The Ceramic Surface

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The Ceramic Surface

Author : Matthias Ostermann
ISBN : 0812237013
Genre : Art
File Size : 59.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Examines the work of two hundred ceramicists to provide an overview of techniques for creating ceramic pieces.
Category: Art

Making Marks

Author : Robin Hopper
ISBN : 1574983040
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 28.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Category: Crafts & Hobbies

New Ceramic Surface Design

Author : Molly Hatch
ISBN : 9781631590283
Genre : Art
File Size : 83.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Take your ceramic surface design to the next level with these awesome ideas and projects for drawing, printing, painting and stenciling on clay. New Ceramic Surface Design introduces a wide range of surface decoration techniques in an approachable and accessible way for everyone. Ceramic design expert Molly Hatch guides beginners and more advanced artists through various methods of creating designs on clay. Readers will be introduced to several different and new ways to create their own imagery and content for the ceramic â?¿surface. Techniques include Mishima, tape resists, rubber stamping, and doodling to create line art, stamping, nature resists, found objects, and shellac resists to create textures, and sticker resists, contact paper stencils, paper resists, and Sgrafitto to create shaped designs. Detailed step photography and hand-drawn illustrations document the processes and show beautiful completed samples. Templates and stencils are supplied for convenience in re-creating the surfaces outlined in the crafter's projects. With so many ways to decorate clay surfaces in New Ceramic Surface Design, you'll create endless, gorgeous pottery designs!
Category: Art

Surface Design For Ceramics

Author : Maureen Mills
ISBN : 9781579908447
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 22.9 MB
Format : PDF
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This studio reference captures all the popular techniques available for embellishing clay, as well as a wealth of practical information and detailed images that lead readers through every phase of the design and decorating process.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Carve Your Clay

Author : Hilda Carr
ISBN : 9781631598494
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 38.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Learn how to apply interesting and inspired surface techniques to your ceramic work through 20 step-by-step projects. Carve Your Clay takes you through creative techniques that produce amazing, dynamic results, including inlay, piercing, sgraffito, etching, relief carving, wire cutting, and more. Gain new skills as you complete 20 projects featuring author Hilda Carr's signature style, each with clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instruction to achieve beautiful results. This comprehensive book includes an easy guide on how to create basic forms, as well as glazing and firing techniques. Whether you are new to ceramics or are a more experienced potter looking to explore new surface design techniques, Carve Your Clay will educate and inspire you.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Surface And Colloid Chemistry In Advanced Ceramics Processing

Author : Robert J. Pugh
ISBN : 0824790987
Genre : Science
File Size : 30.31 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Emphasizes the importance of surface and colloid chemistry in the manufacture of high-performance ceramics. Examines processing-property relationships, powderproductionandcharacte6zation,the dispersion properties of powders in liquids, the rheology of concentrated suspensions, and the surface and colloid chemistry aspects of the most widely used forming methods.
Category: Science

