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The Big Lie Exposed

Author : Thomas L. Copping
ISBN : 9781449782894
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As early as the first century, the church believed there was a living church “rapture.” Let us note the language of Paul to the Corinthian church in 15:36: “Thou fool, that which thou sowest [Greek word means to strengthen] is not quickened [Greek word means to reanimate conjointly with], except it die.” Paul tells the Corinthians that the living church is strengthened by Holy Spirit [we shall be changed]. The dead in Christ shall be raised incorruptible. This is one of many verses that prove the “rapture theory” is false theology. This is why I named this book The Big Lie, Exposed. This book exposes the false teaching of the Christian churches for the past two thousand years. I do this as instructed by Isaiah by putting precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little.
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The Big Lie

Author : Future Foundation
ISBN : 9781452578910
Genre : Business & Economics
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Future Foundation is a trends and forecasting agency with global reach has been operational for nearly twenty years is completely independent of any other company or organization beyond sharing general values, has no political opinions partners and counsels more than two hundred corporate clients runs its own data bank of opinion research findings, going back years probes consumer opinion in twenty-eight countries on an annual basis manages its own team of two hundred trendspotters across the globe is committed to excellence in the visual and verbal presentation of ideas and intuitions holds as its motto and its goal “Science Meets Creativity” is in business to see its clients prosper through the ingenious application of enriched insight into the lives of consumers, citizens, people
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The Big Lie

Author : Julie Mayhew
ISBN : 9780763694012
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
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In a gripping novel set in present-day England under a Nazi regime, a sheltered teen questions what it means to be “good” — and how far she’s willing to go to break the rules. Nazi England, 2014. Jessika Keller is a good girl — a champion ice skater, model student of the Bund Deutscher Mädel, and dutiful daughter of the Greater German Reich. Her best friend, Clementine, is not so submissive. Passionately different, Clem is outspoken, dangerous, and radical. And the regime has noticed. Jess cannot keep both her perfect life and her dearest friend, her first love. But which can she live without? Haunting, intricate, and unforgettable, The Big Lie unflinchingly interrogates perceptions of revolution, feminism, sexuality, and protest. Back matter includes historical notes from the author discussing her reasons for writing an “alt-history” story and the power of speculative fiction.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

The Big White Lie

Author : Michael Levine
ISBN : 0985238623
Genre : Law
File Size : 25.93 MB
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In The Big White Lie, Michael Levine, former DEA agent and bestselling author of Deep Cover, leads the reader through a decade of undercover work. Levine's prose is fast-moving, highly readable, and hard-hitting. He tells how the beautiful South American "Queen of Cocaine" seduced the CIA into protecting her from prosecution as she sold drugs to Americans; how CIA-sponsored paramilitary ousted, tortured, and killed members of a pro-DEA Bolivian ruling party; and how the CIA created La Corporacion, the "General Motors of cocaine," which led directly to the current cocaine/crack epidemic. As a 25-year veteran agent for the DEA, Michael Levine worked deep-cover cases from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, and witnessed firsthand scandalous violations of drug laws by U.S. officials.
Category: Law

Tithing Promoters Prosperity Teachers Big Lies

Author : Benny D. Prince
ISBN : 9781631352065
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.62 MB
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This insightful book exposes the lies, coercion, and fear tactics used by Christian churches to get people to tithe. To say that the curse of the tithing law even exists today is a lie. This teaching conflicts with the truth stated in Galatians 3:13. The teaching that tithing is required today to obtain blessings with the emphasis on material blessings has caused many to become less spiritual minded and more materialistic. But this teaching is also a lie and conflicts with Galatians 3:14. Tithing promoters spew out untruths against non-tithers to demonize them and silence any opposition to their false teachings. Today's false prosperity gospel has transformed the gospel of grace into the gospel of greed. Most disgraceful of all, the many lies that Christian leaders utilize to dupe the poorest and most vulnerable in society out of the little money they do have, causes many of the poorest to sink even deeper into debt. Time and time again, tithing promoters fail to line up with the word of God. One lie is that tithing demands ten percent of income, when in fact, the amount should be considerably less. What can we do to change this heresy? Encourage honesty within your own church, and urge people to turn away from lies and walk in the truth.
Category: Religion

