The Battleship Vittorio Veneto

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Italian Vittorio Veneto Class Battleships

Author : Andrzej Perepeczko
ISBN : 8366148246
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The goal of this publication is to present comprehensively both the hull construction, propulsion, and weaponry as well as the course of action and fate during the Second World War of Italian warships of the Vittorio Veneto type. However, since the decisions about their construction were made due to the sometimes complicated political and military situations in the inter-war period, the genesis and gateway leading to the construction and equipment of the Italian warships is also included. These ships were the most modern and in many ways even the best representatives of their class on the day of the outbreak of the Second World War. Although the Italian war fleet could not pride itself on successes during the fighting in 1940-1943, nonetheless the history of World War II in the region of the Mediterranean sea is undoubtedly worth knowing.

Battleships Of Italy

Author : Books Llc
ISBN : 1156048125
Genre : History
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 25. Chapters: Battleships of the Regia Marina, World War II battleships of Italy, World War I battleships of Italy, Italian battleship Giulio Cesare, Italian battleship Roma, Italia class battleship, Vittorio Veneto class battleship, Italian battleship Caio Duilio, Italian battleship Re Umberto, Italian battleship Andrea Doria, Italian battleship Italia, Ruggiero di Lauria class battleship, Andrea Doria class battleship, Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto, Italian battleship Sardegna, Italian battleship Sicilia, Italian battleship Conte di Cavour, Re Umberto class battleship, Italian battleship Littorio, Regina Margherita class battleship, List of Italian steam battleships, Conte di Cavour class battleship, Italian battleship Leonardo da Vinci, Italian battleship Dante Alighieri, Ammiraglio di Saint Bon class battleship, Italian battleship Ammiraglio di Saint Bon, Italian battleship Emanuele Filiberto, Italian battleship Regina Margherita, Regina Elena class battleship, Italian battleship Benedetto Brin, Italian battleship Vittorio Emanuele, Italian battleship Napoli, Italian battleship Regina Elena, List of battleships of Italy, List of Italian dreadnought battleships. Excerpt: Roma, named after two previous ships and the city of Rome, was the fourth Vittorio Veneto-class battleship of Italy's Regia Marina (English: ). The construction of both Roma and her sister ship Impero was planned due to rising tensions around the world and the navy's fear that two Vittorio Venetos and the older pre-First World War battleships were not enough to counter the British and French Mediterranean Fleets. As Roma was laid down almost four years after the first two ships of the class, some small improvements were made to the design, including additional freeboard added to the bow. Roma was commissioned into the Regia Marina on 14 June 1942, but a s...
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Battleships Wwii Evolution Of The Big Guns

Author : Philip Kaplan
ISBN : 9781473843578
Genre : History
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Beginning with a pictorial essay on battleship construction in the 1930s and 1940s, this new book looks at the various design facets of the last great capital ships of the world's navies. Kaplan offers us a glimpse into those massive American and German navy yards and construction facilities that were put to use during this time, acquainting us with the arenas in which these final examples of battleship technology were laid down, built up, launched, fitted out, commissioned and taken out to sea.The book roots itself in a period of monumental change within the history of contemporary warfare. With the baton being passed from the battleship community to that of the aircraft carrier, the iconic battleship was gradually superseded by a new and even more threatening weapons system. It was destined to be consigned to the history books, whilst newer, slicker and more efficient fighting machines took precedence. This publication serves as a tribute to a lost legend of naval warfare.There is a look at some of modern history's most significant battleships, relaying their thrilling stories, defining characteristics and eventual fates. Ships featured include Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Warspite, Tirpitz and Yamato.The book is completed with 'Fast and Last', a visit on board the four final examples of battleship technology and design, the last serving battleships USS Iowa, USS New Jersey, USS Wisconsin, and USS Missouri. Their Second World War careers are recounted, as are the qualities that made them special.
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Aircraft Carriers