Novel Ceramic Surface Treatment To Enhance Restoration Durability

Author : Konstantinos Vazouras
ISBN : OCLC:1196365746
Genre : Electronic dissertations
File Size : 59.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Objective: Main aim was to explore a novel surface treatment for ceramics that creates surface features allowing any cement to enhance any ceramic in resisting crack opening displacement and without reducing (and hopefully increasing) the ceramic material’s strength. This novel treatment is laser machining which was used to create a matrix of shallow surface â€divots†. It was hoped that rapid heating and cooling of ceramic surfaces can leave compressive surface stresses, thus increasing its strength. Additionally, it was hypothesized that this novel treatment may cure or eliminate existing surface flaws. Materials and Methods: this project first screened laser-treated surfaces by biaxial strength testing. Differently sized and spaced features were investigated for their influence on flexural strengths. Features were developed in 0.5 mm thick tabs of In-Ceram YZ (Vita Zahnfabrik, Bad Säckingen, Germany) by the Laser Applications Laboratory at Trumpf Laser Und Systemtechnique GmbH, Ditzingen, Germany. Dimensional and visual details of each surface treatment were provided by Trumpf using optical laser scanning confocal microscopy. An IR ps (picoseconds laser) based on a Disk- and Fiber technology (TruMicro 5000 series, Trumpf, USA) was used with characteristics of 6ps pulse duration, IR 1030nm wavelength and 50W average power. Laser treated tabs were compared with as-received and sand-blasted surface treatments. Based on flexural strength testing results, laser treatment resulting in 22 Î1⁄4m spot size, 5 Î1⁄4m depth and 60 Î1⁄4m distance was chosen as the treatment of choice. 22 laser treated In-Ceram YZ specimens were tested. This was compared with sandblasting using 50 Î1⁄4m Al2O3 particles (aluminum oxide blasting compound, 50 Î1⁄4m/240 grit fine grain size; Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc., Amherst, NY) at 2.0 bar pressure from a distance of 10 mm parallel and perpendicular to the tabs’ surface for 10 seconds. 21 sand-blasted In-Ceram YZ specimens were tested. All specimens were cemented to bases of a dentin-like material. Each specimen was cyclically loaded by a 2-mm diameter G10 piston in water. Loads ranging from 10 N to the target load were applied at a frequency of 20 Hertz for 500 000 cycles. If cracked, the next specimen was cycled at a lower load; if not cracked, at a higher load (step size of 25 N). Results: Comparison of flexural strength values between groups with features of varying distance showed that there was no statistically difference between them. Comparison of strength values between groups with features of varying depth showed that specimens with 22 Î1⁄4m deep features showed significantly lower strength than specimens with features of 3 Î1⁄4m or 15 Î1⁄4m depth. Overall, laser treated groups showed decreased flexural strength than sandblasted or as-received specimens. Two-dimensional fit of flexural strength results of groups with different feature depths lead to the observation that strength started to deteriorate after depth increased beyond 5-10 Î1⁄4m. Since flexural strength testing was done as a screening procedure to chose the best characteristics for laser surface treatment, we chose to perform fatigue testing on specimens with 5 Î1⁄4m deep features. Fatigue testing showed that the sandblasted group was significantly stronger than the laser treated group. Conclusions: The laser surface treatment envisioned in this study was meant to provide protection against crack opening displacement without weakening dental ceramics. Flexural strength of specimens with surface features varying in depth and spacing was significantly lower than strength of sandblasted and as-received specimens. Laser treatment resulting in 20 Î1⁄4m spot size, 5 Î1⁄4m depth and 60 Î1⁄4m distance was chosen as the treatment of choice for fatigue testing and compared with sandblasted specimens. The laser treatment lead to decreased fatigue strength when compared to sandblasting. Laser treatment did not have the expected result, most probably due to undetected subsurface damage.
Category: Electronic dissertations

The Ceramic Spectrum

Author : Robin Hopper
ISBN : 1574983024
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 61.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is your complete guide to materials and color testing, mixing, and blending. You'll investigate 42 specific colors in 134 variations, all usable in a wide range of temperatures and atmospheres.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

A Concise Introduction To Ceramics

Author : George Phillips
ISBN : 9789401169738
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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To Cera1l1ics by George C. Phillips ~ V AN NOSTRAND REINHOLD ~ ~ ____ New York Copyright ('> 1991 by Van Nostrand Reinhold Softcover reprint of the hardcover 1 st edition 1991 Library of COnRreSS Catalog Card Number 91·19587 ISBN·13: 978·94·011--6975·2 All rights eserve r d. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be rcproduccd or uscd in any form or by any means-graphic. electronic. or meehaniclli. including photocopying. recording. taping. or information storage and retrieval systems-without written permission of the publisher. Manufactured in the United States of America Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold 115 Fifth Avenue New York. New York 10003 Chapman and Ha ll 2-6 Boundary Row London. SEI SHN. England Thomas Nelson Australia 102 Dodds Street South Melbourne 3205 Victoria. Australia Nelson Canada 1120 Birchmounl Road Scarborough. Ontario M IK 5G4. Canada 16 15 14 13 12 II 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Library or Congress Cataloging-in· Publication Data Phillips. George C . 1937- A concise inlrodu!;tion to ceramics/by George C. Phillips. p. cm. Includes bibliographical referen!;es and index. ISBN-13: 978-94-011--6975-2 e-ISBN-13: 978-94-011--6973-8 001:10: 1007/978-94-011--6973-8 I. Cerami!;s. L Tille.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Comprehensive Biomaterials

