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The Character Of Physical Law

Author : Richard Feynman
ISBN : 9780262533416
Genre : Science
File Size : 78.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An introduction to modern physics and to Richard Feynman at his witty and enthusiastic best, discussing gravitation, irreversibility, symmetry, and the nature of scientific discovery.
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World According To Quantum Mechanics The Why The Laws Of Physics Make Perfect Sense After All Second Edition

Author : Mohrhoff Ulrich
ISBN : 9789813273719
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Apart from providing a lucid introduction to the mathematical formalism and conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics, we explain why the laws of physics have the form that they do. In addition, we present a new and unique look at the quantum world, steering clear of two common errors: the error of the ψ-ontologists, who reify a calculational tool; and the error of the anti-realists, for whom physical theories are simply devices for expressing regularities among observations.The new edition of this acclaimed text adds around 200 pages on a variety of topics, such as how the founders sought to make sense of quantum mechanics, Kant's theory of science, QBism, Everettian quantum mechanics, de Broglie-Bohm theory, environmental decoherence, contextuality, nonlocality, and the paradox of subjectivity — the curious fact that the world seems to exist twice, once for us, in our minds, and once by itself, independently of us.
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A Broader View Of Relativity

Author : Jong-Ping Hsu
ISBN : 9789812774286
Genre : Science
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A Broader View of Relativity shows that there is still new life in old physics. The book examines the historical context and theoretical underpinnings of Einstein''s theory of special relativity and describes Broad Relativity, a generalized theory of coordinate transformations between inertial reference frames that includes Einstein''s special relativity as a special case. It shows how the principle of relativity is compatible with multiple concepts of physical time and how these different procedures for clock synchronization can be useful for thinking about different physical problems, including many-body systems and the development of a Lorentz-invariant thermodynamics. Broad relativity also provides new answers to old questions such as the necessity of postulating the constancy of the speed of light and the viability of Reichenbach''s general concept of time. The book also draws on the idea of limiting-four-dimensional symmetry to describe coordinate transformations and the physics of particles and fields in non-inertial frames, particularly those with constant linear accelerations. This new edition expands the discussion on the role that human conventions and unit systems have played in the historical development of relativity theories and includes new results on the implications of broad relativity for clarifying the status of constants that are truly fundamental and inherent properties of our universe. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview (326 KB). Contents: The Historical and Physical Context of Relativity Theory: Space, Time and Inertial Frames; On the Right Track: Voigt, Lorentz, and Larmor; The Novel Creation of the Young Einstein; A Broader View of Relativity: The Central Role of the Principle of Relativity: Relativity Based Solely on the Principle of Relativity; Experimental Tests I & II; Group Properties of Taiji Relativity and Common Relativity; Common Relativity and Quantum Mechanics; Extended Relativity: A Weaker Postulate for the Speed of Light; The Role of the Principle of Relativity in the Physics of Accelerated Frames: The Principle of Limiting Lorentz and Poincar(r) Invariance; Physical Properties of Spacetime in Accelerated Frames; Dynamics of Classical and Quantum Particles in Constant-Linear-Acceleration Frames; Group and Lie Algebra Properties of Accelerated Spacetime Transformations; Appendices: Systems of Units and the Development of Relativity Theories; Quantum Electrodynamics in Both Linearly Accelerated and Inertial Frames; and other papers. Readership: Researchers in the field of relativity theory and advanced undergraduate students as a supplementary text.
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Laws And Models