Author : Norman Polmar
ISBN : 9781597973441
Genre : History
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Aircraft Carriers is the definitive history of world aircraft carrier development and operations. Norman Polmar’s revised and updated, two-volume classic describes the political and technological factors that influenced aircraft carrier design and construction, meticulously records their operations, and explains their impact on modern warfare. Volume I provides a comprehensive analysis of carrier developments and warfare in the first half of the twentieth century, and examines the advances that allowed the carrier to replace the battleship as the dominant naval weapons system. Polmar gives particular emphasis to carrier operations from World War I, through the Japanese strikes against China in the 1930s, to World War II in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Arctic, and Pacific theaters. It begins with French inventor Clément Ader’s remarkably prescient 1909 description of an aircraft carrier. The book then explains how Britain led the world in the development of aircraft-carrying ships, soon to be followed by the United States and Japan. While ship-based aircraft operations in World War I had limited impact, they foreshadowed the aircraft carriers built in the 1920s and 1930s. The volume also describes the aircraft operating from those ships as well as the commanders who pioneered carrier aviation. Aircraft Carriers has benefited from the technical collaboration of senior carrier experts Captain Eric M. Brown and General Minoru Genda as well as noted historians Robert M. Langdon and Peter B. Mersky. Aircraft Carriers is heavily illustrated with more than 400 photographs—some never before published—and maps. Volume II, which is forthcoming from Potomac Books in the winter 2006-2007 (ISBN 978-1-57488-665-8), will cover the period 1946 to the present.
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Battle At Sea

Author : R.G. Grant
ISBN : 9781405335058
Genre : History
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A visual journey through 3,000 years of naval warfare From the clash of galleys in Ancient Greece to deadly encounters between nuclear-powered submarines in the 20th century, explore every aspect of the story of naval warfare on, under and above the sea. Visit every major naval conflict in time through detailed vital statistics of the combatants and outcomes. Examine the changing face of life aboard a vessel, from punishment and discipline to food and recreation. Take a look at crews and their roles through the ages exploring hierarchies and organisation. Packed with photographs, maps, 3D battle plans and eyewitness accounts this is the ultimate guide to the evolution of naval conflict.
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The Great Ships

Author : Peter C. Smith
ISBN : 9780811749350
Genre : History
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Authoritative study of the battleship in World War II. Stirring episodes of naval combat. Covers the famous chase after the Bismarck, the sinking of the Scharnhorst, the coastal bombardments on D-Day, and other actions.
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Royal Navy Handbook 1939 1945

Author : David Wragg
ISBN : 9780750954280
Genre : History
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The service had to learn fast. It soon became clear that the Germans would not provide an opportunity for a major battleship-to-battleship fleet action along the lines of Jutland, but that submarine warfare and surface raiders were to be just as effective at undermining the British war effort. The Royal Navy was expected to be active in the North Atlantic and in British waters, and then, after the Soviet Union was invaded by Germany, it had to protect the Arctic convoys. Meanwhile, it also had to keep control of the Mediterranean, alone after the fall of France, supporting ground forces in North Africa and then in Greece, send convoys to Malta and disrupt the Axis supply lines both in the Mediterranean and off the coast of Norway, before facing the Japanese in the Far East.
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The Italian Navy And Fascist Expansionism 1935 1940

Author : Robert Mallett
ISBN : 9781136713231
Genre : History
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Robert Mallett argues that the Duce's aggressive war against the Mediterranean powers, Britain and France, was to secure access to the world's oceans. Mussolini actively pursued the Italo-German alliance to gain a Fascist empire stretching from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.
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War In The Balkans