Hair Loss Dossier

Author : John Vincent
ISBN : 9781732548442
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 80.24 MB
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“Hair Loss Dossier” Exposes the Perpetrators of The Big Lie about Hair Restoration and Reveals the Truth About the Real Answers to a Common Problem. The book explains “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” options to hair loss. According to Dr. Ken Washenik, Bosley Hair Restoration Medical Director, "Hair loss is not life threatening. It's life changing!" A powerful statement summarizes the impact hair loss has on a woman’s self-image, "Losing your hair is like losing a part of your soul!" Although baldness is not funny to those experiencing a vanishing hairline, equally, self-esteem diminishes as does one’s hair. Fact: 50% of men and 40% of women experience this annoying, debilitating condition in their lifetime. The experience can lead to a frantic search for answers and mistaken choices can result in lasting disappointment. The book "pulls back the curtain" on unscrupulous companies that intentionally mislead the public. It exposes the unattractive underbelly of businesses that prey on the hair loss sufferer's insecurities and desperation for a “fix.” The Dossier zeros in on all popular hair treatment claims and dissects the pros and cons of each. Wigs and hairpieces...worn by celebrities, high-profile figures and everyday citizens are critiqued, as are elaborate hair styling techniques, such as the one implemented by the current US President to disguise his hair problem. The real story about hair transplantation as a lifetime answer to thinning hair is revealed, as is the truth about the wealth of temporary treatments that never get to the “root of the problem.” Unfortunately, the public is vulnerable to the relentless marketing of “miracle" products. Most of the information found in the media and online is intended to sell or promote a product or service, often with the implication these are permanent answers to thinning hair or baldness. This exposé will dispel the misinformation that is widely disseminated and provide a message of optimism and a valid treatment strategy for hair loss sufferers. The underlying message is, "There is no cure for baldness, only treatment." Millions of dollars are wasted each year on worthless products. Although this condition is overwhelmingly caused by a genetic predisposition to thinning and balding, the book offers hope and a roadmap to prevent further loss and to encourage growth. Travel on a journey to discover how the choices of hair transplantation, drugs, topical treatments, camouflage products, light therapy and utilizing your own stem cells can work for you. Learn about the pros and cons as the author directs you to pursue a path to what he terms Hair Preservation.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Case For Impeachment

Author : Dave Lindorff
ISBN : 9781429906586
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The war in Iraq . . . No bid contracts awarded to Halliburton . . . Hurricane Katrina . . . The CIA leak investigation . . . The story gets worse and worse. The evidence is glaring. George W. Bush's record as a president is abysmal. And it's time to impeach him. The Case for Impeachment lays out the reasons why in a straightforward, letter-of-the-law manner. Mixing the cold, hard facts with the lies and deceptions of this administration, The Case for Impeachment is a serious consideration of Bush's high crimes and misdemeanors while in office. This important and timely book will serve as a rallying cry for all those fed up with George W. Bush's abuses of power. It's time for the American people and Congress to act. With so much at stake, we have a president whose administration stands out in its criminality and disdain for the rule of law. The Case for Impeachment explains the legal history and grounds for impeaching George W. Bush and brings forth more than a half dozen articles of impeachment the likes of: *Lying and inducing Congress and the American people into an unjust war. *Allowing his friends and business cronies to profiteer off the war in Iraq. *Authorizing torture and rendition of prisoners of war and suspected terrorists--a complete violation of the Geneva Conventions, a treaty the U.S. has signed and is therefore part of our law. *Stripping American citizens of their Constitutional rights--holding people with no charge, wiretapping them illegally, offering them no trial, and never allowing them to face their accusers. *Failing in almost every way possible to defend the homeland and our borders. Hard hitting and persuasive in its argument, The Case for Impeachment will be one of the most talked-about political books for the pathetic remainder of the Bush Presidency.
Category: Political Science

The Big Lie

Author : Kwame Nkrumah
ISBN : UIUC:30112052567200
Genre : Ghana
File Size : 69.64 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Ghana

The Big Lie

Author : Dinesh D'Souza
ISBN : 1621573486
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76.26 MB
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"Of course, everything [D'Souza] says here is accurate... But it's not going to sit well with people on the American left who, of course, are portraying themselves as the exact opposite of all of this." —RUSH LIMBAUGH The explosive new book from Dinesh D'Souza, author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Hillary's America, America, and Obama's America. What is "the big lie" of the Democratic Party? That conservatives—and President Donald Trump in particular—are fascists. Nazis, even. In a typical comment, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow says the Trump era is reminiscent of "what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor." But in fact, this audacious lie is a complete inversion of the truth. Yes, there is a fascist threat in America—but that threat is from the Left and the Democratic Party. The Democratic left has an ideology virtually identical with fascism and routinely borrows tactics of intimidation and political terror from the Nazi Brownshirts. To cover up their insidious fascist agenda, Democrats loudly accuse President Trump and other Republicans of being Nazis—an obvious lie, considering the GOP has been fighting the Democrats over slavery, genocide, racism and fascism from the beginning. Now, finally, Dinesh D'Souza explodes the Left's big lie. He expertly exonerates President Trump and his supporters, then uncovers the Democratic Left's long, cozy relationship with Nazism: how the racist and genocidal acts of early Democrats inspired Adolf Hitler's campaign of death; how fascist philosophers influenced the great 20th century lions of the American Left; and how today's anti-free speech, anti-capitalist, anti-religious liberty, pro-violence Democratic Party is a frightening simulacrum of the Nazi Party. Hitler coined the term "the big lie" to describe a lie that "the great masses of the people" will fall for precisely because of how bold and monstrous the lie is. In The Big Lie, D'Souza shows that the Democratic Left's orchestrated campaign to paint President Trump and conservatives as Nazis to cover up its own fascism is, in fact, the biggest lie of all.
Category: Political Science