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The Animal Healer

Author : Elizabeth Whiter
ISBN : 9781848506152
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 89.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With clear, concise and immensely practical advice on how animals communicate, behave and self-medicate, The Animal Healer is ideal for anyone who wishes to understand more about animals, healing and themselves. When her horse 'Wow' was seriously injured, Elizabeth Whiter discovered her incredible talent for hands-on healing and also observed how Wow took steps to heal himself. Now with over 1,000 animals treated, Elizabeth shares her remarkable journey, knowledge and experience. She also explains many of the theories that inform her practice, including: • how to provide hands-on healing • sensing and aligning the energies • zoopharmacognosy – an emerging science that refers to the instinctive methods animals use to self-medicate • and how to feed your animals, providing delicious recipes that are healthy for both you and your pets. The Animal Healer shows how a remarkable experience has led to wisdom that anyone who cares about animals will find invaluable.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Rosina Maria Arquati The Life Journey Of An Animal Communicator

Author : Rosina Maria Arquati
ISBN : 9781452583204
Genre : Pets
File Size : 39.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is the humorous, compassionate, and heartwarming life journey of an animal communicator, to bring you into the world of talking with animals and how we can interact mentally, humanely, and telepathically with the Animal Kingdom. From a little girl talking with animals, she travelled across the world to set up home with her veterinarian husband, welcoming an abundance of animals into her home, animals wild and domestic, in need of help, care, and rehabilitation. In addition to Rosina's life journey, you will read the stories of some of these rescued animals and be introduced to humane living, animal welfare, energy healing, and practical ways in which we humans can live in peace and harmony with animals and nature. Rosina teaches animal communication in Hong Kong and other countries. In part two of the book, she introduces you to the foundations of learning animal communication, the basic "how to," with methods and exercises to help and guide you in beginning your own journey in communicating with animals and progressing towards a better understanding between animals and you.
Category: Pets

What Animals Tell Me

Author : Monica Diedrich
ISBN : 0738706299
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 77.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents anecdotes from the work of Dr. Monica Diedrich, a pet communicator, who serves as a translator between humans and their animal companions.
Category: Self-Help

Pet Whisperer

Author : Sarah-Jane Le Blanc
ISBN : 9781849830867
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 59.71 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Sarah-Jane Le Blanc grew up with no particular interest in animals. A down-to-earth mother of two with a job working with disadvantaged children, other people's pets didn't feature very highly in her thoughts - until an event in 2005 which changed the direction of her life. Over the course of several evenings, just before going to sleep, Sarah Jane kept getting a clear image in her mind of a dog called Dan, who had a sad story and was trying to contact someone. This experience led her to investigate animal/human communication. From taking on her first 'client' - a claustrophobic horse - Sarah-Jane's skills went from strength to strength. She soon realised she had a rare gift for animal 'clairsentience', being able to detect the emotions and past traumas of those who cannot speak, and to heal them with her thoughts. Sarah-Jane tells her amazing story of how she became a real-life Doctor Dolittle. She uses what she calls 'soul-to-soul' therapy, which has helped countless pets and their owners resolve problems. Sarah-Jane's message is that animals suffer emotional pain and anxiety, just like we do. Her work proves that we can reach out across the species to communicate with the creatures that share our lives, as they too, can help us to heal ourselves.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