Author : Jeffrey Plowman
ISBN : 9781473831377
Genre : History
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This WWII pictorial history presents a vivid look at the Balkan campaign from Italy’s invasion of Greece to the Nazi airborne assault on Crete. Through rare wartime photographs, War in the Balkans traces the course of the entire Balkan campaign. Beginning with Mussolini’s first act of aggression, the narrative continues through Albania, the invasions of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria by German forces, and on to the battle for Greece and the final airborne assault on Crete. Historian Jeffrey Plowman gives equal weight to every stage of the campaign and covers all the forces involved: the Italians, Germans, Greeks, and British Commonwealth troops. By shifting the focus to the mainland—rather than the culminating Battle of Crete—Plowman views the campaign as a whole, offering a balanced portrayal of a conflict that is often overlooked in histories of the Second World War. Most of the photographs included here have never been published before, and many come from private sources. They are a unique visual record of the military vehicles, tanks, aircraft, artillery and other equipment used by the opposing armies. They also show the conditions the soldiers faced, and the landscape of the Balkans over which they fought.
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Watson S Really Big Wwii Almanac

Author : Patrick Watson
ISBN : 9781469101897
Genre : Reference
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Named as the North American Book Exchanges winner of the 2008 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Reference catagory, this book is laid out like a calendar containing information pertaining to World War II. In going to a specific date, you will find it divided by area (i.e. Western Europe, North America etc.). Those areas are further divided by year. What makes it unique is that those years range from the 1800s to the present day. The information includes everything from actual battles, to the final fate of a favorite ship, to the activities of movie stars during the war. It covers the first six months of the year. Volume Two takes care of the last six months.
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Fleet Air Arm Carrier War

Author : Kev Darling
ISBN : 9781473814325
Genre : History
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This is the story of British naval flying from aircraft carriers, from its conception in World War One to the present day. It includes the types of aircraft and the men who flew them, the carriers and the evolution of their designs, the theatres of war in which they served and their notable achievements and tragedies. It traces navy flying from the early days of the biplane, through the rapid developments during World War Two to the post-war introduction of jet-powered flight. The British inventions of the angled flight deck and later vertical landing jets revolutionised sea warfare and allowed the carrier to play a vital part in many recent land wars when naval aircraft flew in support of Allied land forces.Although the British carriers have always been smaller than their American counterparts, the Royal Navy and its aircraft have always been in the van of the development of ships and aircraft. This is the proud history of British Naval flying and ships such as HMS Eagle, HMS Hermes, HMS Glorious, HMS Ark Royal and many more.
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Naval Battles Of World War Two

Author : Geoffrey Bennett
ISBN : 9781473816657
Genre : History
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Captain Bennett discusses the traumatic effects of the Washington and London Naval Treaties on the fleets of the principal powers between the wars, and their astonishing growth and technical progress between 1939 and 1945. He then deals with the war in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The Battle of the River Plate, the struggle for Narvik, the hunt for the Bismarck, the destruction of the Italian Fleet at Taranto and Matapan are all vividly described and authoritatively analysed.
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Author : David Wragg
ISBN : 9781844151301
Genre : History
File Size : 27.59 MB
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This is a narrative account of the operations of the Fairey Swordfish throughout World War Two. The most famous of these was the attack on the Italian fleet at Taranto, crippling three battleships and damaging several other ships as well as the seaplane base and an oil storage depot. The Swordfish played a prominent part in the Battle of Matapan and in the sinking of the Bismarck. Less happily, Swordfish were used in the unsuccessful and ill-prepared raid on the Germans at Petsamo and in the abortive attack on the battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau during the Channel Dash in 1942.
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Warship International

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105072002863
Genre : Warships
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Battleships Of The Regia Marin

