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The Body Language Bible

Author : Judi James
ISBN : 9781446490280
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 45.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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We live in an image-conscious society where looking the best tends to win over being the best. Human beings judge each other subconsciously in less than three seconds, based on body language alone. Filled with fascinating psychological insights, plus a whole raft of down-to-earth quick-fix tips, The Body Language Bible takes the reader through the minefield of self-marketing and image: how to read it and how to project it. In her inimitable straightforward style, Judi unravels the secrets to interpreting our movements and what we are really saying with our body language, whether consciously or not. She teaches you what we mean with our movements, how to interpret them and then shows you how to get what you want, whether you're doing business, making friends or falling in love. The Body Language Bible is an intriguing read, providing a unique mix of body language and communication psychology (voice and the impact of words).
Category: Business & Economics

The Body Language Rules

Author : Judi James
Genre :
File Size : 46.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A young, fresh approach to the body language category, from an author who honed her skills working in the modeling industry The Body Language Rules is a breakthrough in body language books. Unlike other guides that only focus on business uses, this book takes a fresh approach by showing readers how to decode body language for social, dating, and other practical purposes. This is a hip and edgy instructional from an author who honed her body language skills in the modeling industry. Using fascinating psychological insights, plus a whole raft of down-to-earth quick-fix tips, James shows the reader how to use movement to: Successfully project oneself Read other people's body language Get the job you want Make friends and communicate with potential partners Even how to date and how to kiss Combining social, business, and sex signals, this is the ultimate guide to successful body talk.

Body Language In The Bible

Author : David Carpenter
ISBN : 1484820231
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jesus wept. Sarah laughed. Goliath walked, but David ran into to meet him. The lame beggar leaped. King Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face. The rich man dressed in purple. Jacob put sackcloth on his loins. The Apostle Paul correctly interpreted the body language of the Philippian jailer, cried out with a loud voice, and saved his life. The Holy Bible is filled with body language, visual clues, and informative sounds. Sometimes it is so obvious that we do not pay attention. Sometimes we notice, but do not know exactly how to interpret the signs.“Body Language in the Bible” provides a comprehensive study of nonverbal communication from Genesis to Revelation. The workbook format guides users as they progress through five different elements of nonverbal communication: Posture, Actions, Appearance, Sounds, and Space. The key to reading biblical body language is to realize that every time the Bible describes someone's physical position or appearance there is a specific purpose. If someone sits down, there is a reason. When the nation of Israel cries out, they are expressing an urgent need. People bow low to show submission. Those who are blessed rise up to places of prominence.Learning how to discover and understand nonverbal clues in the Bible will greatly enhance your personal study times. Becoming an engaged observer will increase your ability to teach, share, and discuss God's Word.
Category: Religion

The Definitive Book Of Body Language

Author : Allan And Barbara Pease
ISBN : 9781489223159
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 26.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From internationally renowned authors, Allan and Barbara Pease comes the worldwide bestseller The Definitive Book of Body Language. In this book they examine and explain in simple terms, each component of body language. Regardless of your vocation or position in life, you will be able to use it to obtain a better understanding of life's most complex event – a face–to–face encounter with another person. It will make you more aware of your own non–verbal cues and signals, and will show you how to use them to communicate effectively and obtain the reactions you want. You will also discover how to: • Make a positive impression on others • Interview and negotiate successfully • Know if someone is available • Bond quickly and encourage others to co–operate • Make yourself likeable and approachable • Tell if someone is lying • Read between the lines of what is said • Recognise love–signs and power–plays This book will enable you to use body language to read others – and get what you want!
Category: Psychology

The You Code

Author : James Moore
ISBN : 9781446408810
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 40.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Did you know that the way you eat your food will be sending subliminal messages out about your sexual habits? Or that the way you decorate your desk, could be helping your boss decide about that promotion or pay rise? We're all aware of the subtle messages of design and marketing but what about the signals you send out about yourself and your personality? The You Code is the book that answers all these questions, uncovering the hidden meaning behind the simplest of choices. Judi James, with co-writer and journalist James Moore, pulls no punches in her addictive and entertaining book which gets to the nub of who you really are, telling you more about yourself than you ever wanted to know, as well as providing an intriguing insight into the people around you. From your favourite TV programme to the type of coffee you drink, even down to the filling in your sandwich, The You Code is a must for anyone who wants to find out more about themselves and, more importantly, what everyone else thinks of them.
Category: Psychology

Body Language In Business

Author : A. Furnham
ISBN : 9780230292291
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This innovative new work clarifies the misconceptions around body language while providing a scientific approach to understanding non-verbal communication at work. The authors explain why it is so important to understand body language in business, combining hard research evidence with unambiguous tips and practical applications.
Category: Business & Economics

The Dictionary Of Body Language

Author : Joe Navarro
ISBN : 9780062846860
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 47.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the world’s #1 body language expert* comes the essential book for decoding human behavior Joe Navarro has spent a lifetime observing others. For 25 years, as a Special Agent for the FBI, he conducted and supervised interrogations of spies and other dangerous criminals, honing his mastery of nonverbal communication. After retiring from the bureau, he has become a sought-after public speaker and consultant, and an internationally bestselling author. Now, a decade after his groundbreaking book What Every BODY is Saying, Navarro returns with his most ambitious work yet. The Dictionary of Body Language is a pioneering “field guide” to nonverbal communication, describing and explaining the more than 400 behaviors that will allow you to gauge anyone’s true intentions. Moving from the head down to the feet, Navarro reveals the hidden meanings behind the many conscious and subconscious things we do. Readers will learn how to tell a person’s actual feelings from subtle changes in their pupils; the lip behaviors that betray concerns or hidden information; the many different varieties of arm posturing, and what each one means; how the position of our thumbs when we stand akimbo reflects our mental state; and many other fascinating insights to help you both read others and change their perceptions of you. Readers will turn to The Dictionary Body Language again and again—a body language bible for anyone looking to understand what their boss really means, interpret whether a potential romantic partner is interested or not, and learn how to put themselves forward in the most favorable light. *
Category: Self-Help

Body Language Mastery Bible

Author : William J Coleman
ISBN : 9798605306450
Genre :
File Size : 57.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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4 Books in 1 Boxset This box set includes the most powerful collection of books that will help you read, analyze and influence people's minds without them suspecting a thing. The extensive information included in these books will quickly lead you on a path of success, happiness and personal growth. Included in this book collection are: Body language: Mastering the Secret of Nonverbal Communication. How to Analyze People without Raising any Suspicion The Art of Reading People: How to Analyze, influence and Persuade People like a Pro Dark Psychology Secrets: How to Read, Analyze, Penetrate, and Control People's Minds with Subliminal Manipulation, Dark NLP, Dark CBT, Kamikaze Mind Control, and Brainwashing Techniques Subliminal Manipulation: The Ultimate Guide to Influence Anyone's Mind through Persuasion, NLP, Body Language, Stoicism, Mind Control, and Dark Psychology (c)2020 William J. Coleman (P)2020 William J. Coleman

The Flirting Bible

Author : Fran Greene
ISBN : 9781610581004
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 28.89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Become the People Magnet You’ve Always Wanted to Be! Want to make an unforgettable first impression? Or learn how to speak in a way that makes you stand out in a crowd? Or find out what signs a love interest might give if they’re attracted to you? You’ll learn all of these flirting secrets and more with The Flirting Bible, your definitive guide to using and reading body language and other social cues to find instant adventure, friendship, fun, and romance. Nationally renowned relationship expert Fran Greene, former advice columnist for, will walk you through her thirteen tried-and-trusted techniques for becoming the most confident and attractive person in the room (no matter if you think you are or not!). You’ll learn how to: Make the perfect amount of eye contact to establish trust and intimacy Use the “flirtatious handshake” to make a memorable impression Listen in a way that makes you a people magnet Get conversations started and get noticed by using the props of flirting And so much more! Say goodbye to intimidation and “hello!” to the mate of your dreams with The Flirting Bible—your secret weapon to becoming the most fabulous flirt in town.
Category: Family & Relationships