What Your Animal Tells Me

Author : Dr. Monica Diedrich
ISBN : 9780971381209
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 36.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“You do what?” people exclaim in amazement when I tell them I am an animal communicator. “And how exactly do you do that?” they ask. “Well,” I reply, “I get pictures in my mind like clips of a movie. These pictures tell me whether an animal is happy or sad, if it’s longing for something, or satisfied with its life. They show me their wants, desires, needs and their hurts.” The images I receive do not refer to time, so it may be hard to place the content of the picture in the past, present or future. Also, the meaning depends greatly on the circumstances surrounding the event or the context of the situation. The images are often accompanied by impressions, feelings, tastes, sounds, and smells. I use all my senses when I am receiving the picture clips so, when I see a scene, I also know how the animal feels about what I’m seeing. Occasionally, I call myself an animal behaviorist, which is tongue-in- cheek because most of the time, any behavioral change called for is on the part of the human and not the pet. People often assume that, because I communicate with animals, I grew up close to them, observing them and sharing their lives. In fact, I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a busy metropolitan city, surrounded by apartment buildings. The downtown area, where skyscrapers competed for the sky and for how many apartments or offices they could contain, was no place for pets. To see the slightest hint of green, I had to walk to a park, the lungs of the city, a couple of miles away. When I was eight, my family bought a summer home about two hours away from the city. It was a large Spanish-style home surrounded by lush green, and lots of fruit trees. It was a little piece of heaven, away from the noise of taxi horns and exhaust fumes. All of my three-month long school vacations were spent there and, on one such vacation, I realized that I could hear animals’ thoughts. On the corner next to us were neighbors who had emigrated from Europe. They had a farm and everyone within 30 miles knew the family and sought them out for fresh produce. They also raised chickens for eggs, cows for milk, a few work horses, a couple of dogs and some barn cats. We felt lucky to have them nearby as it meant that we would not starve, even during bad summer floods. I would often go next door to buy milk and eggs. On one occasion, I was given a tour of the farm and saw a new mother pig with about 20 piglets beside her. I was surprised to hear her complain about how incredibly tired she found nursing her young. As I “heard” this, she was looking right at me, and it was clear to me that I was not imagining it. I was paralyzed by this phenomenon and couldn’t move for a long while. From then on, I volunteered to go for supplies all the time so that I could talk to the animals. Once a dog tied to a tree told me how hot he was and laughed about the beating he received the previous day for breaking his chain. He said, “It didn’t hurt that much, and besides it was worth it. I got to inspect the whole ranch and marked everything. Now, even if I’m tied down most of the day, everyone will know it’s all mine.” I also heard a cow that warmly offered me some freshly squeezed milk, and the chickens complained about the new arrogant young cock. At such a young age, I took these things for granted, never realizing that not everyone had this gift. I simply replied to the animals and went on playing. It was not always pleasant, however. One day, a dog was about to be beaten and I really heard his desperate cry for help. The man undid his belt and called the dog to his side. The faithful animal, well aware of what was going to happen, obediently trotted over to him, shoulders sloughing down, head looking at the ground, and tail curled low between his legs. He looked at me and screamed, “Tell him to stop, tell him not to do it.” “Please don’t hurt him,” I begged the owner, but to no avail. “He needs to be taught a lesson,” the man said gruffly. Filled with anger and disbelief, I turned and walked away, the dog’s cries ringing in my head. His pain was my pain. I ran home and vowed to never experience this again. It wasn’t until my eighteenth birthday that I realized I was different, and began asking why I got extrasensory information from people and animals but others didn’t. Why was vivid déjà vu an everyday occurrence? Why could I foretell events? For example, in conversations, I routinely knew what someone would say next. This was a matter of mild curiosity for me until the day my world stopped. I had just married and we went to a furniture store to buy furnishings for our new apartment. The moment I set foot in the store, I started to see a “movie” that showed me what the two-level store looked like, and I noted that the sweeping main staircase reminded me of the one in Gone with the Wind. I saw how every piece of furniture that we would buy was already in our new apartment. And I suddenly discovered why I was there and why this was happening. The picture inside my head showed me a little girl playing on the staircase accidentally fall and break several bones. My mind raced. What am I supposed to do, I wondered. Has this already happened? Or is it about to happen? And if so, what am I supposed to do? Stop the little girl? Tell her mother? WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO, I screamed internally. The movie played for several minutes, during which time I actually saw a little girl begin to play on the staircase. She was jumping to the first step, then turning around and jumping to the ground. The next time, she jumped two steps and turned to jump back to the ground level. She did this several times, each time jumping up one more step before turning and jumping down. I was motionless, watching and reliving my premonition. I counted six steps and, as I saw her begin to turn, I screamed. This startled her and she shifted her weight so that, unlike the premonition, she was only bruised, with no broken bones. She still cried and screamed for her mother but I felt so good when I saw her stand up and run to her family. Somehow my scream had changed the outcome. Shaken and confused, I wondered to whom I could speak about this. Who would understand? Would I be judged weird or worse, insane? I decided to say nothing to anybody, except