Author : Paul Ducheyne
ISBN : 9780080552941
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 61.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Comprehensive Biomaterials brings together the myriad facets of biomaterials into one, major series of six edited volumes that would cover the field of biomaterials in a major, extensive fashion: Volume 1: Metallic, Ceramic and Polymeric Biomaterials Volume 2: Biologically Inspired and Biomolecular Materials Volume 3: Methods of Analysis Volume 4: Biocompatibility, Surface Engineering, and Delivery Of Drugs, Genes and Other Molecules Volume 5: Tissue and Organ Engineering Volume 6: Biomaterials and Clinical Use Experts from around the world in hundreds of related biomaterials areas have contributed to this publication, resulting in a continuum of rich information appropriate for many audiences. The work addresses the current status of nearly all biomaterials in the field, their strengths and weaknesses, their future prospects, appropriate analytical methods and testing, device applications and performance, emerging candidate materials as competitors and disruptive technologies, and strategic insights for those entering and operational in diverse biomaterials applications, research and development, regulatory management, and commercial aspects. From the outset, the goal was to review materials in the context of medical devices and tissue properties, biocompatibility and surface analysis, tissue engineering and controlled release. It was also the intent both, to focus on material properties from the perspectives of therapeutic and diagnostic use, and to address questions relevant to state-of-the-art research endeavors. Reviews the current status of nearly all biomaterials in the field by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, performance as well as future prospects Presents appropriate analytical methods and testing procedures in addition to potential device applications Provides strategic insights for those working on diverse application areas such as R&D, regulatory management, and commercial development
Category: Technology & Engineering

Ceramic Materials And Components For Engines

Author : Jürgen G. Heinrich
ISBN : 9783527612772
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 21.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Several ceramic parts have already proven their suitability for serial application in automobile engines in very impressive ways, especially in Japan, the USA and in Germany. However, there is still a lack of economical quality assurance concepts. Recently, a new generation of ceramic components, for the use in energy, transportation and environment systems, has been developed. The efforts are more and more system oriented in this field. The only possibility to manage this complex issue in the future will be interdisciplinary cooperation. Chemists, physicists, material scientists, process engineers, mechanical engineers and engine manufacturers will have to cooperate in a more intensive way than ever before. The R&D activities are still concentrating on gas turbines and reciprocating engines, but also on brakes, bearings, fuel cells, batteries, filters, membranes, sensors and actuators as well as on shaping and cutting tools for low expense machining of ceramic components. This book summarizes the scientific papers of the 7th International Symposium "Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines". Some of the most fascinating new applications of ceramic meterials in energy, transportation and environment systems are presented. The proceedings shall lead to new ideas for interdisciplinary activities in the future.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Phillips Science Of Dental Materials Ebook