Author : LLC Books
ISBN : 1156091365
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File Size : 37.84 MB
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Chapters: Andrea Doria Class Battleships, Conte Di Cavour Class Battleships, Regina Margherita Class Battleships, Vittorio Veneto Class Battleships, Italian Battleship Giulio Cesare, Italian Battleship Roma, Italian Ironclad Caio Duilio, Italian Battleship Vittorio Veneto, Italian Battleship Conte Di Cavour, Italian Battleship Littorio, Caracciolo Class Battleship, Italian Battleship Impero, List of Italian Steam Battleships, Italian Battleship Dante Alighieri, Italian Battleship Caio Duilio, Italian Ironclad Enrico Dandolo, Italian Battleship Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian Battleship Andrea Doria, List of Italian Dreadnought Battleships, Italian Battleship Regina Margherita. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 78. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Italian battleship Caio Duilio in 1948 The Andrea Doria class was a class of dreadnought battleships of the Regia Marina (Italian Navy). Two were built in the La Spezia and Castellammare shipyards between 1912 and 1915.Design Right elevation and deck plan as depicted in Brassey's Naval Annual 1923Andrea Doria (left) and Caio Duilio (right) prior to their 1937-1940 reconstruction.These ships were improved versions of the Conte di Cavour battleships battleships . Although both of these ships were completed during World War I, they did not see action. Both were extensively modernized prior to World War II .Ships See also (online edition) Websites (URLs online) A hyperlinked version of this chapter is at Andrea Doria was the name of two battleships of the Regia Marina (Italian Royal Navy), and may refer to: This article includes a list of ships...

The Defence And Fall Of Greece 1940 41

Author : John Carr
ISBN : 9781473828308
Genre : History
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On 28th October 1940, the Greek premier, Ioannis Metaxis, refused to accept a deliberately provocative ultimatum from Mussolini and Italian forces began the invasion of Greece via Albania. This aggression was prompted by Mussolini's desire for a quick victory to rival Hitler's rapid conquest of France and the Low Countries. On paper, Greek forces were poorly equipped and ill-prepared for the conflict but Mussolini had underestimated the skill and determination of the defenders. Within weeks the Italian invasion force was driven back over the border and Greek forces actually advanced deep into Albania.A renewed Italian offensive in March 1941 was also given short shrift, prompting Hitler to intervene to save his ally. German forces invaded Greece via Bulgaria on 6 April. The Greeks, now assisted by British forces, resisted by land, sea and air but were overwhelmed by the superior German forces and their blitzkrieg tactics. Despite a dogged rearguard action by Anzac forces at the famous pass of Thermopyale, Athens fell on the 27th April and the British evacuated 50,000 troops to Crete. This island, whose airfields and naval bases Churchill considered vital to the defence of Egypt and the Suez Canal, was invaded by German airborne troops the following month and eventually captured after a bitter thirteen-day battle. The remaining British troops were evacuated and the fall of Greece completed. John Carr's masterful account of these desperate campaigns, while not disparaging the British and Commonwealth assistance, draws heavily on Greek sources to emphasize the oft-neglected experience of the Greeks themselves and their contribution to the fight against fascism.
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The Simon And Schuster Encyclopedia Of World War Ii

Author : Thomas D. Parrish
ISBN : STANFORD:36105019796775
Genre : History
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More than forty-five hundred cross-referenced entries provide detailed and comprehensive coverage of the issues, strategies, campaigns, battles, heroes and traitors, weaponry, and intelligence secrets and networks of the Second World War
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Night Action Off Cape Matapan

Author : S. W. C. Pack
ISBN : STANFORD:36105081190345
Genre : Cape Matapan, Battle of, 1941
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Carrier Operations In World War Ii

Author : J. D. Brown
ISBN : 9781783469307
Genre : History
File Size : 85.21 MB
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Between 1939 and 1945 the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm grew from a small force into a powerful strategic weapon. British carrier-based aircraft fought throughout the world and David Brown here describes their activities in the Home, Mediterranean, Eastern and British Pacific Fleets, together with Forces created for specific operations, listing aircraft and units embarked during the various phases.He goes on to describe carrier operations in the Pacific between 1941 and 1945, the greatest maritime war in history. Both the United States and Imperial Japanese Navies watched the Royal Navy's early carrier operations in the European Theatre and benefited from the lessons. American aircrews and sailors learnt quickly in action until, by March 1945, the United States Fifth Fleet with its associated Marine Corps formations was probably the most efficient and effective instrument of war deployed in the pre-nuclear age.This new work contains material from two volumes, first published in 1968 and 1974, merged with notes for a third which David Brown prepared but never published before his death. They appear for the first time together, providing the most detailed single-volume account currently available of the operation of British, American and Japanese aircraft carriers in World War II.
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