God, the Universe, or whoever out there was in charge and hopefully listening. “If I am never shown any bad things, then I will accept this gift and put it to work in helping people and animals. I will honor this promise as long as you never, ever show me scary things again.” Getting over the furniture store incident took many years. By then, however, I knew what the word “psychic” meant. I had read all the books by Jane Roberts in which she channels an entity named Seth, and was glad to learn that I wasn’t the only one who was “strange.” Jane Roberts had the same doubts that I had and as she recounted that she was, in fact, her own worst skeptic and critic, I began to feel more at ease. Then came other authors. And so my path began. How will I use my gift in a positive way to help animals, I wondered. I reasoned that when you meet new people, you begin by asking them about themselves. So why not just do the same with the animals? I will ask them questions, and they will answer, I decided. As I would come to find, animals are usually happy to describe their personality so that I can get to know them quickly. For example, they may describe themselves as “a little lady,” “an old grouch,” “an adventurer,” or ”a couch potato.” Sometimes they explain their interaction with family members. They might tell me, for instance, that they are very close to Mom or Dad. (Most animals hold a parental-like image of their humans, so ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ often comes to mind.) Members of a multi-pet household talk about who is “top dog.” A few talk about “friends” when describing the humans with whom they share a home. Amazingly, even those who are beaten and cursed talk lovingly about their families. Some give me deep spiritual messages while others talk about their favorite food or activity. They all talk about love, about patience, and about having a job to do. Their jobs vary and are the most important part of their lives. Dogs, for instance, might take care of the house, watch for strangers, keep an eye on the kids, prohibit the cat from entering the room, or watch the baby. Outside dogs can go hunting, fishing, hiking or herding. No matter what the job is, they always enjoy doing it well. They want to please their human companions and see them happy. Cats, on the other hand, are more independent. Although some of them have a job, their main desire is to sleep, sunbathe, and do exactly what they want (as opposed to what you want). Still, they balance their wants and desires so that the relationship can be give-and-take. Granted, some of you give more than you take ... or do you? At times, it seems as if our animals give us a lot more than we offer them. Their unconditional love is always there for us, regardless of how we treat them, and that far outweighs any payment or sacrifice that we can make. Many of the stories in this book reveal that often our animals’ main purpose is to teach us something about ourselves, and if they don’t achieve that purpose in one lifetime, they will reincarnate back with us to continue their work. This may involve an animal getting the same sickness as its human guardian. With one of my clients, the animal died while she made a complete recovery. Understanding the role of our animals and what they do is sometimes far beyond our comprehension. By their actions, they mirror your feelings, showing you whether you’re having a good day or a bad one. By being stressed themselves, they show you how stressed you are. Even when you show no outward signs of stress, they sense it because they can see your aura (the energy field surrounding your physical body) and become sponges, absorbing your stress for themselves. This helps you feel more relaxed. And what do you do then? You pet them and tell them you love them. They, in turn, show you their tummy, look at you with adoring eyes or simply purrrrrrrr .... Purring signifies a magnificent feeling of contentment. To make your kitty purr with delight means that you must be a wonderful person. She needs you to show love and you do. In return, she shows you just how special you are. After all, she doesn’t purr for just anyone! When our animals speak to us, they say things they need us to hear. They seldom complain, but do want us to see their perspective. It’s not enough for us just to understand what they’re saying, though; often we must also take some action. If, during a consultation, I tell you that the reason your cat refuses to use her litter box is because it’s dirty, I get concerned if you give me excuses such as, “I work long hours and get home tired,” “I can’t change the location of his box!” or, “He always liked that brand of litter before.” I can’t change your animal’s mind; I can only tell you what they tell me. It’s up to you to act on it and do the changing. Some people scoff when pet lovers ascribe human-like feelings to their animals. As an emotional empath, I disagree; every day, animals share their feelings with me. They can also rationalize what they want and what they prefer, and events and circumstances to do with home and family. It is my hope that this book will open a door in your mind. Even if you question my gift, please strive to be receptive to the insights it offers. And know that I have been as truthful and honest in every detail as I possibly can. Some of these consultations are on audio cassette for my reference, and others have been verified with the animal’s owner. The stories are all true! Hopefully, this book will reveal the rich and deep inner world of our pets, so that owners may appreciate them more. Animals know far more about what is happening in their lives—and yours—than we give them credit for. And as you will see, they have souls that survive physical death as do we, and often watch over us from the other side. For clarification in the following accounts, I have put the animals’ communications to me in quotation marks, as if they are speaking. Sometimes, I do in fact hear actual words; when it is important, I get the whole sentence and, other times, I get a few words with the movie clip. I hope this conveys the to-and-fro nature of our telepathic “conversations.” So please relax and enjoy each chapter, filled with the animals’ insights and perceptions, and walk alongside their families to experience how animals affect, enrich and enlighten our lives every day. Dr. Monica Diedrich Anaheim, California
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