Author : Kenneth J. Anusavice
ISBN : 9781437725490
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The 11th edition of this leading reference is an outstanding, scientifically based source of information in the field of dental materials science. It presents up-to-date information on materials that are used in the dental office and laboratory every day, emphasizing practical, clinical use, as well as the physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials. Extensive new clinical photographs in this edition illustrate the topics, and color plates are integrated close to related concepts as they're discussed in each chapter. A new glossary of key terms found at the beginning of every chapter defines terms in the appropriate context of the chapter's discussion. Also in this edition, critical thinking questions throughout the book stimulate the readers' curiosity on specific topics, test their existing knowledge, and heighten their awareness of important or controversial subjects. Content outlines at the beginning of each chapter provide a quick reference for specific topics. The roles played by key organizations in ensuring the safety and efficacy of dental materials and devices are described - such as the American Dental Association, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the International Organization for Standardization, and the Fédération Dentaire Internationale. Up-to-date Selected Readings are presented at the end of each chapter to direct readers to supplemental literature on each topic. Numerous boxes and tables throughout summarize and illustrate key concepts and compare characteristics and properties of various dental materials. Distinguished contributors lend their credibility and experience to the text. Content has been completely updated to include information on the most current dental materials available. Glossaries at the beginning of each chapter define key terms used within the context of that chapter. Revised artwork gives this edition a fresh look, with high-quality illustrations and clinical photos to aid in the visualization of materials and procedures described. Reorganization and consolidation of chapters into four major book parts presents the material in a more efficient way: Part I describes the principles of materials science that control the performance of dental materials in dental laboratories, research laboratories, student dental clinics, public health clinics, and private practice clinics. Part II focuses on impression materials, gypsum products, dental waxes, casting investments and procedures, and finishing and polishing abrasives and procedures. Part III provides an updated scientific and applied description of the composition, manipulation principles, properties, and clinical performance of bonded restorations, restorative resins, dental cements, dental amalgams, and direct-filling golds. Part IV presents a basic and applied description of materials that are processed in a laboratory or dental clinic. Critical thinking questions appear in every chapter to stimulate thinking and classroom discussion. The overall design has been improved to provide a more visually appealing format.
Category: Medical

The Ceramic Narrative

Author : Matthias Ostermann
ISBN : 0713668830
Genre : Ceramics
File Size : 37.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Ceramics

Dental Hard Tissues And Bonding

Author : George Eliades
ISBN : 354023408X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 48.27 MB
Format : PDF
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This text comprehensively reviews bonding to enamel, dentin and cementum, and analyses relevent adhesion mechanisms. Emphasis is placed on the characterization of material interfaces with dental tissues in situ.
Category: Medical

Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook

Author : Fred D. Barlow, III
ISBN : 9781420018967
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 74.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Ceramics were among the first materials used as substrates for mass-produced electronics, and they remain an important class of packaging and interconnect material today. Most available information about ceramic electronics is either outdated or focused on their materials science characteristics. The Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook goes beyond the traditional approach by first surveying the unique properties of ceramics and then discussing design, processing, fabrication, and integration, as well as packaging and interconnect technologies. Collecting contributions from an outstanding panel of experts, this book offers an up-to-date overview of modern ceramic electronics, from design and material selection to manufacturing and implementation. Beginning with an overview of the development, properties, advantages, and applications of ceramics, coverage spans electrical design, testing, simulation, thermomechanical design, screen printing, multilayer ceramics, photo-defined and photo-imaged films, copper interconnects for ceramic substrates, and integrated passive devices in ceramic substrates. It also offers a detailed review of the surface, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties of various ceramics as well as the processing of high- and low-temperature cofired ceramic (HTCC and LTCC) substrates. Opening new vistas and avenues of advancement, the Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook is the only source for comprehensive discussion and analysis of nearly every facet of ceramic interconnect technology and applications.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Ceramics And Print

Author : Paul Scott
ISBN : 0812218000
Genre : Art
File Size : 72.6 MB
Format : PDF
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Printmaking techniques have long been used in the pottery industry, but until comparatively recently ceramicists have tended to view the use of these techniques with disdain. Attitudes are changing rapidly now, however, as makers continue to explore creative possibilities while working with ceramic materials. In this book, Paul Scott briefly discusses the history of ceramics and print, and then concentrates on the techniques used by contemporary ceramicists. These include: screen printing, both transfer decoration and working directly onto clay; photographic processes; sponge printing; stamped ware; linocuts; prints from plaster slabs; and other printmaking techniques. For this new edition Ceramics and Print has been significantly expanded and treats recent developments in the use of the photocopier, laser printer, and computer-generated prints. Many of the illustrations are new, and color images now replace almost all of the earlier black-and-white photographs. The book, groundbreaking in its original publication, has in the Second Edition been brought up to date and should add considerably to the knowledge of this exciting and popular medium.
Category: Art


Author : Philip Rawson
ISBN : 0812211561
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 54.89 MB
Format : PDF
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"Wake up America! Here's your chance to become more literate about pottery--or 'vessel' aesthetics. This book seems to have been overlooked by many in its first printing of 1971, but fortunately this gold mine has been." --National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Newsletter.
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