The Animal Surreal

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The Animal Surreal

Author : Kirsten Strom
ISBN : 1472488210
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The Animal Surreal situates Surrealism within the burgeoning field of Animal Studies by examining Surrealist representations of nonhuman animals through the lens of Darwinian theory. Unlike Marx and Freud, Darwin was rarely cited by name as a source for the Surrealists, and yet his influence is present in various ways, such as the frequent inclusion of "natural history" imagery and the exploration of themes of mutability and mutation. Animals and our relationship to them furthermore constitute a significant source of inquiry for Surrealism, as evidenced by Max Ernst�s human-bird alter-ego Loplop, their avid interest in the praying mantis, the adoption of the Minotaur as emblem, and the frequently recurring birds, insects, horses, dogs, cats, giraffes, elephants, lions, and cows, among others, represented in Surrealist poetry, painting, and film. The Animal Surreal proposes that the Surrealists portrayed such animals as if they were literal embodiments of Surrealist themes such as the marvelous and the uncanny, and it documents the numerous ways in which the Surrealists willfully engaged the politics of the animal other in ways that implicitly, and on occasion explicitly, challenged what Freud would call "human narcissism."

Palma Africana

Author : Michael Taussig
ISBN : 9780226516271
Genre : Social Science
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“It is the contemporary elixir from which all manner of being emerges, the metamorphic sublime, an alchemist’s dream.” So begins Palma Africana, the latest attempt by anthropologist Michael Taussig to make sense of the contemporary moment. But to what elixir does he refer? Palm oil. Saturating everything from potato chips to nail polish, palm oil has made its way into half of the packaged goods in our supermarkets. By 2020, world production will be double what it was in 2000. In Colombia, palm oil plantations are covering over one-time cornucopias of animal, bird, and plant life. Over time, they threaten indigenous livelihoods and give rise to abusive labor conditions and major human rights violations. The list of entwined horrors—climatic, biological, social—is long. But Taussig takes no comfort in our usual labels: “habitat loss,” “human rights abuses,” “climate change.” The shock of these words has passed; nowadays it is all a blur. Hence, Taussig’s keen attention to words and writing throughout this work. He takes cues from precursors’ ruminations: Roland Barthes’s suggestion that trees form an alphabet in which the palm tree is the loveliest; William Burroughs’s retort to critics that for him words are alive like animals and don’t like to be kept in pages—cut them and the words are let free. Steeped in a lifetime of philosophical and ethnographic exploration, Palma Africana undercuts the banality of the destruction taking place all around us and offers a penetrating vision of the global condition. Richly illustrated and written with experimental verve, this book is Taussig’s Tristes Tropiques for the twenty-first century.
Category: Social Science

The Cobra Movement In Postwar Europe

Author : Karen Kurczynski
ISBN : 9781351034487
Genre : Art
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This book examines the art of Cobra, a network of poets and artists from Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam (1948–1951). Although the name stood for the organizers’ home cities, the Cobra artists hailed from countries in Europe, Africa, and the United States. This book investigates how a group of struggling young artists attempted to reinvent the international avant-garde after the devastation of the Second World War, to create artistic experiments capable of facing the challenges of postwar society. It explores how Cobra’s experimental, often collective art works and publications relate to broader debates in Europe about the use of images to commemorate violent events, the possibility of free expression in an art world constrained by Cold War politics, the breakdown of primitivism in an era of colonial independence movements, and the importance of spontaneity in a society increasingly dominated by the mass media. This book will be of interest to scholars in art history, 20th-century modern art, avant-garde arts, and European history.
Category: Art

Surrealism Feminism Psychoanalysis

Author : Natalya Lusty
ISBN : 9781351896801
Genre : Literary Criticism
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How did women Surrealists such as Leonora Carrington and Claude Cahun take up the question of female identity in terms of their own aesthetic and intellectual practice? What was the response of women analysts such as Joan Riviere to Freud's psychoanalytic construction of femininity? These are among the questions that Natalya Lusty brings to her sophisticated and theoretically informed investigation into the appropriation of 'the feminine' by the Surrealist movement. Combining biographical and textual methods of analysis with historically specific discussions of related cultural sites such as women's magazines, fashion, debutante culture, sexology, modernist lesbian subculture, pornography, and female criminality, the book examines the ambiguities and blind spots that haunt the work of more central figures such as André Breton, Georges Bataille, Jacques Lacan, Walter Benjamin, and the Surrealist photographer Hans Bellmer. Lusty's examination of a series of psychoanalytic Surrealist themes, including narcissism, fantasy, masquerade, perversion, and 'the double', illuminates a modernist preoccupation with the crisis of subjectivity and representation and its ongoing relevance to more recent work by Cindy Sherman and Judith Butler. Her book is an important contribution to modernist studies that will appeal to scholars and students working across a diverse range of fields, including literary studies, gender studies, visual culture, cultural studies, and cultural history.
Category: Literary Criticism

Zoological Surrealism

Author : James Leo Cahill
ISBN : 9781452959221
Genre : Performing Arts
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An archive-based, in-depth analysis of the surreal nature and science movies of the pioneering French filmmaker Jean Painlevé Before Jacques-Yves Cousteau, there was Jean Painlevé, a pioneering French scientific and nature filmmaker with a Surrealist’s eye. Creator of more than two hundred films, his studies of strange animal worlds doubled as critical reimaginations of humanity. With an unerring eye for the uncanny and unexpected, Painlevé and his assistant Geneviève Hamon captured oneiric octopuses, metamorphic crustaceans, erotic seahorses, mythic vampire bats, and insatiable predatory insects. Zoological Surrealism draws from Painlevé’s early oeuvre to rethink the entangled histories of cinema, Surrealism, and scientific research in interwar France. Delving deeply into Painlevé’s archive, James Leo Cahill develops an account of “cinema’s Copernican vocation”—how it was used to forge new scientific discoveries while also displacing and critiquing anthropocentric viewpoints. From Painlevé’s engagements with Sergei Eisenstein, Georges Franju, and competing Surrealists to the historiographical dimensions of Jean Vigo’s concept of social cinema, Zoological Surrealism taps never-before-examined sources to offer a completely original perspective on a cutting-edge filmmaker. The first extensive English-language study of Painlevé’s early films and their contexts, it adds important new insight to our understanding of film while also contributing to contemporary investigations of the increasingly surreal landscapes of climate change and ecological emergency.
Category: Performing Arts

Thinking Italian Animals

Author : D. Amberson
ISBN : 9781137454775
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 58.87 MB
Format : PDF
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This bracing volume collects work on Italian writers and filmmakers that engage with nonhuman animal subjectivity. These contributions address 3 major strands of philosophical thought: perceived borders between man and animals, historical and fictional crises, and human entanglement with the nonhuman and material world.
Category: Literary Criticism

Stories From The Animal Whisperer

Author : Trisha McCagh
ISBN : 1741765803
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 27.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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If you could talk to your dog, your cat, your horse - what would they say? Be prepared to be amazed, amused and moved as Trisha McCaugh shares her fascinating experiences of communicating with animals.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Animal At Your Side

Author : Megan Alpert
ISBN : 1950404056
Genre :
File Size : 35.99 MB
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Poetry. Jewish Studies. LGBTQIA Studies. The narrators in THE ANIMAL AT YOUR SIDE scavenge for clues, trying to stitch together a life in the midst of unrootedness. Finding bones, talismans, and half-heard voices that portal back to both personal and collective history, the speakers are haunted by diaspora, family estrangement, intergenerational trauma, and resilience. What are the costs of being far away from a homeplace? What are the costs of returning? And when the costs are too high on both sides, how do you choose? Grieving the loss of family of origin, and longing to return, the narrators forge new shapes, grounded in a connection to the natural world, ultimately making a home in their own unsettled natures. These poems play with form and structure, ranging from tightly-wound lyrics to detailed reportage. Alpert uses white space and invents forms as needed, creating sunken stanzas and a poem shaped like a rib cage. By turns gritty, frank, and devotional, THE ANIMAL AT YOUR SIDE finds things to be treasured in weirdness, queerness, the ecstatic, and the erotic. It is a book for anyone who has ever been lost, who has waited for what seemed like too long "for the voices/to filter back." "THE ANIMAL AT YOUR SIDE spans worlds--Eastern Europe, China, Ecuador, folktale, and myth--all of these worlds equally sinister and haunting. In poems where we feel 'the whirr-click of war beginning...' the poet learns that the best way to survive is to become 'the same color as rocks, water, / anything I walked past, / see-through.' This is Megan Alpert's gift to us--radical empathy--so we can shape-shift through these worlds as she has. This is a collection I'll read time and again, and I know I will grow with each reading."--Shaindel Beers "How does one survive the loss of a sister, the loss of everyone in the family besides the animals? Megan Alpert's gorgeous new collection, THE ANIMAL AT YOUR SIDE, is at once surreal and filled with the flora and fauna of a strangling world, where the speaker takes us with her along a path lined with feathers and bones. With an unnamed war in the background, ancestors waiting in the trees, everyone gone, everyone dead, we must find comfort in what still moves, even when it could be dangerous. In this troubled landscape, this ghosted familial place, the predators, the wolf, the coyote all roam free, and you, along with the speaker, become 'the animal at your side.' The poems in this collection are spare, stripped down to their eeriest knife-edge. These poems 'unhome' and unhinge, and I am enchanted with this haunting."--Jennifer Givhan

