
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Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods, Volume 6 is a six-chapter text that describes the refinements of some established physical methods for organic structure determination. The opening chapters examine the application of mass spectroscopy to amino acid sequencing of oligopeptides and the computerized organic structure retrieval. The following chapters discuss the historical developments, principles, instrumentation, and application of flash photolysis and 29Si nuclear magnetic resonance to structure determination. A chapter considers the relevant theory from which information on internuclear distances can be obtained and the steady-state measurements, transient methods, as well as the use of Fourier transform technique. This chapter also explores the application of nuclear overhauser effect measurements to structural and stereochemical problems. The concluding chapter deals with the liquid crystal structure determination using NMR spectroscopy. This work will be of value to organic and analytical chemists and researchers.
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Studies In The Psychology Of Sex V6

Author : Havelock Ellis
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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A man's sexual nature, like all else that is most essential in him, is rooted in a soil that was formed very long before his birth. In this, as in every other respect, he draws the elements of his life from his ancestors, however new the recombination may be and however greatly it may be modified by subsequent conditions. A man's destiny stands not in the future but in the past. That, rightly considered, is the most vital of all vital facts. Every child thus has a right to choose his own ancestors. Naturally he can only do this vicariously, through his parents. It is the most serious and sacred duty of the future father to choose one half of the ancestral and hereditary character of his future child; it is the most serious and sacred duty of the future mother to make a similar choice.[1] In choosing each other they have between them chosen the whole ancestry of their child. They have determined the stars that will rule his fate. In the past that fateful determination has usually been made helplessly, ignorantly, almost unconsciously. It has either been guided by an instinct which, on the whole, has worked out fairly well, or controlled by economic interests of the results of which so much cannot be said, or left to the risks of lower than bestial chances which can produce nothing but evil. In the future we cannot but have faith—for all the hope of humanity must rest on that faith—that a new guiding impulse, reinforcing natural instinct and becoming in time an inseparable accompaniment of it, will lead civilized man on his racial course. Just as in the past the race has, on the whole, been moulded by a natural, and in part sexual, selection, that was unconscious of itself and ignorant of the ends it made towards, so in the future the race will be moulded by deliberate selection, the creative energy of Nature becoming self-conscious in the civilized brain of man. This is not a faith which has its source in a vague hope. The problems of the individual life are linked on to the fate of the racial life, and again and again we shall find as we ponder the individual questions we are here concerned with, that at all points they ultimately converge towards this same racial end. Since we have here, therefore, to follow out the sexual relationships of the individual as they bear on society, it will be convenient at this point to put aside the questions of ancestry and to accept the individual as, with hereditary constitution already determined, he lies in his mother's womb.
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The Chemist

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433107787859
Genre : Chemistry
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Acid Rain Abstracts

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X001517962
Genre : Acid deposition
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The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015058373252
Genre : American literature
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A world list of books in the English language.
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The American Chemist

Author : Charles Frederick Chandler
ISBN : UOM:39015073145560
Genre : Chemistry
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"American contributions to Chemistry. By Benjamin Silliman." v. 5, p. 70-114, 195-209.
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Chemist And Druggist

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015073181862
Genre : Pharmaceutical industry
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