Author : Carl W. Hall
ISBN : 1420050540
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 67.44 MB
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The "laws" that govern our physical universe come in many guises-as principles, theorems, canons, equations, axioms, models, and so forth. They may be empirical, statistical, or theoretical, their names may reflect the person who first expressed them, the person who publicized them, or they might simply describe a phenomenon. However they may be named, the discovery and application of physical laws have formed the backbone of the sciences for 3,000 years. They exist by thousands. Laws and Models: Science, Engineering, and Technology-the fruit of almost 40 years of collection and research-compiles more than 1,200 of the laws and models most frequently encountered and used by engineers and technologists. The result is a collection as fascinating as it is useful. Each entry consists of a statement of the law or model, its date of origin, a one-line biography of the people involved in its formulation, sources of information about the law, and cross-references. Illustrated and highly readable, this book offers a unique presentation of the vast and rich collection of laws that rule our universe. Everyone with an interest in the inner workings of nature-from engineers to students, from teachers to journalists-will find Laws and Models to be not only a handy reference, but an engaging volume to read and browse.
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The Quantum Story

Author : J. E. Baggott
ISBN : 9780199566846
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.36 MB
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Utterly beautiful. Profoundly disconcerting. Quantum theory is quite simply the most successful account of the physical universe ever devised. Its concepts underpin much of the twenty-first century technology that we now take for granted. But at the same time it has completely undermined our ability to make sense of the world at its most fundamental level. Niels Bohr claimed that anybody who is not shocked by the theory has not understood it. The American physicist Richard Feynman went further: he claimed that nobody understands it. The Quantum Story begins in 1900, tracing a century of game-changing science. Popular science writer Jim Baggott first shows how, over the space of three decades, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, and others formulated and refined the theory--and opened the floodgates. Indeed, since then, a torrent of ideas has flowed from the world's leading physicists, as they explore and apply the theory's bizarre implications. To take us from the story's beginning to the present day, Baggott organizes his narrative around forty turning-point moments of discovery. Many of these are inextricably bound up with the characters involved--their rivalries and their collaborations, their arguments and, not least, their excitement as they sense that they are redefining what reality means. Through the mix of story and science, we experience their breathtaking leaps of theory and experiment, as they uncover such undreamed of and mind-boggling phenomenon as black holes, multiple universes, quantum entanglement, the Higgs boson, and much more. Brisk, clear, and compelling, The Quantum Story is science writing at its best. A compelling look at the one-hundred-year history of quantum theory, it illuminates the idea as it reveals how generations of physicists have grappled with this monster ever since.
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The Character Of Physical Law

Author : Richard Phillips Feynman
ISBN : 0262560038
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.36 MB
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Analyzes selected physical laws, demonstrating the interaction of physics and mathematics and revealing the incredible order of nature
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Mother Nature S Two Laws

Author : A. D. Kirwan
ISBN : 9812384863
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.32 MB
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Every day brings a fresh barrage of bewildering claims about science and technology. How non-scientists tell the difference between the hyperbole and those developments that are important? With a modest amount of critical thinking, an understanding of how science is practiced, and a qualitative understanding of the two most sacred principles in science - the first and second laws of thermodynamics - anyone can make the distinction. Critical thinking and the practice of science are not emphasized in undergraduate science courses for non-scientists, while exposure to the first and second laws is usually reserved for physical science and engineering majors. This book introduces non-scientists to these topics and provides detailed applications to a variety of topics.
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Evolutionary Biology

Author : Ross J. MacIntyre
ISBN : 9781475751901
Genre : Science
File Size : 42.7 MB
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After volume 33, this book series was replaced by the journal "Evolutionary Biology." Please visit for further information. This volume is the 33rd in this series, which includes 32 numbered volumes and an unnumbered supplement. Several special volumes have also been published as separate monographs. This volume, like the others in the series, has chapters devoted to a broad spectrum of topics. Indeed, the editors continue to solicit manuscripts on subjects covered by the encompassing rubric of Evolutionary Biology. "Volume 33 continues the grand tradition of Evolutionary Biology in being the most comprehensive series in the field. The chapters are always up-to-date, informative, and stimulating; sometimes infuriating. Just what good scientific literature should be! Particularly attractive is the free-wheeling spirit of the series: no style or length is imposed. If you want to remain cognizant of contemporary evolutionary advances in general and have time to read only one volume a year outside your own specialty, make it Evolutionary Biology." (Jeffrey R. Powell, Ph.D., Yale University)
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