The Animal Factory

Author : Edward Bunker
ISBN : 9781466852976
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70.84 MB
Format : PDF
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The Animal Factory goes deep into San Quentin, a world of violence and paranoia, where territory and status are ever-changing and possibly fatal commodities. Ron Decker is a newbie, a drug dealer whose shot at a short two-year stint in the can is threatened from inside and outside. He's got to keep a spotless record or it's ten to life. But at San Quentin, no man can steer clear of the Brotherhoods, the race wars, the relentlessness. It soon becomes clear that some inmates are more equal than others; Earl Copen is one of them, an old-timer who has learned not just to survive but to thrive behind bars. Not much can surprise him-but the bond he forms with Ron startles them both; it's a true education of a felon.
Category: Fiction

Anthony Browne Presents The Animal Fair

Author : Anthony Browne
ISBN : 0744588294
Genre : Animals
File Size : 38.36 MB
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This is a pop-up interpretation of the playground rhyme. See the crazy carousel in motion, turn the wheel to discover the secrets of the haunted house and look out for an elephantine sneeze!
Category: Animals

Created For Influence

Author : William L. III Ford
ISBN : 9781441264923
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36.84 MB
Format : PDF
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We are being called to a higher realm of influence. The Church today is uniquely positioned to influence the culture around her. But Christians are walking away from this opportunity, this responsibility, in favor of building a separate, "safer" culture of our own. Yet we've been given the tools to break personal strongholds and change the course of nations. Now revised and expanded, Created for Influence shows how you can do this--and transform culture right where you are. Sustained Kingdom prayer can release influence everywhere, from your own home to governments and judicial systems. It can undo demonic assignments and break the bonds that hold lives and nations captive. This revolutionary book is calling you from a spot on the sidelines to a position on the front lines. It's for believers who are ready to join the fight and grip the heart of God in prayer. Are you ready to transform history?
Category: Religion

Surreal Composition Animals

Author : Hester Moult
ISBN : 9798643416203
Genre :
File Size : 29.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The coloring pages in this book have been created from professional photographs. To color them, simply color over the shades of gray for a unique experience that results in your own masterpiece that looks like a painting. Perfect for both the novice colorist and the experienced colorist! The grayscale shading will show through your transparent pigments for beautiful results. Color over the gray, matching light and dark tones to reveal lifelike shading. Saturate the grayscale with heavy color, use the lightest of touches or simply let it be. Flood the page with vibrant brights or allow a softer color palette to emerge. As the colorist, you are free to immerse yourself in the space between black and white and explore the many shades of your imagination. The complex gray tones add variance and depth to your art, taking your adult coloring to the next level, resulting in pictures you'll be proud to share. It may appear a bit intimidating, but these grayscale coloring books are surprisingly simple. Just let the gray guide you when deciding where and how dark or light to color. Your image will come to life with amazing detail and realism. You will be amazed at the result! Features: * Full size (8.5"x 11"), white 60lb. paper * 50 single-sided grayscale images to color * Printed on medium weight paper * Fun & rewarding for all skill levels

14 Surreal Absurdities

Author : C.J. Cala
ISBN : 9781493785650
Genre : Art
File Size : 50.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this book, no serious philosophies can be found. This is simply a collection of some of my more surreal and absurd stories, whose sole purpose is to entertain the eye and ear of each and every individual. C.J. Cala is the author of numerous “schizonautic” texts that are centered on exploring the relativity of holistic reality.
Category: Art

Animal Victims In Modern Fiction

Author : Marian Louise Scholtmeijer
ISBN : UOM:39015026975980
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 40.60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Darwinian revolution profoundly altered society's conception of animals. Scholtmeijer explores the ways in which modern literature has reflected this change in its attempts to deal with the reality of the autonomous animal and the animal victim. She considers works of fiction dealing with animal victims in the wild and in urban settings, how they are used to represent human sexual dilemmas, and how the hopes and disillusionments invested in myth generate animal victims. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Category: Literary Criticism

