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The Art Of Good Manners

Author : Bodleian Library the
ISBN : 1851243984
Genre : Humor
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In taking soup do not gurgle or make throat noises.Speak well of others or not at all is a good rule.'The Art of Good Manners' covers such topics as table manners, pronunciation, introductions, conversation, courtship and children's behaviour. It guides the reader in appropriate behaviour during each course at a dinner party and warns of possible pitfalls - 'to peel an orange, apple or pear with a fruit knife and fork requires some practice' - as well as explaining how a gentleman is expected to behave when ladies are present.
Category: Humor

A Book Of Courtesy

Author : Mary Mercedes
ISBN : 9780062517586
Genre : Reference
File Size : 75.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A guide to manners for the new millennium uses epigraphs from Homer, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Chief Flying Hawk, among others, to introduce readers to a new perspective on modern manners.
Category: Reference

A Pocket Guide To Mastering The Art Of Love Making Using Etiquette Class And Style

Author : Ms. Ker'-en-Shemesh Auxley
ISBN : 9781508695400
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 65.31 MB
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“Good Manners and a well-kempt place of intimacy can truly impact your relationship, causing your partner to be Just That Into You. Good etiquette and manners are essential in love-relationships. Hence, it is important to master intimacy using etiquette, class and style.” Have you ever thought about Your Manners and the Effects that Poor Etiquette in the bedroom have on intimacy with your partner, causing him or her to be Just Not That Into You? Liz Tuccillo and Greg Behrendt’s book: He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys” is based on the popular episode of Sex and the City in an effort to tell WOMEN when a guy just doesn’t like them enough to take the relationship to the next level. However, one of the things that stood out in Sex and the City is the fact that Men found Samantha attractive. In addition to being attractive, Samantha prides herself on maintaining a well-kempt bedroom, and maintained good personal hygiene. She was confident that her vagina had a good odor; that her clothes were clean and well-maintained; and that her skin was well-maintained. These are just some of the things that intimacy requires. Poor Manners and an un-kempt place when it comes to “Bedroom Intimacy” can truly make or break your relationship, and cause your partner to exhibit symptoms of Just Not That Into You.” Read this simple book on the importance of having good manners in the bedroom and the fundamental essentialness of having a clean and an uncluttered environment when it comes to sex and bedroom intimacy. This book gives you tips on creating the right atmosphere that creates the perfect environmental stimuli for intimacy causing a deepened and more gratifying sexual experience. The author describes this as follows: “The [clean and uncluttered atmosphere in the bedroom raise] the senses to a greater level of appreciation for each partner. The mind is at ease, and admiration on the part of each partner is had, displayed and put into action. It allows for the deeper reaching of each partner into the inner self, and in fact, the soulish realm allowing for each partner to give of him or herself more richly in the love-making process without inhibitions. . . . The [two] hearts merge, and in rhythmic syncopation [beat] as one, as a higher connection takes place.” This book is a MUST READ if you want your partner to be Just That Into You and take the relationship to the next level, and commit more profoundly. The Book is available in English and Italian, and will become available soon in German and French.
Category: Family & Relationships

Etiquette Secrets

Author : Anna Musson
ISBN : 0646922254
Genre : Australia
File Size : 64.52 MB
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Annotation. A Simple Guide to Mastering the Art of Modern Manners 1970s Australia was a hotbed of social change, facilitated by the introduction of key policy changes: Not at fault divorce and free university education. The first had an enormous impact on the traditional nuclear family. This meant more women were entering full time work, and a new family structure emerged with more single parent or two parent working families. The ripple effect of these changes has seen two generations of decline of family values and in particular what we broadly call "manners" being part of our daily lives. The rise in immigration quickly lead to a clash of cultures in our workplaces and confusion of what is appropriate in business. When you add technology to the mix, the rise of the "me" generation is complete - and disastrous. 'Etiquette Secrets' will help those wish to understand how to navigate modern Australian society with confidence and style. Easy to read, this book outlines the appropriate behaviour which will ensure promotion, increase social standing and improve your opportunities in life.
Category: Australia

Etiquette For Dummies

Author : Sue Fox
ISBN : 9781118051375
Genre : Reference
File Size : 38.30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Life is full of moments when you don’t know how to act or how to handle yourself in front of other people. In these situations, etiquette is vital for keeping your sense of humor and your self-esteem intact. But etiquette is not a behavior that you should just turn on and off. This stuffy French word that translates into getting along with others allows you to put people at ease, make them feel good about a situation, and even improve your reputation. Etiquette For Dummies approaches the subject from a practical point of view, throwing out the rulebook full of long, pointless lists. Instead, it sets up tough social situations and shows you how to navigate through them successfully, charming everyone with your politeness and social grace. This straightforward, no-nonsense guide will let you discover the ins and outs of: Basic behavior for family, friends, relationships, and business Grooming, dressing, and staying healthy Coping with unexpected stuff like sneezing or feeling queasy Maintaining a civilized relationship Making friends and keeping them Building positive relationships at work Communicating effectively This book shows you how to take on these situations and make them pleasant. It also gives you great advice for tipping appropriately in all types of services and setting stellar examples for your kids. Full of useful advice and written in a laid-back, friendly style, Etiquette For Dummies has all the tools you need to face any social situation with politeness and courtesy.
Category: Reference

How Rude

Author : Alex J. Packer
ISBN : 9781575425931
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 36.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Explaining etiquette from A (“Applause”) to Z (“Zits”), Alex J. Packer blends outrageous humor with sound advice as he guides readers and explains why manners and etiquette are important—because people who know how to handle themselves in social situations come out on top, get what they want, feel good about themselves, and enjoy life to the fullest. Full of practical tips for every occasion, How Rude!® is a serious etiquette encyclopedia—and a hilarious read. In 480 pages, this revised and updated edition describes the basics of polite behavior in all kinds of situations at home, in school, online, and in the world.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction