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The Chartists

Author : Malcolm Chase
ISBN : 0850366259
Genre : History
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This book explores some of the main channels and by-ways in the history of Chartism—a middle class movement in mid-19th-century Britain that attempted to bring about political reform. Considering the place of Chartism within the wider framework of Victorian politics, this study also evaluates topics such as the impact of Canada's rebellions on Chartism, Chartism's endurance in Wales beyond the 1839 Rising, the role of children in campaigning, and Chartism's impact on the mid-Victorian ethos of “self-help” and the workings of parliamentary democracy. Written in an open, accessible style, this collection, firmly located within Britain's tradition of writing history from below, offers an unusually wide variety of stimulating perspectives on key issues in the history of what, effectively, was Britain's civil rights movement.
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The Chartists

Author : John Charlton
ISBN : 0745311830
Genre : History
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This work brings together and considers the research into the Chartist movement of the 1840's. Texts examine varied aspects of the movement - Chartist Christians, Chartist Trade Unions, American and Irish Chartists, Chartist educators and Chartist feminists.
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The Chartists

Author : Dorothy Thompson
ISBN : 0957000537
Genre : History
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The Chartists is a major contribution to our understanding not just of Chartism but of the whole experience of working-class people in mid-nineteenth century Britain. The book looks at who the Chartists were, what they hoped for from the political power they strove to gain, and why so many of them felt driven toward the use of physical force. It also studies the reactions of the middle and upper classes and the ways in which the two sides - radical and establishment - influenced each other's positions. This book is a uniquely authoritative discussion of the questions that Chartism raises for the historian; and for the historian, student and general reader alike it provides a vivid insight into the lives of working people as they passed through the traumas of the industrial revolution.
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The Chartist Movement

Author : Mark Hovell
ISBN : 0719000882
Genre : Chartism
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"Chartism was a Victorian era working class movement for political reform in Britain between 1838 and 1848. It takes its name from the People's Charter of 1838. The term "Chartism" is the umbrella name for numerous loosely coordinated local groups, often named "Working Men's Association," articulating grievances in many cities from 1837. Its peak activity came in 1839, 1842 and 1848. It began among skilled artisans in small shops, such as shoemakers, printers, and tailors. The movement was more aggressive in areas with many distressed handloom workers, such as in Lancashire and the Midlands. It began as a petition movement which tried to mobilize "moral force", but soon attracted men who advocated strikes, General strikes and physical violence, such as Feargus O'Connor and known as "physical force" chartists."--Wikipedia.
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Decline Of The Chartist Movement

Author : Preston William Slosson
ISBN : 0714611042
Genre : Religion
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First Published in 1967. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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The Chartist General

Author : Edward Beasley
ISBN : 9781315517278
Genre : History
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General Charles James Napier was sent to confront the tens of thousands of Chartist protestors marching through the cities of the North of England in the late 1830s. A well-known leftist who agreed with the Chartist demands for democracy, Napier managed to keep the peace. In South Asia, the same man would later provoke a war and conquer Sind. In this first-ever scholarly biography of Napier, Edward Beasley asks how the conventional depictions of the man as a peacemaker in England and a warmonger in Asia can be reconciled. Employing deep archival research and close readings of Napier's published books (ignored by prior scholars), this well-written volume demonstrates that Napier was a liberal imperialist who believed that if freedom was right for the people of England it was right for the people of Sind -- even if "freedom" had to be imposed by military force. Napier also confronted the messy aftermath of Western conquest, carrying out nation-building with mixed success, trying to end the honour killing of women, and eventually discovering the limits of imperial interference.
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Chartist Movement

Author : Frank F. Rosenblatt
ISBN : 9781136607998
Genre : Business & Economics
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Professor Rosenblatt’s The Chartist Movement was the first serious study of Chartism, using the techniques of modern scholarship, to appear in English. The book comprises a detailed account of the history of the movement, dealing mainly with the period from 1837 until the Chartist riots at Newport, South Wales, in November 1839. As well as describing the political, industrial and social conditions that gave birth to the Chartist movement, this work contains extremely useful statistical tables of the 543 persons who were convicted for offences committed in the furtherance of Chartism between January 1839 and June 1840. "This is a particularly satisfactory piece of work as regards sketches of the leaders of the movement and of the spirit in which they preached the gospel of revolt." - American Historical Review, 1916.
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George Julian Harney

Author : George Julian Harney
ISBN : 0850366194
Genre : History
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George Julian Harney was one of the half-dozen most important leaders of Chartism. A key figure in the history of English radicalism, Harney witnessed the Chartist movement from 1830s through to the beginnings of socialism from the 1880s and wrote about a range of topics during that time, including literature, foreign affairs, and politics. He wrote about literature, foreign affairs, and politics, subjects that should interest anyone with an interest in Victorian Studies. In his youth Harney was an admirer of the most radical figures of the French Revolution. The youngest member of the first Chartist Convention, he was an advocate of physical-force Chartism in 1838, and he greatest output of writings came from 1843through 1850 when he worked at the Northern Star. This selection from the Newcastle Weekly Chronicle is the first book to reprint any of his journalism.
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