Animal Antics

Author : Derek Harvey
ISBN : 0241197147
Genre : Animal behavior
File Size : 32.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Animal behavior

Surrealist Subversions

Author : Ronald B. Sakolsky
ISBN : UOM:39015056674081
Genre : Art
File Size : 71.47 MB
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From its auspicious beginnings in the summer of 1966 to the present, the Chicago Surrealist Group--and the Surrealist Movement in the United States, which grew out of it--have continued to foment an exhilarating whirlwind of revolt while playfully igniting the sparks of Poetry, Freedom and Love in the crucible of the Unfettered Imagination. In so doing, it has brightly illuminated the pathways of absolute divergence that define the intrinsically anarchist trajectory of the surrealist adventure.Drawing on the full range of U.S. surrealist publications, from the original journal Arsenal/Surrealist Subversion to the very latest millennial communiqué from the front lines of the ongoing battle against miserabilism, this volume contains over 200 texts (more than two dozen appearing here for the first time) by more than fifty participants in the Surrealist Movement, making this the most comprehensive, diverse and lavishly illustrated compilation of American surrealist writings to have ever been assembled.Contributors include: Gale Ahrens, Jennifer Bean, Jen Besemer, Daniel C. Boyer, Paul Buhle, Ronnie Burk, Leonora Carrington, Laura Corsigilia, Jayne Cortez, Guy Ducornet, Rikki Ducornet, Schlechter Duvall, Alice Farley, J. Allen Fees, Beth Garon, Paul Garon, Eugenio F. Granell, Robert Green, Miriam Hansen, Diedra Harris-Kelley, Jan Hathaway, Corinna Jablonski, Joseph Jablonski, Ted Joans, Gerome Kamrowski, Robin D. G. Kelley, Don LaCoss, Philip Lamantia, Clarence John Laughlin, Mary Low, Herbert Marcuse, Tristan Meinecke, Casandra Stark Mele, Anne Olson, Nancy Joyce Peters, Charles Radcliffe, Myrna Bell Rochester, David Roediger, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, Ody Saban, Louise Simons, Martha Sonnenberg, Christopher Starr, Ivan Svitak, Cheikh Tidiane Sylla, Claude Tarnaud, Debra Taub, Dale Tomich, Patrick Turner, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Jordan West, Joel Williams, Marie Wilson, Haifa Zangana
Category: Art

Carlo Gozzi

Author : John Louis DiGaetani
ISBN : UOM:39015047836856
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 21.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Italian playwright Carlo Gozzi (1720-1806) is best-known for his plays that have been adapted into opera librettos. Puccini's final opera, Turandot, was based on a play by Gozzi. Prokofiev's The Love of Three Oranges is based on a Gozzi play. Richard Wagner's first opera, Die Feen, is based on Gozzi's La Donna Serpente. Mozart's The Magic Flute contains many elements that are similar to Gozzi's plays. This is a biography of Carlo Gozzi. He is well-known for reviving commedia dell'arte, an ancient form of Italian improvisational theatre that had fallen out of favour before his time.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Animals And Teens

Author : Gail Green
ISBN : 0810866560
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 86.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Teens live in an imperfect world where people judge each other on looks, popularity, bank accounts, or clothing styles-a world where people are not always treated fairly. But animals do not care about poor test scores or bad skin; they simply love unconditionally. Such devotion makes the human-animal bond so special. In Animals and Teens: The Ultimate Teen Guide, author Gail Green illustrates various situations in which young adults become involved with animals, including providing foster care, pursuing career opportunities, or simply raising pets at home. Green shows how animals can enhance teens' lives and how teens can improve the welfare of animals that face abuse or live in shelters and wildlife preserves. Green discusses what is involved in the handling of service animals, such as dogs that provide physical assistance or horses that help with therapy. Animals and Teens also covers such basics as caring for animals and dealing with the loss of a pet. The voices in this book come from a large cross section of teens and young adults whose stories will resonate with anyone who loves animals. From helping with animal rescue to overcoming learning disabilities, these heartwarming experiences demonstrate how each of us can make a difference through the incredibly rewarding human-animal bond.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

New Surrealism

Author : Akhter Ahsen
ISBN : UOM:39015033750822
Genre : Imagery (Psychology)
File Size : 46.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Imagery (Psychology)