The Seed Gatherers

Author : Inge Meldgaard
ISBN : 9780646911687
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 21.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the year 2457, in the Dandenong Ranges, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, a crime is committed by two young Norwegians that affects the entire community. If caught, Yngwie and his friend Torleif, who are expert communication systems hackers, must answer to the Federation Special Investigation Unit. Others use the event as inspiration, plunging the forests and its people into chaos. The lives of scientists, forest guardians and seed gatherers are placed at risk, as are their cats – remarkable creatures bred in special centres and able to influence human emotions. Meanwhile, a new and intriguing forest inhabitant is discovered and those who know of its existence must decide whether to reveal its secret. In this third book of the series, that began with ‘The Cicada’, followed by ‘A Death In The Making’, the story gradually links back to earlier, unresolved questions and continues to explore the relationship between the main characters and their feline companions.
Category: Fiction

Hands On Healing For Pets

Author : Margrit Coates
ISBN : 9781446446379
Genre : Pets
File Size : 20.18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 278
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This phenomenal book by Margrit Coates,the world's leading animal healer, will teach you how to make a real difference to your pet's happiness and well-being through hands-on energy healing. Energy healing is a non-invasive, complementary - yet very effective - therapy that can be used to help improve your pet's health and behaviour. In this fascinating guide, Margrit Coates provides practical advice on when, where and how to use hands-on healing to treat your pet. Whether you are caring for a dog or cat, rabbit or gerbil, bird or even a pet reptile or injured wild animals, the essential steps are given here, along with sections on other alternative treatments such as crystals, massage and flower remedies, and pet horoscopes. Throughout, Margrit shares case studies of animals who have been helped by hands-on healing.
Category: Pets

The Healer

Author : Dee Henderson
ISBN : 1414354967
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 24.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 505
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Rachel O'Malley works disasters for a living. Her specialty? Helping children through trauma. When a school shooting rips through her community, she finds herself dealing with more than just grief among the children she is trying to help. One of them saw the shooting, and the gun is still missing. Introducing the O'Malleys, an inspirational group of seven, all abandoned or orphaned as teens, who have made the choice to become a loyal and committed family. They have chosen their own surname, O'Malley, and have stood by each other through moments of joy and heartache. Their stories are told in CBA best-selling, inspirational romantic suspense novels that rock your heart and restore strength and hope to your spirit.
Category: Fiction

Hotline Healers

Author : Gerald Vizenor
ISBN : 0819553042
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 160
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A reconfigured comedy in the trickster tradition features the adventures of "Almost" Browne as he takes American popular culture to task for its misrepresentation of Native American reality
Category: Fiction

The Natural Way For Dogs And Cats

Author : Midi Fairgrieve
ISBN : 9781446446133
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 85.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 107
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As more and more people are choosing natural medicine for themselves, they are also seeking it for their pets. This book tells you everything you need to know about natural health care for dogs and cats, including: ·How to make a fresh, balanced natural diet for your pet ·How natural medicine works and why you should choose to use it ·Which treatments and remedies are available for animals ·Which conditions respond best to which treatments ·Using herbs , food supplements and natural remedies for specific ailments ·How to treat a variety of common complaints safely and effectively at home ·What to include in a natural first-aid kit ·Where to find a practitioner to treat your pet ·How to give your pet a healthier, happier, and longer life Filled with practical help, The Natural Way for Dogs and Cats details simple and effective cures for a variety of common complaints. From skin problems and arthritis, to behavioral problems and digestive disorders, this book will help you chose the most effective treatment or remedy for your pet. It describes in detail the major holistic treatments for animals, including acupuncture, herbs, aromatherapy, chiropractic, flower remedies, healing, homeopathy, and nutrition. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives to commercial pet foods, drugs or surgery, but do not know where to start, this inspirational book is for you – and your pet!
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit