The Blessing Of Life

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The Blessing Of Life

Author : Brian Kane
ISBN : 9780739169346
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is an introductory explanation of Catholic theological thinking on bioethics. It differs from the majority of bioethics texts by explaining Catholic theology, and not philosophy.
Category: Philosophy

The Blessing Of Adversity

Author : Barry C. Black
ISBN : 9781414348452
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Most people see trouble as something negative and seek to avoid it whenever possible. But what if it’s those troubles that actually lead to greater blessing and purpose? In The Blessing of Adversity, a retired U.S. Navy admiral and the 62nd chaplain of the U.S. Senate distills the wisdom gained from thirty years as a counselor, theologian, and psychologist. Barry Black offers a blueprint for removing the sting of life’s trials, showing us how to let God use our pain for his glory by blessing others—and how that can actually help heal our own pain. Drawing on Scripture and his own experiences as a counselor and chaplain to some of the most powerful people in the world, Black teaches us how to deal with seasons of God’s apparent silence, offers techniques for staying encouraged in the middle of life’s storms, and shows how to find advantages in adversity.
Category: Religion

A Guide To The Blessing Life

Author : Gerrit Dawson
ISBN : 9780830895847
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.23 MB
Format : PDF
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God wants us to know how much he loves us. This love is not "generic." It is, as Pastor Gerritt Dawson puts it: "specific, intense, free, passionate, delighted love! Love fitted to each one of us in our uniquely created being." When we experience this love, we experience blessing. The Bible tells a blessing story. And in these pages we are invited to enter into that story with the Triune God. Along the way we share the journey with many others who have inspiring stories of personal and social change. This workbook will transform your relationship with God and others as you discover the unique ways that God wants to express his love for you. This 40-day guide will walk you and your group through passages of Scripture, times of prayer and simple exercises all designed to lead into the deep blessedness of life in God s love.
Category: Religion

The Blessing

Author : Jim Kibler
ISBN : 1492148407
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book tells you HOW TO QUICKLY GET The Blessing of God ON YOUR LIFE. The VERY SIMPLE KEY to receive God's Blessing is in this book. If you desire to have THE BLESSING FROM GOD you should read this book. The Blessing brings breakthrough, increase and your Debt will soon disappear. When You receive The Blessing From God you will become SPIRITUALLY EMPOWERED FOR SUCCESS in every area of your life. Go from living a hard life to living a good life of prosperity, health, peace and joy. The scriptural information in this book is absolutely life changing for you and your family. Don't miss this. This book will actually improve every area of your life. You will be amazed by how simple it is to receive The Blessing from God and how fast your life will begin to improve. This is the difference between success and failure. When you are REALLY BLESSED success comes easy. Don't let one more day go by without God's Blessing on your life. You can quickly be living a life that is Blessed of God. People are saying this is a fabulous book and they wish they could have had it ten or twenty years ago as their lives would have been so much better. Get a copy of this book for your Pastor and watch The Blessings of God come into your church. You will be amazed by the amount of Scriptural Blessing information that is in this book. You will learn: The huge difference between a blessing and THE BLESSING. The shortcut to receiving The Blessing. How to connect to a Blessed Person and have their Blessing on you. How to qualify for Blessings. (Very easy) How to quickly receive The Blessing. How to IMMEDIATELY empower your children for success. How to live a life of Blessed Abundance. How to quickly remove all obstacles and hindrances in your life. How to be Blessed and successful at everything you do. How to make good things happen in your life everyday. 167 Scriptural Facts About The Blessing. And much more. You will see results very quickly. I can promise you three things: This book will change your life forever. You will read this book over and over. You will tell all of your friends, your family, and everyone in your church about this book. You can be one of The Blessed and be Empowered by God for Success in every area of your life, including your family, finances, job, and your health. God needs you to be Blessed: So that you can be a major Blessing to other people. To expand His Kingdom. To show others the goodness of God. START RIGHT NOW and you will live the rest of your life, with The Blessings of God on your life.
Category: Religion

The Blessing

Author : Rick Hawkins
ISBN : 1680190105
Genre :
File Size : 44.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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31 Decrees Of Blessing For Your Life

Author : Patricia King
ISBN : 9781424549559
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The words we speak have power and can potentially create life or death. But when we make a legal proclamation that comes from God Himself, we are then operating in a power that trumps all other power. When you proclaim God’s Word in faith, it is activated to bring about His will and purpose for your life. According to Isaiah 55:11, it does not return empty but accomplishes everything it is sent to do. God’s Word is the final authority. If He said it, He will make it good! 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Life will inspire you with a daily devotion for every day of the month that will turn your attention to the heart of God and His wonderful intentions for your life. Each devotion is followed by ten powerful decrees—faith-filled words of biblical truth for you to be blessed with love, fruitfulness, friends, wisdom, hope, victory, family, glory, endurance, God’s presence, gladness, and more. Finally, there is a daily activation for you in response to each devotion and decree to seal God’s Word in your heart and life. Experience multiplication of blessings for your life and watch transformation take place as you daily give Jesus your focus and decree His Word.
Category: Religion

The Blessing Life

Author : Gerrit Dawson
ISBN : 9780830895601
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What would it be like to enter a life of vibrant worship and deepening romance with Christ? From first to last Scripture tells a mighty blessing story, and we can be part of it. We can enter the energizing dynamic of receiving, returning and reflecting the love of the Triune God. Offering passionate insights into the person of Christ, and true stories of blessing, pastor Gerrit Dawson leads us on a joyful journey toward loving Jesus and participating significantly in his love for the world. Also available: A Guide to the Blessing Life, a forty-day companion to the journey.
Category: Religion

Life Has No Blessing Like A Good Friend

Author : Mary Engelbreit
ISBN : 0836251989
Genre : Friendship.
File Size : 25.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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There's nothing more valuable than a friend who will celebrate your successes, comfort you in your losses, and simply be there with a kind word and supportive heart. Friends are one of life's truest blessings.In Life Has No Blessing Like a Good Friend, the second title from her new Real Life series, Mary Engelbreit pays tribute to the joyous moments of friendship, when arms are linked, garlands woven, and smiles crinkle the eyes. In this delightful book, Mary's musings on the nature and value of friendship are accompanied by her many drawings that celebrate it: a mother and daughter baking cookies together, teenage girls declaring they are pals for life, and a young woman quietly reading a letter from home. Mary's friends vow to swim across oceans for each other, and they live by Abraham Lincoln's words: "The better part of one's life consists of one's friendships".
Category: Friendship.

The Gentle Art Of Blessing

Author : Pierre Pradervand
ISBN : 1932181059
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"A down-to-earth and deeply inspiring work of applied spirituality, this book explores the history and practice of the act of blessing. To bless means to wish, unconditionally, for total, unrestricted good for others, from the deepest wellspring in the innermost chamber of one's heart. This book provides tools and information that enable people to ground their spiritual practice in everyday life, in the street, the workplace, the kitchen, the supermarket, everywhere. Discussed are the law of positive expectations, the law of unconditional love, and blessing as a spiritual bath. Practiced daily, the blessings provided will foster a deep and lasting inner calm."
Category: Religion

The Blessings Already Are

Author : John Morton
ISBN : 091482967X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.40 MB
Format : PDF
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Providing profound spiritual insights and perspectives for everyday living, this inspirational collection offers a series of uplifting reflections, blessings, and wisdom designed to promote an awareness and understanding of the wonders of the world around us. (Inspiration)
Category: Religion

Life S Daily Blessings

Author : Kerry M. Olitzky
ISBN : 9781580233965
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing on the wisdom of Jewish sources, teachings, and ancient and contemporary spiritual thinkers, a daily devotional helps honor the special and holy events of the year as well as identify the sacred in the mundane moments of life. Original.
Category: Religion

Speaking Life Over Our Children One Letter At A Time

Author : Lisa Moises
ISBN : 9781490850931
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The bottom line...we love our children! We want them to excel in every part of life. We want them protected, healthy, prosperous, and whole. We want God’s best and most blessed for them, so that they can be a blessing to others; touching hearts for the Kingdom of God. But, how do we do that? We do that by diligently confessing the Word of God, in faith, over our children. We speak His life over their lives, and believe the promises of God. It doesn’t matter what the world says about our children. What matters is what the WORD says about them. And God’s Word is a lifetime guarantee!
Category: Religion

Blessings For Life

Author : Dr. Moses Anyanwu
ISBN : 9781477112090
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The book blessings for life is a book to help you re-affi rm your faith in the word of God, believe in His promises and covenant blessings. The book is to remind you of your covenant responsibilities before you can receive God's blessings. You will learn how to walk according to God's covenant, how to receive your blessings and miracles, how and when to sow your seed and biblical scriptures to meditate on daily for blessings, fruitfulness, victorious living, healing and positive confessions.In his 24 years of full time ministry preaching around the globe the word of faith from his mouth inspired by the Holy Spirit has blessed millions of people though his televangelism program' Hour of Grace' and many have testimonies of healing, deliverance and signs and wonders. To God be the glory as you read this book you will divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and blessed to do great things, Amen.
Category: Religion

How To Speak The Blessings Over Your Life And Get Results

Author : Ezekiel Benson
ISBN : 1717712711
Genre :
File Size : 58.36 MB
Format : PDF
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Many still ask God to do what he has already done! The reason is simple: they don't understand how the kingdom works. God is not going to do what he has already done for you! You have to learn to receive it! The bible says: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath BLESSED US WITH ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS in heavenly places in Christ" - (Ephesians 1:3). God has already blessed you with every good thing that exists in Christ. Health, prosperity, victory, success, joy, peace, and every blessing you can imagine are already yours. You have already been blessed in all things, and with all things. What you need is to learn and know how to get the blessing working in your life. But we often pray as though God is unwilling to bless us or as though he has not blessed us. Many are used to shouting and yelling the following prayers at God: "I will not let you go unless you bless me" They yell at God as though he was unwilling to bless, while in the actual sense of it he has already given you all these things. So why do many folks pray as though they are not already blessed? So why do many Christians pray as one needing to be blessed? The reason is because many folks don't know what the scripture means when it says God has blessed us WITH ALL SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS in heavenly places in Christ. You should live and function as one who is already blessed! If you can just calm down and grasp this fact, Christianity will begin to have a greater meaning to you! I have discovered that receiving is quite simple! Receiving involves speaking the blessings over your life regularly with a certain mindset that you are not asking God to do what He is not willing to do or has not done already for you, but that all things are already yours and available to you! It is shift from praying beggarly prayers to taking what's yours in Christ by Spiritual Birth. Sadly many don't know how to do this. Speaking the Blessings is to engage the blessings, activate them and release them to be made manifest in your life. Speaking the blessings is also a powerful form of spiritual warfare and devils don't like it neither can they fight or withstand it. It is a combination of both spiritual warfare to clear the way for the blessing to be manifested and a "blessing highway" that delivers the blessing to you. Speaking the Blessings over one's life was how God intended for all His children to live and pray. It is quite simple but very powerful and a deliverer of the required blessings. HOW TO SPEAK THE BLESSINGS OVER YOUR LIFE AND GET RESULTS, was therefore written to provide you powerful insights with sample prayers on how to effectively speak the blessings over your life on a daily basis and INDEED GET RESULTS!

Choosing To Live The Blessing

Author : John Trent
ISBN : 1578560004
Genre : Blessing and cursing
File Size : 73.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing on his own experiences and biblical teachings, the co-author of The Blessing shows readers how to change their own and their family's lives for the better by blessing, rather than cursing, the elements of their lives.
Category: Blessing and cursing


Author : Gary Smalley
ISBN : 9780671737436
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 32.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Now family counselors Gary Smalley and John Trent, Ph.D., show us how we can transform our lives-even when it is no longer possible to receive our parents' blessing, and offer practical, effective methods to heal broken hearts and families.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Power Of Blessing

Author : Isaac Amoah-Baiden
ISBN : 9798637728503
Genre :
File Size : 70.54 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is written for the many people who are seeking the BLESSINGS OF GOD in different areas of their lives. I started life and ministry on a pretty much lower level - that is, with nothing really positive in any area of my life. Together, with my siblings, we were all living virtually insignificant lives, we were broke, and we struggled to rise up in life. Life in those days was not enjoyable at all for me!But as I started serving the Lord, I came to realise the missing element in my life - the blessings of God! I really saw, that, the difference or change, I sought for in my life, could only be achieved by experiencing God's transformative BLESSINGS. I saw how ordinary men like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses, Jesus the Christ, Paul, etc lived extraordinary lives and made significant impact in their respective generations. And the common denominator, I found in the lives of these great people - was that- they encountered the BLESSINGS OF GOD in diverse areas of their lives at certain points in time. After, I discovered the secrets of these great people, I embarked on putting them into practise in my own life and ministry and I started reaping great results in a short span of time!I know that you, too, my dear reader, desire to experience God's blessings in your life - in your marriage, your family, your christian life, your business, your career, your health, your ministry, your finances, etc. Many believers always murmur about how they have served the Lord for years and yet have not seen any significant transformation in most areas of their lives apart from their spiritual lives.I have written this book to HELP YOU! In this book, you are gong to learn about, - the true definitions of "blessing"- the various dimensions of blessings God gives to His children- the powerful effects of the blessings of God in a person's life- HOW TO ACCESS ANY BLESSING YOU DESIRE FROM THE LORD- the reasons why most believers don't experience God's blessings in important areas of their lives. After you read this book and put the contents into practise in your life, you will be thoroughly equipped to receive God's blessings into your life. And not only that, you will also learn how to utilise God's blessings for the greater good of others and the society at large.This book is the first in a series of books about how to experience the blessings of God in your life. Grab a copy of this book and set your destiny on the path of total transformation.Welcome to a life of fulfilment and fruitfulness, In Jesus Mighty Name

The Blessing Of Abraham The Spirit And Justification In Galatians

Author : Chee-Chiew Lee
ISBN : 9781610973724
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What has the Spirit to do with the blessing of Abraham and justification? This book challenges the common assumption that the Abrahamic blessing and the Spirit are equated in Gal 3:14 and points out how an accurate understanding of the relationship between these two motifs contributes significantly to appreciating Paul's overall argument in Galatians and his theology of justification. Even though Paul does not cite Old Testament passages on the promise of the Spirit in Gal 3:1-14, his arguments are nonetheless deeply influenced by the whole prophetic tradition about the Spirit. Most current discussions on the present and future aspects of justification have yet to consider the Spirit's role in the latter. Given the renewed interest in Pauline justification, this book contributes to this important aspect of the Spirit's role in future justification, which needs to be developed further in Pauline and New Testament theology.
Category: Religion