The Bahai Faith Violence And Non Violence

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The Bah Faith Violence And Non Violence

Author : Robert H. Stockman
ISBN : 9781108639392
Genre : Religion
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Both violence and non-violence are important themes in the Bahá'í Faith, but their relationship is not simple. The Bahá'í sacred writings see violence in the world – not just against Bahá'ís, but physical and structural violence against everyone – as being a consequence of the immature state of human civilization. The Baha'i community itself has been nonviolent since its founding by Baha'u'llah in the mid nineteenth century and has developed various strategies for responding to persecution nonviolently. This Element explores how their scriptures provide a blueprint for building a new, more mature, culture and civilization on this planet where violence will be rare and nonviolence prevalent.
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Mahatma Gandhi And The Bah S

Author : M. V. Gandhimohan
ISBN : UOM:39015054458594
Genre : Comparative, Philosophy
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Category: Comparative, Philosophy

Violence And Nonviolence

Author : Peyman Vahabzadeh
ISBN : 9781487523183
File Size : 30.23 MB
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Through an original and close reading of the key literature regarding both revolutionary violence and nonviolence, this book collapses the widely-assumed concepts of violence and nonviolence as mutually exclusive. By revealing that violence and nonviolence are braided concepts arising from human action, Peyman Vahabzadeh submits that in many cases the actions deemed to be either violent or nonviolent might actually produce outcomes that are not essentially different. Vahabzadeh offers a conceptual phenomenology of the key thinkers and theorists of both revolutionary violence and various approaches to nonviolence. Arguing that violence is inseparable from civilizations, Violence and Nonviolence concludes by making a number of original conceptualizations regarding the relationship between violence and nonviolence, exploring the possibility of a nonviolent future and proposing to understand the relationship between the two concepts as concentric, not opposites.

Nonviolence And Peace Psychology

Author : Daniel Mayton
ISBN : 0387893482
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 31.92 MB
Format : PDF
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Recent trends and events worldwide have increased public interest in nonviolence, pacifism, and peace psychology as well as professional interest across the social sciences. Nonviolence and Peace Psychology assembles multiple perspectives to create a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the concepts and phenomena of nonviolence than is usually seen on the subject. Through this diverse literature—spanning psychology, political science, religious studies, anthropology, and sociology—peace psychologist Dan Mayton gives readers the opportunity to view nonviolence as a body of principles, a system of pragmatics, and a strategy for social change. This important volume: Draws critical distinctions between nonviolence, pacifism, and related concepts. Classifies nonviolence in terms of its scope (intrapersonal, interpersonal, societal, global) and pacifism according to political and situational dimensions. Applies standard psychological concepts such as beliefs, motives, dispositions, and values to define nonviolent actions and behaviors. Brings sociohistorical and cross-cultural context to peace psychology. Analyzes a century’s worth of nonviolent social action, from the pathbreaking work of Gandhi and King to the Courage to Refuse movement within the Israeli armed forces. Reviews methodological and measurement issues in nonviolence research, and suggests areas for future study. Although more attention is traditionally devoted to violence and aggression within the social sciences, Nonviolence and Peace Psychology reveals a robust knowledge base and a framework for peacebuilding work, granting peace psychologists, activists, and mediators new possibilities for the transformative power of nonviolence.
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Author : Senthil Ram
ISBN : 1600218121
Genre : Political Science
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The so-called 'war on terror' has gone badly for the West, playing directly into the strategy of al-Qa'ida and the rest of the terrorist network. Why did this happen? Were there other approaches that might have been implemented with better prospects of success? This edited collection of perspectives on the non-violent counter to terrorism opens the topic to serious consideration. The development of a non-violent paradigm brings into sharp focus the deficiencies of present thinking, and paves the way for comprehending how non-violence might overcome those deficiencies and introduce viable alternatives. Since there is a general ignorance about the history, theory and operational dynamics of non-violence, these aspects are featured throughout the book, and related to the special case of terrorism. To understand empathetically the background and mind-set of the opponent (without condoning his actions), to study his culture, to avoid the strategic trap he has set, to examine the different gender reactions of a Muslim Society, to differentiate between non-violent Islam and Islamic Terrorism, to jettison the misinformed baggage we carry about violence, to appreciate the positive role education and aesthetics can play, and to investigate ways in which a non-violent counter to terrorism might be staged, including a Gandhian response. These are just some of the tasks that the contributors have collectively pursued. Their ideas excitingly open up a whole new set of possibilities for a more peaceful world.
Category: Political Science

Religion And Violence

Author : Jeffrey Ian Ross
ISBN : 9781317461098
Genre : Computers
File Size : 46.90 MB
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First Published in 2015. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &; Francis, an informa company.
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Fighting Words

Author : John Renard
ISBN : 9780520274198
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.3 MB
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One of the critical issues in interreligious relations today is the connection, both actual and perceived, between sacred sources and the justification of violent acts as divinely mandated. Fighting Words makes solid text-based scholarship accessible to the general public, beginning with the premise that a balanced approach to religious pluralism in our world must build on a measured, well-informed response to the increasingly publicized and sensationalized association of terrorism and large-scale violence with religion. In his introduction, Renard provides background on the major scriptures of seven religious traditions--Jewish, Christian (including both the Old and New Testaments), Islamic, Baha’i, Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Sikh. Eight chapters then explore the interpretation of select facets of these scriptures, focusing on those texts so often claimed, both historically and more recently, as inspiration and justification for every kind of violence, from individual assassination to mass murder. With its nuanced consideration of a complex topic, this book is not merely about the religious sanctioning of violence but also about diverse ways of reading sacred textual sources.
Category: Religion

Religions And Nonviolence

Author : Rachel M. Macnair
ISBN : 1440835381
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36.54 MB
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Covering the nonviolence traditions in all the major religions as well as the contributions of religious traditions to major nonviolent practices, this book addresses theories of nonviolence, considers each religion individually, and highlights what discrete religious perspectives have in common.
Category: Religion

A Divine Invitation To Create A New World

Author : Reynaldo Pareja
ISBN : 9781453566459
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 84.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Television, radio, newspapers or the internet show a daily dismal world scenario. Every week, every month there is a major civil conflict or a terrorist attack somewhere. All over the world innocent are imprisoned, women are victims of domestic violence, are forced into underpaid labor or sex work. Children are still dying by the millions before they are five years old due to unsanitary conditions, lack of safe drinking water or malnourishment. Malaria and HIV-AIDS kill millions yearly and thousands of adolescents are kidnapped to become rebel soldiers. Autocratic governments deny democratic participation to the majority and suppress ferociously any popular peaceful manifestation. The worlds climate is now threatened due to man-made disequilibrium inflicted on the atmosphere by uncontrolled fumes and gas emissions of all types. Water sources are being poisoned by unscrupulous corporations dumping huge amounts of deadly chemicals into waterways. The inequality between rich and poor nations is so vast that 7 - 10% of the worlds population controls the natural and financial resources of the world at the expense of the rest who have no access to a minimum for survival. The reasons for this hellish situation are multiple and varied. They encompass deeply ingrained religious beliefs, unacceptable economic, military and power disparities, and uncontrolled moral degradation affecting all realms of everyday life. These problems have profound spiritual causes and thus require a spiritual perspective. Discover the origin of the new Divine Invitation and the specific solutions it offers for todays major world problems.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Overcoming Violence Against Women And Girls

Author : Michael L. Penn
ISBN : 0742525007
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 46.77 MB
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A vivid overview of the scope of the problem of gender-based violence worldwide, and a sense of the important work now underway to eradicate it.
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Family Violence

Author : Elizabeth Soto Albrecht
ISBN : UOM:39015077104621
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.34 MB
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Family counselor and Mennonite pastoral minister Soto Albrecht examines the alarming presence of family violence today, focusing on North and Latin America. She analyses the nature of violence and the many cultural, social and economic factors that lead to it, particularly the patriarchal structure that underlies families.
Category: Religion

State Terrorism In Iran

Author : Nauzanin a Knight
ISBN : 9781612334349
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 68.85 MB
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State terrorism, as a concept, has largely been operationalised out of terrorism literature. When a state uses violence systematically against unarmed victims, with the purpose of generating fear and communicating a message to a group beyond the immediate victims, this steps outside the bounds of legitimate use of violence. The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has engaged in such acts of violence against the Baha'i community in that country. In this study, a working model of state terrorism is devised and the following central research question is addressed: do the strategy and tactics utilized by the IRI and/or its proxies against Iranian Baha'is constitute state terrorism? This qualitative study adopts a Mixed Approach Design. Eighteen Iranian Baha'i and non-Baha'i emigrants were purposively sampled and interviewed. In-depth interview data was triangulated and validated using structured data sources. Data analysis drew on the systematic-combining approach (Dubois & Gadde, 2002) whereby the original theoretical frame weighed against emergent findings. This exploratory study produces empirical evidence to suggest that Iran is a terrorist state: Iranian Baha'is are subjected to acts and/or threats of violence stemming from the state or its surrogates; the responsibility to protect norm is not applied to Baha'is; and, the IRI tries to invoke fear in and beyond the Iranian population to isolate and silence Baha'is. State terrorism claims many more victims than insurgent terrorism, yet the former concept is seldom mentioned in terrorism studies (Stohl, 2008). The onus is on researchers to identify cases of state terrorists and hold the perpetrators to account at the international level. A special case can be made, based on the empirical evidence, for the creation of an international convention on state terrorism that would hold state governments, like the IRI, responsible for carrying out terroristic acts of violence against segments of their population."
Category: Political Science

The Destructive Power Of Religion Contemporary Views On Spirituality And Violence

Author : J. Harold Ellens
ISBN : 0275981460
Genre : Violence
File Size : 24.53 MB
Format : PDF
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This extensive series explores themes including the seeds of violence in Biblical interpretation, human sacrifice in the Old Testament, violent religious metaphors, the violent messiah, linguistic and psychoanalytic approaches to religious themes, the jihad in context and in the Qur'an, fundamentalism and violence, and the psychoreligious roots of violence.
Category: Violence

Gandhi Marg

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015062136034
Genre : Peace
File Size : 26.72 MB
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World Encyclopedia Of Peace Articles N Z

Author : Ervin Laszlo
ISBN : UOM:49015002886621
Genre : Peace
File Size : 33.10 MB
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V.1. Articles A-M. v.2. Articles N-Z. v.3 Treaties, chronology of the peace movement, Nobel peace prize laureates. v.4. Peace institutes and organizations, biography, journals, indexes.
Category: Peace

Partners In Change

Author : International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
ISBN : 9211270588
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Eliminating long-term structural causes of violence require profound soical, cultural and economic change. These in turn, need the institutional and political impetus that requires a re-assessment of collective beliefs, motivations and behaviours related to gender, power and powerlessness. The papers presented in this volume explore the different kinds of partnerships for ending gender-based violence, and men's roles and responsibilities with them.
Category: Social Science